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Wahl Detailer vs Andis T-Outliner vs Andis GTX: Which One Of These Trimmers Is Better?

Cutting your own hair, a slight clean up around the edges or styling your beard is not too much of a difficult task. But it is very easy to mess up!

More than how confident you are of your skills, it is about having the right tools… the right machines to make your life easier. Hair clippers or trimmers may not be the most talked about gadget in your house, but it most definitely deserves more attention.

Get ready for the showdown between the best of the best hair clippers or trimmers for you!

When it comes to trimmers, whether it is for your beard or your hair, Wahl and Andis are some of the first brand names that come up. They come in various models with different types of features some suited for professional use in salons & barbershops while others are more suited for personal use at home.

So, when looking for the right trimmer for your everyday use, you have to skillfully pick the right trimmer. Now, obtaining that skill is not that easy. There is more to selecting the right product than just looking at the price. It is not always true that the most expensive product is the best or even if it is, it may not be the best for your specific needs!

I present to you a comparison based, complete review of the best hair trimmers available in the market today. Let the battle begin: Wahl Detailer vs Andis T-Outliner vs Andis GTX!

Hope this review helps with your dilemma for styling your look!

In-depth Comparison Table

FeaturesWahl Detailer Andis Outliner Andis GTX
Motor typeRotaryMagnetic Magnetic
Blade typeT-blade T-blade T-blade
Weight7 oz11 ounce11 ounce
Height5 inches5.2 inches5.5 inches
Cord length 2.4 meters2.4 meters2.4 meters
Includes3 combsN/A4 combs
VoltageUSA onlyUSA onlyUSA only
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon See On Amazon

Wahl Detailer Trimmer Review

Leo J. Wahl was the first to invent a hand-held electric clipper in 1919. To this day, Wahl resonates the belief of its founder of producing reasonably priced products to enhance the lives of everyday people. They offer a wide range of premium quality devices for reasonable prices that provide people with hair and skin care solutions.

Wahl Detailer Trimmer

The Wahl Detailer is a lightweight trimmer from Wahl Professional’s commercial line of products that feels very easy on the hand. It is compact and easily fits in the palm of your hands, while delivering powerful performance like a full size trimmer.

It offers an aesthetic design with extremely high level of quality control along with providing top-notch precision and functionality. It is a lightweight and compact model that make the device travel friendly and easy to use on the go, wherever and whenever. Let’s look at what functions it offers, its design, its blade and the accessories it comes with.


The appealing design is simple and is quite reliable when it comes to delivering sharp performances as required of a premium trimmer of its caliber. It is especially made for professional uses only. The model comes with a rotary motor that makes for a powerful performance in shaving and trimming away without creating much noise. It also provides the power expected for a full size trimmer, yet the whole device is lightweight & compact.

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Wahl Detailer comes with an adjustable T-blade for a precise cut. The blade equipped with this trimmer is high quality. The blade is not only useful for regular use but specifically designed for lining and artistic designs. This offers more options for styling a variety of hairstyles and beards for special occasions. The blades do not need high maintenance and work effectively without the need for greasing or using other products. It can be simply cleaned with a spray, which is provided in the package.


The Wahl Detailer comes in a package consists of all required accessories.

  • The Wahl Detailer Trimmer
  • Three attachment combs with 3 sizes of cutting guides (1/16”, 1/8”, and 1/4”)
  • A small container of oil
  • A cleaning brush
  • A red blade guard
  • Set of instructions with best usage, cautions, etc.


The Wahl Detailer is a powerful, compact trimmer that offers top-notch precision and performance and it specializes in lining and styling artwork. The trimmer’s rotary motor helps in precision cuts required for styling beards and hair. The three different attachment combs provide expert guidance for users. The variable sizes offer extra options for styling your hair. The 8 foot long cord is made of professional grade, chemical resistant material for durability and mobility.

Andis T-Outliner Trimmer Review

The Andis T-Outliner is an appealing trimmer!

Andis is a brand which introduced itself in Europe almost a century ago! In more than 80 years since its products first appeared in the European market, it continues to expand and is currently available in more than 90 countries around the globe. They provide some of the most top performing tools used by barbers, stylists, groomers and consumers for clippers, trimmers, dryers, blades, curling irons, flat irons & more.

