Fashion trends are changing all the time but some are here to stay and rule for decades. Skinny jeans are one of them. Skinnies are like potatoes. It goes with everything. Jackets, crop tops, fur coats, t-shirts, you can team it up with just about any outfit and look great.

To complete your getup, you need corresponding shoes with your skinny jeans. That’s when things get a little confusing. You can’t just wear any shoes with a pair of skinnies. Don’t worry, though. I’m here to help.

From simple sneakers, casual flats, sandals to classy boots, I’ve made the ultimate list of the best shoes to wear with skinny jeans for every occasion and outfit.

Not just the types, I’ve actually gone one step ahead and picked 10 shoe brands (5 each for men and women) whose quality and designs have left me drooling.

Here’s what you came here looking for:

Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans (For Men) – Comparison

Name & BrandMaterielFeatureSolePrice
Skechers Classic Fit- SneakerSyntheticAir CooledSynthetic Check Price
Cole Men's Haan SneakerLeatherForefootRubber Check Price
Adidas Superstar SneakerLeatherThree stripesSynthetic Check Price
Adidas Grand Court SneakerLeatherRubber shell toeSynthetic Check Price
DC Graffik Skate ShoeLeatherPillow soft comfortRubber Check Price

Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans (For Women) – Comparison

Clarks Sillian Frey BootTextile4.5" ShaftSynthetic Check Price
Tommy Hilfiger Shyenne BootSyntheticknee-high ShaftSynthetic Check Price
Dream Paris Ankle Bootiesfaux leatherSide zipperleather Check Price
Jessica Simpson Dress-PumpTextileHigh HeelRubber Check Price
Converse Chuck All StarSyntheticLow top sneakerRubber Check Price

Reviews of 5 Best Shoes That Go with Skinny Jeans (For Men)

Men love skinny jeans for the amazing flexibility it offers. Be it an after-office cocktails hours at a pub or a blind date (and TED talks too), it can be practically worn anywhere.

Owing to the narrow ankle opening of these jeans, you might want to pair it up with a cool and casual pair of sneakers or casual trainers. If it’s a formal occasion, go for a more refined and streamlined oxford shoes.

The svelte silhouette of skinny jeans vibes well with a sassy pair of Derby shoes and even Chelsea boots if you are keen on making a statement.

Also, don’t forget that the key to pairing footwear with skinnies is to create a contrast.

Keeping these factors in mind, here are 5 footwear options to take inspiration from:

Skechers Men’s Classic Fit-Delson-Camden Sneaker

Skinny jeans and sneakers are a match made in heaven. Light, sleek and stylish sneakers perfectly balance out the tight-fitting silhouette of skinny fit jeans.

Skechers Men's Classic Fit-Delson-Camden Sneaker

If you are a fan of dressed-down, laid-back look, take a look at these sweet shoes from the house of Skechers.

They come in a huge range of colors. The best part is that the colors look exactly how they appear in the pictures. Air-cooled memory foam makes them comfortable to wear for hours. You shouldn’t have any problem wearing them without orthotics either.

But mind you, you probably wouldn’t want to stand or walk with these on all day long. These are more suitable for hanging out with friends, lounging and casual stuff like that. The sneakers are built to be slip-resistant, which is why they are great for wearing in winters and monsoons too.

Yes, you can run with them on, if you must. However, they are not meant to perform like running or basketball shoes. Go for lighter colors like taupe or light brown for an understated appearance. And if your goal is to achieve a more flattering and lively look, choose a bolder color like solid black or black grey. You can never go wrong with the classics.

Get Skechers Classic Fit at Amazon

Great Positives

The sneakers are light on both pocket and feet. They are sufficiently wide, boasts of great quality and fit snug if you choose one size smaller than your actual size. It will look great with distressed denims owing to its slightly heavy appearance.

The lighter colors match with almost everything. The multitude of color options lets you choose the perfect match for your formal, semi-formal or informal outfits.

I loved the fact that you can easily swap the insoles with orthotics without damaging the insoles. The foam padding of the soles produces a decent amount of insulation. You would absolutely love the feel of it during winters.

The bottom line is, these make for a sturdy and stylish footwear for winters. Also, you might experience a little pain at the back of the heels at first. Be patient and let the shoes break-in for a couple of weeks. The minor discomfort will go away once the material stretches.

