6 Best Stubble Trimmers: A Detailed Review From My Experience [2023]

Stubble trimmers have become a popular trend. The best stubble trimmers are more convenient to use, easy to maintain and less expensive than barber trimmers.

Who will benefit from these devices? Basically, men who want to grow their facial hair quickly or just don’t have time in the morning may benefit from using these types of trimmers.

As a professional groomer who has been working for many years in the grooming industry, I find these stubble trimmer line ups very intriguing and have tried a few different brands over the past few months.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. There is a lot of information about stubble trimmers available on the internet. I spent a huge amount of time reading, researching and then eventually applying these products on my clients in my barber shop.

So, this blog is about my experience with each of these 6 stubble trimmers and their features. Going through my listing should equip you with the necessary knowledge before making an investment.

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Top 6 Stubble Trimmer Comparison Chart

ModelsRun timeSpecial FeaturesPrice
Philips Norelco Series 500090 MinutesDualCut 2x Steel Blades Check Price
Manscaped The Beard Hedger60 Minutes7,200 RPM Motor Check Price
Philips Norelco Series 9000120 Minutes2 Year Warranty Check Price
Remington MB470050 MinutesUSB-Compatible Charging Check Price
ConairMAN i-Stubble45 Minutes15 Total Settings Check Price
Old Spice Beard Trimmer40 MinutesVoltages 110-240V Check Price

Do You Really Need A Separate Trimmer For Stubbles?

If you’re wondering whether you really need a different trimmer to maintain your stubble, whether this investment is actually necessary. Let me answer you this question shortly: YES, you do need a specific device and here’s why:

A separate stubble trimmer focuses only on your stubble, thus it creates more refined outcomes

Such devices contain all the necessary features a good stubble trimmer must have

As they aren’t over $100, I’d recommend you to get one from my list if you believe you’ll be maintaining a stubble in the coming future

Other than these, I can tell you from my experience that I’ve seen better stubble results with some of my best stubble trimmers than the regular trimmers, even the expensive ones! So do consider getting a separate unit for the best grooming treatment.

Top Stubble Trimmers You Can Choose From

In this section, let me guide you through the process where I cope with these 6 different and unique stubble trimmers. From my different & necessary criteria of assessment, they have stood tall over the others and generated the most effortless stubbles during my tenure.

Philips Series 5000 Norelco, BT5511/49

The Philips Norelco 5000 is the ultimate entry level device that I’ll rank as one of the best stubble trimmers due to a handful of reasons. Whether you think about the smart design, superior grip or convenient performance, every department gets a tick mark from my verdict. As a prominent series, the Norelco has always been one of my favorites, and the 5000 device surely didn’t disappoint me when it comes to stubble trimming on a regular basis.

Philips Norelco Series 5000

Get Philips Series 5000 at Amazon

40 Adjustable Length Settings

To start off, I’ll have to highlight the 40 adjustable settings this trimmer comes with. Such a wide array of length settings are achieved with only 3 guard attachments, which is really impressive! Whether it’s a short stubble of 0.4mm or a longer one of 20mm, all of these can become a reality with only one trimmer. My customers love such dynamic potentials and always keep asking me to bring out the Norelco 5000 for such purposes!

Lift & Trim PRO System

From a professional point of view, I’ve laid my hands on so many different devices that I lost count at this point. A regular problem that I face is that trimmers don’t grab the hair that’s lying flat. It demands me to come back around with multiple passes for a neat stubble. But with the Lift & Trim PRO system, this Norelco unit actually grabs the lying hair and guides them to the blade which saves me a lot of time and effort every day!

Easy Cleaning & Fully Washable

Another issue that many of the frequent stubble shavers complain about is the hair particles jamming the blades or cleaning them out after each operation. Trust me, it’s a hectic task for the consumers, let alone barbers like myself. This Norelco 5000 device is actually a blessing in such regard, as it has laid out an easy-cleaning system with just a brush! And if you’re more of a thorough cleaner, you can simply rinse it under the fawcett as it’s fully washable with no damage!

