Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart Review: The Only All Round Head Shaver

You may not be satisfied only with a cordless and reachable shaver. It is obvious that with the rapid changes all around the world, you may want something unique as your grooming device. The skull shaver bald eagle smart device gives you that exact unique feel. It just doesn’t look cool, but works as a fantastic personal shaver.

The Bald Eagle Smart is perfect for face and bald shaving. It has all the features to make you fall in love with it. It is one of the coolest and reliable bald shaving devices in the market. You simply put it on the countertop with a black handle placed on top. So here in this article, we are going to review this amazing shaver inside out.

Product Specification

FeaturesSkull Shaver
Motor TypeRotary
Wet & DryYes
Run Time90 minutes
Dimension7 x 6 x 3 inches
Warranty1 Year
Charging Time2.5 Hours
Voltage 110-240V
Price Check Price

Outstanding Features

Out Of The Box Design

Design of skull shaver bald eagle smart

The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart is another great shaver brought to you by the Skull Shaver Brand. You will get the amazing vibe right after opening the box. You will be able to clearly identify the supreme quality in its design and visualize the difference with other available products. The skull shaver bald eagle is a small shaving device that looks pretty modern.

If you are looking for a device that can reach your back without any lousy effort, than this device is exactly designed for that. Moreover, you can also shave your entire body with this device flawlessly. It is a device that is light and pretty short.

The handle of this device is designed horizontally instead of vertically. So when you are using it, it is designed to be handy and comfortable to hold against your skin.

So overall, the skull shaver bald eagle is a shaving machine for men that is designed to make complex tasks lot easier. While shaving your head, you can actually move this device towards any direction on your head very smoothly. It also has advanced LCD displays attached with it on the handle which gives it a fantastic appearance.

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Super Strong Motor

Skull Shaver Super Strong Motor

When you are buying an electric shaving machine for head, one of the crucial things you must notice before ordering is the motor condition and type.

An electric shavers performance drastically depends on the quality and strength of the motor its using. It impacts on the run time, smoothness, noise, speed and accuracy. So having a great motor is a must for electric shaving unit.

In this area, the eagle smart model of skull shaver has hit the bullseye. You will find a hulkish motor in the skull shaver bald eagle model which overcomes most of the barriers effortlessly while shaving.

It’s a powerful device that is highly durable and immensely long lasting. It delivers exactly the kind of performance you would expect from your electric shaver without a blink.

If you take off the blade, you will find the motor working flawlessly with nothing attached. The motor is enough powerful to cut through any hair type on your body. The blades of this shaver run at 10500 rpms as it is backed by extremely powerful motors.. So, no matter for how long you are using it and on what type of skin, the device will work smoothly with no irritation.

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Advance Blade Operation

Advance Blade Operation

You have an electric head shaver that looks great, has plenty of options and the price is reasonable too. But, nothing can compensate the lacking of an advanced blade operation.

The usefulness of an electric shaver blades depends vastly on its durability, strength and smoothness. In order to get the cut you want, the blades on the shaver must live up to the minimum standards.

The Bald Eagle Skull Shaver has successfully maintained the benchmarks in its blades. The device has high quality advanced rotary cutters which cut through hairs like a hot knife on butter.

There are five large rotary blades attached with the device. So it gives you a deep, close and smooth cut every time you use it. The blades are highly flexible for shaving on other areas of your body as well.

The advanced rotary blades are very efficient and can be used to shave in any direction. Each of the five blades flexes independently on this device. This awesome function allows the blades on this device to contour in any head or face shape. So no matter how hard, rash or tough the hair is, if you are using the Eagle Smart model of the Skull Shaver brand, you will always get a smooth shave even in the hardest spots.

Amazingly mobile and convenient

skull shaver bald eagle smart

One of the main reasons of using an electric shaver is the easiness it brings while shaving. You can carry it easily with you and move around freely. You can even take it with you while traveling and use it on the road. The freedom an electric shaver gives is one of the main reason for its tremendous popularity and dependency.

The Eagle Smart Model of the the Skull Shaver brand has been able to satisfy the electric shaver users with its ergonomics and agility. You can use this device cordless and with no hassle.

You can move the shaver forward, backward and also in circular motion smoothly. So you can have an all round shave without a sweat and almost no effort.

The Eagle Smart device from Skull Shaver reduces the time it takes to have a shave comparing to many other more expensive head shavers. It’s not only fast but also super cozy to use because of its body frame and the unique horizontal design. The smart rotary blades shaves beautifully with no cuts, burns and nicks.

Tremendous Battery Power

An electric shaver earns its credibility, popularity and positive reviews based on plenty of features. The quality and durability of the battery is one of the key features that makes these wonderful grooming machines stand out in the crowd. The longer run time and durability the battery provides, the more productive the machine becomes.

The Skull Shavers Eagle Smart electric shaver comes with a powerful lithium ion battery. Most electric shavers in the market that are renowned for high run time have lithium ion batteries in it. It is durable, robust and keeps the machine run for 90 minutes non stop. So as a user, you won’t have to worry about running out of charge or disruptions while using the machine.

The lithium ion battery in this machine takes only 2.5 hours to be fully charged. The battery in this machine is reputed to last for an extended period of time. It remains strong and continues to provide support until the battery is fully depleted. So, when it comes to powerful battery requirements, the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle is a winning choice for any user.

The pros and cons

We just can not ignore the fact that no product is completely flawless. Although, advantages and disadvantages are mostly depended on the needs of the users. It is obvious that a particular feature may be liked by some users and the same feature may be disliked by some users. So in this part, we will discuss about the pros and cons of the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart shaving machine based on user feedbacks in the market:

The Pros

  • The grip of this machine is much more comfortable than many other head shavers. Its horizontal handles fits easily in the hand. Users find it much easier to shave the back of the head in any direction because of this feature.
  • You won’t feel any irritation or pain while using this machine. The strong motor, top notch rotary cutters and the flexible head ensures a closer shave with almost zero pain. Users experienced almost no hair pull with this machine.
  • It is super easy to clean. You will face no hassle at all while cleaning this shaver. The machine can be quickly cleaned without even opening the shaver heads. It roughly takes two minutes to clean up the entire machine.
  • The device gives you prolonged battery run time. It stays strong and runs non stop for 90 minutes in full charge. It takes around 2.5 hours to charge the machine completely.
  • The head of the device pivots and flexes smoothly without much manual effort.

The cons

  • The shaver does not come with included accessories which could be inconvenient for some users.
  • It is only covered with one-year manufacturer warranty.

The Final Verdict

We highly recommend the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle shaver because of its unique and ergonomic design, quality components and valid user reviews. Our test on this machine gave us similar results and we have to admit that this is one of the friendliest electric head shaver out there in the market.

If you in case do not like the product, you have a full money back option with it. Skull Shaver is a renowned brand for ensuring complete customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a head shaving solution that can also shave in other areas of your body,  Bald Eagle Smart Shaver can be a great deal for you.

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