Minor Concern

The sneakers are slip-ons, meaning the elastic laces are permanently stitched. Therefore, you cannot remove or tie them. However, the elastics easily slide through the loops, allowing you to loosen it up and slide into the shoes easily.

Cole Haan Men’s Grand Crosscourt Ii Sneaker

Stylish, versatile and timeless, these are the adjectives people often use to describe the pairing of white sneakers with skinny jeans. Fashion trends are ever-evolving but I can’t stop digging the look of snug fit blue denims with a white tee and white sneakers. I’m quite sure I’m not the only one.

Cole Haan Men's Grand Crosscourt Ii Sneaker

These sport-inspired dress shoes are made from pure leather and are unbelievably comfortable to wear for hours. The super lightweight shoes would make a perfect travel companion. It would keep your luggage weight in check and your feet protected in most terrains.

The inside of the shoes come with ample padding and arch support. Although the insole is glued to the surface, it has enough room to fit orthotic pads, just in case.

However, the ankle side could use a bit more padding. I’d suggest wearing low-profile socks with these shoes for maximum comfort. The shoes fit just fine according to the majority of its users.

Its toe box is roomy enough to comfortably accommodate wide feet. Unless your feet are wider than the E width, these shoes should fit you just fine.

The white sneakers are not blindingly white, which is actually a good thing. The actual color is somewhere between offwhite and cream color. It looks fantastic along with blue or dark blue skinnies.

Get Cole Haan Sneaker at Amazon

Great Positives

These dress shoes are stylish and comfortable enough for everyday use. Apart from offwhite/beige, they are many other colors to play with. I love the combination of its bold and vibrant colors with leather uppers. It looks catchy and suave, no matter the time, place or occasion.

But looks are not the only factor in play while selecting shoes. I would reject a footwear without a second thought if they give me sore feet or don’t fit well. Luckily, Cole Haan shoes have excelled in these two areas.

While the regular pairs fit a little narrow, people with wide feet can order extra-wide size to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Here’s a small suggestion- if you have big feet, order half a size up as some people say that these shoes normally run ½ a size bigger.

I didn’t consider it a dealbreaker because the arch support, lightweight and overall comfort provided by these sneakers are simply incredible. I am also smitten by the build material and design. The leather is easy to clean and holds up well in rough terrains and against weather elements.

These would be my go-to shoes for a long, relaxing vacation as I can walk wearing them for 8-10 hours without making a mess of my feet.

Minor Concern

The heel side should have more padding. Therefore, you will always have to wear socks with them to avoid pain or discomfort.

Adidas Originals Men’s Superstar Sneaker

Who has ever gone wrong with Adidas? Be it whacky sports shoes or low-profile, classy dress sneakers, Adidas shoes are always spot-on. The Originals I am reviewing feature the Adidas logo printed in gold on the tongue of the shoes.

Adidas ORIGINALS Men's Superstar Sneaker

The luxe white leather uppers with gold accents would go well with a pair of dark-colored skinnies. If I’m on my way to a formal event, I’d choose the classic black one with gold lettering and white stripes. It beautifully highlights the oomph-quotient of subtle, semi-formal outfits.

Its insoles are super soft but a little poofy which could make the shoes feel tight initially. Give the shoes some break-in time to feel its true comfort. I’d say people with a flat foot would feel the most comfortable wearing them as it doesn’t have a high arch support.

According to the majority of its existing user base, the shoes are slightly on the larger side. So if you are a size 9.5, choose size 9. However, I have to mention that the toe box is a little narrow. If you have wide toes, you should get your true size.

Great Positives

These are my favorite Adidas sneakers of all time, especially the black with white stripes and golden logo version. Every time you wear it, you look a little cooler than before.

You can team it with a diverse range of outfits, both casuals, and formals. If you are planning to do athletic activities with them, don’t. These shoes are meant for chilling over a couple of beers and grooving on the dance floor. Don’t run a marathon in them.

However, that doesn’t mean these sneakers don’t hold up to abuse. You can stand and walk in them for several hours without fatiguing your feet. The arch support is above average. Hence, I would say flat-footed individuals would get the most use out of it. I can never get bored of the classic shell toes on these sneakers. Extra points for aesthetics and quality. The toe box is not very roomy, so people with wide feet should upsize. Otherwise, choose half size small for a snug and comfy fit. These shoes generally tend to be a little loose.

