Top 10 Celebrity Beard Styles You Can Pull Off This Year

Celebrity beard styles

If I ask you, “Whom do you idolize and profile yourselves on when it comes to facial hair?” About 70% of the time, the answers would be, “Celebrities.” Some of us find Ryan Gosling (Not Reynolds, the “Other” one Blake Lively twitted about) attractive. There are people who find Curt Cobain or Curt Russel sexy.

Case and point: Celebrities live and breathe the lifestyle we crave (myself included). While women strive for the perfect shape, men hunk to get the beard and mustache just right.

Don’t get me wrong, this tiny blog on grooming isn’t a tabloid by any means. Yet, I tend to look out for the latest fashion and fads these silver-screen guys are attempting these days. Call it my hobby if you would.

This poking around gave me an idea to research and write about Top 10 Celebrity beard styles that’s popular today. I hope you guys will find this piece entertaining as well as informative.

Ryan Gosling

As far as celebrity beard styles go, I can’t help but put Gosling at the top. His beard puts him on the top pedestal of attraction. I mean this refined cut has an appeal that doesn’t fall short from the most “In-Demand” Hollywood Film Actor.

Ryan gosling beard style

In “The Nice Guys,” a heavy mustache carries the aura of attraction which is complemented by the wispy whiskers on the chin. That’s something the ladies will have a hard time to resist. This is just beyond classy! The vintage 70’s style intertwines with a modern twist in his Stache-only style.

To compete with the beard style and amplify the fashion statement, you might need to follow a tip or two. This signature style works great with straight hair, fine hair and of course a rectangular face with a rounded chin.

This kind of killer style doesn’t come without investment. At first, you’ll need to let it grow. After achieving a certain length of your mustache, just get a pair of mustache scissors that are readily available in the market. Shape up the upper lip hair, and trim your beard.

The all-natural texture to the wispy beard is achieved by “Not” combing. Avoid looking like a street urchin and always keep your face clean. That’s the best way to go!

Jake Gyllenhaal

The second-best position is well occupied by this mountain of a man (when it comes to talent), Jake Gyllenhaal. His usual beard style is not that simple when you look at it. It’s a fine-tuned combination of a beard that hasn’t reached too ZZ top and a full ‘Stache.

Jake Gyllenhaal beard style

To many of us, thick beards are a sign of masculinity. It gets the ladies thinking that a guy with that kind of beard will never fall short on “Other” requirements (If you catch my drift).

Got straight or coarse hair with a round jawline?

Then this beard style would be just perfect for you. But… here’s the catch. Your whiskers have to fill up every bit of your skin. Otherwise, the style statement will feel a bit off.

As with all good beard styles, you first have to let it do its thing. Grooming can come after you’ve achieved a certain level of beard length. You’ll need a pair of scissors to keep the ‘Stache neat and clean. Trim the beard when the size is just right. You’ll need to repeat after every two weeks or so.

Shampooing all that hairy goodness is a solid idea to keep things smooth. Applying lime oil soap with the shampoo two to three times a week will do you wonders. Best styles do require the best care nonetheless.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley cooper has taken beard styles to the very edge of perfection. By now you’re probably pretty used to seeing the touch of scruff on various kinds of celebrities. Ever wondered how they manage to make it seem so easy? Well, follow Bradley and you’ll get the gist of it.

Bradley Cooper beard style

To have what he has you’ll need to take a closer look on his face. His style goes with oval symmetrical face structures. As for the hairstyle, either coarse or straight hairstyle would do. But full growth of the hair has to grow up to its full length.

The most obvious question now would be, how to get it?

The key task would be to trim your beard each day. You have to use the trimmer to always keep your face fresh in appearance. There’s a possibility of a disappointment though. Few people have hair as thick as Bradley. This might lower the sex appeal a bit, but hey, definitely worth a try.

Hugh Jackman

It’s time to unravel the X factor of the Wolverine himself. Yes, now we’ll go deep into what makes this man’s beard reek manliness.

Hugh Jackman beard style

The best thing about this Aussie chap is that he didn’t try to hide the fact that he’s getting old, but rather took advantage of it to make his scruff look like silvery ornamentation to his attractive jawline.

What makes his beard stand out is that it goes so perfectly with his facial structure. The pear-shaped outline curved by his narrow forehead and the broad jawline altogether made room for his beard to show its true flamboyance.

If you want a beard like that, first of all, you’d need a lot of patience and keen observation. Choose a trimmer that has a wide array of adjustable length settings. Use it daily if you have a really dense beard, or every other day if you have a normal growth of beard.

Carefully observe where your greys show. If you’re lucky enough to have them grow in the perfect center of your beard like Hugh’s, then Bingo! You’ve got it.

If not, then you’ve got some work to do. In this case, you’ll need to dye them all into different tones and shades of grey, platinum, and silver, depending on their natural shade. Or you could just go for the easy option and color them all in a shade of dark chocolate or ebony.

