Best Shaving Cream Warmer Machines That Grant Quick Results! [Updated 2020]

If the topic of shaving cream warmers is alien to you, allow me to explain. These tools use electricity or battery to warm up your shaving creams or gels while producing good lather.

These are perfect when you have too much to do other than preparing hot water to mix with your creams or gels and stirring them for minutes to produce rich lather.

Warm lather soothes up sensitive skin and spreads evenly to grant a good shave. Thanks to this, you will suffer fewer nicks and cuts. Don’t worry about bruises due to the razor sticking in long and thick facial hair as well. Good lather helps with smooth razor strokes as well.

The trick is to find the best shaving cream warmer machines. This is where I come into the fold. This article will give you top five machines that’ll help you in that regard. I’ve also tucked in a buying guide and few tips on how to maintain these machines at the end. You’ll certainly find these helpful.

Top 5 Shaving Cream Warmer Comparison Table

Benefits of a Shaving Cream/Gel Warmer

Why am I advocating a shaving cream dispenser/warmer? Obviously, it has its benefits. Before I move into recommending the top-shelf products, let me elaborate the perks of these units.

  • I think people with sensitive skins should use these products. Especially when it comes to shaving gel warmers. Gels are often tough on our skins. The warmer machines break down the gel particles into smaller, not so tough, and more tolerable once while heating the lather.
  • Believe it or not, machine works better than untrained hands. Shaving cream warming machines deliver better lather than beginner hands. You get “Close to perfect lather that spreads evenly and without any trouble. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any razor burns, nicks, and cuts.
  • When we make our own lather, it takes time. More time than when it’s done by a machine. Getting a warmer tool is helpful when someone is looking to save time for other stuff while the device takes care of the heating job. Also, it heats up the cream/gel evenly without inconsistencies.
  • A warming tool for shaving cream/gel is an absolute necessary if you own a barbershop. As a barber, you need to make good on the time you have available. Best shaving cream dispensers allow you to do just that. You get quality lather without much time spent.

Top 5 Recommended Shaving Cream Warmer Reviews

If you’re searching for a lineup of shaving cream warmers and didn’t find any, this section is just for you! I’ll be discussing five products with compact design and impeccable features that come at a convenient price point. Let us start with the list.

Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine

Conair HLM10

When it comes to lather machines, Conair HLM10 is one of my first choices. This is a simple machine fit for simple operations. People won’t have to get a degree on shaving (pun intended) to operate this tool.

HLM10 has a large canister. Don’t worry. This machine is easy to set up. Also, it can find its way on any kind of shaving counter thanks to the compact size. This machine is very easy to set up as well. It preps the shaving cream in easy-to-follow steps. Just a bit of patience does it.

The dispenser system has an On/Off indicator and a “Ready” button on top. You won’t have to wiggle it around to understand how it operates. After it’s done, the shaving cream remains warm. Remember I said warm, it doesn’t make the cream too hot to handle.

Operating this piece of technology is rather easy. This is just a warmer. No complex boxes are at play here. You just need to shake the can of shaving foam or cream. Then slide it into the warmer through the bottom part. Make sure to take out the dispenser cap of the canister. Screw it tightly. After a few minutes, push the button on top for warm lathering cream.

Don’t worry, the warmer keeps the shaving gel or cream in top shape for using. Yes, it works for shaving gels too. Use it to believe it! They’ll soften your facial hair the way you want them to. As far as the size goes, the shaving cream warmer works on standard can sizes of 11.5 to 14.75 inches.

Users can handle this can rather easily as I keep stressing. The can is small and compact enough for people to operate with one hand. While you get the shaving cream or foam out, it won’t spill onto your clothes or on the counter for that matter.

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What I Like about the Product

  • The machine is not complicated. All you need to do is to slide a canister in and it’ll be ready.
  • This little product takes as little as one minute to get the job done for shaving enthusiasts.
  • I must say, the warmer keeps shaving cream WARM. It doesn’t turn it too hot for the job.
  • Conair HLM10 warms up your shaving cream/gel in just a minute. You don’t have to wait forever.
  • Feel free to operate this simple machine with just one hand. It’s not bulky or heavy by any chance.

What I Don’t Like about the Product

  • Make no mistake, this is a pricy unit. People won’t be ready to shell out more than $100.
  • The On/Off switch is located near the power cord and not closer to the unit itself. It’s a bother.

Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine

Lather time professionalIf you want to take your game to the next level, you’ll need a quality product used by the barbers. Lather Time is just that with an amazing cleaner tucked into the package. I was amazed to see how many additional things this product comes with. Let’s go over the accessories and their benefits.

