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Revlon vs. Conair Hair Dryer: Finding The Ultimate Pick For Your Styling Issues!

Taking into account how open-minded and experimental this generation is, finding the right haircut for your personality, hair type, and physical appearance can be as easy as squeezing lemons. And although your preferred pick will, without a doubt, improve your confidence and create a better impression at parties, it is important to know that each hairdo comes with a different set of responsibilities.

While shorter hairdos are easier to maintain and style, longer hairstyles take a while to dry up, which is why it’s always better to keep accessible styling tools like hair dryers in hand.

Among the top beauty brands lie Revlon and Conair, which are prominent for making high-end hair dryers at a convenient price tag. Although the two are already legends in the making in the hair industry, their hair dryers make up for quite the memorable bout when pitted against each other before one comes out the winner. And if you’re intrigued to learn about the top dog among the two, stick around to learn everything we know about the bout between Revlon vs. Conair’s hair dryer!

Revlon Infrared Dryer vs. Conair Double Ceramic Dryer: A Summary Overview

Before moving on to the major portions of this article, we hope you carry out enough research on both the applicants that will be covered throughout this article. Failing to do so won’t just waste your time, but might also make you feel more indecisive than you already are!

Worry not, however, as we’ve always got your back! Underneath this portion is a table, which contains all the key features and promising attributes of the Revlon and Conair hair dryers that will be reviewed throughout this write-up. And if you go through it thoroughly enough, you might just find yourself siding with one of the two rivals in this match-up!

ModelsRevlon Infrared Hair Dryer Conair Double Ceramic Dryer
Drying Technology Triple Ceramic with Infrared TechnologyDouble Ceramic With Ionic Conditioning
Cool Shot Button AvailableAvailable
Additional Components Volumizing diffuser, sectioning clipsNone
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

What We Know About The Two Candidates Of This Bout

As stated earlier, Revlon and Conair are both frontrunners in their industry. They not only make products that can be used for manipulating the natural structure of the hair, but are also known for manufacturing handy tools that can make post-washing routines short-lived and convenient!

For years, Revlon and Conair have been ideal candidates for hair dryers in the eyes of beauty gurus and hair specialists. Two models that back that claim up remarkably well are the Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer and Conair’s Double Ceramic Hair Dryer, the two chosen companions in this article.

And while you’ll surely get a preview of how high their ceilings are with the help of the previous segment, don’t forget to move on to the upcoming materials to learn just how promising each hair dryer is!

Revlon Hair Dryer

Revlon Hair Dryer

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Revlon may be a brand you’ve heard of before because of its shampoos and conditioners. However, the Revlon Infrared hair dryer remains a compelling must-have purchase among the items it has made for post-shower routines.

Fused with infrared technology, this Revlon hair dryer is a specialist at evenly distributing without absorbing the natural moisture from the user’s hair. It also contains a ceramic coating that is three times more powerful than average dryers,  preventing hair damage from over-styling and eliminating split ends and frizziness with ease.

The device is powered by an 1875-watt engine, making it an ideal pick for any and every hair type. Whether you have thin hair or coarse hair, you can also count on the tool’s tourmaline technology, which generates healthy-looking results with zero dullness every time!

To cater to any hair texture or density, this Revlon hair dryer offers 2 heat and 2-speed settings. The styling tool also comes with an efficient, cool shot button, just in case you need to seal your new look with tons of shine!

With the additional volumizing diffuser and sectioning clips, this hair dryer makes it easy to create any existing hairdo. The smoothing concentrator will make you the biggest draw in the room, while its removable end cap will make it easier to look after the device for a lengthy time period!

Conair Hair Dryer

Conair Hair Dryer

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On the blue corner is Conair’s hair dryer, which can very well be an ideal candidate for first-timers. Since the dryer is built with double ceramic technology, creating exceptional looks without damaging the hair remains a special quality of this hair dryer.

The device also comes with Ionic conditioning, which battles against split ends, frizziness and flyaway hair strands to generate aesthetically pleasing and healthy-looking final results.

To tackle any hair type without leaving room for error, Conair’s hair dryer consists of three uniquely built heat settings, and two laterally quick speed settings. Just like its opponent in this bout, the device also offers an exceptionally-put cool shot button.