Channing Tatum

The style in which Channing Tatum grew his goatee can be named as the classic ‘bad boy’ look.

Channing Tatum beard style

Sometimes, that’s what the ladies go for. Two thin strips of hair growing down both sides of the mouth connecting a precisely trimmed mustache above and the whiff of a soul patch below to finish it off. It makes him look like a “Slightly Naughty” Jesus with not-so holy intentions.

The style works so great on Channing is because of the structure of his face. He’s got a straight cut, squarish face with a broad forehead, jawline, and cheekbones that give it a full and even look. And if you’ve got a face like his, added with straight, coarse like his then this is the perfect cut for you.

To get this cut, firstly you’ll need to trim the entire goatee area out with a good hair and beard trimmer.

Then with a sharp blade and careful shaving strokes, outline the goatee and shave off the rest of your face. Be extra careful and slowly create those even lines on the sides of your mouth to avoid accidental uneven strokes, or else you might have to start over from the top.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon beard style

If you want each part of your face to be highlighted with its own personality, you can try the ‘Smooth Operator’ look that Nick Cannon fashions. He has a thin, tidy mustache that shows the bare skin around it, and a wide soul patch under his chin as a complete contrast.

Altogether they give him a sophisticated yet untamed look.

This look works well for oval, symmetrical faces that have curly but tamable hair. This style is especially recommended for men with Afro and Indian origin.

To get this look, use a sharp and reliable hair and beard trimmer. You’d have to clip the mustache every day, and the ragged potion below the mouth will require at least a weekly attention if you want to keep it neat and tidy.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth beard style

Chris Hemsworth put an end to the stereotype of a corporate look having to be ‘neat’. He proved that you can look messy while looking official, with his straight-edged scruff on both the cheeks and a bare neck.

Whether your hair is fine or coarse, if you can grow a full beard with straight hair, you can definitely rock this style. And if you a rectangular face and slightly round chin, then you should definitely try this style.

This looks probably takes the least amount of work to get. Just let your hair grow freely until you are satisfied with its length, then trim it to even out the messy parts. Be extra attentive while shaving the crisp neckline. The key is to keep all the crisp lines clean.

To maintain this look, trim your mustache and shave the area below that particular neckline daily.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron beard style

A carefree schoolboy look featuring a slightly bare chin that gradually gets denser as it goes down towards the prominent soul patch and a mustache that hangs by both the sides of the mouth very close to the beard but not quite touching it.

Yep, that’s the kind of beard the chocolate boy Zac Efron flaunts.

The style suits him so well because he has a full, rounded face and a bushy growth of hair. Practically anyone with any kind of hair can get groomed into this style. And the best part is, this style requires the least amount of maintenance.

To get this look, you simply need to define the mustache and soul patch by trimming the hair on the rest of the face regularly. Take extra care of those hard-to-reach areas with a mustache/eyebrow razor to highlight the scruff.

James Franco

James Franco beard style

James Franco sports what looks like a vintage disco-era stache but what differentiates it from the classic Freddy Mercury-styled stache is the wide space between the two thick lines of whiskers.

Then there is the additional chin stubble keeping things from looking too nerdy. The look literally reflects the actor’s sense of humor.

If you have an oval, symmetrical face like Franco and straight, coarse hair like his, then this is the style for you. This look is especially recommended if you have a job where you’re expected to look nerdy, like a teacher or a research assistant.

To pull it off, you would have to be committed to shaving your beard daily, leaving your upper lip unshaven. Except for the bare spot between the two staches.

This can be quite tricky and you need to be extra careful while shaving this area. Use pre-shave oil and shaving cream and reach there carefully. Then stretch your skin, and with a single-bladed razor, just make careful but confident strokes.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill beard style

Now let’s take a look at the man of steel who stole the hearts of all the ladies. The Witcher who has bewitched both the small and the big screens with his stunning looks and hairstyle which along with his picturesque physique.

Yes, we’re talking about Henry Cavill. He has a neat but natural full beard without many aberrations.

This particular cut of beard is the epitome of manliness and goes well with squarish faces that have a broad forehead narrowing down to a sharp jawline and a pair of cheekbones that stand out.

To get this look, simply let your beard grow until you are satisfied with the length and density of it. Then using a hair and beard trimmer, trim it to a cut that evens out all the rough edges but doesn’t make it too neat that it looks too tamed.

Capping It Off for Today

Despite how it might look to you and me, living a lavish lifestyle on and off the screen is not easy. We must commend stars and starlets for pulling this off. Women have their own share of tricks to live a fit and trendy life. When it comes to men, just a little bit of grooming goes a long way.

As you’d see from my research, some of the people on the list go to incredible lengths to pull a certain beard style off. Others lean on (Yes, it’s a reference to the famous song by “Mo”) “Natural” side of things. People can go either way.

To put it simply, you’ll never be in a fix regarding styling ideas thanks to my guide on celebrity beard styles. If you have your own suggestions and people you’d like to see featured on this list, chip in with a comment or two. I’m eager to have an engaging discussion.

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