What Could Be Improved?

The only issue I feel that’s worth mentioning is that the guard attachments aren’t sold separately by Philips. What I mean to say is that, if you break one or lose one, then that’s about it. You’ll have to purchase aftermarket attachments from external vendors, which is widely available in the market. Still, I’d expect a company like Philips to produce spare parts for loyal consumers like us so that we don’t have to strike bargains with other dealers for products that Philips makes.

Overall Assessment

If I metaphorically call this wonderful trimmer a piece of delightful cake for the stubble enthusiasts, the price point sits on top as the cherry over the icing. A trimmer with such dynamic capabilities and enhancements comes only at the price range of around $50! It’s a bargain that you surely can’t miss out on and the downsides are pardonable in a breath. Overall, it’s a complete trimmer unit that’ll cater to all of your stubble maintenance needs everyday.

1. 40 length settings is astonishing 1. No replacement guard sold by Philips
2. Easy cleaning with brush or water
3. Grabs lying hair, cleans in fewer passes

MANSCAPED® The Beard Hedger

The Beard Hedger from Manscaped is actually one of the most suave trimmers that I got to use lately. Specializing in stubble maintenance, this device has got the looks as well as the build quality to last for a long period of time. And when it comes to performance, I’ve had only a handful of trimmers that can deliver such neat and comfortable outcomes. A rundown of my experience with this trimmer should tell you how much you can milk out of it for your needs.

MANSCAPED The Beard Hedger

Get Manscaped The Beard Hedger at Amazon

Powerful Motor For Precise Clean Up Task

This is the No. 1 Professional Trimmer on Amazon with over 2,000 reviews for obvious reasons. From what I’ve experienced, the 7,200 RPM powerful motor renders trimming stubbles like putting a hot knife through butter. Such a powerful motor directly impacts the outcome on each occasion. It allows me to size up my clients’ beard with fewer passes and it doesn’t leave behind any beard chunk, regardless of the beard type or texture. It’s truly a remarkable feature to have.

Easy Adjustment To Change Length Settings Effortlessly

Dealing with attachments is something I don’t always enjoy, especially during the busiest days of the week. The Beard Hedger spares me such hassles while drawing out stubbles by allowing me to adjust length settings using the built-in wheel on the body. It embeds 20 settings that jump up the increment of 0.5mm with each notch. Whether I’m performing a diverse stubble on a customer or altering between one client to another, the adjustment merely takes up a couple of seconds!

Sharp Blades Trim Through Any Density Of Beard

With this device, you won’t have to worry about annoying ingrown hairs and bumps, or a razored look. The cutting teeth are closely set together and can trim away a nice, clean evenly cut beard with no pulling or stress on your skin. I use this trimmer myself and my clients love it. The blades cut at a 45 degree angle, so when I’m finished my customers don’t have that painfully razor edge stubble look. One of the best stubble trimmers I’ve ever used, hands down.

What Could Be Improved

From my time with this trimmer, I didn’t really find anything to complain about. It has a good grip, waterproof technology for easy cleaning, wireless run for up to 30 minutes – all of which are fine by me. On the internet, some users have however complained that the battery runtime could be a little better. But hey, 30 minutes is more than sufficient to create the most delicate stubble you need to generate a manly outcome with your fabulous beard!

Overall Assessment

This beard trimmer will help you create your ideal stubble look with finesse and precision. The low profile blades are designed to easily glide through the beard and produce a very clean and even trim every time. It’s cost-effective, over-engineered and accurate directly out of the box. Its design will allure you and the performance will most certainly make a fan out of you – like it has for me and numerous clients who were fortunate enough to receive its premium treatment!

