12 Most Popular Types of Perms for Men in 2023

Perm hairstyles have constantly intrigued men due to their astonishing looks. In the early days, the scope was limited for them to get their hair permed. The door has opened to them, now that the days have changed. And there is more than one type of perm available for men right now.

Perm usually appears over-the-top stylish because of their concentrated curly looks. Especially for men, it comes with the Midas Touch since it can transform a man’s entire look in a snap. On top of that, there are now various types of perms for men which offer the opportunity to get a perm according to individual tastes. It is not limited to just one tight curly appearance anymore.

In today’s article, we are going to explore 12 different types of perms for men. We will describe each perm style to you, and we will also include a guide for every style on how to get the respective perm. Then the FAQ section will have tips and more important information regarding perms for men.

Let’s get going!

12 Different Types of Perms for Guys

Hair type, length, and texture are some of the factors that influence an individual’s personal style. Since it is the same for Perms as well, there are now a number of perm styles for men available out there. We are going to discuss only the 12 major types of perms here that men can get to enhance their look instantly. Besides showing what each perm looks like, we will also tell you the way you can get that perm if you like it.

Spiral Perm

Spiral Perm

If you are looking to get simply crispy voluminous perms, the Spiral Perm is one of the best choices you have. Usually, hair perming is done by placing perming rods horizontally, and then the hair is wrapped around those rods. But Spiral Perm follows a different strategy. And it makes this specific Perm a lucrative choice for perm enthusiasts.

Also, unlike a standard perm, Spiral Perm uses perming rods of various sizes. This approach always produces perms of different lengths and ensures a significantly natural look. It also allows you to get perms even if you have short hair.

How to Get Spiral Perm

For Spiral Perms, you can follow a few easy steps to achieve it. If you want smaller and more frequent curls, use long perm rods. But if you want more of a wavy look than a curly view, you can use big or jumbo rods.

Now, begin your Spiral Perm process by getting your hair washed. Make sure that there is no residue left. Then dry it properly by either air-drying it or using a clean towel.

After the cleaning is done, section your hair into at least four parts for an easier perming process. We recommend doing vertical sectioning for a smoother experience.

Now start from one of the sections. Take a few strands of hair and spray some perming solutions on them. Then wrap a perm paper around the lowest part of those strands. Now hold a perming rod vertically and start wrapping that hair around the rod till you reach the base of the hair.

To finish it off, simply close the perming rod. That’s it!

Digital Perm

Digital Perm

People may opt for extravagant hairstyles now and then, but after a certain time, everyone feels like going for a style that looks more natural and does not have a synthetic touch to it. The Digital Perm came into the Perming game with that view in its mind.

This particular perm follows a hot perming process where the temperature is controlled with utter accuracy and precision. It is a gift of modern technology to the hairstyle industry that has offered perm lovers more command over their desired perming styles. The Digital Perms, also known as Digi Perms, give your hair a natural wave by changing the structure of the hair through digitally managed perming rods.

How to Get Digital Perm

Digital Perm warms up Keratin in your hair to change its shape and produce a natural wavy look. Keratin is almost entirely protein which changes its structure due to the acidic perm solution as well as the digital heating process itself.

As always, the process of the Digital Perm begins by getting the hair washed. Then an acidic perming solution is applied to the hair for 8 to 10 minutes. The hair may be covered with a cap during this time. Afterward, the hair is washed again to get rid of the perming solution.

Now, the hair is sectioned into a few parts. A few strands are taken out and wrapped in perm papers. Then the strands are folded around perming rods that are connected to the machine for temperature control. When the wrapping process is done, a specific temperature is set for 40 to 80 minutes to get the Digital Perm done.

In the final step, the hair is unwrapped from perming rods, and a neutralizer is applied to the hair. It brings down the acidic condition of the strands to reach a balanced state.

Stack Perm

Stack Perm

Stack Perm brings something interesting to the table for men who love perms. It does not perm your hair from top to bottom. Instead, only the middle and lower part of the hair is permed to give you a more intense fuller look. Also, different perm rod sizes are used for these two parts of the hair.

This perming style comes with more than just an eye-candy appearance. Any perming process can be strenuous and harmful for your scalp because of the extensive use of liquid chemicals on the hair. The Stack Perm emerges as an excellent solution if you are looking to get perms but want to protect your scalp at the same time.

