Supercuts Prices: Latest Catalog & List Of Services In 2023

When you’re wondering about Supercuts prices and how much they charge for the add-ons, you’ll see that it’s quite difficult to get a catalog out of their websites.

It’s the case for almost every chain hair salon because of the price difference across cities due to numerous reasons.

So I took it upon myself to call as many Supercuts outlets as possible to collect their standard pricings – either they told me over phone or sent me an e-mail.

I compiled these prices and found out the range between highest and lowest that led me to the average costs which should give you a proper idea.

Also, I’ve compared Supercuts prices with the national standard as well as other brands later in this article to see how much extra service you’d be getting and whether it’s worth spending at all!

About Supercuts: Inception To Present Day

About Supercuts

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that Supercuts are actually quite new in the grooming industry, having founded the company back in 1975 in San Francisco.

However, their first salon was opened up in California and they are currently headquartered at Minnesota from where all of the operations are run flawlessly.

The Supercuts franchise has over 2,400 outlets all across the USA. There are chains in the UK, Canada and Australia as well! So you can make out how big of a giant Supercuts really is!

Currently, this franchise is owned by Regis Corporation, the same owner of SmartStyles salons that are located at Walmart Supercenters.

Despite being under the same mother company, Supercuts is very unique by its own accord and their prices as well as treatments set them apart as a distinctive chain salon!

Average Supercuts Prices Country-Wide

Average Supercuts Prices

Supercuts provide very reasonable pricing for the type and quality of services customers are able to avail from them.

The prices for regular haircuts range between $18 to $23 without any discount. These cuts are often paired with shampoo, conditioning and blow drying treatments, so you can realize that the amount you’re having to pay isn’t excessive at all!

As there exist many different outlets of Supercuts all through the country, the prices never remain the same across locations.

That’s why my pricing has averaged between the maximum cost there is with the minimum cost in multiple Supercuts salons.

I’d say that the shampoo and conditioning treatments are slightly more expensive than affordable alternatives, but you have to keep this in mind that the services Supercuts provide are top-notch and nothing shy of some luxury salon treatments.

Apart from that, hot tool styling and coloring are very reasonably priced and it would cost way less than dyeing your hair at home.

However, highlighting can be quite extensive at some outlets because of the hourly rate discrepancy between residential areas and highly commercial zones.

As these procedures consume a lot of time, you might find a price difference of around $50-$60 based on that and on the length as well as volume of your hair.

Additional Services Provided At Supercuts

Additional Services Provided At Supercuts

You know, Supercuts isn’t only famous for cutting your hair or draping color over your beautiful strands.

Rather, you’ll find them to style your hair following the most modern trends which a lot of the salons out there fail to live up to because of their unfamiliarity with popular styles.

This is one of the biggest strengths of Supercuts employees as they are highly acquainted with contemporary fashion and are skilled enough to draw out such styles effortlessly.

Added to that, you can even get beard trims out at Supercuts within a minimum price range. Even ones with gray hair can blend their hair in at this chain salon.

Waxing is also offered at Supercuts and the prices vary based on which part of your body you want the procedure to be performed.

Apart from these necessities, Supercuts services include regular hair maintenance too. From a hot towel treatment to regular hair solution application, all of these are offered there regularly.

Imagine you want to go to a party and you’re in need of setting your hair in the perfect manner – yes, Supercuts will do this task for you as well!

Curly hair requires the most delicate treatment and Supercuts employees are highly familiar with frizz reduction and curl enhancement procedures to ensure longevity of your hair.

You can even get suggestions and guidelines from them if you want to! So, the Supercuts prices don’t seem absurd at all, considering all that we’re getting in return as customers!

Supercuts Prices Against Other Salon Cost

It’s essential to know how much other salons are charging you as opposed to Supercuts prices to gain a comprehensive understanding of this chain store.

First of all, Supercuts average haircut cost would be $19, which is $21 less than the national average cost for men’s haircuts!

Even when you consider the low end salons’ average cost, that’s still around $25, almost $6 more than the amount Supercuts are charging you!

If you compare the Supercuts prices with Great Clips, the latter would come out on top with their aggressive pricing averaged at $15.

But you must remember that Supercuts are providing you with the top treatments within this price range and are spending more time on your hair than most other salons.

You’ll understand Supercuts’ full potential when you hold the pricing against Walmart hair salon costs. A regular haircut there costs around $19 on average, the same as Supercuts.

It implies that these two not only match in quality, but also vow to uphold a similar price range despite the difference in their additional services.

This was probably made possible due to the same ownership of these two brands and a shared vision of providing the best to the customers at minimum cost.

Do Supercuts Have Any Discount?

Supercuts Discount

Much like most other prominent chain hair salons, Supercuts prices are lowered with discounts at certain occasions and even with frequent coupons.

