21 Best Short Spring Twist Hairstyles to Wear Right Now

Protective hairstyles have been a thing of interest for a long time now. People usually search for a style that makes them look awesome but at the same time, they help maintain the natural quality of their hair. Short Spring Twist Hairstyles come with these qualities which we will discuss in this guide.

Spring Twists are excellent for many reasons. First, they look great on anyone. Second, they protect all types of hair. Third, they are easy to maintain. They also suit formal occasions, unlike many other hairstyles.

Short Spring Twist Hairstyles involve having hair extensions twisted into natural hair. Doing so results in creating an effect that looks similar to springs. The goal here is to add texture and volume to your natural short hair. It also minimizes hair damage besides promoting excellent hair growth.

In this style guide, we will discuss 21 Short Spring Twist Hairstyles for you. Each style comes with a picture and brief explanations to help you understand different aspects of those styles. We highly recommend giving our guide a thorough read before choosing your Short Spring Twist style.

Let’s begin!

21 Short Spring Twist Hairstyles

While there are countless variations of Short Spring Twist Hairstyles, it is absolutely necessary to choose the perfect one for your next style. There must be more than just looks with these protective hairstyles. Therefore, we have chosen to show you the 21 best Short Spring Twist styles which will help you not only appear breathtaking but also assist with maintaining your natural hair.

To pick the most appropriate style for you, read each variation carefully and observe the pictures they come with.

Spring Afro

Spring Afro

As a classic choice for the Short Spring Twist style, a traditional Afro look always gets a huge preference. The voluminous appearance of short spring twists takes this look to the next level. Furthermore, it is a hairstyle that fits all kinds of situations.

The spring twists are kept really short for this variation. The standard length for the twists here should not be longer than an inch. The back hair may be kept long to create a flowy round look. It is a good style for those who want to keep their hair short and be trouble-free.

Side Swept Spring Twist with Braids

Side Swept Spring Twist with Braids

A side-swept style has always been a part of classic hairstyles. With Spring Twists, the side-swept gets a better treatment. It has more than one element in it. The swept side has full-on Short Spring Twists while the other side and the back have braided hair.

The spring twists maintain a fluffy look because of the way they are made. And the braided sides and the back keep the hair neat and tight with their braids. This is a perfect hairstyle for people with short but less voluminous hair.

Pompadour Twist

Pompadour Twist

Short Spring Twist hairstyles look out of this world when they are shaped into a pompadour. There are more than one element in this play. For instance, the spring twists need to have a loosened-up look because having a big curvy appearance at the front of the head is fundamental to having a pompadour.

If your hair is too short for this hairstyle, you can bring over the hair from the other side and include them in the pompadour. The front will look bigger and fuller afterward.

Short Burgundy

Short Burgundy

Coloring the Short Spring Twists will always give you some of the best variations of hairstyles. Especially, darker shades go along pretty well with spring twists. Here, we are showing you an excellent variety of short spring twists. The burgundy tips of those twists look top-of-the-line with their striking appearance.

It is a short variation of Spring Twist hairstyles that demands you to have at least two inches long twists. In that case, dying half the length of the twists gives you a great result where you get to look your best without much effort.

Side Shaved Spring

Side Shaved Spring

Side Shaved hairstyles are extreme. They are usually chosen by young people who love to appear animated and high-spirited. However, with a Short Spring Twist, the side-shaved style becomes more accessible to people of all ages. One of the sides of your head is shaved and the opposite side’s hair is worn in a side-swept style.

To make this Side Shaved Spring more interesting, you can get ombre-style hair coloring as well. Choose a shade that will blend well with your existing hair color.

Bob Spring Twist

Bob Spring Twist

We are talking about a great Spring Twist style here which asks you to have hair of different lengths at different parts of your head. The hair on the top has the shortest length at three inches. Meanwhile, the hair at the back stays as long as six inches.

The back hair then creates a round bob look which gets continued at the front with shorter fringes or bangs. Additionally, the spring twists need to be thicker and bigger for this style variation.

Fluffy Balayage Fro

Fluffy Balayage Fro

Here we have yet another Afro hairstyle that specifically asks for a messy look. The short spring twists are made loose which, as a result, creates a messy feeling. The hair all over the head with this kind of spring twist produces an irresistible fluffy look that will match anyone’s personality.

