Shaving Cream Warmer

Shaving cream warmers serve the simple interest of making shaves warmer for you – they heat up the gel or lather you are using and that in turns open up pores on your skin. All allied benefits follow suit.

Warm shaving soothes the skin, promotes smoother razor glides and gives you more traction over the shave.Before we tell you more on that, here is a little on what the device actually is.

A shaving cream warmer is a device where you set in your can of shaving gel or lather and it heats the gel for you. Alternatively, these can also be devices where you manually pour in the cream and allow it to heat inside a compartment. We have reviewed both types in our top five picks for shaving cream warmers.

Why is life better with a shaving cream warmer?

  • Boon for sensitive skin: Sensitive skin requires you to take shaving to a very intricate level. You cannot expect all skin shaving gels and creams to be so nuanced all the time. Using a shaving cream warmer breaks down most of the ‘’toughness” that some shaving gels are known to have. It is always better if you go for a shaving cream warmer if you have sensitive cream.
  • Less accidents, more comfort: Using a shaving cream warmer also enables greater closeness and comfort while shaving. The lather spreads on the face more evenly and it will get below every whisker. This in turn promotes better razor glides and you will be able to extract closer shaves with the razors.
  • Who likes irritation and razor burns? While most skin shaving creams and gels are comfortable about it now, shaving directly with one may not break down the formula evenly on your skin. You will save yourself all the unnecessary skin irritation and razor burn if you heat the shaving cream in a warmer before application.
  • Because you own a barbershop: Barbershop owners are often the most frequent users of shaving cream warmers. If you are looking to make the most of the available time and opportunity in the business, it is highly recommended that you get yourself a decent quality shaving cream warmer. You can thank us later if customers suddenly find better glide in your razor.
  • Avoiding lengthy lather making: One reason so many people prefer going for shaving gels instead of making lather themselves is to avoid all the method involved in the old-school way. The shaving cream warmer simplifies things two bit further and you get rid of the lengthy (and often exhaustive) way of building up the lather.
  • Save more time, do less work: This is another no-brainer. You can save a lot of time by simply heating up the lather and getting it ready. It heats up in just a minute and you can make the cream work from there. This saves you some straight minutes that would have gone in lathering up the face.

Top 5 recommended shaving cream warmer reviews

Conair HGL1NR/HGL1R Conair Gel and Lather Heating System

Our impression


The Conair HGL1NR is a simple looking shaving warmer device that has a stem like black construction with a lid on the top. Most of the controls of the device have been placed on the lid itself. This makes it very easy for you to access the buttons whenever you want to.

It heats up the foam and lather so you have a close, smooth and comfortable shave throughout. The temperature control in the Conair HGL1NR is variable and you can easily save the consistency of the gel with this.

There is a ready indicator light on the device that helps you know when the content is heated enough and is ready for use. The Conair HGL1NRalso comes with a 120V plug-in for the operation too.

You should note here that the skinny construction of the black part. The lid area is where the can actually sit. It warms up nicely whenever you feel it is necessary.

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  • Clean back aesthetics.
  • All buttons are on the lid.
  • Can accommodate most shaving gel cans.
  • Promotes smooth and consistent shaves.
  • Warms up gel or cream quickly.


  • Lather might come out runny.
  • Does not work at all for some cans.
  • Dispenser could be messy.

Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine

Our impression

Conair HLM10

The Conair HLM10is a hot shave lather machine that serves the purpose of heating and dispensing the leather and liquid from the can. You can easily operate the Conair HLM10 with just one hand. There is an in-built on/ready button in the dispenser as well.

The overall heating action is pretty generous as it works to soften up the beard and facilitates shaving whiskers even more easily. All you need to do is heat the can up for a minute.

You can use the Conair HLM10 with both the standard and large sized cans of shaving cream. The bottom plate is a really innovative one that adjusts to a number of different sizes of cans and promotes an easy fit as well.

The gadget is not really for those who want to feel nostalgic about the old-school lathering with a shaving cream and a bowl. This one is for the new folks – who like to spend less time and reap more results.

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  • Very adjustable bottom plate.
  • Fits all standard and large size cans.
  • Heats up lather in a minute.
  • Dispenses heated lather directly.


  • Not for heating shaving gels.
  • Lather cools off pretty soon.
  • Priced quite steeply.

Campbell’s Lather King Hot Lather Machine, Charcoal

Our impression

Campbells lather king

The Campbell’s Lather has been made in the USA and comes completely enclosed well in a universal motor that is meant to protect from corrosion and rust. It does not really matter if you are a barbershop owner or a shaving aficionado yourself.

If you are particularly a barber that has to heat shaving cream day in and day out, this is just the shaving cream warmer you need. It is great at handling tough workloads every day.

However, there is a slight issue if you are looking to make the Campbell’s Lather work just once a day for you. In this case, the clog from the lather may halt the mechanism of the machine. You will have to clean the warmer every time you use it. No lather that has been used should remain inside the machine. Just wash it with hot water and it will be ready for use the next day.

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  • Works with a simple action.
  • Perfect for barbershops.
  • Heats up lather in very less time.
  • Easy to clean with hot water.


  • Not ideal for one shave a day.
  • Can clod up without washing.
  • Foam may turn into liquid.

Conair HGL1 Combination Hot Gel/Lather Machine, Black

Our impression

Conair HGL1

The Conair HGL1 is meant for giving you smooth and comfortable shaves that score high on the comfort quotient. Not just that, the warmer also promises to make your shave experience the smoothest ever. In that contention, we would like to submit that the hot lather of the Conair HGL1 does enough to soften whiskers, which in turn promote irritation-free shaves. In turn, the tugging and pulling is reduced significantly when you are trying to effect actual shaves.