How to Get Stack Perm

The process for getting Stack Perm begins by getting your hair cleaned and dried. Then the hair length is measured and divided into three parts. For instance, if the hair is three inches long, it will be sectioned into three equal one inches-parts for this Stack Perm.

In the next step, the perming solution is sprayed on the hair. Then a perming rod of the desired size is used for the middle part of the hair, and the strands are wrapped around it. A perm paper is used here to keep the hair safer.

After the middle part is done, the lower part of the hair is permed by using either thicker or thinner rods according to the preferences. Next, they are kept for 40 to 60 minutes before getting unwrapped.

Finally, a neutralizing lotion or spray is applied to the perm to complete the process. You now have wonderfully textured permed hair, thanks to the Stack Perm!

Spot Perm

Spot Perm

Spot Perm comes as a blessing to those men who have natural hair of different lengths. If a traditional perm style is done on uneven hair, it does not look as pleasing. Spot Perm offers a perfect solution where only certain strands get the perm to create an even look.

Moreover, this type of perm also appears as a useful solution when you are trying to get a Permed Mullet look because you can apply perm only to the back hair and keep the top hair free from curls effectively.

How to Get Spot Perm

Achieving Spot Perm follows the standard perming process. If you are familiar with the technique then you do not need to stress at all!

Kick off your perming process by getting your hair washed. Afterward, separate the strands that you need to perm. You may use a rubber band to keep them isolated from other strands to accelerate the process.

Next, hold those separated strands one by one carefully and apply a perm solution to them. Be careful not to let any spray get on the hair that is free from the perming process.

Now, take perming rods and wrap those strands around them. Use perm paper to make the wrapping process more effective and clean. Leave the rods for 30 to 40 minutes.

Afterward, remove those perming rods from your hair and apply a perm neutralizer to finish up the process. That’s it!

Straight Perm

Straight Perm

The term “Perm” may have become synonymous with curly hair because almost all the perming practices involve having the hair curled. However, it also falls under the same category if you have wavy or curly hair and want to gain a straight slick look by utilizing the Straight Perm.

When you have curly hair, you may feel the urge to get your hair straightened to try out exciting straight-hair looks. Here, the Straight Perm will save the day for you. This Straight Perm is usually achieved by getting a hot perm treatment. It is a rigorous process, and you will need the help of a few tools to get the look you are longing for.

How to Get Straight Perm

The Straight Perm is also known as the Japanese Straight Perm. It requires having and using a flat iron to achieve the desired look.

Start the process by getting your hair cleaned. Then use a comb to detangle your hair. Next, section your hair into at least three parts. You can use the help of a Rat Tail comb to make precise sections. Since you are straight perming your hair, you can use a hair clip to keep the sections separated instead of a hair band.

Now take a section of hair and apply perming solutions to it. Do it for all the sections, and keep it for about half an hour. Then wash the solution with water. Make sure to dry your hair before moving on to the next step.

Take your flat iron now. And iron your hair from right around the base and make an outward stroke toward the lower part. Do it for all the sections. Then apply perm neutralizer to your hair to conclude the process.

Pin Curl Perm

Pin Curl Perm

Pin Curl Perm has a long history. It comes from way before the time when perm rods arrived as a tool for perming hair. Pin Curl Perm has a definite look because it is different from traditional modern perms. For this perm, hair pins or clips are used to hold curls in place.

The Pin Curl Perm has an irresistible vintage look that lives up to its glory days. The hair is usually given a curly shape when it is wet for this perm. And only the fingers and hair clips help achieve the result effortlessly. The perm appears slightly loose and messy due to its almost tool-free process.

How to Get Pin Curl Perm

Although no perm rods were used for Pin Curl Perm traditionally, you can still use it to get this look. We will tell you about both methods below.

First, clean your hair. Then comb your hair for a few minutes until no hair is tangled. Then apply some perm solutions to the hair. Do not use too much solutions as it will disrupt the curling process.

Now separate a few strands of hair. Brush it a few times, and then start rolling it in a curly motion. While you are rolling the strand, you should twist it slightly.

Keep rolling your hair toward the base of the strand. When done rolling, put it inside a hair clip. If you do not want to use your finger but rather utilize a perm rod for this procedure, simply wrap the hair strand around the rod, get the rod out, and then place that rolled curl inside a clip.

