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45 Viking Braids For Men With Celebrity Designs & Authentic Styles

As most masculine men dream of the prime hairstyle to bolster up their look, Viking braids for men is a zestful manner to meet the ends! Such designs aren’t confined within the headspace, rather they have the ability to uplift your physicality through unique ideations.

Whether you’re looking for a high and delicate upkeep design or one you could simply throw and don’t check on for hours, this is the perfect getaway for all.

And that’s not all! These are such styles that you can master at the comforts of your home should you feel interested, the techniques are discussed later for your convenience.

Whether it’s a celebrity Viking style that aroused your interest or one that you saw on the trending posts, I’ve got a wide variety of concepts to let you choose from.

So don’t waste any more time and start scrolling right away to grab your flawless style in 2023!

Did Real Vikings Have Braids?

While many argue that the Vikings actually had different hairstyles that the ones we are familiar with in the modern day, it’s not always an accurate take on the matter.

It’s true that the interpretations we make today are based on our own perceptions, but there are historical accounts that support the claim that real Vikings did have braids back in the days.

The ‘Osterby Man’ is a solid proof on the matter. It’s a 2,000 year old Viking skeleton that preserves a well-made, blonde braid design. This, along with numerous paintings, artworks and antique items have displayed different variants of braids worn by Viking warriors.

Thus, I can claim with certainty that real Vikings did have braids, but they may not always look like the ones we see today. But why should that stop us from imagining new designs everyday?

Popular Viking Man Braids In Mainstream Media

The past couple of decades have brought forth Viking braids for men in the pop cultural industry through different films and TV shows. Most of them are based on real Viking designs, so taking a stroll past them should give us a thorough conception on their hairstyles.

Ragnar Hair Braid From Vikings

Ragnar Hair Braid From Vikings

Ragnar’s explosive hairstyle in the TV Show Vikings has ignited an influence of trying out captivating Viking braids for men in the current era. From the hair root to the end, everything consists of thin braids rounded up into a large pony wrapped with cloth ties.

The starkly shaved sides contrast with the top portion beautifully which enunciates the radical tone through the hairdo. Even the nape hair is stripped off completely, making the crown the only region from which you’ll be requiring the hair to pull off this look.

And to finish it, grow a medium beard with minimum upkeep so that the masculine feature is radiated directly. If you’re worried whether your hair length would suffice, you are free to use hair extensions of the same color tone.

Thor’s Endgame Braids

Thor's Endgame Braids

The Avengers franchise from Marvel has been at the top of trending topics since the early 2010s, and their 2019 installment of the saga Endgame witnessed major hairstyle changes of the leading characters.

Thor has been among those crowds who went through a complete makeover and leaned more toward Norse hair styling aesthetics. The God of Thunder flaunted his blonde, beautiful locks into a mixture of loose hair and two thin braids on either side, covered by the rest of the hair.

Above the forehead, his hair is immediately guided toward the opposite directions. His beard seems to have reflected upon this idea and has been made into a ‘V’ shaped braided design. At the tip of the beard, a metal ring with Norse scriptures is the missing factor to finish the look!

Uhtred Of The Last Kingdom

Uhtred of The Last Kingdom

Uhtred is one of the beloved characters on screen of The Last Kingdom series which is all about old English conflicts and relationships between the Vikings and the surrounding regions. Thus, Uhtred’s hairdo is a direct reference to those ancient styles and hair decorations.

His braids are more of an unkempt design as the roughness adds more to Uhtred’s character and the difficult circumstances he usually roams around. An undercut separates the top part completely which carries on to the back as well – much like the Ragnar style.

If you want to mimic this, pull your hair directly toward the back without creating any braids. At the crown’s edge, tie them together with a visible knot and start braiding from that point onward. These braids require time to be formed into dreads during which you can put rings on them.

The Aquaman Braids

The Aquaman Braids

Jason Momoa’s Aquaman look is an astounding factor for both men and women all across the world. While the women simply die for such a masculine look as Momoa’s boldness with the style added a layer of depth to that, men with a good build find hairstyling influence from it too.

It’s a gorgeous design really, a wildly sophisticated interpretation of the Viking braids for men. Caramel hair is the ideal tone to get started with the design. At the top of your head, create four slightly twisted braids that flow toward the back of your head.