Minor Concern

Like most Adidas sneakers, these too require a considerable period of break-in time to become flexible and comfortable.

Adidas Men’s Grand Court Sneaker

Can’t get enough of Adidas and proud of it. The key to rock the skinny jeans look is to keep the footwear sleek, slim and laid-back unless you are heading to an office party. For a Sunday brunch with friends or running errands in plain jeans and tees, look for something like the Grand Court Sneakers.

adidas Men's Grand Court Sneaker

Its suave and shiny suede uppers topped with leather-ish details and the iconic 3 stripes on the sides make it the perfect footwear to go with skinny jeans in winter. It comes in a synthetic leather version too. Choose it if you would like to dress up and keep it street-casual, at the same time.

To keep the look fresh and catchy, experiment with jeans colors and prints. Go on, the world is your oyster.

I have zero complaints about the quality and durability. These shoes are crafted with premium quality synthetic leather which holds up well against weather adversities and bumpy terrains. The sneakers won’t let you down in 90% of the situations you would run into.

The inside of the footwear is lined with “cloudform”, a type of specialty insoles that slowly mold to your feet. You need to break-in the shoes for a couple of days to be able to experience its true comfort. Some would say that the shoes run a little small and the toe box has a narrow width. I agree with them. Go half a size up. If you have wide feet, widen the toe box with a shoe stretcher.

Great Positives

You know what they say, you can never ever go wrong with the classics. I am a fan of the whole leathery look of these shoes. These shoes deserve a spot in your wardrobe if you happen to own a (or several) pairs of blue denim skinny jeans. The plush suede finish offers a polished look that’ll make you garner a lot of compliments for your fashion sense. You can thank me later.

Talking of comfort, the insoles and decent arch support make the sneakers uncompromisingly comfortable. The tight fit at the beginning could bother you but that’s perfectly normal. Just let the shoe break-in. The material with stretch and the special foam soles would adapt to the shape of your feet. You can even swap the existing soles with your choice of padding if needed.

Minor Concern

I’d suggest you go up half a size as the shoes tend to run small both length and width-wise.

DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

Not a lot of people understand the struggles of a man with unusually wide feet. But I do and I’ve picked these shoes just for the likes of you (it rhymed!).

DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe

The shoes have plenty of room near the tip which makes it a worthy investment for someone with skinny but wide feet. The soles are wide and pillowy, providing a great amount of grip and traction. You can run, perform stunts or walk in them all day without torturing your feet.

DC Men’s shoes are what you need to reach out for when you are in the mood for a change. Its cool and hip design looks amazing with skinny jeans of every type and color. It’s available in a multitude of colors but my personal favorite is the black one.

Great Positives

From the logo, print to the overall feel of the shoes, I love everything about it. You won’t have to feel shoe-stumped anymore because this footwear comes with plenty of wiggle room for flat and wide feet.

However, I should also mention that if you have large feet, go up a size as the shoes generally run small. The insoles are very grippy and the vent holes make the shoes very breathable. You can use them as work shoes, party shoes, run-to-the-grocery shoes, and even sports shoes. These are undoubtedly the most versatile footwear on this list so far.

Not just the versatility, the durability of the footwear also deserves some recognition. These classic, urban and chic shoes are capable of taking a good amount of beating. If you are looking for a pair for heavy use, your search should end here.

Minor Concern

Apart from the fact that the shoes get dirty very easily, I have nothing else to bicker about. These shoes are close to perfection.

Reviews of the Best Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans (for Women)

Whether you want a simple and streamlined footwear for an easy weekend outfit or something more refined, there’s something for everyone if you do your research well.

Skinny jeans are one of the most versatile outfits in a woman’s wardrobe, no kidding. You can wear them anywhere, pair them with a huge variety of top.wears, dress up and down, depending on the look you have in mind.

Stop racking your brain over what shoes to wear with skinny jeans because I have already done that for you. Here are my top 5 suggestions you can’t go wrong with:

Clarks Women’s Sillian Frey Boot

Dark wash skinny jeans with frayed edges and these lace-up boots are what divas wear when they want all eyes on them. It’s a timeless classic combination rules the roost during winters.

