Are you a wet shave enthusiast?

If so, you will know the importance of a good shaving brush for getting a wet shave. As for those who are new to wet shaving, be informed that shaving brushes are an extremely essential part of it. A good brush will make sure that your wet shaving experience begins with a proper lather.

However, the task of finding a good shaving brush is not that easy and can be a frustrating job. You will have to decide between a quality brush which is also available for an affordable price.

There are numerous options widely available in the market and to choose the best one and avoid the gimmicks is easy to say but difficult to do. There are many different sizes, weights and prices for shaving brushes all of which claim to be the best.

Today, we will comprehensively review one of the best safety razor shaving brushes available in the market which is of excellent quality and available for a competitive price. The Parker shaving brush!

Let’s begin by learning more about the manufacturer Parker.


FeaturesParker Shaving Brush
Bristle Type100% Silvertip
Knot Size20 mm hand-crafted brush knot for rich lather formation
Total Weight6 oz.
PropertiesVery soft; Dense, lush, and soft bristles;
Retains large amounts of water for a great lather
Handle TypeHeavyweight chrome handle
AccessoriesIncludes a Lucite brush stand & comes in a plastic box.
Price Check Price

Parker: The Brand Story

Parker is a very well renowned company. It is the pioneer in terms of introduction top-quality grooming and shaving accessories for men. It has maintained its reputation for well over forty years with shaving supplies of the finest materials.

Parker is among only a few leading names in the grooming industry that creates grooming products and accessories with pride and has a loyal consumer base. It guarantees the best quality in all their products including razors, brushes and shaving soaps. Parker products are handcrafted and go through rigorous tests for ensuring the quality and longevity.

Parker has been a leader in manufacturing the world’s most beautiful shaving tools and accessories. Their shaving brushes are both suitable and accessible with innovative design. You will be rest assured of the products crafted using the best materials and maintaining the highest standards.

The Parker shaving brush is an excellent product which is designed to offer the best use for consumers and drives maximum customer satisfaction.

Parker Silvertip Shaving Brush Features

If you’re searching for the finest shaving brush that offers incredible value and aesthetics, look no further and pick up the Parker silvertip shaving brush as your obvious choice!

The silvertip badger shaving brush by Parker is a prestigious piece to add to your grooming kit. It will make wet shaving a comfortable and utterly hassle-free activity for both experts and beginners. It helps to make your shaving lather the right thickness and soften the beard for an easy shave. The Parker shaving brush offers a wide assortment of shaving or shave brushes. Every shaving brush from Parker is handmade and comes in different styles and bristle types designed to meet every preference. The softness and density and softness of the bristles offer great exfoliation. This particular shaving brush feels very soft and smooth on the face when spreading lather, and the brush’s bristles build sufficient lather without retaining too much water. The handle is heavy, which many customers prefer, and the brush easily holds around two passes of lather.

This Parker shaving brush is, in fact, one of the heaviest ones available in the market – thanks to its unique, heavyweight, chrome handle. Besides, with the extra heft, the handle feels solid and cool. Adding cherry to the pie, the brush comes in a retail box with a transparent plastic brush stand at no additional charge. The stand is for drying the brush after use and will make it more durable.

This shaving brush, using the Silvertip Badger, has the softest grade of badger bristles, and most shaving enthusiasts will use nothing other than a silvertip. The Parker Silvertip shaving brushes are soft, lush, and cost 4 to 5 times more than competing products. For those with sensitive skin and looking for super soft bristle shaving brushes, the Parker silvertip badger shaving brush is the best buy!

The Beautiful & Practical Handle Design

We are over halfway through the review and other than the fact that the handle is a heavyweight, chrome material, we’ve not discussed any more. The hand is a beautiful design with a chrome base. It is easily one of the best looking and most luxurious looking shaving brushes you will see.

The handle not only looks good, but it is extremely practical. The handle is aesthetically designed and comes in a great size & weight. It is much heavier than its competitors. The extra height and weight give you better control when using and impresses in forming a thick lather every time.

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The Bonus Brush Stand

As a bonus, you will get the Parker silvertip shaving brush with a stand. While the brush is very impressive, the stand too is solid. It is made from a durable acrylic material and the base is not flimsy. The solid, sturdy design of the brush is perfectly complemented by the brush stand.

So, if you do not already have a brush stand then you are set when you buy the brush as it will come with the stand included. Do not take the importance of using a brush stand lightly, it will make sure of the following:

  • ensures that the bristles will dry out properly after each use
  • prevents the formation of bacteria
  • lengthens the lifeline of the bristles

When you invest in a premium shaving brush, you must take care of it using a brush stand!

What Buyers Say About the Parker Shaving Brush

When someone buys this shaving brush for the first time, the first thing they’ll notice is the heavy, high shine handle and bristles that feel absolutely soft and luxurious to touch. The price may seem to be much higher than its competitors, but it’s acceptable after all you’re looking at a luxury item, so to speak. Some might argue that silvertip brushes are too soft, but this is a huge positive for those with sensitive skin.

The quality of the bristle matches the weighty chrome handle, but it can get slippery when wet. The bristles hold plenty of water and blooms nicely, which is perfect for creating a comfortable and voluminous lather. The bristles will become softer if you submerge them in hot water for a while. With this shaving brush, users will have no trouble lathering their faces without much effort for hours at a time.

The Parker silvertip badger shaving brush has pretty favorable reviews on Amazon with nearly three-quarters of users rating this brush 5 out of 5, and rest giving either 3 or 4 out of 5 in the ratings. This shows that this product is of a really high quality and people love using it.

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Parker Shaving Brush Pros

  • Highly rated product by consumers
  • Quality product from a reputed manufacturer
  • ​Distinctly soft and dense bristles create a nice, rich, thick lather
  • Unique, solid chrome handle
  • Includes a brush stand
  • 100% silvertip badger bristles
  • Durable, heavyweight and well-made

 Parker Shaving Brush Cons

  • Much more expensive than conventional shaving brushes available in the market
  • Chrome handle gets a bit slippery when wet

Overall Performance

According to both experts and consumers, the Parker shaving brush is a very good buy, with more than two-thirds of users recommending this product. Yes, the price may deter some people, but it is an investment on a premium shaving brush which looks, feels and performs as one of the best on the market.

This Parker shaving brush is well worth the money and its reputation. It is a must-have shaving brush if you are looking for an excellent performing, high-end silvertip badger bristle brush. We highly recommend this brush if you enjoy a proper wet shave and are keen on an affordable yet, luxury shaving experience.


That brings us to the end of this review, where we looked at one of Parker’s premium grooming products – the Parker silvertip badger bristle shaving brush!

As you will agree after reading this review that Parker has truly delivered on its promise of a premium shaving brush with a highly durable product. It is easily amongst one of the best shaving brushes in the market.

With the soft bristles and both experts and consumers recommendations, you can’t go wrong!

You will not regret spending your hard-earned money on the premium shaving brush. Be sure to good care of your shaving brush using the brush stand.

Let us know of our thoughts or comments and words of advice for other wet shaving enthusiasts and readers.

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