After 20 to 30 minutes, wash your hair, and apply some perm neutralizer to complete your Pin Curl Perm process.

Root Perm

Root Perm

Root Perm is exactly what the name suggests. Usually, perming is done on hair, and with the use of chemicals, the shape of the hair is changed. In Root Perm, the perming happens at the base of the hair. It produces a very subtle-looking perm that helps you appear more natural and seamless. Only a few inches of hair from the root is used for this approach.

Since the perming process involves doing all the work close to the scalp of your head, it requires precision. If you are an absolute beginner with perming, you can choose a safer route and take help from others.

How to Get Root Perm

The process for getting Root Perm involves a few steps that must be followed closely. Two types of perming solutions and a neutralizer will be used in this case.

Begin the process by getting a thorough cleaning of your hair. Then apply a prepping solution to the base of your hair. Now, take some small perm rods and wrap your hair around them. Keep them for 15 to 20 minutes before washing off the prepping solution. You must do a deep wash to get rid of any prepping solution from your head.

Now the second solution should be applied to your hair near the base. It is a typical perming solution that will give your hair the desired shape. After applying the solution, wait for about 8 to 10 minutes and then wash your hair.

For the final step, apply a perm neutralizer and be done with it.

Loose Perm

Loose Perm

For men, Loose Perm comes up as one of the best options. It gives them nice and relaxed wavy hair that can only be achieved through this perming process. The traditional perms need you to get tight and small curls to look prominent and voluminous. But Loose Perm offers a much more subtle and spontaneous look that is hard to beat.

While small and medium-sized perming rods are typically used in a perming process, the Loose Perm gets the job done with long or jumbo-sized rods. Using these rods will produce an almost shaggy-looking curl that men always favor for their ecstatic appearance.

How to Get Loose Perm

You will initiate the process of perming your hair in a Loose Perm style by properly cleaning your hair. Then comb your hair and section them into at least five sections.

Now take the hair from each section and comb them again. Next, apply some perming solution to that hair, cover them in perm paper, and wrap them around perming rods of your choice.

Wait for at least 20 minutes before taking your hair off those perming rods. Wash your hair again and finally, use some perm neutralizer to bring back the chemical balance of your hair. And you are done!

Wave Perm

Wave Perm

If you want a middle ground between a traditional perm with frequent curls and a very loose curly look, the Wave Perm offers you the best solution you can think of. It utilizes medium-sized perming rods for the ultimate look. It comes with a much softer look that is appreciated by many men all over the world.

The Wave Perm has an interesting variation called the Beach Wave Perm for long hair. Women love this style for an extended summer appearance. If you are a man with long hair, you too can use this style the same way to achieve your own Beach Wave Perm. Otherwise, a standard Wave Perm is mostly suitable for men with medium hair.

How to Get Wave Perm

Wash your hair in the first step of getting your Wave Perm. Then tap it dry with a towel, and comb it to get rid of all the tangled hair. Next, section your hair into a few parts as per your preference. If you create smaller sections, you will need more time to complete the process but the perming will be more perfect.

Now apply the perming solution to a section of hair. Put that hair inside a perming paper and then wrap it around a medium perming rod. Wait for about 15 minutes before washing your hair again to get rid of the perming solution.

Then apply a good perm neutralizer to finish off the process.

Korean Perm

Korean Perm

In recent times, Korean Perm has been all the rage for men. People now follow Korean culture more closely through various mediums, thanks to short videos, music, and TV shows. This way, men had the chance to get introduced to Korean Perm that originates in South Korea. And everybody loved the voluminous curly look of it!

Korean Perm comes with a specific appearance. It involves getting only the lower half of the hair permed. Also, there are two ways to get your Korean Perm: hot and cold. The hot method will give you loose curls, and it follows the Digital Perm technique which we have discussed in this guide. And the cold method follows just any other traditional perming approach that will always give you tight curls.

How to Get Korean Perm

Depending on which method you want to follow for your Korean Perm, you can achieve two different looks. We will discuss both methods below for you here.

Firstly, get your hair all cleaned and dried up. Then, section your hair and use the perming solution on it. Next, for the hot method, take perming rods that are attached to the Digital Perm machine and wrap your hair around them. And for cold methods, simply take plastic perming rods and follow the same wrapping process.