The first thing you’d notice is the odd shape of this unit. Yes, it will feel large on a counter. Why wouldn’t it be? This thing is professional-grade item and suited for barbers. Thus, the dimension of 9″l x 5″h x 4″w doesn’t surprise me one bit. Rather, it means that the product can hold a substantial amount of cream inside.

The unit will sit on your bathroom counter. I know most of the warmers will neglect how slippery the counter can be. But not Leather Time. This little warmer has rubber pads that keep it steady even on the most slippery of counters out there. From now on, you just need to focus on shaving. Nothing else.

I must tell you that there are no gimmicks when it comes to this machine. You need to open the top half to pour shaving soap, cream or foam inside. There’s a DC motor in place which activates as you push the “On” button. In quick time, you’ll have wet lather on the palm of your hand.

I can guarantee that there won’t be any bubbles in the lather that users get. It comes with a cleaning brush as well. The makers don’t want to leave you high and dry. They even thought of maintenance sessions that people worry about so much.

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What I Like about the Product

  • This is one product that the barbers can use without any hesitations in their minds.
  • The product is easy to operate and handle. All you need to do is pushing a button and that’s it.
  • Since it’s aimed at the barbers, there are numerous hair cloths to go with each type of use.
  • Lather time shaving cream warmer can stick its feet on any type of counter due to rubber pads.
  • The cleaning brush you see with the package helps to maintain and keep the device in shape.

What I Don’t Like about the Product

  • This product can take a bit of time to heat up your shaving cream or gel. Start early.
  • This product can be a little loud when operating. Watch out for the noise.

Conair HLM11CH Chrome Hot Lather Machine

Conair HLM11CH

Want a classy machine to do the lathering for you instead of stirring the shaving cream yourselves? Conair HLM11CH is just the tool to go for. This little lathering tool sits pretty at a price between $100 and $200. Shocked? Don’t be. The features and performance coincides with the price.

The best shaving cream warmers are usually small in size. This one is too. It won’t look odd. Beautiful Chrome finish gives this thing an edge design-wise as well. Trust me when I tell you that this machine won’t be a burden even on some of the most crowded bathroom counters!

Operating this tool is very simple. You need to unscrew the bottom part of the warmer to put in a shaving cream can of the accurate dimensions. Then, screw it tight and give the warmer a good shake.

There’s an On/Off button. Pressing it will begin the heating process. There’s an indicator that’ll turn green once the cream is ready for use. You can press the button on the top to get required amount of cream out.

Don’t worry, this little machine is quick. You won’t have to wait too long to have the shaving cream prepped. Conair HLM11CH Hot Lather Machine does the job in just a minute. The cream won’t be too hot either. This is what I call a “Lukewarm” cream that won’t burn the skin by any means.

If you’re worried about the texture and feel of the lather, don’t. As it turns out, the lather is comfortable on your skin. It won’t create rashes or red spots either. The texture is smooth as well. Don’t worry about your hands being stuck on your thick facial hair when spreading it all over your face.

The best thing about this Conair model is that its lightweight. Also, you can use it with just the one hand. This is not a bulky product that will strain your wrists when shaking it for a good result. On top of that, you’ll not need to run any kind of maintenance to keep it going. Just the occasional wiping will do.

What I Like about the Product

  • I like the design of the unit. It’s sleek and great to look at and feel with the Chrome finish.
  • You have the indicator to signal when the product turns on and when the cream is ready.
  • With this, you can warm up the shaving cream every morning quickly without fail.
  • One can heat the cream up in just a minute. I brushed my teeth while it got ready for use.
  • This Conair product lasts a long time. Two years are great longevity-wise considering the making.

What I Don’t Like about the Product

  • Yes, this is lightweight. But I preferred a stronger build for a product of this price.
  • Many of the users will find the price over $100 a bit too much for a shaving cream warmer.

Conair HGL1 Combination Hot Gel/Lather Machine, Black

Conair HGL1

If you’re worried that no shaving cream warmer supports gel, don’t worry a bit. Conair HGL1 Hot gel can heat up your shaving gels. Naturally, it can warm up the shaving creams as well. It’s sort of a Two-in-One when it comes to the warmers. Not to mention it has the brand name behind it which gives it an edge.

This is a sleek machine. Conair HGL1 looks just like a shaving cream can. Without looking carefully at it, no one will be able to tell the difference between an actual shaving gel container and this one.

For me, this is a black marble. It’s far better than the chrome counterparts. When used for a long time, the chrome counterparts catch on visible dust particles and spots of water drops. Not the HGL1. The black coating on the cylinder eliminates any chances of water spots showing up.