1. A powerful motor with sharp blades 1. 30 minute runtime
2. Cuts at a unique and comfortable angle
3. Round switch makes up 20 settings

Norelco Philips Series 9000, BT9810/40

Master the art of ‘that’ stubble look you’ve always dreamed of. This Norelco 9000 trimmer helps you achieve a well-groomed stubble without the worry of razor bumps. From the looks department to the performance, this unit is bound to make you fall in love with it as it has been the case for many people I know. It’s one of the latest installments in the series, and Philips has made sure to equip it with some of the top-tier features to land it as the best stubble trimmer in their line!

Philips Norelco Series 9000

Get Philips Series 9000 at Amazon

Winner Of the 2021 Men’s Health Grooming Award

The fact that this trimmer was awarded with such a high prestige speaks a lot about its quality and credibility as a good stubble trimmer. Every necessary feature you can think is essential for your stubble trimmer, this unit has got it all. And to add to that, all the features aren’t there just to crank up the advertisement value, rather they are up to the mark that I’ve realized upon numerous uses.

Quick Adjustment Zoom Wheel That Locks In 30 Length Settings

I find this trimmer easier to use and a better quality of cut given each time than many other devices I’ve used in the past. Much like the Beard Hedger by Manscaped, this device too has a quick adjustment zoom wheel to alter between different lengths that are highly helpful during my stubble shaving tasks. It locks up to 30 different length settings, so no matter what my client demands, I’m always ready to deliver it accurately!

Good Battery, 100% Waterproof & Comfortable Blades

In case you’re wondering about the battery life, I was able to make it last for around two hours – which is HUGE! Additionally, this device is 100% waterproof, meaning I can perform wet shaves as well as a complete wash under running water. With these facilities, the comfortable blades that don’t tug or pull remove big chunks of beard effortlessly and pose it as a highly desirable stubble trimmer that can perform other grooming tasks equally well.

What Could Be Improved?

One thing you should know before making a purchase of this trimmer is its size. Not everyone is made for using a larger stubble trimmer as it sides with the bigger devices. It can obstruct your views in front of the mirror at first, but after getting comfortable with it, that doesn’t remain a concern – at least it has been so in my case. Also, it won’t trim down your beard to a complete zero, so buy it if you’re more prone toward getting stubbles instead of clean shaves.

Overall Assessment

If I have to sum up from what I’ve seen and felt, this device is very comfortable to hold on to and it doesn’t tire my hand even after prolonged use. The beard lengths are accurate and leave my customers satisfied at all times. I can easily clean it up after each trim as it only takes minutes with soapy water. Lastly, the price point around $100 is justifiable in my opinion since you’ll be getting a complete trimmer unit with deluxe features, with prime focus on neat stubbles.

1. Award-winning trimmer 1. A little large housing
2. Rotating notch for length adjustment
3. Comfortable trim

Remington MB4700 Smart

Automation is the future of every sector, why not get an early taste with your beard trimmer? Technologically speaking, this is the best stubble trimmer by a landslide due to its unique features and ease of use. From what I’ve seen, this trimmer cuts down on time & effort of tweaking the settings as well as application on users. It’s a grand tool for consumers who want a swift trim of stubble at home and for professionals like myself.

Remington MB4700 Smart

175 Length Settings Adjustable Through Digital Screen

It actually came to me as a shock that this smart device can actually accommodate 175 length settings! With every notch, the increment is 0.1mm and I can vouch that the accuracy of lengths is perfectly sized. Do you understand what it means? I have been able to squeeze out the most flawless stubbles at the length my customer desires. It generates neat & tidy beards, no matter how versatile the styling demand is. I’ve never seen such accuracy in most other trimmers!

Advanced Technology To Smartly Handle Your Stubble

Since I mentioned about the smart technology that this trimmer comes with, I feel obligated to highlight the beneficial factors that helped my cause on a large scale. For starters, the digital touch screen is a blessing that shows every setting, charge level and adjustment buttons. I don’t have to manually go about the comb guards for length adjustment, rather I can achieve it using the touch screen & the motorized comb in a matter of seconds! How cool is that!

