How to Shave Like an Old School Man: An Authentic Shaving Guide

How to Shave Like an Old School Man

There are so many ways to shave today ranging from the single use razors to electric shavers. However, the authentic or the old school shaving remains to be the classic and most on point method for men.

Today, we will run through a complete guide on how to shave like an old school man for those want the perfect, clean authentic shaving experience.

Why would you want to Shave Like an Old School Man?

Well, simply for one reason – it is the most authentic & the best way to get it done! For enthusiasts, it is a lifestyle and if you don’t believe it, ask your grandpa now. It is a way which is actually best for your beard or facial hair.

But a lot has changed in recent years. Today, we shave as a necessity and try to find the quickest way of doing it. So, we have gone from single blade single use razors to 5 blades and most recently to electric shavers – all in an effort to be faster, quicker and less of a treat for our face.

There are still barbers and professionals who have kept a strong hold of the traditional old school shaving technique. For those of you who are wanting to learn, let’s get started.

Step by Step: How to Shave Like an Old School Man

Shaving is a task which is right on the borderline for men. Some do it as a chore which has to be done and others do it as a sort of treat for themselves. Regardless, becoming an expert is necessary for both types of people.

STEP 1: Getting The Right Tools

STEP 1- Getting The Right Tools

The first step is to make sure that you have the right tools for the job. A bad shave or a shave using the wrong tools will have dire consequence such as skin irritation, rashes, cuts, nicks, etc. The following is what you need to prepare for an old school shave:

  • Safety Razor – Using a safety razor will be extremely benefiting to your skin and beard. You will get very clean, close and precise shave without any skin irritation (if done correctly!).
  • Shaving Soap – You will not experience extra dryness using a shaving soap instead of a shaving foam or gel.
  • Shaving Brush – A shaving brush will make sure that you are able to get the perfect lather which will make your hair soft for an easy shave.

STEP 2: Prepare Your Razor

STEP 2 - Prepare Your Razor

Before you start shaving, you should always check to make sure that the blade on your safety razor is sharp. It is best to always use a fresh new blade, if not make sure it is sharp enough.

Even after you start shaving, if you feel the blade is not sharp enough, then change it immediately. The most common reason for cuts, irritation or a shave gone bad is a dull blade.

STEP 3: Prepare Your Skin

STEP 3- Prepare Your Skin

The next step is to prepare your skin for the shave. Are you thinking how you do that?

Well, it is of course common sense to make sure you have a clean face. This will help to make your facial hair softer, get rid of dead skin cells, and make your skin ready for the blade to glide over smoothly.

Additionally, if possible, you should shave AFTER a nice warm shower. Your skin pores will be nicely relaxed and open for hair to be easily removed. If you have particularly sensitive skin, you can consider using shaving oil or other pre-shaving products.

STEP 4: Prepare The Perfect Lather

STEP 4 - Prepare The Perfect Lather

Remember the lather is what makes the perfect shave. So, you must prepare the perfect lather for ensuring you get the perfect shave.

Soak the shaving brush in warm water and get rid of access water with a slight shake. Pass the brush over the soap in circular motions to create the foam. The more water on the brush, the more foam you will get. Using firm, circular strokes will ensure you get a nice, thick lather.

STEP 5: Start Shaving

STEP 5- Start Shaving

You should always start shaving from one side and then move on to the next side. Use the other hand to keep your skin stretched or taut and use short firm strokes. You need to make sure that you are cleaning the blade after every stroke to get rid of the lather, hair, etc.

You must also be sure to identify the direction of your hair’s growth. It may annoy you when you notice, but it is perfectly natural to have hair growing in all different directions on the different areas of the face such as the cheeks, chin, and neck. It is always best to shave in the direction of the hair avoiding any potential resistance or friction.

STEP 6: Make Sure You Got All Parts

STEP 6- Make Sure You Got All Parts

Be sure to lather up all parts of the area thoroughly. The hair will get softer and also, the skin will be exfoliated. Repeat the process to shave all required areas. After completing the shave, feel your skin to make sure that you have gotten all parts cleanly.

Regardless of how clean of a shave you get after you finish, you can make sure it is the cleanest by running a second shave which will be much quicker and easier to do.

STEP 7: Rinse & Dry Your Face

STEP 7- Rinse & Dry Your Face

The final step of the shave is to make sure that your face and skin is replenished. Rinse with cool water to close out pores and for the soothing sensation. Dry with a clean towel by dabbing and not rubbing. Apply aftershave products for moisturizing your skin.

That’s it… you have done it like an old school man!

Benefits of Shaving Like an Old School Man Using a Safety Razor

Benefits of Shaving Like an Old School Man Using a Safety Razor

Using a safety razor may not be the safest thing you think of doing in the modern times. You will however be surprised to know the many advantages of shaving using a safety razor.