There is to be one tight braid on either side of your head going the same direction. The braids down the middle would loosen up to rest over your shoulder and the ones on the side to be formed into a thick plait. Braid only the tip of your pointy beard to finalize the design!

Young Ragnar Braids

Young Ragner Braids

There’s a significant array of differences between Ragnar’s younger and older self as well as the way they’d wear their hair. Instead of starting the thin braids from the nape, the young prodigy would put them on display starting from the fringe of the forehead.

These very thin, time consuming formations of braids last till they reach the very end of each hair strand. Ideal length for this look should cross your shoulder, so you can guess it’s a hefty crafting process.

This style has similarities as well with the older look as it too relies on an undercut all the way around. A well-kept beard with neat edge lines radiates a calming aura from the look. The contrast between the two looks highlights the level of masculinity and roughness – so it’s up to you which version of Ragnar you want to be!

Ivar The Boneless Look

Ivar The Boneless Look

Ivar is the son of Ragnar in the same Vikings series and has gifted hairstyling enthusiasts like ourselves with a grand look to be implemented in our style! If you didn’t know, he received the ‘boneless’ name upon his birth when his feet seemed to be twisted without any bone.

The style Ivar carries on through the series consists of one larger braid down the middle while three thinner ones on each side. To pay homage to his father’s iconic looks, Ivar too implements an undercut all around – a common trait in Viking braids.

These braids are kept very close to the scalp as they climb over the nape area and lay on to the shoulder up front. Twisting is a way to go about these braids since the styling technique doesn’t follow the typical pattern.

More Viking Braids For Men!

Let me put some more Scandinavian hairstyles on display that are interpretations by different hair stylists all across the globe so that your ideation process becomes much easier!

Viking Style Dreadlocks

Viking Style Dreadlocks

Now we’re entering the more engaging and complex variants of the Viking styles – the dreadlocks. As you can tell, it’s going to take a long time for the dreads to form, so commit only if you are certain about it. Otherwise, leaving it halfway would deprive you from reaching the peak.

Trim down all of your hair leaving everything intact up top. It’s not always necessary that you do all of it with your hair as hair extension is a valid option in this regard. Create thin braids using your original hair and the extension with a mixture of ribbon wrapped around each.

Use these braids to form a larger braid and have it settle down with decorations attached. Give it proper time so that the dreads settle in, and flaunt it with pride outside!

Male Viking Mohawk Braids

Male Viking Mohawk Braids

As fusion is the name of the game at this moment in the styling industry, add opposing concepts to generate some unique takes on Viking braids. For instance, a merger between the Nordic design with a radical mohawk approach can boost you forward in terms of styling points.

Start by shaving off everything except for the hair on top. Let the hair’s portion continue halfway down the nape. With this long hair, create rows of thin braids and let all of them wrapped around one another with a hair clip fastening. Final touch includes boxing up the braid roots.

Viking Box Braids

Viking Box Braids

Box braids refers to the boxing out the braid roots with a use of sharp tools. It makes up for a very neat Viking design as you’ll get to take alternate paths toward braiding. From each of the boxes, create thin braids that are tied at the crown’s edge toward the back of your scalp.

Use these braids to make into a large plait of hair lying idly over your shoulder. Some of the braids are to be set loose from that plait as an added decoration. Undercut the rest of the head and mix in a fully grown beard that fuels your masculine tone for this unique look!

Viking Undercut Braids

Viking Undercut Braids

If your hair is of a lighter tone than dark knight black, it’s wiser to go for distinctive braiding designs as the texture would be made visible under sunlight. Isolate your longer hair in two sections by mid parting them and start forming one long braid on either side of your head.

You need to use all of the hair body from your crown and partially from your nape. Sharpen up the fringes by applying an undercut with neat lines that separate the two sections. A bulky, wide beard can always enhance such looks as facial hair is an essential Viking characteristic!

Elvish Braids

Elvish Braids

Although Elves are known to be mythological beings or fictional species, it shouldn’t refrain you from using your imagination. The Elvish aesthetics always contain fine, white hair with a touch of tone that you can select based on your preference.

Merge a Viking trait to this look with a minimal approach by starting with the usual – an undercut all around and braids with loose hair. The loose portion should sit down the middle and flow freely down, combed up at perfection.