Auto Turbo Creates Instantaneous Stubble Look Of Your Desired Length

Remington pushed technology even further by implementing the Auto Turbo feature. How I benefit from it is by using the trimmer directly on the beard with only the length settings tweaked. The device automatically picks up on the beard density, type & so on and optimizes the machine accordingly to draw out an accurate outcome. As an addition, it’s very comfortable to use, a compliment that I’ve received from numerous clients before stating it out as a fact.

What Could Be Improved?

I wouldn’t call it an area to be improved, rather an FYI that you should consider beforehand. Since it’s an automatic device, make sure you’re familiar with modern tech like using a smartphone. It’s not complicated, rather an intuitive unit that is very easy to get used to. Be aware of the touch buttons while using it on yourself, because on a couple of occasions I accidentally touched the panel and changed the settings, until I discovered the lock button on the side that prevents such mishaps.

Overall Assessment

If I tell you that this fully automatic stubble trimmer is fully washable and waterproof, would you believe me? Also, I’ve made the battery last a little under an hour, which is completely fine by me and should definitely be sufficient for home users. Let me give you another surprising factor – the price point. It’s set at around $75, which is too good to be true, but here we are. Remington is literally going to kill the market for tech-savvy groomers, and this device is the entry-point to utmost convenience.

1. Super smart device with LCD display & touch screen 1. Needs a little getting used to
2. Auto Turbo adjusts power automatically
3. 175 adjustable length settings

ConairMAN i-Stubble

Conair has been in the grooming industry almost as long as the other big dogs in the business, but their specificity on stubble trimming has increased recently. This i-Stubble device is one of those ‘old-school meets modern era’ trimming units that contains a classic housing yet fused with modern technology. With an electro-chemically formed blade built into the system, this trimmer vows to render your stubble maintenance easier than ever and satisfy you with a long-term investment.

ConairMAN I-Stubble

Floating Head And Advanced Blade Technology

This i-Stubble trimmer is great for stubbles mainly because of the pivoting head that goes a little extra from the other trimmers. I’ve seen first hand results of the head following the facial contour of my customers. It’s a massive support while drawing the most accurate stubble out of different beard types. Home consumers will also benefit from the advanced, sharp blades that have never pulled, tugged or resulted in ingrown hair for my clients.

Ergonomic Handle Contains Digital Screen & Buttons

One aspect I believe to be necessary for a stubble trimmer to have is an ergonomic handle. Housings such as this one are fancied by barbers like myself, as it provides additional grip at the most difficult angles. What I love more about this trimmer is the way Conair has placed the digital display and buttons. Unlike the Remington trimmer, i-Stubble’s screen isn’t touch sensitive and it relies on buttons that cater to traditional consumers more frequently.

Sturdy Build With Protection Plans & Electronic Controls

From what I’ve witnessed, this trimmer can take literally anything thrown at it. I’ve dropped it a couple of times and it survived all of it with the cost of a couple of scratches. Conair is so confident about its reliability that they offer up to three years extra protection plan at only $7. Electronically controlled length adjustment ensures that we don’t have to deal with additional accessories that can often damage the housing by breaking micro hinges.

What Could Be Improved?

As a trimmer priced around $60, I’d expect this to be waterproof, or at least washable. But the i-Stubble is in no shape to bring closer to water as it’ll absorb the moisture leading to electronic malfunctions. So be prepared to clean out the head and the blades manually with dry tools, because wetting it down may pose with vital consequences. But if it’s properly kept in the dry, I didn’t run into any issue regarding the performance of this fabulous trimmer.

Overall Assessment

Looking back at the pros and cons of this i-Stubble unit after a few months’ use, I can certainly say that it’s a good value for money. At this range, it’s nearly impossible to find a smart trimmer with electric adjustments & an LCD display. Also, the battery lasts over 40 minutes each time and can be used with a cord if necessary, which has been a blessing for me as a professional groomer. Overall, I believe it’s a great investment as a first stubble trimmer for regular maintenance at home.

