20 Most Elegant Silver Grey Box Braids Hairstyles in 2023

Braided styles are consistently versatile and practical for both the way they look and how they help protect the hair. They have always been admired by a big number of people, but these styles still saw some ups and downs over the period. However, the popularity of braids is following an upward trend right now.

Silver Grey Box Braids have come up as a stunning option for braids recently. It has a combination of bright silver color with the extremely elegant box braids style. The outcome of this fusion has been approved by many enthusiasts all over the world.

The variations of Silver Grey Box Braids consider several factors that include hair lengths, types, textures, and so on. These styles are also friendly to your hair and assist with hair growth considerably. We will show you 20 sensational variations of Silver Grey Box Braids with pictures in this guide. Also, don’t miss the FAQs for additional information on this style.

Let’s get going then!

20 Attractive Silver Grey Box Braids Styles

Silver Grey Box Braids have some of the best styles you can wear right now. Apart from their practical purposes of protecting the hair, they ensure producing some astonishing looks in terms of fashion and style too! These various benefits of the Silver Grey Box Braids have turned it into a most-coveted hairstyle.

To help with the selection of your best-suited Silver Grey Box Braids style, we have hand-picked 20 variations to discuss in this guide. Read each style thoroughly and observe the pictures before deciding on the style you would like to get. Let’s start!

Miniature Silver Grey Box

Miniature Silver Grey Box

Box Braids do not have to be big. There can be little braids that look like small regular braids. The application of silver-grey hair extensions makes them appear clean and well done. The tight box braids maintain both a casual and formal touch to them.

Now, getting these miniature silver-grey box braids need you to find an expert stylist who can pull it off. Smaller-sized braids need clinical hands which are capable of producing excellent braids with finesse.

Silver A-Line Bob Box

Silver A Line Bob Box

Bob haircuts are always highly favored among short hairstyle lovers. For almost half a century, the bob style has been a go-to style for many people around the world. Silver Grey Box Braids understand this assignment and have the capacity to produce stunning results in a Bob-style variation.

We are talking about a specific kind of bob haircut here. The A-Line Bob follows a principle where the hair gradually becomes shorter at the back. It works wonderfully with the Silver Grey Box Braids as you can see in the example here.

Top Knot Silver Box

Top Knot Silver Box

Silver Grey Box Braids always produce some majestic hairstyles that get easily preferred by many people. For instance, check out this Top Knot Silver Box variation here. The box braids have silver extensions to put together some large braids. Then the braids at the top of the head churn out a remarkable top knot for the finishing touch.

The sides can be shaped in an A-Bob style here too where the braids become shorter as they go toward the back from the front. These braids also create a slightly inward curl appearance which shapes the face wonderfully without any extra effort.

Natural Silver Grey Lob

Natural Silver Grey Lob

Long Bob or Lob styles are in demand by adventurous short-hair lovers. Especially when these people want to grow out their hair just by a couple of inches, Lobs become one of their best options. Silver Grey Box Braids also come with an excellent look in this case.

The long bobs are accompanied well by the classy bright touches of silver grey to take the look to the next level. If you want to up the spice level further, just let the endings of your braids loose with the help of your silver grey extensions and enjoy this awesome look.

Long Side Parted Grey Box

Long Side Parted Grey Box

An all-time classic like a side-parted style always comes with a great proposition of giving you one of the best hairstyles. Still, it is amazing how this side-parted look works great with Silver Grey Box Braids. Apart from producing a multilayered foxy appearance, the long hair emerges as a significant companion for the silver box braids.

Moreover, you can have more than one option with this style. You can keep the use of silver extensions to a modest level and utilize a 50-50 grey and black look. But if you have thin hair and want to go the full length, you can use 80-20 silver grey extensions to hair ratio for an outstanding outcome.

Box Fulani Hybrid

Box Fulani Hybrid

One of the perks that come with braided hairstyles is the opportunity to combine different braiding styles to create an exceptional appearance. Take a look at this Box Fulani Hybrid. Here, both Fulani Braids and Box Braids are used to produce a phenomenal hairstyle.

Originally, Fulani braids are a result of a combination of box braids and cornrows. However, the prominence of box braids is more distinctive in this Box Fulani Hybrid where the silver grey extensions make a more noticeable appearance in the lower half of the braids.

Middle Part Silver Grey

Middle part Silver Grey

Not everybody has the hair or a liking for small or thin braids. Specifically for those people, we picked up this Middle Part Silver Grey where the braids have a medium thickness. Furthermore, this style is big on the use of silver extensions.