Clarks Women's Sillian Frey Boot

Apart from jaw-dropping looks, these boots also boast of insane comfort. Its outsoles are sculpted from shock-absorbing EVA while the cushiony insoles are made up of multiple layers to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

If your work requires you to stand on your feet all day, you can count on them. Moreover, you can flaunt your boots all year round since these are quite lightweight and not heavily insulated.

For the right fit, go up a size, especially if you have a high arch. The shoes run small with a narrow toe box. Even though the suede-type material of the shoe stretches over time, sizing up will let you wear thick wool socks without compromising on the fitting.

Get Clarks Frey Boot at Amazon

Great Positives

These cute looking boots go pretty well with ankle-length distressed jeans. The shoes are delightfully lightweight and the generous padding on the footbed renders them ideal for heavy use. I loved the fact that the boots are not heavily insulated. I mean, it would be a real shame to not be able to wear these beauties all year long.

Upgrade your skinny jeans look with a bold and sassy overcoat, finish it off with these boots and steal the show. The material of the shoe is not real suede but it certainly looks like one. It’s basically a suede-type material that withstands abuse fairly well.

Some users have complained about the awkward position of the zippers rubbing their ankles. My common sense says that wearing socks will fix the issue.

Minor Concern

Ladies with very wide feet might feel suffocated in these boots as the toe area is pretty narrow.

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s SHYENNE Equestrian Boot

Knee-high boots and skinny jeans combination screams elegance. The fall season is incomplete without fashion magazines and Instagram feed getting flooded with pictures of women flaunting their boots-jeans look. I prefer knee-highs during winter and monsoon even more as it helps to keep my feet warm and protected from snow and rain.

Tommy Hilfiger Women's SHYENNE Equestrian Boot

Give your dark blue denims a chic twist by pairing it up with these black/cognac boots from the house of Tommy Hilfiger. The bold black version would chime in harmoniously with acid wash denim. For the top, choose a sleek and sexy blazer, blouse or a simple white t-shirt. Keep the outfit a bit low-profile as you’d want the boots to take center stage here.

These elegant boots by Hilfiger feature a zipper that goes all the way up. The body of the footwear is made from high-quality faux leather that can stand the test of time.

While most users have found these shoes true to the size, people with wide feet should go up a size to obtain some room for socks. The heel on these isn’t very high, roughly 3 cm which is good if you are not generally comfortable wearing high heels, especially in the snow.

Get Tommy Hilfiger at Amazon

Great Positives

First of all, the boots look ravishing. From stitching quality, smooth and polished finish on the material to the convenient position of the zipper, everything is top-notch. The warm brown color with “TH” golden logo looks plush and adds a fine contrast to your outfit.

The zipper goes all the way down to the soles, allowing you to easily slip into the boots. Thanks to the clever little addition of elastic straps on the top portion of the boots, you won’t have any issues wearing skinny jeans with them. When I’m shopping for boots online, I always prefer ordering up a size as most models turn out to be smaller than they promise to be.

Minor Concern

Before you make up your mind, let me note that the shoes are specially designed for people with wide calves. If you have narrow calves, the shoes would probably be too loose for you.

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Platform High Heel Ankle Booties

Kickstart the fall season in style with these bold, sleek and chic pair of embellished ankle-length boots. Among all the vibrant colors these boots are available in, my eyes are stuck on the red and royal blue pairs.

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Platform High Heel Ankle Booties

The pop of colors on your feet would be ideal for Saturday night outs as well as for family events like a Christmas party. A lot of women avoid high heels despite wanting to wear them badly due to the general discomfort associated with such footwear.

If you too are apprehensive about wearing pointy high heels but still want to give it a go, these boots would make the perfect pair to start with. The 1-inch platform on the boots with 3 ½ inch stiletto heels won’t butcher your feet if you walk or dance in them for the whole night.

The insoles on these are pleasantly thick and soft. With the right fit, your feet will have enough room to breathe inside the booties. Order one size up if you have large feet with wide calf and you are going to wear thick woolen socks with the shoes. For regular-sized feet, order your sneaker shoe size for a snug fit.