With its narrowly-structured concentrator, obtaining polished looks with tons of healthy strands is doable. And although it doesn’t provide much other than the hair dryer itself, Conair’s hair dryer remains a promising prospect in our eyes because of its abilities as a styling tool, and its jarring paint job of rose gold. The button system is also quite simple, further making it an ideal purchase for newbies and novices with basic knowledge of hair styling!

Conair Double Ceramic vs. Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer: Assessing Their Differences And Similarities

At the end of the day, we can’t deny just how helpful both the hair dryers of Conair and Revlon can be for veterans and newbies with damaged hair. The styling tools are finely tuned with exceptional performance attributes, convenient housing, and superior configuration. Since they’re also equally matched in terms of power, both hair dryers can be a good investment if you’d like to have plenty of time on your side.

However, since you can only side with one of them, finding flaws and notable differences between the two is absolutely necessary to come to that conclusion. And if you’re already not wary of which pick is better, we hope you find the following breakdown extremely useful!

Performance attributes 

Post shower, the efficiency of Revlon’s hair dryer is just as promising as Conair’s Double Ceramic hair dryer. This is because both models comprise ceramic technology, which is known for creating exceptional hairdos without drying the strands out. This attribute also helps damaged hair by being an expert at reducing the visuals of split-ends, frizziness, and damaged hair. Revlon’s Infrared hair dryer seems to have the edge, however, as its ceramic technology is built with triple the power of a normal one!

Additionally, while Revlon uses infrared technology to finish the hair with shine, the Conair hair dryer meets that criterion with Ionic Conditioning, a feature that locks in moisture just as well.

Regarding heat and speed settings, Conair has the edge over its counterpart, offering 5 uniquely built options instead of Revlon’s 4. However, since they both have an impressive cool shot button and are powered by a motor with 1875 watts, both contenders remain ideal investments to make!

Design and quality of hardware 

In terms of hardware and design, both items are mind blowing, to say the least.

Conair’s Double Ceramic Hair Dryer contains a simple configuration around its handle, containing a button for its power and a set of rocker switches to toggle between its heat and speed settings. The device also has a narrow concentrator, which makes it a specialist in creating high-end hairdos with tons of shine! Since the device barely weighs over a pound, using it for longer periods is also easy!

Despite having tons of promising components on the outside, however, Revlon’s Infrared Hair Dryer still walks away with the crown in this department. This is because, in addition to offering a weightless build and effective results, Revlon’s hair dryer also comes with two extra attachments. There’s a volumizing diffuser that creates elevated looks in minutes, as well as a set of sectioning clips that ensure even heat distribution at all times!

Upkeep demands 

A win-win element you can look forward to when purchasing either is their maintenance procedure, which is more lenient than you can ever imagine. Since both hair dryers comprise a detachable filter or cap around the back that accumulates dust and any residue generated by the two dryers, all you have to do is remove the caps and rinse them in hot water to make the tools as good as new again!

Differences between their pricing 

Despite having the edge over Conair in this bout, the Revlon Infrared hair dryer and Conair’s Double Ceramic hair dryer become equally compelling once again when their values are thrown into the mix, which is extremely affordable.

When summed up together, the two don’t even cross a total amount of $50, which can be music to your ears if you’re working around a tight budget!

Concluding Remarks: Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer Is The Obvious Winner

In our opinion, both Revlon and Conair are exceptional styling tools to turn to if you’re a beginner with a moderately-low budget. And if you don’t believe us, consider looking at the price points, attributes, and hardware of Revlon’s Infrared hair dryer and Conair’s Double Ceramic hair dryer.

In addition to offering technical aspects that shield the hair from an unnecessary amount of heat exposure, the two candidates from Revlon and Conair can be perfect items to side with due to just how much more they offer for such a budget-friendly value.

However, if we were to side with one of the two, we would wholeheartedly pick Revlon’s Infrared Hair Dryer. Despite having the same amount of power, Revlon has the edge over Conair in this matchup due to having better ceramic technology, and having more styling attachments which eventually makes this tool more versatile than its counterpart.

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