Andis T-Outliner

A stylish model which makes the shaving experience more personalized than most others. While offering a lot more in functions, it is still very simple & easy to use for everyday users at home or by professionals in salons and barbershops. Its appeal is in the stylistic design with no compromises made in its performance. Let’s look a bit more in detail at its design, blade, accessories and functions.


T-Outliner is lightweight and the design is quite stylish one with color options between a pretty grey or silver exterior. The clippers make your shaving experience neat allowing an extremely close and clean cut, the capability of being zero-gapped.


The blades of the Andis T-Outliner are of carbon steel material and T-shaped for precise detailing. It comes with a powerful magnetic motor which makes the process fast, effective & efficient. The magnetic motor and the carbon steel material used for the blade give a noise free and risk free trimming experiences.

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The Andis T-Outliner comes in a package consists of the following accessories.

  • A Zero gapper tool
  • A Cool care spray
  • A T-Outliner blade


It is equipped with numerous blade types such as the T-shaped carbon steel blade which can be adjusted for a more customized shaving experience. It’s great for trimming the neck area,short beards, mustaches, and the edges around ears. The Andis T-Outliner is a device which is ideal for dry shaving which means it can be cleaned very easily before any use. It does not necessarily need to be greased with oil, but it is suggested for a fluent performance.

The trimmer shaves close without the risks for any bumps or nicks on the face and smooth shave in all other sensitive areas. The machine sits comfortably in your hand while giving plenty of room to move around with its 8 foot heavy duty cord. The motor runs in high-speed, but the powerful magnetic motor does not overheat and is quiet & comforting to your ears.

Andis Gtx T-Outliner Trimmer Review

Andis has a great reputation for their tools which are known for top performance. They are one of the most recommended brands by professionals in the hair care industry for the best consumer products such as clippers, trimmers, dryers, blades, curling irons, flat irons & more.

We just discussed one the most well reputed Andis trimmers, the T-Outliner so, why the GTX? Well, simply because it’s an even more improved version of the regular T-Outliners.

Andis GTX

The Andis GTX is a model that makes shaving and trimming effortless, especially for styling beards. It specializes in dry shaving for those looking for a stylist yet casual look with their beards and a neat, clean and precise lining for their hairstyle.

Let’s look at from other aspects such as the design, the blade, accessories and its functionalities.


The Andis GTX is stylishly designed mostly for professional use. The stylish design is complimented by simplistic control. It has a single-cord tiny motor that excels in precision, efficiency and overall performance. The black beauty with carbon steel blades give it a sleek, slim and stylish look.


The blades are made of hardened high quality carbon-steel for a long cutting life. With its high quality hardened carbon steel blades, it provides fine detailing and a longer and sharper duration of cutting life. The blades do not need to be replaced or maintained as often.

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The Andis GTX comes in a kit consisting of the following accessories.

  • A Zero gapper tool
  • A blade oil
  • A fixed T blade
  • Four attachment combs in varying sizes


This carbon steel blade equipped trimmer consists of a noiseless magnetic motor that helps in fading and outlining. The blade is a close-cutting T-blade with its teeth focusing on precisions for cutting & styling beard and hair lining. The magnetic motor runs quietly and is cool during usage even with its high speed performance.

Similarities & Common Features between Wahl Detailer, Andis T-Outliner & Andis GTX

We can safely assume that since there are two models from the same manufacturer, Andis, they will have more similarities between them (Andis GTX and Andis T-Outliner). Being from the same maker, they will share more common features than that of Wahl Detailer. Wahl is a completely different manufacturer and will definitely stand out. However, when looking at the many similarities, it will be harder for you to decide between the three models.

  • Devices Built for the Same Purpose

All three are handheld electric clippers that are run by a single speed motor. The primary usage for all three are dry shaving, detailing, lining, and styling beards or hair styles. They all have the same voltage input or output of 120V & 60 Hz.

  • Style & Design

All three come in a similar color scale of the classic black, silver or grey. They are compact in design for easy storage and mobility.

  • Performance

In terms of performance they are similar in power all using a single speed motor. The motor runs in high speeds yet quiet and soothing to your ears and stays cool without overheating.

  • Accessories & Comfort in Operation

They all have a standard 8 foot long cord which is perfect for providing a wider work area. They all come with varying sizes of combs for styling. They all come in a kit including all basics needed for a standard unit with easy instructions for usage and maintenance.