1. LCD display 1. Not waterproof
2. Great ergonomics
3. Good built & protection plans

Braun Old Spice

You might be highly familiar with Braun’s premium shavers, but did you know that they produce quality trimmers as well? This one in particular has caught my attention due to its efficiency with stubble trimming and maintaining. I always keep it around as my substitute device which I turn to for help quite often! Along with ensuring all the necessary qualities a stubble trimmer should have, this device is made to last as well at a highly affordable range!

Braun Old Spice

Highly Affordable Stubble Trimmer For Regular Use

It’s almost unbelievable that a company such as Braun has delivered such a fine trimmer at around $25 mark! It’s literally going to run each of the entry level beard trimmer out of the market. Also, it’s an open invitation to stubble enthusiasts who are reluctant on spending extra for a separate stubble maintenance unit, but this Braun device seems to solve all that problem. It’s not made with cheap materials and has certainly lasted me a few years without any trouble.

Two Combs Allowing 12 Adjustable Length Settings

With such an affordable device, you get two attachment combs that allow for 12 different length settings. I was able to alter lengths with 2mm increment using each of these accessories and that has proved to be enough for generic stubble trimming. These combs adjust well with any density of beard and I never had to make more than two or three passes to trim off even the most gigantic beards. Efficiency is indeed Braun’s game with this trimmer!

Fully Washable & Easy To Use

I was surprised beyond imagination when I found out this $25 trimmer is actually washable under running water! How cool is that? Cleaning has been made very due to this aspect and it makes my job far easier. A battery that has supported me for around 40 minutes adds further to my satisfaction. It’s a straightforward trimmer you can use right out of the box without much learning beforehand, and this renders it as one of the easiest stubble devices to master.

What Could Be Improved?

Since this trimmer comes at a highly affordable range, there’s bound to be some compromises made during the build. Braun made their compromise with the quality of the comb attachments that I found to be quite fragile. Although I still have the accessories around intact, I’m always protective about the two combs and keep them safe at all times. So my advice for you would be to be extra cautious with the guards as crude handling can result in breakage or damage.

Overall Assessment

When I opened the box of this trimmer, I didn’t really expect it to provide me with such fine performance. The build is nice and sturdy, considering it an entry-level trimmer for stubbles. It’s the most basic tool with adjustability and reliability with the potential to be your number 1 trimmer. For what it’s worth, I’ll definitely encourage everyone to grab a hold of it while it’s on the market, and from my side – Braun, take all my money!

1. Highly affordable 1. Fragile combs
2. Long-lasting
3. Fully washable

How To Achieve & Maintain The Perfect Stubble

Is it even possible to not visit a professional groomer, save the sum of money you’d have to pay and create the perfect stubble at the comfort of your home? YES it is! If you keep scrolling, I’ll tell you just how!

Required Tools

Here is a list of necessary tools you must keep around you to maintain your stubble in the proper manner.

  • A beard comb
  • Pair of scissors
  • Shaving foam
  • Razor
  • Beard oil
  • And of course, a stubble trimmer

With these tools, you’ll end up having a grooming that equates to a professional barber’s after some practice.

Step 1: Select Your Style

There are plenty of stubbles you can pick from since this is one of the most diverse beard categories. How I suggest my client is based on three things: their preference, face shape and current hairstyle.

You can go for full stubble with longer hair, it’ll complement literally any face shape. For rounder shapes however, I’ll recommend you to go for a concentrated stubble around the nose & mouth.

Or you can settle for the messy, wild look with almost unkempt hair and equally wild stubble that only maintains the shape, not the outline.

For ideas, you can look up full stubble, messy stubble, peach fuzz stubble or goatee stubble. Once you’ve made your pick, you are ready to move on to the beginning of styling.

