Have you ever looked at your hairy legs and thought – should I get rid of it?

Ask any guy and they will say that hair is a close tie to manhood, but there are times when you wonder should men also shave their legs.

Hairy legs are completely different from the powerful effects of a full beard. But as with the tremendous focus on manscaping in recent years, guys with hairy legs are clearly thinking about it.

If you follow celebrities such as the likes of Dwayne Johnson then you know that they are quite manly, even while flaunting a clean shave, full body trimmed or shaved parts of the body hair.

So, if they are doing it without any hesitation, should us normal guys do the same and more importantly, can we pull it off?

First off, all eyes across the globe are not on our legs, in contrast to celebrities, so there is no pressure!

Let’s keep this as simple as possible, if you are reading this post then surely you might be considering shaving your body hair, specifically your leg hair. While you may be familiar with manscaping, this leg hair removal has also gained significant attention.

So, without straying from the topic at hand (or on your legs), let’s find out more!

The Popular Opinion: Should Guys Shave Their Legs

Of course, firstly and perhaps most popularly, men shave their legs and body hair for LOOKING GOOD. The following are the most popular category of men who should shave their legs or body hair:


The majority of men who shave their legs or other body hair are those that need for their profession such as celebrities. These are alpha males that need to shave their body hair and legs for properly displaying their physique for show business.

So, as a model, actor, etc. it is a necessity to remove body hair that may take unwanted attention away from the performer.


Athletes shave their body hair to relieve themselves from the unnecessary itching caused by body or leg hair. Professional athletes such as swimmers, gymnasts, runners, cyclists, and others will be significantly impacted by their performance due to annoyance or irritation.

Just think about when you wear long socks, you are bothered with itching, static generated from the long hair, etc. Now, for athletes who have to wear spandex or other types of materials will be much more uncomfortable.

Apparently, it’s not all about how it looks!

The popular opinion of the general public on this topic is based on looks but there are several other reasons as to why men might prefer to shave their legs.

So, let’s take a look at a few reasons why men shave their leg and/or body hair:

  • Some men prefer skin so, they simply do not like hair on their body. So, they prefer the bald look, the clean-shaven look, shaved or waxed chest and body, including the legs.
  • Some men work in careers that ask for this such as dancers, swimwear models, footwear models, underwear models, etc.
  • While some men are not bothered by it at all and let it be, some men do not like it to get out of control so they prefer trimming but not shaving or waxing.

How Should Men Shave Their Legs Safely?

While shaving your legs may be justified or preferred by men as per their unique needs, there is no doubt that it is necessary to do it right.

When done correctly, you will have your desired look and an amazingly safe effect on your body parts that may not be used to shaving.

The following are some steps to follow so that guys can shave their leg or body hair safely:

Trim your hair short

If you are removing your leg hair for the first time, then you should take the necessary steps to ensure that they are at a safe length for shaving. To do that, you can use your trimmer or hair clipper to safely trim it to a shorter length. Do not press the trimmer too hard against your skin to avoid cuts and irritation.

Use a clean & sharp razor

You will get the best results using a traditional razor. It doesn’t matter much whether your razor is cheap or expensive, as long as you make sure it is sharp and clean. It’s recommended that you use a new cartridge or blade, or a new razor if you are using a disposable razor.

Make sure that it is neatly clean, rust-free, and sharp. Also, it will be better if you clean the razor with Dettol or sanitize it before using it.

If you are using an electric razor or shaver, then make sure they are fully charged.

Clean & wet your legs

It is crucial that you clean your legs completely before shaving. If you work outdoors, then remove any dirt, or soil from your legs properly. It’s perfectly safe to shave your legs while showering or bathing using a traditional razor.

Prevent dry shaving at all costs. Scraping moist, warm legs will assist you to obtain a closer and extra safe shave.

Shaving cream is beneficial, but not essential

For complete safety, you can use shaving cream or shaving soap. It is not a must, but it is best used since you have never shaved your legs before. It will make the razor strides smooth and clean.