  • Devices Built by the Same Manufacturer

Both the Andis T-Outliner and the Andis GTX have a magnetic motor and are ideal for dry shaving. Their blades do not require much cleaning or maintenance and can be used conveniently anytime. Both models consist of blades which are made of Carbon steel. Both are very lightweight as well.

Differences between Wahl Detailer, Andis T-Outliner & Andis GTX

Andis GTX and Andis T-Outliner will have more in common because they obviously belong to the same brand. But at the same time, they are quite different with each having a specific functionality for a specific purpose. Wahl Detailer differs in terms of the manufacturer and will have its share of differences with the others.

There are many differences between the three models when it comes to the motor, trimmer, blades and clippers.

  • Motor: Which has the most power?

Both of models by Andis, the Andis T-Outliner and the Andis GTX have electromagnetic motors whereas the Wahl Detailer has a rotary motor. This is one of the most major differences between them! Magnetic motors are much quieter compared to rotary motors. The magnetic motors in the Andis models offer an incredible 7200 strokes per minute (SPM). Also, magnetic motors are generally cooler compared to rotary motors which may heat up with long time use.

  • Accessories: What’s in the kit?

Only Andis T-Outliner consist of clippers for close & clean cut for trimming facial hair but the Wahl Detailer or the Andis GTX do not consist of any clippers. This gives T-Outliner an obvious upper hand between the three models as it proves to be more useful.

  • Size & Weight: Which one is easier to work with?

The Wahl Detailer is much lighter & smaller compared to both the Andis T-Outliner and the Andis GTX. Both the Andis models weigh more than 11.2 ounces while the Wahl Detailer weighs less than 7 ounces.

  • Blades: Which has the best precision?

The blades in each of the models are of a different kind. The Wahl Detailer is specifically designed for designing and artwork. The blades are made of adjustable wide T-blade #2215. Though both the models of Andis hair trimmers are made of Carbon steel blades, each blade differs in both function and making.

The Andis GTX is specifically made of hardened carbon steel with deep teeth and T-shaped for outlining and fading. While the Andis T-Outliner is specifically made of wide T-shaped Carbon steel blade that is most helpful for dry shaving. The blades of the T-Outliner do need maintenance unlike the others. But greasing the blades with oil before every use ensures long term durability, top class performance and safe storage of the blades.

  • Color, Style & Design: Which one has the best look?

The colors of the models, as discussed earlier are different from each other, yet they are all in the classic theme of hair clipper colors. The Andis T-Outliner is available in both grey and silver. The Andis GTX is available only in the color black. Wahl Detailer is available only in the color silver. All three colors (black, silver & grey) compliment the metallic look of hair clippers!

Wahl Detailer vs Andis T-Outliner

As we know quite clearly now that, when we talk about trimmers, these two companies are most comfortably the battle to watch. The reputation of the Andis T-Outliner is legendary and the premium response from Wahl is the Detailer.

Let’s look at the head to head comparison between these two great products!

In comparison, the body, design and styles of the Wahl Detailer vs Andis T-Outliner is very much contrasting. They are polar opposites!

Wahl Detailer vs Andis T-Outliner

The Andis T-Outliner is heavy, bulky and gives off the feel of raw power, clearly the pick my most professionals. The size is a bit larger in comparison and the weight is much heavier weighing more than 11 ounces.

On the other hand, the Wahl Detailer would be the most preferred by casual home users due to its lighter, smaller and the comfort of its easy on the hands design. The size is very compact and the weight is very light in comparison weighing less than 7 ounces.

Now let’s discuss the motor performance of the two!

The Wahl Detailer is equipped with a rotary motor. While the performance is top notch, they tend to be a bit noisy. It provides power of a full size trimmer, while being so compact. The Andis T-Outliner, on the other hand, is equipped with an electromagnetic motor with up to 7200 strokes per minute (SPM). A display of excellent performance output capability!

The blades of the two trimmers are very different in design & purpose as well.

Wahl Detailer is equipped with its own T-wide #2215 blade made of stainless steel. The blade is perfectly designed for edge ups, beard trimmings and professional looking outlines. You can even get crisp & sharp lines for mustaches. But the wide blade will not give enough scope for maneuvering smaller areas like the mustache.

