Soft Locs vs. Butterfly Locs: A Well-written Breakdown For A Better Understanding

Determination and hard work don’t go unnoticed, especially when you’re investing all that time in growing your hair. Likewise, while the formative stages of wearing locs are difficult to deal with, and unbearable to manage day in, day out, the phase in which they reach maturity is a treat in the eyes of many.

Many also find it rather rewarding due to the amount of versatility that the locs possess, and the freedom that the structure ends up giving. And although many invest their mane into building congo dreads or free-form dreads, many also experiment with either soft locs or butterfly locs, the two main highlights of this guide.

Despite having differences, the mix of soft locs and butterfly locs are brought together through a series of similarities, which explains why many confuse one for another. It all ends here, it seems, since this article won’t just provide readers with a detailed description of both, but also pit butterfly locs vs. soft locs to discover the better candidate amongst the two!

Soft Locs: Execution, Benefits, Drawbacks, And More!

Soft Locs

Soft locs are the milder kind of dreadlocks, with a somewhat organized structure and a neater presence. The units are horizontally gifted, with a texture that is as glossy as lip balm. In contrast to their counterparts, the units of soft locs are quite narrow or thin, if you will.

While the stitching system of these locs vary, soft locs are often crocheted into the hair. They’re seen as desirable hairdos because of their weightless feel, which requires very little to stay put. A daily rinse with apple cider vinegar might seem unusual at first, but is crucial to ensure the well-being of soft locs and all the units involved.

In addition to being perfect in formal scenarios, soft locs are quite beginner-friendly and can be installed at home with zero to little experience. The weightless nature also allows the units to be flexible on most occasions.

Soft locs are also the cheaper investment to make, since butterfly locs require more precision and technique, containing multiple positives such as an increase in volume, texture, size, and so on.

When all is said and done, soft locs can be one of the better ways handle long lengt locs for a considerable time period. Although the complexity of the routine can be tough to deal with on a daily basis, and the hold of them could prove to be stressful to handle for sensitive skin, soft locs can be worth the wait and pain as long as their styling agility is utilized to the fullest.

Mastering The Art Of Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Locs

On the other end of this bout are butterfly locs, the more laidback option between the two involved, The units stitched on this hairdo are more messy in terms of appearance, and often packed with fullness and density. The volume might look pleasant on the outside, but can prove to be challenging for the user to carry due to the weight it adds to the structure of the hairdo. All the weight can be difficult, but tend to make the locs more durable and resilient against inconveniences.

In addition to offering density, butterfly locs are quite good at eliminating residue. Since the pieces are durable, the locs are also easier to clean with clarifying shampoo, that too without facing a decrease in quality. This makes them more dependable when the hairdo deals with harsh weather conditions.

When it comes to size, butterfly locs cater to a range of lengths. However, many often praise the way in which they cater to short hair. They’re usually brought to life using water wave braids, otherwise known as hair extensions.

Butterfly locs are perfect for casual gatherings, despite being more costly to install. They offer tons of freedom for exploring various designs and structures at once, making it favorable in the eyes of moguls.

All in all, butterfly locs are rather easier to wear if you’re more of an adventurer, desire hairstyles that are more elevated, hefty, and voluminous, and are quite free-flowing and malleable to work with. Butterfly locs are also easier to clean with shampoo, requiring a small amount of apple cider vinegar to maintain their health and visuals.

Soft Locs vs. Butterfly Locs: Key Factors That Diversify The Two Hairstyles

Butterfly locs and soft locs are cut from the same cloth, which is why it’s so easy to mix one with the other. However, what many don’t focus on are their differences and dissimilarities, both of which also run rather high. Nonetheless, without further ado, here are all the crucial elements that bring them together, and set them apart.

Soft Locs Visuals and Hair Length

Visuals and Hair Length

The first and foremost noticeable aspects that separate soft locs from butterfly locs lie within their visuals, which are often hard to not notice. Soft locs are more organised, and lengthy in terms of size, while butterfly locs are more messy and typically look best when forming a venture with short hair.


The upkeep routine of each isn’t as troublesome as the other. However, if your hair has low porosity, try using butterfly locs, since they have an easier time drying up. You may also go for soft locs, but remember to use apple cider vinegar and to ditch shampoo bottles indefinitely, since the quality of the locs become hampered when being rinsed with cleansing agents.

Butterfly Locs Texture And Weight

Texture and Weight

The distressed texture of butterfly locs is quite fun to look at, carrying tons of density and elevation overall. However, since the pieces are relatively thick, the strands also weigh a quite bit, which can be harder to carry. This hardly feels like a concerning factor, since the interlocking system is lenient on the scalp.

Soft locs are more organised, smoothened out, and feel more comfortable at high-end events or in formal settings. The structure is lathered with moisture that typically derives from hair wax or gel, and looks more stretched out than butterfly locs. However, due to being more agile, soft locs feel lighter than their opponent in this match.


If you’re preparing for a long term investment, know that both of them can be equally useful, with an ability to serve for over 6 weeks. However, if budget is a concern, try resorting to soft locs, which don’t require extensions to stay put.

On the contrary, if you don’t want to tie yourself down with a price cap, go for butterfly locs, dreadlocks that charge a higher price for the extensions they need.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that we’ve unveiled some of the highlights between the mix of soft locs and butterfly locs, don’t forget to read through the following questionnaire, which uncovers all the basic fundamentals between soft locs vs. butterfly locs.

Q: Are butterfly locs easier to maintain than soft locs?

Ans: Butterfly locs can be shampooed on a daily basis without losing structure, while soft locs often need natural PH balancing agents like apple cider vinegar, which could be too complicated to use for beginners.

Q: Can I wear butterfly locs with short hair?

Ans: Believe it or not, butterfly locs were actually made for short hair, and find more elevation in the roots of short hair. Soft locs cater to both long and short hair.

Q: How long do butterfly and soft locs last?

Ans: On average, the structures of butterfly and soft dreadlocks last for over 6 weeks at a time, extending by a tad bit with daily touch-ups.

Bottom Line

All in all, soft locs and butterfly locs tend to fall in the same pool, but carry tons of differences that make them drastically unique at the end of the day.

They not only cater to two separate hair lengths, but also cater to two different occasions. While soft locs represent long hair best, and look best under high-profile spotlights, butterfly locs look better on choppier strands and in laidback situations. The strands on butterfly locs are also more distressed, whereas the pieces generated on soft locs prefer giving into conformity and following one pattern.

Before making your pick and siding with one of the two hairstyles, take into account your hair density, schedule, and budget. If you’re looking to settle for the option that is easier, consider wearing soft locs over butterfly locs, which will simultaneously allow you to save a huge chunk of your budget. Butterfly locs do follow the easier washing routine, though, so don’t count the latter out by any means.

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