One thin braid on each side must continue along the loosened up hair and reach the end in the same direction. A stubble on top of it could hardly have you missed out by every onlooker around!

Dragon Braid For Men

Dragon Braid For Men

The rampant display of Viking braids for men is taken to the next level with the introduction of a viking style dragon braid that male love so often. Dense hair is ideal for the dragon characteristics to surface as it’s built on the foundation of one thick braid losing radius slowly.

Shave off everything from each side up to the hairlines, with a similar treatment to the back region reaching a few inches below the crown. All the hair you have left is to be put into this enormous braid which keeps on climbing down until the point you have no more hair left.

Two Short Braids

Two Short Braids

Beard and braid is a complementary duo in this genre of hairstyles and you don’t always need to play around with longer hair to achieve striking results. Instead, your shorter hair can still commit to the Viking trends if you know how to work them around perfectly on your crown.

It places two short braids up for grabs with a partition down the middle of your head. With whatever you have, let these braids reach the end of your crown and the rest of it hanging down. A longer beard with a distinct undercut should settle the matter for this look!

Norse Braid

Norse Braid

The Nordic region is the birthplace of these trendsetting braid designs and the source of ideation in the current era. You can tighten up your haircut with a fine undercut or even a high fade, making your hairline apparent on either side of your head.

Pull out four major braids and two minor ones in between and have them all meet at the peak of your nape. Then, combine all of them and give them a couple of twists to isolate the section. That point onward, create one thick braid using the smaller ones up till your neck.

The rest of the braid should be let loose like the tail of a pony.

Viking Cornrows

Viking Cornrows

Cornrows are ecstatically used in African hairstyles and ones with natural hair have popularized this technique over the course of time, as a tribute to their roots. But if you’re someone who prefers experimenting with modern styles, why not fuse this with Viking aesthetics?

Create three cornrows on each side to begin with. Guide these cornrows at the back of your head and merge into one large tail. To keep it in place, use hair bands at frequent intervals so that none of the braids can find their way out. A designer’s beard can never dampen the style.

Smooth Five Plaits

Smooth Five Plaits

The five plait design has been crashing down the internet with a fohawk-ish tendency attained through some gorgeous looking brown braids. This style too is found upon your crown region while everything else is scrapped off using a good clipper with sharp teeth.

Starting from the front, you’ll need to create thin lines of braids flowing at the direction of your nape. Mimic this pattern four more times and tie up the ends with a hair band so that they don’t come loose. To go extra, you can even trim off the area in between the braids for a more sharp contrast!

Mini Braids Male Style

Mini Braids Male Style

As mini braids cater more toward women’s styling guidelines, male too can generate a variant based on the Vikings traditions. An undercut is placed as the sub-structure to the unique design placed over the crown, directing toward the back.

The braids incorporate a zig-zag pattern upon which each of the braids is knitted. There’s going to be a total of seven mini braids, barely reaching your nape. Let them loose at the end and tie them together into a small bun.

Half Up Half Down Viking Hair

Half Up Half Down Viking Hair

Half up half downs bring justice to the Viking looks as this particular one endorses not too many braids with your hair body. Rather, it keeps a loose portion on the crown that you’ll tie up on your nape into a ponytail and let the end loose from that point onward.

On your hairlines, you’ll create a magnificent pair of braids with another pair using the hair on the sides. With your caramel toned hair and a dense beard shaped out neatly, this style can woo any woman who has good taste.

Viking Faux Hawk Braid

Viking Faux Hawk Braid

As I’ve shown you a couple of mohawk ideas that you can do in this genre of hairstyles, faux hawks aren’t a far-fetched concept either! You’ll need to clean out everything with a razor apart from the hair on top as that’s your core area of work.

Go for twist braids on  your scalp and after a few inches, feed in some extensions so that they can form into dreads. Keep the ends pointy using hair gel so that the look becomes exquisitely sharp at all occasions!

Braids On Top Of Head For Male

Braids On Top of Head for Male

It’s one of the most eye-soothing and neat hairstyles in this category and looking at the design should tell you why I think this way. The basic concept is braids on top of head, male population can greatly benefit from them.

Since there’s no need to keep the side hair, you’ll carefully morph your braids on your crown. Upon reaching the nape line, let the braids become one long plait going beyond your shoulder length.