You may have become the perfect user of the normal razors, but like most men you must also fancy mastering the art of shaving using a safety razor. The following are some of the most crucial benefits you will enjoy if you start using a safety razor to shave like an old school man:

Environmentally Friendly

  • This should be reason enough for you in the modern day when we are creating more plastic waste than ever before! When you use a good quality safety razor, you use a metal razor with replaceable blades which allows you to contribute in reducing plastic waste compared to normal razors which are made entirely of plastic
  • The blades of normal razors are not pure steel and they are just good for one or two single uses. So, you get poor quality shaving and create more waste, on the other hand the steel blades of safety razors are less waste in comparison to plastic.

Highly Effective

  • Safety razor blades are made of steel and offer a much more effective shave with clean, precise and closest cuts
  • With a more effective blade, you will not make repeated passes over your skin resulting in less skin irritation and lower chances of cuts, nicks, etc.

How to Use a Shaving Soap For An Old School Shave

Another product for getting an old school shave with your safety razor is the shaving soap! So, you will have to ditch the canned shaving foams or gels, which you have gotten used to.

How to Use a Shaving Soap For An Old School Shave

Now, for those who are first timers or even unaware of the product, you must know how to use a shaving soap. It is not a difficult one, it just takes some time getting used to if you are more used to using shaving creams, gels or foams.

As the name suggests, the shaving soap is in fact a soap. So, you will need a bowl to put the soap in and a shaving brush to create the lather. Wet the shaving brush with as much water as possible and use circular motions on the soap to create the lather. You can choose to do it on the soap or on a separate bowl altogether – a personal preference.

Once you see that the lather is formed, you can apply it to your skin thoroughly. Once fully applied, you can use a razor to glide easily for an excellent quality, close, authentic wet shave.

10 Tips for the Perfect Old School Shave

10 Tips for the Perfect Old School Shave

  • Best Time To Shave

You should be aware that the morning is the perfect time for a shave. Your skin is relaxed from the night’s rest and softest without exposure to harsh outdoors. Also, it is best to avoid shaving at night since skin is tired and you are likely to get more cuts.

So, make it a habit to shave in the morning for a quick, easy glide shave just like the good old days when men used to shave early mornings, every day.

  • Good Quality Products

Always rely on good quality shaving tools and products such as shaving soaps, safety razors, shaving brush, etc. Do not buy cheap razors which will be harsher on your skin causing irritation, cuts, nicks, etc.

  • Use Warm Water

You should always use warm water – not cold and not hot but lukewarm water on your skin. Just like barbers, professionals and your expert grandpa will say, warm water helps your skin to soften, be hydrated and the hair to be softer for an easier shave.

  • Patiently Make The Perfect Lather

The shave will only be as good as the lather you make. So, be sure to take your time to make the perfect lather using the shaving soap. This is because you are not using a premade lather such as in a shaving cream, gel or foam. Use a good quality brush and fast repeated motions for making the ideal lather.

  • Firm Strokes

Remember never put too much pressure while shaving. Use delicate yet firm strokes for best results while your skin is stretched or pulled tight.

  • Keep Razor Clean

A lot of us do not give the due care our razors require after a shave. For an extended lifetime and best performance during the next shave, make sure to keep your razor clean of any residue such as strands of hair, shaving lather, etc. So, clean it after every stroke and also after finishing your shave and putting it away.

  • Shave A 2nd Time

If you want a nice, clean, smooth shave then be sure to go for a second shave. Remember, multiple or repeated passes over the same area is not what we are referring to. One glide over each area is best and that’s how you should finish your shave. But once you are done, repeat the shave for achieving the closest shave.

  • Remember Post Shave Routine

After your shave is completed, be sure to rinse and wash your face or shaved area throughout using warm water and get rid of all residue.

  • Use After Shave Products

Be sure to use an after-shave product such as a lotion or balm to disinfect and replenish your skin. While the shaving soaps contain a lot of moisture for your skin, you should not skip using aftershave products for softening and restoring your skin condition.

  • Proper Skin Care

Shaving is a stressful task for your skin so be sure to take proper care of your skin. Look after your skin for ingrown hairs, use moisturizers and take extra care even if you do not shave daily.


That brings an end to our guide of completing a shave just like an old school man!

There are many ways to shave today however, the most authentic and manly way of doing it is exactly how grandpa used to do it. We hope that this guide will inspire you to pursue your passion of learning to shave the old school way.

We have made sure with our complete step by step instructions, tips for best results and all the other related benefits & information so that, you too can shave like an old school pro!

Did you enjoy reading about how it was done back in the day? Do you think you can now start and master the art by following this guide on how to shave like an old school man?

Let us know your thoughts on the comments and share your experience of learning to shave like an old school man with our readers.

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