About Wahl

 Wahl brand manufactured items have an excellent reputation with their many products, which can be counted on for convenience and affordable pricing. In 1984, Wahl became the first inventor and manufacturer of cordless beard and mustache trimmers for consumers. All of their products are created in a Wahl factory from beginning to end, and the company includes top-notch quality and durability when creating all of their products. The Wahlcompany itself has been in business for over 89 years, after its inception in Sterling, Illinois. With so many years of experience in the manufacturing of the cordless trimmer, Wahl is a trustworthy choice for anyone seeking exceptional products.

Overall Specification

Height9.8 Inches
Width3.1 Inches
Depth1.5 Inches
Weight3.2 Ounces
Blade TypeRotary
Number of Heads2 Heads
Trimmer ForEar Nose, Brow
Precision Ground BladesYes
Corded / Cordless ShavingCordless
Battery TypeAA
Price Range$5-$10
Rating3.8 Rated By 110
Warranty2 Yr

 About the Product

The Wahl 5567-200  Nose trimmer is a outstanding product for anyone seeking convenience in a trimmer. It is battery-operated, so there is no cord that needs to be plugged in, and it can be taken anywhere. It also includes the battery necessary to use it, which is rechargeable. This product is especially useful for anyone who is looking for a first-rate, on-the-go product that will make trimming a fast, clean job without any snags.

Wahl 5567-200 Nose Trimmer – Check Price!!

It is also very lightweight and compact, and is very safe to use, which prevents any nicks or cuts on the skin. This product is very precise, so anyone who selects a Wahl ear, nose, and brow trimmer for their grooming needs can expect a very clean, professional-looking trim that won’t ever leave them thinking that using it is anything but fast and easy.

There are many factors of this product that make it convenient and useful for anyone in need of a trimmer, besides it’s compactness and precision. This trimmer is watertight and very durable, so it can be used in or out of the shower, which will help you to cut down on the time taken to get ready, especially on mornings when you need to begin your day as quickly as possible.

This is also an excellent feature of the product because it will make cleaning it even easier to do. It will not need to be taken apart to be cleaned or rinsed, simply run it under water to remove any hair from the trimmer and set it aside for the next use.

Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon.com This convenient trimmer includes safety, quality, and convenience all in one product. It comes with  a rotary blade, which can cleanly remove any unwanted hair from the ear or nose. In addition, it also includes a reciprocating detail blade which can be used to create a professional look when it is used to trim facial hair, including sideburns, eyebrows and mustaches. Any look created by this product will be very clean and professional-looking, since the blades of this trimmer are of such high quality. For safety, this trimmer also includes a cap to protect both you and the blade, which will help the product to last even longer.

The Wahl Ear Nose and Brow Dual Trimmer is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a trimmer that includes easy use and professional-looking results.

Customer Reviews
The Wahl Ear Nose and Brow Dual Trimmer has very positive reviews and ratings, because not only is it convenient, but it is affordable. This product does the best job possible, and its affordability is also convenient enough that anyone in need of this type of trimmer won’t have to think twice about whether it is worth the buy. This is because it is an easy to find product, whether in store or online, and you will never feel that you have spent too much on something that you will use on a regular basis.

The Wahl company provides great customer service, and has been manufacturing its items for many years. They have unbeatable experience with this type of product, since Wahl is the original creator of this item, and they can be trusted for exceptional customer satisfaction.



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