If you have short or less amount of hair, you can choose this style to elevate your look by giving you braids that look thicker and voluminous. It is a great way to utilize your short hair for a look that asks you to have at least medium-long hair.

Jumbo Silver Box Braids

Jumbo Silver Box Braids

Do you want even bigger braids? The Jumbo Silver Box Braids have the answer to your needs. It comes with protruding box braids that help you assemble big braids. The use of silver extensions is necessary for this look to thicken your braids.

You do not need to have long hair for this variation of Silver Grey Box Braids. If your hair is at shoulder level and they are naturally thick enough, you will produce huge braids for a more dedicated look. But what if you would like to make them even bigger? Use the extensions in abundance.

Silver Grey Lemonade Box

Silver Grey Lemonade Box

In this superb hairstyle, you will see another meet-up between two of the most amazing braiding styles: Lemonade Braids and Box Braids. The braiding technique of the Lemonades will give you tight and sharp braids. On the other hand, the sectioning of your hair will follow the Box Braids path.

However, this is one of those styles where you have to integrate the silver grey extensions at the very beginning of the braiding process. The reason is that it is hard to include hair extensions midway through lemonade braiding. Involving the extensions early will also give you a nice gradient of black and silver grey for good measure.

Duotone Silver

Duotone Silver

Having a duotone look is a modern way to make use of hair colors. It is also a great way to have a perfectly blended contrasting color for your hair. Usually, the transitioning of the color happens from darker to brighter shades. Whereas in this variation, the exact opposite is happening.

The hair from the base to half the length has silver grey extensions braided tightly to create a clean silver look. The lower half of the hair reveals the original dark color of your hair. As you can see, it is a hairstyle that requires you to have long hair to pull off the ultimate look.

Two-Tone Grey Box

Two Tone Grey Box

Don’t want a good gradient look for your hair? Try out this Two-Tone Grey Box. Instead of the blended look of the previously discussed Duotone Silver, you are getting a box braid style here that involves having a sharper gradient. Almost so that it is easy to separate the area where the brighter color has appeared in your braids.

Since the two-coloring approach takes center stage here, you must have at least waist-length hair for the perfect outcome. But if you do not have hair that long, you can use some black hair extensions too besides the silver grey ones to complete the task. It is a hairstyle hack that always serves well.

Long & Lean Box Braids

Long and Lean Box Braids

The very first style we discussed in this guide showed you how amazing small box braids can look with silver grey extensions. In that style, the hair was short. However, in this Long & Lean Box Braids variation, you are getting a look that includes having your hair go beyond your waist level.

Doing the little braids is a clinically cumbersome job. You will need to find a good hairstylist for this task. If you want to have the exact look you can see in the example here, be sure to ask your stylist to use a copious amount of silver grey extensions.

Silver & Green Box

Silver and Green Box

If you love vibrant hairstyles with multiple colors, and the Silver Grey Box Braids may seem somewhat plain to you, this Silver & Green Box is here to save the day! Remember that your Silver Box braids are still getting the focus in this style.

As an additional touch, some green hair extensions are added to create an irresistible and captivating look. For a brighter appearance, use some Neon Green extensions for the best outcome.

Medium Box Silver

Medium Box Silver

This style has “Medium” in its name for two reasons. First, the silver-grey extensions for this variation are used in a half-and-half mix. Natural hair gets as much attention as extensions. And second, the length of the hair is kept at a medium for a satisfactory upshot.

You can play with the thickness of the braids according to your preference. However, we strongly recommend keeping them on the thinner side.

Stacked & Long

Stacked and Long

This Stacked & Long variation of Silver Grey Box Braids may seem complicated at first glance. But when you go beyond the braids in the upper portion, you get to see the whole picture. This style goes along well with long hair because of its styling technique.

The hair is divided side to side just below the crown of the head. The lower portion is first braided neat and clean. Then the hair at the top is braided in a slightly thinner form. Finally, these braids are tied just above the nape of the head to produce a great stacked effect.

Jumbo Silver with High Bun

Jumbo Silver with High Up

Would you look at these JUMBO braids? And it just doesn’t stop there. The braids are tied into a high bun which results in a fabulous end product. Silver Grey extensions are used in an adequate amount to create a strong jumbo braids appearance in this style.

As the finishing touch, the braided high bun literally elevates the overall look of this super hairstyle!