Dreadlock Mohawk Undercut

Dreadlock Mohawk Undercut

If you really want to commit to the Viking design, I’ll ask you to do it properly with dreadlocks as these are meant to last for months. A loose undercut would see you trim down your hair all the way around at a length not too short.

Over your head, create braids using your original hair and feed in extensions if necessary. Let all of it down with short braids on your hairline that would hug the dreads firmly in place. Over time, it’ll turn out to be a low-maintenance, high impact mohawk design!

Short & Simple Braids For Men

Short and Simple Braids for Men

This short & simple design echoes the mini braids style that I showed you earlier. The key difference between the two is how you size up your braids and the amount of hair you must put in.

Start by creating seven hair sections among which three would consume the most of your hair. These three thick braids would sit down the middle and opposite fringes. In between, two thin braids on each side should meet the rest over the nape into a small bun.

One Braid With Bald Fade

One Braid with Bald Fade

Bald fads generally cater to the ones who prefer to follow a loose hair routine and don’t have the luxury of time to treat the hair frequently. With your medium hair, create a single braid down the middle which is the attraction point of the entire look.

You are allowed to wax up your hair so that they seem tight and shiny. Grow an equal sized beard to complement the look and render you a man with distinctive taste.

Viking French Braid

Viking French Braid

French braids are often aesthetically soothing designs that men-women alike endorse into their looks. Although Viking braids don’t generally walk down this avenue, it’s not a crime should you choose to fuse up these two concepts in your look.

While the French braids would take place on the sides of your head, you’ll take the nicely brushed top hair to be made into a nice bun. A color mixture can settle the look and radiate a suave aura.

Nordic Braids

Nordic Braids

Nordic braids imply the introduction of braid rows all over the head without any hint of undercut or fade techniques. The rule of thumb is three braids on either side that gradually lose their girth with the thickest one going down the middle of your head.

Regular braiding technique can easily reach you at the conclusion of the styling with a neatly lined beard for added effect. The plaits can rest easy over your shoulder without having to deal with them even on the longest days.

Warrior Braids For Male With Beard

Warrior Braids for Male with Beard

Warrior braids refer to the look that Nordic fighters usually wore during the days of battle. It vibes out a menacing design formed into dreadlocks with the least amount of upkeep due to the lack of maintenance opportunities.

Braids start from the top and they climb down the shoulder into tight twists. Over time, they’d mature into dreads which you can decorate with braids. A good, strong beard will remind everyone of your masculine personality reflected on your look.

Fancy Bubble Braids

Fancy Bubble Braids

Go ecstatic with these fancy braids that borrow conceptions from the Viking trends. It’s really a modern take on the ancient design using sharply shaved sides with long bubble braids flowing down.

If you’re using hair extensions, make sure to pick bleached color with a subtle rosemary tone. Braid at the roots till your nape and feed in the extensions. Tie hair bands at two inch intervals up to your hair’s end.

Braided Beard

Braided Beard

Like the design of Thor we discussed earlier, braiding your beard is also a part of Viking aesthetics. Many of them used to focus on their beard instead of hair, and that made room for some captivating designs!

Don’t worry if your head is completely shaved or contains a receding hairline. Using your beard, create three distinct braids, two of which starting from your mustache ends and one down the middle.

Viking Braids On Short Hair

Viking Braids on Short Hair

If you’re hyped up to implement a piece of Viking braids for men into your look but can’t wait till your hair grows, I got a solution for you. Your short hair can easily be made into a Vikings look by braiding only the roots.

You don’t need your braids to go over your shoulders, rather they can rest on your neck to emanate the same effect. A beard with sharp edges has the ability to enhance it further.

Luxury Braids With Sharp Undercut

Luxury Braids with Sharp Undercut

Land as the most ravishing individual in the tri-state area with a luxurious braid settled perfectly down the middle of your head. It’ll consist of the area from the front of your head till the end of the nape to be made into this thick design.

Isolate it by throwing in a sharp undercut which can be regarded as an extended burst fade-ish design. A beard always helps out with such alluring looks!

3 Braids Men Style

3 Braids Men Style

Men these days are flaunting a 3 braids style that in the end are wrapped into one large pony behind the nape. It’s delicate yet agile, and this contrastive nature remarks is at a highly attractive hairdo in 2023!