Great Positives

The shiny rhinestone buckles on this bold and sassy boots take the aesthetics to a whole new level. From Christmas parties to ladies’ day out at the nightclub, these boots look charismatic, no matter the place or time. Pair it up with skinny jeans, regular denims, leggings or shorts to give your party outfit an elevated twist. These ultra-chic boots are crafted from premium synthetic leather. The polished suede-like finishing on the material gives off a very upbeat look.

High heel dress boots are not exactly known for their comfort. I was glad to finally chance upon a pair of embellished boots that both look and feel amazing. The inside of the boots has enough wiggle room to prevent your toes from getting hurt. You just have to let the shoes break in to become comfortable in them.

Ladies who need to walk or stand for several hours daily will get a lot of use from these shoes. While I would normally recommend getting on size up, women with flat and narrow feet should opt for ½ a size down for optimal fit.

Minor Concern

I have just one tiny complaint about these overall fantastic shoes. The shoes are pretty wide and therefore, could be loose-fitting for someone with very narrow feet. However, ordering a size down and pairing it up with thick socks would most likely fix the problem.

Jessica Simpson Women’s Cirrus Dress-Pump

Jessica Simpson Women's Cirrus Dress-Pump

Nothing works better than old-school stilettos if you want to proudly flaunt the result of your hard work in the gym. Skinny jeans with sleek, sultry and uber-classy stilettos would perfectly highlight the shape of your toned figure.

This elegant footwear from Jessica Simpson would correspond well to black skinny jeans. Accompany it with a blouse, blazer or t-shirt on top and accessorize with a cool suede lined bag. That’s pretty much all you’ll need for now to make your crush take notice of you ( just in case that fool already hasn’t).

Great Positives

Be it your brother’s wedding or your best friend’s bachelorette, these strappy heels don’t disappoint. Its statement-making design can give a glitzy twist to the most basic outfits, I kid you not.

They are quite comfortable by the standards of stiletto-heels. The straps are quite easy to adjust and the inside of the shoes provide enough wiggle room for your toes.

Most Jessica Simpson shoes are known to run small but these ones are a pleasant exception. These beauties are true to the size. The heels on them measure 3 1/2 inches which is perfect for somebody who doesn’t feel comfortable wearing high heels but can’t also resist the temptation.

The padding on the ball of the foot is not very thick. Despite that, you will be able to stand and even dance in them all night without getting sore feet the next day. If you have sensitive feet, simply attach a gel insole on the heel area.

Minor Concern

Except for the lack of adequate padding around the ball of the foot, there’s no other drawback worth writing home about.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

I guess, by now, you are already well-aware of my undying love for sneakers. I can’t get enough of them. Sneakers and skinny jeans go hand-in-hand with my idea of an easy weekend outfit. Whether you’re heading to Macy’s for holiday shopping or catching up with your squad over some beers, just team up your skinnies with a pair of low top sneakers like this one here and off you go.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

Chuck Taylor has kept the design minimalistic, modern with a fun touch to appeal the Millenials and Gen-Z folks who love to keep it effortlessly cool. These sneakers don’t deserve to sit idly in your wardrobe. They fit well, are breathable and provide good traction. Therefore, you can wear them daily to work, to lunch dates, movies or pretty much wherever you go.

The soft colors add a warm contrast to light wash slim jeans. Most existing customers have agreed that the shoes are true to the size. However, if you have small and narrow feet, you might have to wear thick socks as the shoes tend to be larger than its specified size.

Great Positives

Modern, chic and low-profile, these Chuck Taylor sneakers truly resonate with the fun-loving and outgoing personality of our generation. The generous padding on the insoles provides great support and all-day comfort. If you are not afraid of pushing the boundaries just a little bit, wear the raspberry red converses with white skinny jeans.

Those who would rather prefer a toned-down classy look can choose the black-white, navy/white to go with their blue denims.

If your job involves standing or walking for several hours, wear these to work and your feet will thank you for it.

The footwear could be slightly big, even for people with large feet and wide toes. That’s why go down a full size. However, if you are planning to fit orthotics on top of the insoles, no need to size down. In that case, get your own size. If they feel a bit tight on your feet, don’t sweat it. Just allow the fabric to break-in for a few days.

Minor Concern

The arch support of these shoes could be better. People with moderate to high arch probably won’t be able to comfortably wear these for long hours.