Step 2: Let It Grow

If you have a cleanly shaved face and starting from ground zero, you have to let it grow out for a while. Some of my customers ask me, how long is the optimum growth time for a stubble?

There’s no correct answer for that, as it varies from person to person and from one style to another. The rule of thumb is, you’ll need at least 1-2 weeks of beard to start out the most basic stubbles.

Basically, when you feel that your beard has grown to the length of your desired style, you’re ready to work with some blades.

Step 3: Apply Blades

Assess the portions of facial hair you’ll be needing for the style and the parts that require some shaving. Use a razor to shave off the excess areas. You can use shaving foam to ease your process, or an electric shaver to do the job – it’s up to your preference.

Now we pull the big gun out. The stubble trimmer that you have or you’re going to buy – use that to adjust your beard’s density at certain parts of your face.

For instance, the goatee stubble would demand you to trim your entire face at the lowest setting while the goatee region is to be trimmed at significantly larger length.

Once these are settled, use the stubble trimmer to line out the beard neatly. I even use it to distinguish the mustache as well and to clean out the cheek completely.

Apply some beard oil regularly to make them look shiny and keep the roots healthy. Consult your local groomer for the ideal products for your particular skin & beard type.

Step 4: Repeat

Just like that, you’ll end up with a very neat stubble without leaving your house. It’ll require some practice to perfect the techniques, but hey, we’ve all been there and reached the pinnacle over time.

To maintain that perfect stubble, repeat Step 3 every week or every other week, depending on your growth rate. Because without proper maintenance, it’ll lose the touch of finesse that’s essential to keep you looking sharp!

Essential Qualities For Best Stubble Trimmers

After spending much time delivering my clients with different types of stubbles, I’ve come to conclude that the best stubble trimmer must contain a few qualities which will make your life easier. Let me break them down for you, it’ll help you during your purchase.

Adjustable Length Settings

Adjustable Length Settings

As stubbles are more diverse than many other generic beard maintenance, everyone has their own preference of this cut. These different interpretations are often challenging to draw out, and the trimmers with a higher number of adjustable length settings have helped me greatly in this regard. It allows me to be accurate and specific which always satisfies my customers.

Precise Cuts

Precision is important for stubbles, as I’ve mentioned earlier. With adjustable length settings, I always look for the trimmer that can achieve that length with minimum effort. Thus, I require sharp blades and a good motor, so that I can reach the expected length with fewer passes. Remember, the more passes you have to make, the more prone you are to getting an uneven stubble.


While many beard trims don’t require versatile movement, a stubble doesn’t comply with that category. I have to angle my trimmer and hold it in different positions as getting an even stubble following the facial contour isn’t the most straightforward task. Thus, a trimmer with a good battery life is something to look forward to while picking the ideal stubble drawing unit.

Good Grip

As I always stress on this matter – good ergonomics matter more than you can think. A firm grip ensures that you are able to get the maximum out of your trimmer, your hands don’t get exhausted if you’re a barber like myself who trims all day, and it doesn’t slip out to make a mess. The trimmers I’ve listed have passed the required degree of grip level, so you can pick from any of them without a second thought.


My usual verdicts highlight one of the devices above the rest, but this time, the list is filled with so many diverse units that this method is deemed redundant.

Thus, I’ll be placing my judgment under three categories and hold one as the most desirable under each. Let’s get started!

In terms of the best stubble trimmer that’s technologically advanced, I’ll strongly argue that the Remington MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer is the top of the class in this regard.

If I consider affordability and price to performance ratio, then my verdict undoubtedly goes with the Braun Old Spice trimmer.

And when it comes to the best stubble trimmer overall that’s perfectly balanced, then I’d side with the Norelco Philips Series 9000 due to its supreme features & sheer quality of product.

So, here ends my take on the stubble trimmers that I find alluring in 2023, and the ones you definitely should look into before picking out the ultimate one that fits your demands!

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