The hot method will take around 3 to 4 hours to get the perming done. And with the cold method, you will achieve your Korean Perm in just under 2 hours.

Unwrap your hair when the perming is done. Wash your hair to remove all the perming solutions, and apply a neutralizer to complete the process. Easy-peasy!

Messy Perm

Messy Perm

Messy Perm has a bit of everything. It utilizes various perming rods to achieve the naturally messy look that anyone craves. Men specifically love this style for the organized chaos it is. Even with thin hair, this Messy Perm attains the intended look easily which is surprising.

Since this perm gets its look from different perming rods, it is necessary to be careful with the selection. For instance, there must be consistency in perm sizes. You can pick a standard size and use one upper and one lower size rod alongside to create a balanced look. A Messy Perm with a huge rod and a small rod will always look disastrous.

How to Get Messy Perm

For Messy Perm, prepare your hair by cleaning it. Then create little sections of hair all over your head and tie them with hair bands. Next, take each section and wrap them around your selected perm rods

Now apply the perm solution to your wrapped perm rods to let the hair get its curly look. Take the rods out after 8 to 10 minutes.

Make sure to wash your hair again to clean up the perming solution from your hair. Finally, use the perm neutralizer to remove the acidic touch from the hair.

Volume Perm

Volume Perm

The Volume Perm has its target set on making the hair appear fluffier and shaggy even if the hair is on the thinner side. It focuses on getting more waves out of your hair than producing tight curls. Therefore, it uses huge perming rods to achieve the goal.

As the emphasis is on more waves than small curls, the technique for Volume Perm is pretty straightforward. Based on how long your hair is, you can choose your preferred perming rod size. However, we always recommend using the big size for the best result.

How to Get Volume Perm

Clean your hair at the beginning of the perming process for your Volume Perm. Then take a few strands of hair and comb them. Then apply the perming solution there.

In the following step, take some perm paper and wrap the hair with them. Next, take big perming rods, wrap those hair strands around them, and wait for 10 minutes. Rinse your hair with water at this point.

Apply some perming neutralizer to your permed hair to conclude the Volume Perm process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section of the guide, we will answer some of the most asked questions about the types of perm for men. The answers will include more information as well as some important tips for your perm.

Q: How long does a perm last for men?

Ans: Depending on the type, a perm for men may last from 4 months to 12 months.

Q: For a standard perm for men, how much will it cost?

Ans: It usually costs around $50 to $250 for men to get their hair permed.

Q: Does it take too long to get a perm for men?

Ans: It depends on the type of perm you are getting for your hair. Usually, it takes around 1.5 to 6 hours to have the hair permed for a man.

Q: Why are men getting their hair permed?

Ans: Perm styles look excellent because of their voluminous and crispy look. These qualities have attracted men toward perm now more than ever.

Q: Are perms suitable for all hair types?

Ans: Yes. However, getting a perfect perm on thin hair is a tough task. Ask your stylist about your hair type and whether you can get your preferred perm style before you set to do anything else.

Q: Can I get a perm if I have a sensitive scalp?

Ans: Yes, you can. But inform your hairstylist beforehand that you have a sensitive scalp. In that case, they will be careful while doing your perm.

Q: Can I get a perm if I have colored hair?

Ans: Yes, you can. However, we strongly avoid getting your colored hair permed. It can destroy both the color of your hair as well as the hair itself.

Q: Will perm damage my hair?

Ans: Since perming involves the use of strong chemicals, it is possible to get hair damage if the chemical is applied incorrectly. Always consult a good hairstylist to keep hair damage to a minimum for your perming process.

Finishing Thoughts

Perms look stunning on men. The curly look of perms suits any face shape without any problem. Also, it reinvigorates a man with its energetic quality that also helps him appear more confident and high-spirited.

In our article here, we showed 12 different Types of Perm for Men with you. We included a brief description for every type, but for a complete experience, we also included a short guide on how you can get a particular perm style. We further discussed important tips on perms for men in the FAQ section afterward.

We covered everything you may need to know about perms and their types for men here. But if you still have anything in your mind that you want to ask, feel free to shoot them in the comment box below. We will get back to you.

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