The Conair HGL1 can fit ay shaving gel can that you are using. The Conair HGL1 also does well significantly well on female skin. The storage cylinder of the Conair HGL1 is equally attractive. It sits great with other classy products at your countertop.

Also unlike several chrome-finish shaving cream warmers, the black finish does not show any traces of water droplets that might have stuck to it. You can use both gels and creams with the Conair HGL1.

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  • Smooth and comfortable shaves with hot lather.
  • Lather softens the whiskers before shaving.
  • Fits most shaving can models.
  • Attractive design for great appearance.


  • Standard leakage issue.
  • Bulkier than most other units.
  • Shave can become very hot.

Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine

Our impression

Lather time professional

The Lather Time shaving cream warmer is a professional electric hot soap machine that you can leverage to create rich, thick lather day in and day out. The Lather Time warmer is different from other shaving cream warmers in that the heated product (the foam) is thoroughly aerated and wet. Now, this is a combination that you will want from your shaving cream warmer. This makes sure your shaves become as professional as you.

The Lather Time cream warmer comes with an extra-large soap cup. If you are someone who likes to be more generous with cream quantities while shaving, this works perfectly for you. You can heat as much cream as you want and there will still be some room left in the warmer.

There is also an additional rubber pad on which you can rest the machine while it is at work. It ensures that the machine does not slip. You also get a brush for cleaning the machine once it is done with heating shaving cream.

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  • Good for producing thick lather.
  • Aerated and wet texture of lather.
  • Comes with an extra-large cup.
  • Includes a non-slip rubber pad.
  • Included professional cleaning brush.


  • The bowl starts leaking over time.
  • Water might enter the machine.
  • Very loud operation.
  • Takes a lot of space.

Introduction to the Fundamentals

  • Size is important: A lot of the operational convenience depends on just how much of cream or gel the warmer can hold in case you are pouring cream directly into the warmer. If you are dealing with cans, make sure the bottom plate of the can is generously sized so that it holds cans of all sizes.
  • For how should you heat: The heating time directly depends on the heat settings present in the device. If the settings are compatible enough, you can get the job done in far less time.On most occasions, a minute or two is all you need to heat creams and make rich lather out of it.However, it is important to let the cream heat for whatever time the manufacturer recommends.
  • Power adaptability: If you are seated in one place (read country) throughout the year, you do not need to bother much about voltage. But if you are someone who travels the world, you should look for something that supports universal voltage chargers. The voltage compatibility is noted to vary particularly in China and other Asian countries.
  • Warranty Wobble: The warranty on electric shaving cream warmers typically range between 12 and 18 months. There are enough reasons you need this warranty. Most important among these is the ability to make sure that you get what you have invested in. Also, this will call upon the manufacturer to respond with a fix if the device shows up with an issue in this period.
  • The price point: Since a shaving warmer would typically come across as a secondary investment, you should make sure that it is priced well within range and reason. Most warmers are expensively priced just for the sake of it. Look for a model that return you value equal to your investment. Reading detailed reviews is a must here.
  • Far from the madding noise: It is very important to mind the level of operational noises when using a shaving cream warmer. This has been a problem with most electric warmers we have reviewed. It should typically be a bare minimum. If not that, you should at least be sure it does not wake up your neighbor.

Personalized, stepwise instructions on using a shaving cream warmer

It is actually very easy to use a shaving cream warmer. Here is all you need to follow:

Find the holding tool: Every shaving cream warmer machine come with a tool that can be used to take off the top of shaving creams or gel cans.

Pop out the top: Once you have located the spot in the warmer, find and remove the detachable top part of the can.

Introduce the can to the warmer: Once the top of the can is off, you need to introduce it to the machine.

Shut the lead and set the heat: The can and the machine are in each other. You will have to shut out the lid of the can and set the desired heat. Time the operation for a minute or two.

Replace can when done: When you are finished with a can, you can simply take it off and add another one in its place.

Your questions answered

  1. Can I heat my shaving gel with a warmer?

Yes, you can use a warmer to heat shaving gels. But you should be slightly careful here – most shaving warmers are used to heat creams only, and not gels. However, there are many combination devices that can tackle both creams and warmers. You should look for one of these if you mean to heat gels in the warmer.

  1. How important is the ‘brand factor’ in shaving cream warmers? Let’s name Conair!

Brand is supremely important for any product meant for personal grooming, including shaving cream warmers. Conair is one brand that delivers the most consistent performances in warming creams and gels. So much so, it is almost an unsaid industry norm to pit every new warmer with a Conair model for performance assessments.

Bonus Tips

Here are some extra tips, for free of course

  • Always shake the can of gel before inserting the can into the container. The dispenser is responsible for the heating only, and not for mixing the contents of the can. A host of issues actually emerges from not shaving the can before inserting it in the warmer.
  • Feel free to execute some experiments with the heat settings. You can read several recommendations on these online. There is no universally right heat. It always varies from one person to another.
  • The light is important. Be attentive about it. The indicator will tell you whenever the heat of the cream inside the can has reached desirable temperature.
  • Keep all the safety features in mind. The outer stem of the device should not become so hot that you should find it difficult to manipulate.
  • If you are looking for something that will fit well in a barbershop, go for something that is bigger and makes the gel retain heat for longer.

Here’s the deciding deal

The Conair HLM10 is in your judgment, the best shaving cream heating and custom lather machine available online. The heavily adjustable bottom plate helps you fit cans of all sizes – both standard and large.

It does not take more than a minute to heat up the lather. Unlike most other models we reviewed, the heated lather is dispensed directly to you.You can adjust the heat and there is no extra cooling needed.

Bottom line

A good shaving cream warmer can simplify your shave a great deal. And the best can find a new addiction in shaving for you. The choice is yours.