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Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver vs Gold vs Platinum: A Battle for Supremacy

Before I was introduced to Skull Shaver devices, head shaving has always been an aspect that I didn’t really enjoy about grooming.

But with the introduction of the PRO series, my life has gotten significantly relieved on one hand, but on the other I was met with another confusion.

Which of the PRO variants should I pick from the Silver, Gold or Platinum? You probably share the same question that I faced a while back. Then I went on to purchase all three of these devices to settle the debate once and for all.

I’m sharing my knowledge in the form of a battle of Skull Shaver Silver vs Gold vs Platinum to show how each of them stack up against the other.

In the end I’ll provide a verdict based on my personal experience with these devices to ease your way toward making a fruitful investment!

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver vs Gold vs Platinum – Comparison Chart

FeaturesSkull Shaver Pitbull SilverSkull Shaver Pitbull GoldSkull Shaver Pitbull Platinum
Blade NameCarver PROForte PROForte PRO
Battery600 mAh1400 mAh1400 mAh
Runtime30 mins90 mins90 mins
Cleaning DockNoNoYes
Travel PouchNoNoYes
IPX RatingYesYesYes
Warranty1 year1 year2 year
My Rating4.3 (out of 5)4.6 (out of 5)4.8 (out of 5)
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon See On Amazon

Who Are The Skull Shaver?

Among the popular shaver brands, Skull Shaver specializes in head and neck shaving, even for black bald heads. According to many pundits, this brand is ranked among one of the best head shavers that are available currently in the market sitting aside Freedom Grooming units.

They offer a generous variety of shavers at different price points with certain capabilities. But the PRO series stands out from the rest due to their supreme build quality, handy features and a long-term durability that’s something a premium shaver must have!

Feature Review: Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver, Gold & Platinum

Let’s skim through the basic features of these three shaving giants from the Skull Shaver PRO series.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver PRO

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver PRO

The Silver Pitbull marks the entry point to the PRO variants of Skull Shaver devices. It’s equipped with 4-D rotating blades and smart shaving technology. A 600 mAH battery powers the device for 30 minutes straight and is capable of wet shaves with IPX5 certification.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO

The Gold PRO comes as an upgrade to the Silver PRO with a larger battery life of 90 minutes backed up by a 1400 mAh battery. With similar 4-D rotating heads and irritation-free blades, this too features an IPX5 certification and an LED display showing the amount of charge left in the device.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO

The Platinum PRO is superior in design with silver color and the shaving head as well as the battery life is identical to the Gold PRO. It has an additional cleaning dock, travel-lock, travel pouch and cleaning indicator in the LED display. The IPX5 rating remains the same with added comfort to each shave.

The Skull Shaver PRO Battle: Which One Is Worth It?

It’s a healthy competition between the Skull Shaver Silver, Gold & Platinum and I’ve marked down the features that are unique from one another to give you a head-to-head idea about these units.

Types of Blades

There are two major types of blades that the Skull Shaver razors come with – one is the Carver blade and the other the Forte. I’ve used both types of blades on myself and my customers who came in for a complete head shave.

From my experience, the Carver blade attached to the Silver chops through thick/coarse hair nicely, because it’s designed specially for such operations. The Forte blade on the Gold and Platinum device however is an all-rounder.

Types Of Blades

The Forte blades resemble the Carver blades completely, the only difference is in the middle where it’s not flat and curves out a little. I’ve found its application to be more suitable for fine hair that isn’t easy to latch on to the blades.

There’s around a $10 price difference between these two blades, with the Forte unit being the more expensive one. These blades are supposed to last 3 months with frequent shaves. For my professional use, I follow that guideline strictly.

But from what I’ve heard from my customers, they could make either of these blades last even around 6 months and onward. My advice would be to check whether your blade is struggling to shave, because that would be the time for you to consider ordering replacements.

Another note to be added is that, you can purchase these blades separately and they fit on any of the Silver, Gold or Platinum shavers. I use the Forte blade on my Pitbull Silver and it’s always worked like a charm for me!

Battery Life

In terms of battery life between these three Skull Shaver units, there is much I should talk about. I’ve used all three for extended hours to see how each of them stack up in runtime, and I must say I was impressed by all three if I consider their price point in the market.

The Gold and Platinum units have given me almost identical results. The company markets them to last for 90 minutes and they haven’t overstated it at all. Mine even lasted past the 90 minute threshold but the blades felt somewhat weaker around that time.

So I guess 90 minutes is the line past which we should plug them in for a full charge for the Gold and Platinum. The Silver unit however has provided me with full power for a little over 30 minutes. It’s enough for me to shave my head and neck without the fear or battery running out.

However, I won’t recommend it for traveling without the charger. Also barbers like myself may find it unpleasant to consistently charge it in-between uses. But I’m impressed by it because of the price I have to pay for the Silver unit and having a 30 minute battery life at that cost is certainly understandable and agreeable to.

Wash Indicator

Since we’re paying significantly extra for the Platinum device, it has surprised me with a few extra features that aren’t present in the Gold or Silver variants. The wash indicator in the Platinum unit has certainly been one of the newest features for Skull Shaver devices to have.