First braid on top, second on the side and third on the nape is the way of progression. Upon wrapping, tie hair bands frequently to hold the pony in place.

Cool Viking Braids

Cool Viking Braids

Tone down the radical nature with this cool rendition of Viking braids that relish with thin rows flowing over your head. You’ll need to be quite precise with it as knitting down thin plaits isn’t an easy task and it’s meant to test your patience.

But once you’re there, clean up the sides and shape down your beard for a calm and collective design.

Modern Viking Haircut

Modern Viking Haircut

A modern take on the Viking haircuts sees you mingle with multiple tones, preferably black and golden to proudly present your creative prowess. With an undercut making room for the rest, a thick braid down the middle with mixed color should start off your venture.

For the sides, create two rows of thin braids on either side following the same color combination. All of this should add up to one thick braid embossed out from the nape region.

Viking Top Knot

Viking Top Knot

Try out the knotting technique over your crown that resembles the Viking braids confined within a smaller space. It’s for those who don’t feel like toying with longer hair since it’s not always an easy task to find proper placement in different circumstances.

Instead, you can knot the braids down the middle with everything removed from the sides and have the knot end at your nape for a minimal design!

Casual Viking Style With Rings

Casual Viking Style with Rings

A casual look can always aid you in the long run as these are easy to design and yet has the capability of making you look fanciable. Two loosely made braids on each side with one down the middle that starts at your nape, leaving the top hair out of the twists.

Add rings while braiding the sides and merge all the braids together right above your neck. A short beard can never hurt if you maintain the fringes regularly.

3 Braids On Top Of Head

3 Braids on Top of Head

Another edition of the three braids style sees a very easygoing design that’s highly convenient to carry around due to the length. Sharp undercut isolating the top portion so that the braids can form without any intervention.

One down the middle with one touching down on each side, decorate the braids using rings or beads so that they look agonizing at every glance!

Viking Knots Hair With Beard

Viking Knots Hair with Beard

Create a bunch of tiny braids on the top of your head and have them flow toward the ridge of your crown. Have them all knotted into one large Viking braid that’s flicked down onto your neck.

Rising from the hair’s absence of your undercut, a large beard formation will match the knot’s styling aspects and boost it forward!

Mr. Smooth & Sleek

Mr Smooth and Sleek

Dye your hair into a blonde tone to endorse a gorgeous take on the Viking hairdos! With your long hair resting at the back, pull everything together into a tight ponytail and draw one sleek braid from that point.

A long beard almost reaching your chest would only glorify the smooth look, with regular combing to preserve the delicate effect.

Thick Down The Middle

Thick Down The Middle

A thick braid down the middle always stresses on the Viking feature as it’s a bold statement of the Nordic aesthetics. It requires some dense hair on your account to be made into such a voluminous braid.

Three gradually thinner braids should be embedded as we move toward the sides. All of the braids are to remain independent with ends set loose.

Short Rugged Braid & Beard

Short Rugged Braid and Beard

Ones with a very strong build and visible muscle can opt for this rugged look so that your edges are more enhanced. Such complementing hairstyles are a smart way to upgrade your look and this short braid down the middle gives you precisely that opportunity.

I recommend you to grow a beard with this look so that it hints further at your masculinity. Carry a ‘don’t care’ attitude to solidify this enigmatic design!

Half Dreads With A Braid

Half Dreads with a Braid

As dreads are currently a trending matter in the styling industry, you may want to commit to the style without having to wait for a long time to let them settle in. For that, half dreads can be an area in between your desire and duration which bolsters your look upward as well.

Take all of your hair and bring it to your nape for a fine braid. On either side of your nape, create dreads with thinner braids that are set loose upon reaching your shoulder, and voila!

Five Butterfly Locks On Nape

Five Butterfly Locks on Nape

Butterfly lock itself is a magnificent creation in the braiding category. Placing five unique butterflies on your nape with a triangle shape on each of their roofs can blow off the roof of popular fashion trends.

Cut down all of your hair except for a round patch on your nape. From there, create five butterfly locks with seamless intervals and shape down the root area precisely for perfection.

The Ultra Modern Viking

The Ultra Modern Viking

Render yourself as an ultra modern individual who values the past trends and carries that in his looks with this Viking design. Something like a mohawk braid design down the middle should be adorned with cyan tones on the outskirts.