For additional touches, the hair can be colored in a balayage style. Applying a shade of warm brown elevates the overall style magnificently.

Spring Pony

Spring Pony

If loose spring twists all over your head feel irritating or even, if you are concerned about protecting your spring twists, you can easily get this Spring Pony variation. It is also a good style for people who have medium hair. The twists are tightly done and then they are tied into a ponytail at the back.

As always, the option is there to apply color to your spring twist style. You can color some of the strands blonde as an extra measure. However, if you feel reluctant about coloring your hair, you may use some colorful hair extensions for the same effect.

Side-Parted Spring Twist

Side-Parted Spring Twist

Side-parted styles always deliver irrespective of hair length or hair type. You can see a similar case here for the spring twists. This variation of the hairstyle looks on point if you have medium-short hair for the length. The side part becomes more visible in this case.

This is one of those spring twist variations that can be a good choice if you are looking to get a simple style. The side-parted twists look clean enough for producing a minimal yet attractive hairstyle.

Swept Center-Part with Fulani Spring

Swept Center-Part with Fulani Spring

Center-Part hairstyles come with some of the best choices regarding the Short Spring Twist Hairstyles. The style requires having a four-part sectioning of the hair. The middle section of the top of the head is the thinnest part where only two small twists are housed. Then two sections are on either side of the middle part and the back hair has a dedicated section for a special touch.

Now, the center part and the other two sections will have tight Fulani braids. The Spring Twists take place at the back portion. Those twists are thick and big to contrast the small Fulani braids. All in all, these two braiding and twisting styles complement each other wonderfully to create a legendary hairstyle.

Short & Layered

Short and Layered

Layered hairstyles are good for short hair. They have some of the best classic hairstyles in the world. Since we are talking about short hair in this article, the Spring Twists can also get a clean layered look. You can see in the picture here how the layered front has produced a magnificent style.

The hair at the back manufactures a good bob look with its round structure. However, if you feel adventurous, you can get your back hair layered as well to come up with a new style. The choice is completely yours!

Messy Top with Fringes

Messy Top with Fringes

This is a special Spring Twist style for those who have the hair to try it out. It is necessary to have medium hair to create this Short Spring Twist look. The hair is first divided at the crown. Then each side is separated to develop hair flow in opposite directions. You will have top and back hair with this approach.

Then the top hair is twisted in a Spring Twist style towards the front. The twists should not be too tight which will produce a messy look. Moreover, the twists at the front will develop the fringes. And finally, the hair at the back will be utilized to build a downward flow for the Spring Twists.

Two-Tone Side Part

Two-Tone Side Part

We have already mentioned how coloring your hair is an excellent way to take things up a level. Following this approach, you can apply a contrasting color in half of the twists. And always choose a vibrant color for this style. For instance, you can use a Cranberry shade in the lower half of the side-parted twists for the two-tone effect.

If you don’t want a sharp contrast and are looking for a good blending style, be sure to check out the Ombre style for your hair color. You will get a good blend that will make you look better than a plain and simple two-tone.

Spring with High Bun

Spring with High Bun

Spring Twists are wonderful for producing a voluminous look. Depending on how tight or loose the twists are, you can get pretty much any style you want. As you can see, an effortless High Bun is achieved with the Spring Twists here.

This variation is a great option if you are looking for a protective hairstyle. The high bun takes care of your Spring Twists without sacrificing anything from the glorious shiny appearance.

Box Spring

Box Spring

Box Braids are popular among those who always opt for big braids. The sectioned hair helps with putting together a style where it may take less time for maintenance but can make you look astonishing. The principle is followed in this style where we are mixing the Box Braid style with Spring Twists.

This is one of the styles where the thickness of the hair is appreciated. The big Box Springs appear cleaner due to their breathtaking display.

Messy Duotone

Messy Duotone

A duotone style is less extreme than a two-tone option. And guess what, you can get duotones for your Spring Twists too! Also, it is one of the smallest variations of Short Spring Twist hairstyles. If you have long hair, it needs to be cut to a length of around two inches for this style.

After getting the Spring Twists, you will need to get color applied on some of the strands. It cannot be too much because in that case, your style will appear to have a dominance of that color. The messy presentation of the Spring Twist hair works wonderfully with a few bright-colored strands. You won’t regret it if you try it out!