Shave against the direction of hair growth

Just like shaving your face, shaving against the direction of your hair growth is the best way to get a clean shave. Begin with your ankle and gradually push the razor upwards with soft pressure.

Rinse your razor

While shaving, your razor will begin to accumulate the hair, shaving gel or foam etc. after the first few strokes. Be sure to rinse it under water every now and then to keep it clean. Or else, you will increase your chances of a cut in the next stroke.

Rinse & Repeat

Once you are done with the shaving completely then wash out your legs underwater and feel for any hair. If you feel any remaining bits, then you can repeat the shaving to get completely smooth itch free legs.

Dry & Moisturize

Dry out your legs properly with a towel and apply body oil or cream to moisturize your legs. This is an important step to avoid ingrown hairs, irritation, redness, etc.

Remember, regardless of how used to you may have become to shaving, it is a very unnatural thing for our body, so you must restore as much moisture and minerals as possible after this evasive process for your skin.


It is just as crucial that once you begin shaving, that you appropriately maintain good care for your legs. Don’t just blindly shave or remove your hair, ensure that you get the soft look and feel of it and proper skincare.

Important Tips For Shaving Legs or Body Hair

The following are some tips to remember when shaving your legs or other body hair:

  • Avoid shaving body hair other than for hygiene such as your private areas and armpits
  • Always use a clean razor and wash out the razor while shaving for a cleaner shave
  • Apply moisturizer within 5 minutes after shaving to restore your skin with moisture. You can choose Aloe Vera or Shea Butter for their soothing, anti-inflammatory properties
  • Slow and steady wins the race. Avoid quick and rough strokes as that will have you in a bloodbath in your bathroom

Pros & Cons of Shaving Your Legs


  • Looks good
  • Feels good
  • Give you a neat and clean look


  • increases the risk of ingrown hairs
  • other methods such as waxing can remove hair for a longer period but are very painful
  • permanent methods such as laser hair removal can remove hair forever but are very expensive
  • leg hair grows back rapidly
  • sensitive skin types are likely to razor burn, itchy legs, and ingrown hairs

Alternatives For Shaving Body Hair

If you are not a fan of your hairy legs or body hair but do not like shaving either, then the following are some alternative options available for you to get rid of body hair:

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser light energy is used to penetrate the hair shaft to literally destroy the origin of your hair follicles. So eventually, another hair follicle can rise in its position, but it’s a long process. This indicates that the effects of laser hair reduction remain for a very long time.

It is a time-consuming process as you will need several sessions of up to 30 minutes per procedure to remove each and every single hair. The treatment is quite expensive compared to shaving regularly but the results will be as per your requirement and more likely to be permanent.


If you wax for the first time, it’s better to have it done professionally or with someone who has done it before. If you’re looking for a full-body waxing, then go to a salon as improper waxing can cause skin diseases.

The biggest problem with waxing is the pain, the more sensitive the area, the more pain you will feel. The process is not as expensive as laser hair removal but the results are longer term than shaving.


The use of epilators is like threading. Several tweezers will be used as a hair clipper does, the epilator tweezes each hair to remove the hair from its roots. It is painful, much more than waxing but with similar results.

Chemical Removal Creams

This is not a recommended option, although it is very popular. Creams or gels are available in the market that is made of chemicals to dissolve hair. The result is as if your hair is melted away so you can just wipe it off. But you may suffer from unpleasant side effects.

Final Thoughts

So, should men be shaving their legs?

My personal opinion is NO, guys should not shave their legs. Unless you are in a profession or condition that requires it, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Whether people like it or not is equally divided between each individual and actually many of those who don’t like it maybe recognize that it is quite normal these days.

Remember you should not be ashamed of choosing either option, keep in mind that you can often hide your legs if you don’t want others to see. Don’t shave to please others, do it if it pleases you.

Let us know your thoughts on whether you prefer shaving your legs or removing your body hair. Share your thoughts with our readers who are also normal guys like you.

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