I’d say this machine warms the lathe and modifies it to make it soft on our skins. This little product lathers the gels in a manner that they work to soften your beards and whiskers. Just like the best shaving cream would do. The difference is, a machine is at work here helping us.

One can keep track of the heating process. A light will blink when it’s turned on and you begin the heating process. Once the gel or cream is warm enough, the light will shine steadily.

If you’re worried about the size of cans that fit within the warmer, don’t. With a dimension of 7.9 x 3.9 x 7.2 inches, this thing takes in any and all cans of shaving cream or gel. Not to mention, it takes in and works well on ladies shaving cream or gels as well. A true all-rounder by all accounts.

This neat product looks good on any and all bathroom counters. Even if they are over-crowded with products. This thing works with electricity. All you need is to plug it in a 120-volt connection.

What I Like about the Product

  • This thing gets you results! You get the hot foam/gel/cream you need within a minute.
  • HGL1 is easy to use. One just need to put the gel/cream in, shake it, and turn it on.
  • There will be no water spots or wearing marks thanks to this black coated cylinder.
  • With an indicator light you can keep track of what is happening and when the machine is done.
  • I found the lather to be barbershop quality and top notch for my facial hairs. Ladies can use it too.

What I Don’t Like about the Product

  • If anything, you need  to turn it on manually as opposed to all the automatic machines out there.

Conair HLM5CS Compact Hot Lather Cap Heating System

Conair HLM5CS

The last product on my shaving cream warmers’ list is exclusively for shaving creams. Conair HLM5CS is perfect as a vacation companion. I could use it anywhere in the world. Yes, it’s compatible with both 120V and 240V outlets in America and Europe respectively.

This little Conair product features a 1 1/4″ Opening. 3.5″ Diameter is not too bad considering shaving creams come in large quantities. Add a 2″ height to that and this thing can hold a fair amount of hot shaving cream. Once heated up, you can use the material for multiple shaves.

Did I mention that you can use all sorts of shaving cans with this product? As a matter of fact, the regulars and the travel-size cans fit perfectly within the warmer tool.

I’ve noticed something in the design of this product as well. You get two caps when buying this thing. The standard dispenser cap and the lather cap. Whenever someone wants to heat up the shaving cream, he/she should put the lather cap on top of the unit.

Yes, I said “She.” As it turns out, you get to work with ladies’ shaving creams as well. One doesn’t need to spend extra bucks for a separate device doing the same job for the ladies.

And yes, it’s a “Cap” system. You can attach the caps with all sorts of shaving cans. There’s no need for a separate can-like unit. This design improvement saves you from cleaning and maintaining a separate can and eating up space on your bathroom counter.

As I said, you need to attach the heating cap on top of a can. When done, insert the dispenser cap with the button to push. When pushed, the lathered cream will show itself out.

I won’t lie. The quality of the lather I got was astounding. No matter which shaving cream you use, the lather will always come out rich and creamy. Not only that, the facial hairs soften up as well. Trust me, there won’t be any grungy messes when using this thing.

One thing I need to mention before concluding this thing is the fact that the HLM5CS works perfectly with variable voltage counts. One can easily use it with 120V and 240V connections. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in. You’ll get satisfying results for sure.

What I Like about the Product

  • This is not a can rather a “Cap-based” system. It’s easy to put on and off a product.
  • Feel free to use this item with every type and size of shaving cream cans be it for men or ladies.
  • There are two lights signaling when the heating process is ongoing and when its finished.
  • I’m satisfied with the lather quality I got from using the caps. It’s rich and creamy.
  • It’ll spread well onto your beard and mustache. The lather works well in softening the hair strands.

What I Don’t Like about the Product

  • The “On/Off” switch of this electric unit is positioned badly near the cord. It can get soaked in water if people aren’t careful enough.

How to Go About Buying the Shaving Cream Warmers (Dispensers)?

In the “Off” chance that you don’t like any of these products, you’ll need to buy one on your own. This section will equip you with factors that people should consider before going about purchasing one of the shaving cream dispensers out there. Let’s get to it then.

  • Check the Size of Your Device

Size is crucial for a shaving cream warmer. Dimensions determine how much shaving cream your device can hold. That is, if you’re pouring the cream or gel directly into your machine. For me, the bigger the warmer the better. Make sure that the device is easy to open and close as well.

If you’re working with just the cap (there are cap-based warmers as well), make sure the cap fits perfectly with your shaving cream can. These things shouldn’t be too difficult to open and attach to a can. The top machines take 10 – 15 seconds to be prepped.

