Beard Grooming Tools and Steps: Learn How To Trim Your Beard Properly

There is no way to control or make sure that your beard goes perfectly as you want it to. Of course, there is no secret method of growing the perfect beard either. So, in order to have your beard looking in great shape, you need to tame it and style it.

There is no one way of styling your beard, you must take care of your moustache and beard by trimming them regularly to have the perfect length and shape. You have to take care of the jawline, neckline, your lips etc. to settle on a style that suits you best.

So, keep reading this How To guide to know exactly how to trim your beard properly for with the best beard trimming tips, tricks and step by step guidelines for doing it right.

If you are growing your beard long, then you might think that you don’t need to trim it, but you will be surprised that a little trim is great to boost healthy growth for your beard. Regardless of whether you are ultimate goal is a short or long beard, cleaning up the right way will have you looking your personal best.

Beard Trimming Tools You Need To Trim Your Beard Properly

When you want to think about trimming, shaping or maintaining you beard, you can’t just grab any scissor and start trimming – you need the right tools!

So, let’s find out exactly what tools you need when trimming your beard properly:

1) Comb or Brush

Comb or Brush

You need a comb and depending on the type of hair, you may need a comb or even both. If you have thin, light beard than a comb will be enough for detangling. However, if you have thick, coarse and dense beard, then you will need the combination of both a comb & a brush for best results.

2) Good Quality Clippers or Trimmer

Good Quality Clippers or Trimmer

You will need a high-grade clipper or trimmer to get the perfectly trimmed, even shape for your beard. If you do not use good quality trimmer, you will not get your desired results and may even injure yourself. So, when choosing a trimmer make sure not to sacrifice on quality for saving a few dollars.

3) A Good Pair of Scissors

A Good Pair of Scissors

Although there are numerous grooming gadgets available in the market such as trimmers, edger, etc. nothing can replace the effectiveness of a good old pair of scissors for your detailing. Whether it is your moustache edges, the lonely strands on your lip, around your nose, or around your ears, scissors get the job done.

4) Beard Oil or Moisturizer

Beard Oil or Moisturizer

Lastly, you will need some sort of a beard hair care product for its softness and healthy growth. There are numerous products available in the market such as moisturizer, balm or beard oil, etc. Be sure to choose a good quality for ensuring that your beard hair is left feeling soft and looking shiny & nicely tamed.

Step By Step Guide: How To Trim Your Beard Properly

Now that you have the right beard trimming tools, we will cover the step by step complete guide for trimming your beard properly.

Step 1: Keep It Clean

Step 1- Keep It Clean

The first thing you need to make sure is that you keep your beard nice and clean. You don’t want a dry, frizzy and dirty beard, especially if you have slight longer or a proper long beard. For those with dense beards, it is also very important to make sure it is clean of cookie crumbs, etc. Having a dirty beard is not generally good and it is definitely not what you want when you want to trim it properly.

So, clean your beard by giving it a wash using a beard shampoo or other lighter products because normal shampoo is too strong for your facial hair and skin. You should also use a beard conditioner to soften your hair and dry it well.

Do not leave your beard wet when preparing to trim it!

Step 2: Get Rid of Tangled Hair

Step 2-Get Rid of Tangled Hair

Use a brush and/or a comb to brush out your beard nicely. Be sure to do this after your beard is dried. Run your brush against the grain to get all your hair standing out to spot any inconsistency in length and size.

Use a comb if you have a dense beard to make sure that all of the beard is settled in the right direction. Make sure to brush and comb everywhere including your moustache, and under your chin.

Do not leave any part of your beard unbrushed to uncombed!

Step 3: Tis The Time to Trim

Step 3- Tis The Time to Trim

Now, in this step we get to the primary event – the trimming!

It is best to use a clipper for getting an even cut. If you are going for a light stubble or shorter length beard, then you can use 13mm size or similar based on the particular setting of your trimmer or clipper. But if you are not sure of the length, then start with the longest setting and work your way down each size based on your desired length.

As a general styling rule, if you are looking to get a shorter length beard then you can use the same size all around for a nice, even style. But if you are going for a slightly longer length for your beard, then you will need to think about a shape. So, this is where you have to use different lengths in certain areas to get a nice shape.

There are numerous ways to get your beard shaped to suit your face and beard type. However, the most universally appealing style is to have shorter beard around your cheeks or face and slightly longer towards your chin. So, for example if you are going for a 19mm length for your overall beard, then you should be getting 13mm around your cheeks for a nicely tamed, good looking beard.

Do not leave your beard uneven on any side as it will make your face shape look distorted!

Step 4: Matching Up The Moustache

Step 4-Matching Up The Moustache

The next step is to focus on the little guy under your nose. An important part of trimming your beard properly is matching the trim of the moustache. Depending on the type of your mustache hair, brush them nicely from the center to the sides and downwards.

The moustache is naturally much denser in growth compared to the beard. As a result, it should be kept as short as the hair on your cheeks or else it will look unusual or untidy. It is best to not let your moustache hang over your lip.

Once you have used the trimmer or clipper for your beard, you can use the shorter setting to trim your moustache as well. Careful not to get it stuck on your nostrils as that can be painful. A good pair of scissors or more specifically moustache scissors is best to take care of stray hairs around your lip and the nostrils. Using scissors for detailing is the most effective for getting a natural finish.

Do not make a forced decision about the spacing between your moustache and lips – it is a judgment call suited to your personal preference!

Step 5: The Jawline & The Neckline

Step 5-The Jawline & The Neckline

The last beard shaping task is one of the trickiest parts, the neckline and the jawline. Whether you want to go for the jawline or neckline depends on the length of your beard, for those with short beards you want to focus on the jawline. And for those with longer beards, the area to focus on is the neckline.

One of the rules of thumb is to leave the bottom of your Adam’s apple area as natural as possible. Or else, you will be left shaving everything down there. Depending on whether you have long or short neck, you can vary where to draw the neckline.

Now, if you want to go take your beard trimming skills up a notch, you can try tapering or fading it. It may seem like a simple rule of going a size lower every half an inch, it is not that simple to get that perfect faded beard. But it is best to get expert advice such as from your barber before trying anything on your own. This will save you from the embarrassment of a job not so well done.

Do not try tapering or fading your beard without expert guidance!

Step 6: Finish By Moisturizing

Step 6 - Finish By Moisturizing

At last, we have reached the final step. After you have achieved your desired look take a look at yourself on the mirror and admire what you have just done. Then get back to business by making sure your beard is not left dry – use a good moisturizer.

Your beard hair is much thicker and lacks more moisture than the hair on your head. Use a beard oil, beard balm, beard moisturizer or other moisturizing products to make sure your beard is moisturized. Moisturized beard will not only be soft, smooth & shiny, but also, it will prevent drying, itching and enhance healthy growth.

An excellent way to keep your beard hair moisturized is to condition it regularly. It is an excellent idea to use a quality conditioner with minerals and natural oils to make it soft, shiny and have it smelling great.

Do not leave your beard hair lacking proper moisture, as it will lead to an itchy, uncomfortable and unattractive beard which will chase people away!

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