Stacked Ponytail

Stacked Ponytail

Here you can see another stacked braided style that looks nothing less than amazing. The hair should be below the shoulder length for this beauty. Then, as you have seen in the Stacked & Long variation, the hair is braided in two sections but with some differences.

All the hair is braided first for this style. Then, half of the braids are allowed to flow downward and the other half is tied into a ponytail. It is a dazzling hairstyle that comes with both the look and the usefulness.

Half Up Half Down Box Bun

Half Up Half Down Box Bun

Half Up Half Down hairstyles have always intrigued people. Since ancient times, people always wore this style as an element that raised their personalities. Likewise, the Half Up Half Down Box Bun hairstyle here uses silver grey hair extensions to create an astonishing style for those who are interested in this beauty.

In this example, you can see four Silver Grey Box Braids turned into a bun at the back. Depending on the type of braids you like, you can up or lower the number of braids for this style. The freedom is there to customize this style as you like it.

Space Buns with Side Tails

Space Buns with Side Tails

Box Braids have delivered some of the best looks in variations where buns were used. We have already discussed some of those styles in this guide. To make a tremendous addition to it, we are introducing to you the Space Buns with Side Tails.

The buns are jumbo-sized for this style while the side tails come down from slightly down the back. The hair is sectioned at the back of the head to keep those side tails prominent. Looks gorgeous, right?

Braided Jumbo Box

Braided Jumbo Box

The true meaning of Jumbo Braids can be found in this exotic hairstyle. This variation may reproduce the look of dreadlocks but in reality, the huge box braids have their own identities here. The hair at the top contributes to the creation of big and long box braids with the help of silver grey extensions.

The hair at the back and sides usually produce thinner braids. The combination of these two braid sizes gives you a fantastic and well-balanced hairstyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions make experts search for answers. The answers as a result come with more new information, most of which are extremely useful. We picked some of the most asked questions to answer for this part of the article. Go through these answers to learn more about Silver Grey Box Braids.

Q: Are silver grey box braids high-maintenance style?

Ans: Not really. Due to a weighed-up use of extensions, Silver Grey Box Braids turn out to be on the side of those styles that require the least maintenance.

Q: Can I wash my silver grey box braids with hot water?

Ans: You should never wash your Silver Grey Box Braids with hot water. They will damage both your hair and the Silver Grey extensions. If you must use hot water for your hair, you should make sure that they are not hotter than lukewarm.

Q: How frequently should I moisturize my silver grey box braids?

Ans: To keep your hair and scalp healthy for your Silver Grey Box Braids, you should moisturize at least every three to four days for the best results.

Q: Can I color my natural hair while wearing silver grey box braids?

Ans: It is not recommended to color your hair while you are rocking a Silver Grey Box Braids style. The spray will not reach the entirety of your natural hair due to the extensions tangling with them. Consequently, your natural hair will lose texture and will break down easily.

Q: Can I trim my silver grey box braids?

Ans: Yes, you can. However, it is suggested to trim your hair before getting a Silver Grey Box Braids hairstyle. This way, your hair extensions will not get loose and the style you are wearing will be intact.

Q: Are silver grey box braids suitable for all hair types?

Ans: Yes, Silver Grey Box Braids perfectly suit all types of hair.

Q: How long do silver grey box braids typically last?

Ans: Usually, they last around 6-8 weeks if you take proper care.

Q: Are silver grey box braids suitable for short hair?

Ans: Absolutely! But the hair should not be too short. Adding hair extensions to too much short hair is almost impossible. It may be doable with some tweaks, but the extensions will fall off easily due to not having a tight-knit with enough natural hair.

Finishing Thoughts

Silver Grey Box Braids offer some of the best styles you can ever get. The use of silver-grey extensions will uplift whatever look you have right now. And you can change the amount of extensions you want to use for your style.

Although the style is named Silver Grey Box Braids, you can add other colors to your hair. For a safe option, you can choose to mix hair extensions of bright colors to produce some of the most flamboyant styles.

In this guide, we have discussed 20 amazing Silver Grey Box Braids hairstyles for you. From a low use of silver-grey extensions to significantly overdone styles, we covered everything in this guide. Based on your preferences, you can pick the perfect style for you to rock, whenever you want it.

And now that you have solid knowledge regarding the outstanding Silver Grey Box Braids styles, you can delve deeper into these variations and explore the options that interest you the most.

We wish you the best on your journey with this superb hairstyle.

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