From their website, social media pages or subsidiary blog sites, you’ll be able to track down their unique discounts and be the first to avail that at your nearest store.

The regular discounts are available at Supercuts, like the senior citizen discount as well as the junior discount for kids below 12.

Other than these, there are monthly promo codes handed out by Supercuts that range between $2-$10 or even a percentage of the entire bill.

There are spring, summer or winter deals at the very beginning of each season, so keep your eyes out during those times.

Loyal customers are rewarded should they choose to sign up for Supercuts Rewards promo. This is based on how frequently you visit them and a percentage of Supercuts prices would be reduced regularly.

It’s better to have a chat about this with your local Supercuts manager to learn in detail because this promo varies from one location to the very next.

Which Products Do Supercuts Sell?

Supercuts Products

As Supercuts is owned by Regis Corporation, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise to find their products lying around on display at every chain outlet.

Apart from them, some of the outlets officially host Mitch and Paul Mitchell products for the customers and the stylists recommend them if they’d help out with particular hair situations.

Also, in terms of styling, frizz removal for curly hair or enhancing waves after a heat treatment solutions are usually available at Supercuts.

Stylists are highly expert on these products and they don’t try to sell them as salespersons, rather suggest them only if it’s essential and helpful.

The necessary shampoos – be that sulfate based or non-sulfate ones, or deep conditioners, almost all of these can be found at Supercuts corner.

Aside from Regis or Paul Mitchel products, some of the premium brands are welcomed in Supercuts as well:

Sexy Hair





Such products will aid you in hydrating your scalp, reducing itch, building up that quiff up front, holding your hair’s shape for the longest day and so on.

Supercuts Open Hours

Timings of Supercuts are quite difficult to get right because every outlet varies from one another in terms of close days and open hours.

I’ll be handing you out an approximate idea of these open hours with probable variances so that you can paint a whole picture.

Mainly, most of the Supercuts stores are open 7 days a week, with some outlets being closed for one day each week.

The ones that maintain a weekly holiday are usually on Sundays. However, there are a few stores that are closed on Mondays or even Wednesdays.

As per the timing, the most common open hours for Supercuts during the weekdays are 9 am to 7 pm. This isn’t constant because some stores open earlier and close out much later than this timeline.

Weekends usually have reduced hours (if not closed) that begin at 10 am and end at 6 pm.

Again, it’s ideal to check with your local store via a phone call to check their open hours, Supercuts prices for that particular outlet and place a booking.

Otherwise you might have to sit in a queue because Supercuts is quite demanding, especially during weekends or late hours.


This much needed FAQ section addresses some of the most critical queries regarding Supercuts prices, so DO check them out before you close this tab!

Q: Should I get my haircut done at the local Supercuts store?

A: To know if it would do you any good, it’s better to check the reviews for your local Supercuts store. Because the services vary widely from one outlet to another. Sites like or can aid you in this matter. If the reviews are mostly positive, then yes, you should get your haircut done at your local Supercuts store.

Q: Should I tip my Supercuts stylist for a $20 cut?

A: Yes! Tipping your groomer is one of the kindest ways of saying you’re grateful for their service and letting them know that you appreciate their hard work. The tip can be a % of your total bill, between 10%-20%, based on how much your stylist has worked on you and how much you can afford to pay.

Q: Do Supercuts perform women’s hairstyling?

A: Of course they do! If you want to trim down and get a short women’s cut like a buzz, it’d cost you less than $20. Otherwise, longer styling often requires blow drying, curling or dyeing. So on average, women’s styling can cost you between $60-$80 which would include every treatment necessary for the design.

Q: How much do luxury salons charge for women’s hairstyles as opposed to Supercuts?

A: You’d be surprised to learn how much high end salons can set you back for women’s hairstyling! Based on the area and the style that you pick, the cost can range between $200-$800! I won’t go into details of their work, but hold that against Supercuts prices and you’ll find comfort knowing there are stores that care about the economy when it comes to basic needs.

Q: Is getting your haircut from a barber shop better than getting it from a place like Supercuts?

A: This is a tough one, but I’d have to say ‘Yes’. Because both the local barber and a Supercuts stylist have received the same training and certification before starting to practice. However, Supercuts employees are placed under scrutiny to ensure maximum quality at all times whereas I can’t say the same for every local barber shop out there.


At this juncture, we must fold what we’ve discussed on Supercuts prices and part ways because I’ve placed forth all there was to see and understand.

I must admit, Supcercuts prices are very reasonable if I take into account the quality of services they provide, the time they take for each treatment and the premium products they use for even the cheapest procedure in their catalog.

Also, the stylists are well-versed in their field and they actually know what they’re doing. Like, when you step in with the most absurd hair styling request, they have the knowledge of getting it done perfectly!

So all things considered, I’d have to give Supercuts prices an A+ for efficiency and quality!

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