  • Check If the Machine is Compatible with Cream and Gel

When buying these items, you must check what you’re working with. Two products might look similar but they can be different in how they work. For example, there are warmers that can work with gels and others do well on shaving creams. Pick one depending whether you use gel or a cream.

I must mention the fact that there are warmers that work with both gels and cream as well. If you get one, by all accounts go for it. However, watch the price as these things will cost people more than a standard tool. Lather quality from product to product differs as well. So, that’s the other thing to watch for.

  • Check How Long the Product Needs to Heat Up

It depends on how fast or slow we want our machines to be. For me, I prefer my tool to heat up my cream/gel within minutes so that I can begin the actual shaving process. Many of the machines have timers that can be set using the buttons on board. It’s good to buy one having the facilities.

I’d advise people to go with shaving cream dispensers that can heat up within one or two minutes. That way, you can be quick with your business of shaving. Not only that, your product should be able to retain the heat for a long time as well. That way, you can use the lather more than one time and one shave.

  • Is Your Product Adaptable with Multiple Voltage Settings?

This factor depends on your choice. Are you a person who stays in the USA and doesn’t move much? Well, then you can opt for a device that works well with 120V connections (provided you use an electric product and not a battery operated one).

On the other hand, if you like to move around and go on vacations, it’s perhaps safe to buy a warmer that can support 240V as well like they do in Europe. Dual voltage capacity is a boon to have at your disposal. That’s why I vote in favor of the latter kind. You never know when you need to move out.

  • Check the Warranty Coverage

Most people ignore the instruction manual when opening and setting up a product like this. I don’t blame them. It’s easy to assemble and work with. What you wouldn’t want to miss out on is the warranty information. It’s crucial to know when you’ll stop getting the “Support Backup.”

This gives you a rough idea about the time frame shaving cream heaters are good for. The best products that we have usually come with a warranty of a year or 18 months. With the price we’re ready to pay, this time frame is more than enough.

However, it’s not the end of the road with the warranty gone. In my experience, top shaving cream and gel warmers perform at their peak well into their third year or beyond.

  • Judge the Noise Factor

People don’t often associate noise with the warmers. But even the top rated shaving cream warmers are noisy piece of technology. Especially, if you’re working with an electric product. I’ve chosen items that are less noisy (for the most part) to begin with. Although there’s a whirring noise, it’s bare minimum.

When judging noise, you should consider keeping it below 45 – 55dB. That’s IF we’re being too technical. As a layman, choose an item that doesn’t wake your neighbor up in the middle of the night or during the early part of the day as you’re prepping up for a quick shave.

  • Weigh the Price vs. Performance

Products that we’re talking about here fall under “Frequently Used” category for me. Typically, these are low hanging fruits. Meaning, you’ll have less gimmicks and the price is accurate. Even then, you should opt for machines that offer you features corresponding to their prices.

For example, caps are sometimes pricier than the warmer cans and for good reasons as well. These things are more portable and can be set with individual containers. You don’t have to pour the cream/gel into one. But there are products which are priced more than they account for.

All I can say is, “Take your time, choose wisely.”

Tips from Your Friendly Shaving Enthusiast

If you’ve never used a warmer before, even a small machine can cause you problems as well. That’s why this section has a handful of tips that’ll make your life easier. Read on!

  • Before you proceed to turning the unit on, make sure to shake it properly. Shaving cream dispensers that you see only work to heat up the gel/cream. Users like us are responsible to position and mix the contents properly.
  • Most of these machines tend to have multiple heat settings. Be sure to experiment with those. Even if these products warm up your gels and creams to a decent degree, everyone has different tolerance level when it comes to heat. Varying degree of it is needed to make us feel comfortable.
  • There should be lights indicating if the heating is in progress or is complete. You’ll do well to pay good attention to the LED light(s) that blink or stay lit depending on the situation.
  • You’ll do well to buy a product that comes with thick and heat-resistant material. The outer body shouldn’t get too hot to grip. Also, check the top half of the unit for heat resistance if you’re into “Cap” style warmers.

Let’s End the Discussion Here!

We can always use our hands and whip up the cream or gel to get the desired level of thickness for the lather. But what about the untrained? Beginners will have a hard time mastering the art of lathering let alone keeping it warm for a long time. That’s why there are shaving cream warmers out there!

You can pick any product from the list. If you want my suggestion, go for Conair HLM5CS. This one is a Cap-Based item that doesn’t require you to unscrew, pour cream/gel, lock it up again. It’s a welcome change. If you’re not satisfied with any of these items, venture out, follow the buying guide, and pick one for yourselves.

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