In the area between mid fade and mohawk, sketch out a unique triangular design to give in to the modern aesthetics!

Vivid Viking Style

Vivid Viking Style

If your imagination is vivid and vibrant, don’t let that slip away as you can implement them into some Viking braids for men! Even with your short braids, you can pick two colors and dye your hair alternatively in six sections.

Then, braid these sections so that each of them contain plaits of two different colors that paves way for an enchanted hairdo!

Braided Crown, Fringe & A Tail

Braided Crown Fringe and a Tail

The last Viking braid I’m about to show you is a completely hybrid design merged with three different concepts into one. An undercut to set off the braided crown down the middle that turns into a golden tail after the nape and a fringe up front mimicking the likes of an Edgar cut.

It’s a sharp yet captivating look for men to try at every corner of the world!

How To Do Viking Braids At Home?

Let me be the one to guide you through the complex passage of doing Viking braids all by yourself without any external help. We’ll proceed assuming you have selected a style from my list and know exactly what you want out of the procedure.

Step 1: Divide Your Hair

According to your preferred design, divide your hair portion. I generally divide it into three parts because the surrounding areas are often lost due to an undercut injection.

Use multiple combs or hair clips to fasten your hair areas so that they stay out of the way from your blade’s operation.

Step 2: Treat The Surrounding Hair

If your look contains a fade or an undercut (like most Viking braids generally do), let your clipper be your guide through your hair. Create a shaved design at your hairline should the occasion call for it.

This treatment generally encompasses the sides as well as the nape region, leaving the only work surface at your crown. It won’t always be the same, so treat your sides according to your plan.

Step 3: Dye Accordingly (Optional)

In most cases, Viking braids contain a blonde or caramel tone. Not all of us are born naturally with that color, so you have the luxury of bleaching and coloring your hair as per your design demands.

Step 4: Start Braiding

Now comes the difficult part – the braiding. Usually, you’ll take a group of hair and divide them into three smaller strands. You’ll take each, lay it flat and always have the other one to go above the selected strand and beyond the third.

Keep moving toward the right in terms of strand selection. It’ll aid you in drawing out the neatest braids. You can even go for the twisting method if you’re looking forward to achieving dreadlocks.

Step 5: Feed-in Extension (Optional)

If you don’t have the length yet want to go for a longer hairdo immediately, buy hair extensions off the market. Pick a color that’ll cater to your design and feed them in while you braid.

Stitching is a little more challenging, so I’d suggest you to do a thorough research on the matter and check out a few videos on Youtube before doing it practically.

Step 6: Finalize The Look

Settle the affair by decorating your braids with rings or braids. Fasten the ends with hair bands or you can even wrap ribbons at regular intervals – it’s all up to your taste and original design.

Some designs require you to wax your hair or comb them thoroughly, so keep these at your arm’s reach.

Following these six steps roughly, you’ll hopefully reach a conclusion that resembles the design you set out for!


I’ll answer a few commonly asked questions regarding Viking braids for men so that the foundation of your knowledge on the matter becomes much stronger than before!

Q: What are Viking braids called?

A: Viking braids go by a lot of other names, among which ‘Nordic braid’ is the most common and authentic title as it pays homage to the origin.

Q: What culture invented braids?

A: Although braids are seen at different parts of the world with unique origin stories tied to them, historians suggest that the Fulani people were the first to invent it in North Africa. It follows the feed-in technique which is more common than the stitch or other similar methods.

Q: What does a Viking braid symbolize?

A: A Viking braid isn’t only for men, but for women as well. While it symbolizes power and strength for men, which is why it’s part of the warriors’ look, for women it’s a symbol of status.


It’s been a long and enjoyable journey I reckon, through the classic as well as modern takes on Viking braids for men. I personally like this concept way more than most other designs due to its adaptability with time as well as the suckerpunch impact it has on the viewers.

Fabulous braids with fancy colors, not to mention the supreme lengths – altogether they set you up to look like a Nordic warrior in the most masculine way possible.

Beards often help out with these looks, so I’d say consider growing and maintaining one to enhance your look a few levels further.

The Viking fever is eminent and there’s only one option left for you to choose – which style among these you are going to implement to your look as soon as possible!

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