A Short Guide to Choosing the Right Shoes to Go with Your Skinny Jeans

A hell lot of fashion trends came with a bang and vanished silently in all these years. Very few managed to survive the evolution of our collective fashion sense, skinny jeans being one of them.

I think that’s primarily because they go with basically everything you’ll find in your wardrobe. It lets you dress up and down, depending on your mood and occasion without leaving a black hole in your wallet.

Guys who dare to pull off super skinny jeans always seem to reach out for smart footwear options like low top sneakers and loafers. If you want something a little more formal but still keep it low-profile, opt for canvas boat shoes.

They are attractive, elegant and super comfortable to wear all day long. For a more suave and formal look, don’t think twice and choose any shoe with slightly pointed toes. Oxford shoes, for example, would look fantastic with both skinny and super skinny jeans. And for the ultimate winter look, nothing beats the classic Chelsea and lace-up boots.

Similarly, ladies have a plethora of directions to go as well. Winter, spring and fall fashion calls for suede ankle boots, edgy cowboy boots, and knee-high leather booties.

Boots with a little bit of platform and short heels should be on the must-have list on every short person. High-heel boots create the illusion of greater height which would naturally make you appear taller.

However, boots can’t be worn all year round. For parties, nightclubs, corporate events, nude mules, velvet pump shoes, strappy heels should be your go-to shoes with skinny jeans.

To master the easy, laid-back but classy summer look, your first choice should be converses/ casual trainers/sneakers. Even flip-flops and sandals bring a breath of freshness and variety to the outfit. If you want something to go with your semi-formal getup, try slip-ons or Oxford brogues in soft tones like taupe, light brown or beige.

It’s not just the type of shoes you wear but also the juxtaposition of colors, prints, patterns and shapes that matter. There’s no right or wrong in it. While many fashion gurus would advise against pairing bulky shoes with skin fit denims, you are your own boss.

Having said that, if you want to play safe, avoid wearing heavy or clumpy footwear with skinnies. The more lightweight and slim your shoes are, the better it will pop alongside your skinny jeans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A little extra knowledge doesn’t hurt anyone, does it? While I (hope) I have explained everything you needed to know about shoe pairing with skinny jeans, here’s something extra to help you make a wise decision.

Below I have answered the most common questions, queries and doubts regarding this specific topic.

What shoes go best with skinny jeans in winter? 

In winter, apart from looking attractive, you also need to keep your feet warm and protected. I would suggest pairing your outfit ankle-length boots, with or without embellishments, cowboy boots, Chelsea boots, and high top boots. Choose a pair with wide calf for a more streamlined look.

Do sneakers look good with skinny jeans? 

Hell, yeah! Any light and slim sneaker/ converse vibes amazingly well with skinny jeans. If you are wearing super skinnies, don’t think twice and reach out for low-top sneakers. The ultimate classic!

Can you wear running shoes with skinny jeans?

Most sport shoes/running shoes are too bulky which doesn’t go with the body-hugging silhouette of skinny jeans. Hence, my answer would be no.

Of course, they are a few exceptions. If you really want to wear athletic shoes with skinnies, choose a model with minimalistic design, nothing too fancy.

How to keep skinny jeans in boots? 

There are 3 fun ways to wear skinny jeans with low and high ankle boots. One, cuff your jeans. Don’t make the cuff too high or too short. If you are a short person, avoid cuffing too high or your legs will end up looking stumpy.

For a more casual look, simply roll up the cuff. Make sure to leave about an inch of space between the top of your boot and the cuff, showing your ankles.

The third tip works like a charm in winter. Wear thin socks, tuck and neatly straighten up the bottom edge of your jeans in them. Then simply slide into your boots and you’re all set. Wasn’t that easy?

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, don’t think too much about it. Wear whatever looks good to you and most importantly, feels comfortable. I’m sure you have heard this a hundred times before but let me still remind you that fashion is all about comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing a particular type of shoe, don’t wear it.

The beauty of skinny jeans is they go well with a diverse range of shoes. At the end of the day, the choice of footwear comes down to what kind of look you want. Do you belong to the “simple but classy “ school of thought? Or are you a daredevil who doesn’t shy away from playing with colors, textures, and layers?

Pick something that truly matches your style and walk like you own the world. It’s less about the shoes and more about the attitude. I mean it.

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