Wash Indicator

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For professional users like myself, having a wash indicator spares me a ton of concerns and allows me to concentrate on the shaving task. When the blades are clogged with hair particles and need a thorough cleaning, the LED screen shows the cleaning sign and I oblige immediately.

I didn’t find this feature in the Gold and Silver variant so I’m keeping the Platinum over these two in such regard. However, home users usually go for a single shave and the wash indicator isn’t always necessary if you clean your blades after each shave.

So for regular consumers, it’s not a must-have feature to be honest. But in my arsenal, it’s something I’ve gotten used to and has made my life significantly easier.


I travel a lot with my shavers around many places and there have been times when my devices accidentally went off inside my luggage that ended in an embarrassing aftermath. So having a travel-lock is something I always appreciate in my shaver units.

The Platinum PRO is the only device among the three that contains this travel-lock feature. I always lock it before throwing inside my luggage with my clothing as it consumes very little space. I have been traveling this way without it causing me any headache ever since.


The design of all three of the shavers in concern are almost identical, with minor tweaks to improve grip overall. In terms of color, the Platinum unit stands out with a silver housing while the rest are housed in shiny black.

Skull Shaver Design

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To test out the grip level and comfort, I’ve put them up on shaving duty by holding them in every possible angle. I was actually impressed by the grip level of each of these devices as I’ve never felt any possibility of having them slipping out of my palms.

Also, I used them inside my shower to test out how well they stick to my fingers under running water. I must say that Skull Shaver has done a tremendous job with the ergonomic grip as I could get the closest shave without any discomfort whatsoever.

What I’m going to tell you now might be a very subjective opinion because our hands are unique and vary from one to the next person. But the Platinum’s grip felt superior to the other in my case as it has a certain type of comfort that cannot be explained in words.

The Gold and Silver variants share a similar kind of grip and they are grand in their own world. The Platinum’s design is something I’ve been in love with due to the grip and color and I’ll settle for this with the downside of spending a significantly higher amount of money.


The warranty service between the Gold and Silver units are identical as both of them come with a 1-year company warranty. But for paying the extra buck, Platinum offers us a 2-year official warranty to meet you halfway with your large investment.

I personally think the warranty duration is good enough. My previous Silver unit has lasted around 4 years till now and is still running without any issue. It proves that Skull Shaver is doing a great job at making durable products, but having a prolonged warranty period becomes a cherry on top.

Shaving Comfort

If I have to compare the comfort level of shaving for all three devices, I’ll have to rank the Platinum to be the better one, then would be the Gold and the last one would be the Silver unit.

Shaving Comfort

Check Price On Amazon

Although the Platinum and Gold share the same blades, motor and overall most of the features, there’s something extra that has given me a higher level of comfort. I’ve tested both of them out on my clients and they agreed with me in the matter.

It’s a very subtle difference to be honest and not a dealbreaker. The Silver isn’t uncomfortable so to say, but its blades are made for thick hair mostly, so ones with fine hair might feel it to be a little aggressive on the skin.

This can easily be mitigated if you purchase your replacement blades from the Forte division that’s used in both the Gold and Platinum devices. Then you might feel your shavings to be almost as comfortable as shaving with a Gold unit.


I call the Gold unit the shaver without Platinum’s accessories due to the resemblances in their features and performance. Since we’re paying extra, Skull Shaver has rewarded us with a cleaning station for the Platinum device that’s included in the package.

The cleaning station is straightforward to use and takes the time out of maintenance between each shave. Also, the Platinum’s packaging is something to be astonished at. It looks like a premium box of the latest technology and an ideal setup to gift someone at their birthday or wedding.

As an addition, the Platinum offers a sleek-looking travel bag. Gold and Silver units don’t have these fancy featurettes included in their packaging. But the cleaning station can be purchased separately for each of these devices.


Amazon pricings are constantly being updated, and as the current prices stand, the Platinum isn’t really an affordable shaver in any way as it’s priced at around $200. The price is justifiable because of the performance, features, accessories and the extended warranty service that comes with it.

The Gold variant is however priced almost at the halfway mark to the Platinum shaver at a little over $100. For me, this sits at the most optimum price to performance position and has the most necessary features available to this device.

The Silver unit is like an entry to the Skull Shaver’s PRO editions and it priced around $90. It’s a great investment if you’re on a budget and want a long-lasting shaver unit. The best part is, even if you purchase it with this price you can use the Platinum’s blades on it in the future without spending another extra $100!


My verdict on Skull Shaver Silver vs Gold vs Platinum is simple. If you are a professional barber or someone who travels a lot, the Platinum PRO should be your ideal choice due to its features, extended warranty and additional accessories.

If you’re a home consumer and are looking for a shaver for daily duties, the Gold PRO is the one I’d recommend as it’s set at a suitable price range sharing almost all the features of the Platinum PRO.

And if you’re on a budget and you don’t mind traveling with your charger, then the Silver PRO should be the one you settle for as you can swap out the blades any time to match the performance with the Gold PRO at a lower cost.

So I hope my verdict will help you out in picking your best shaver and render your investment sustainable in the long run. Cheers!

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