Space Bun with Dual Strand

Space Bun with Dual Strand

For protecting your hair without compromising your style, we bring to you Space Bun with Dual Strand variation. If your hair is always getting stuck somewhere, this style can be the savior to your awesome hair. The short spring twists produce a great look for your hair. Contrarily, the space buns keep your twists safe from all kinds of mishaps.

Now, the two strands at the front are optional for this hairstyle. However, if your hair is long enough and the space buns are big, you can definitely use those two strands to enhance your final look. The choice is ultimately yours.

Side-Parted Box

Side-parted Box

As yet another side-parted variation of Short Spring Twist hairstyles, you get to meet the Side-Parted Box here. It is a many-in-one hairstyle that comes with both a good style as well as some practical purposes.

The Spring Twists are big and long to keep the number low for proper maintenance. And instead of making the style a traditional middle-parted one, you are wearing a side-parted box spring twist for something new here. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Spring Twist with Two Ponytails

Spring Twist with Two Ponytail

Do you love ponytails and Spring Twists? Both things meet together in this variation to give you the ultimate hairstyle. Two ponytails require you to have a middle part in this look. The hair is twisted in Spring Twists and then the ponytails are tied on each side.

The ending of the twists may be kept loose to create a seamless appearance. If you are into messy looks and love ponytails, this style right here is only for you!

Top Knot Twists

Top Knot Twists

Thick Spring Twists and a Top Knot. Is there any better top knot look out there? We certainly don’t think there is one which can top this Top Knot Twists look. The thick twists produce the most wonderful Spring Twists for an elegant appearance.

The top knot can be placed a bit towards the back to keep strands of twists organized better. You can let two of the front twists free to show their power at the front of your head.

Box Bob with Middle-Part

Box Bob with Middle Part

This variation includes having a bob hairstyle that is made with Short Spring Twist. However, the strands are separated in a Box approach. Plus, the head is parted in the middle to create a symmetrical appearance which makes it a very artful style.

Now, some hair strands can be kept separated from the twists for a more uplifted look. The little strands accommodate the twists really well in producing a well-balanced style for pretty much anyone out there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Short Spring Twist Hairstyles have many unknowns that people ask about constantly. We will answer some of those questions here to provide you with more information about this superb hairstyle. Make sure to read them all to understand this Short Spring Twist style better.

Q: How long do Short Spring Twist hairstyles last?

Ans: Short Spring Twists usually last around 4-6 weeks if you maintain them well.

Q: Are Short Spring Twist hairstyles suitable for all hair types?

Ans: Yes. However, the experience will be effortless with curly hair types.

Q: Do Short Spring Twist hairstyles feel heavy on the head?

Ans: Despite their heavy appearances, the spring twists are actually lighter and feel good on the head.

Q: Do Short Spring Twist styles damage natural hair?

Ans: No. In reality, Short Spring Twists hairstyles do a good job of protecting your natural hair.

Q: How frequently do I need to moisturize my Short Spring Twist style?

Ans: You need to moisturize your Short Spring Twist hairstyles every other day for a good experience.

Q: Are Short Spring Twist hairstyles suitable for children?

Ans: Yes, Short Spring Twists styles are wonderful as well as practical for children.

Q: How can I prevent my Short Spring Twists from unraveling?

Ans: You can wear a scarf around your head to prevent your Spring Twists from unraveling.

Q: How can I protect Short Spring Twist hairstyles at night?

Ans: Wearing a silk hair bonnet when you go to sleep will protect your Short Spring Hairstyles at night effortlessly.

Final Words

Braids and Twists are popular for hairstyles. With time, they have gone through an evolution and as a result, they produced some of the best styles for everyone. Short Spring Twists are one of those options which have many good-looking variations.

To help with choosing your next twist appearance, we have discussed 21 of the best Short Spring Twist Hairstyles in this guide. Now, while the styles are appropriate for short hair, you can get an extended look with all of these styles if your hair is long. There is something for all hair lengths, and they look tremendous for their exclusive appearances.

You can pick a style you vibe with from this Short Spring Twist guide, and rock it like your own. And don’t forget to let us know your experience with this magnificent hairstyle in the comment box down below.

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