The T-Outliner blades are also made of stainless steel but they are carbon-coated for extra durability. The blade is not too wide like the Detailer and is perfect for outlining, trimming and even better for necklines and ear edges.

Both of these are definitely worth it but are more suitable depending on our own personal needs. The Andis T-Outliner is more suitable for professionals while the Wahl Detailer is more suitable for casual at home use.

Andis T-Outliner vs Andis GTX

The Andis T-Outliner and the Andis GTX are both made by Andis and are granted to have more similarities than differences as earlier discussed.

The major differences between the two lie in their functionality. The specifications are quite similar being from the same manufacturer. They definitely differ in the efficiency and specialties of their functionality which are suited to personalized needs of users than anything else.

Andis T-Outliner vs Andis GTX

The Andis T-Outliner and GTX are both similar in size, weight and their single speed electromagnetic motors. Both of these motors offer excellent power of 7200 strokes per minute (SPM). The noises made by these motors are similar but the GTX is more of a showstopper with a more distinct roar. They also run cooler for similar amount of time.

The blades of the T-Outliner are Carbon-steel and T-shaped while the blades of the GTX are hardened Carbon-steel T-shaped with deeper teeth better for thicker hair. The blades of the GTX are more premium in comparison to the blades in the T-Outliner.

Now, the premium blades are not because of its make, material or any other factors rather it’s the functionality where they perform differently. So, the T-Outliner is ideal for shorter hair while, the GTX is better for longer & thicker hair.

The GTX comes with a three prong input power cable in comparison to the standard two prong in the T-Outliner. This is more of a safety distinction with no effect on its performance.

Wahl Detailer vs Andis GTX

When comparing the body, design and styles of the Wahl Detailer vs Andis GTX, you will see flashbacks of the T-Outliner.

One of the first things to notice is the difference in the look of the two trimmers. The Wahl Detailer has the traditional color combination of silver and grey while the Andis GTX gives off a sense of pure power with its sleek & stylish all black body. The size of the GTX is also much larger in comparison (and similar to the T-Outliner) weighing over 11 ounces. The Detailer weighs a miniscule 7 ounces.

Wahl Detailer vs Andis GTX

The motors are very different as well. The motor in the Wahl Detailer is a rotary motor. But the Andis GTX comes with an electromagnetic motor with 7200 strokes per minutes (SPM). It features the same motor as the T-Outliner. In performance, electromagnetic motors are much more efficient, with less noise and better temperature control compared to rotary motors.

Let’s take a detailed look at the blades now. Wahl Detailers have adjustable wide T-blade designed for getting a precise cut made of stainless steel. The blade is for both regular use & specifically designed for lining & artwork. The trimmer provides precision that excels in lining and artwork for beards and hairstyles.

On the other hand, the Andis GTX comes with blades that are hardened Carbon-steel and T-shaped with deep tooth specifically for detailing and getting a more personalized shaving experience. The blades are much more premium than the T-Outliner, making it great for trimming neck areas, beards, mustaches, and edges around ears & ideal for dry shaving. The thicker blades with deeper teeth allows for cleaner cuts even for longer or thicker hair, for those with thick hair like me.

An extra feature is one which would appeal to those with more sensitive skin. The Andis GTX is the better choice for those with sensitive skin as the blades are gentler on the skin in comparison to the stainless steel blades of the Detailer.

Now, in terms of noise made, basically all hair trimmers are supposed to get a bit loud. But the Wahl Detailer makes the more silent impression ideal for home users. But the trademark noises made by trimmers are the essence of power for professionals and their devices. The Andis GTX is noisier so much so that it roars its power for users. But for those with noise sensitivity issues, the Detailer is the better choice for a more tolerable sound experience.

As we see from this head to head comparison, there are distinctive features which set these two apart but they are not necessary weaknesses. It is a simple matter of what your personal needs are and which is able to fulfill those needs with its unique features.

Wahl Detailer vs Andis T-Outliner vs Andis GTX – Which one should you buy?

As discussed earlier in the review, two of the models fall under the same name brand which might lead them to be quite similar yet different in terms of some of the features. Wahl Detailer is the one that is from a totally different brand. But as we know, when choosing, only one of the three can clearly be the winner.

I would highly recommend the Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer because of its functionalities compared to the other two (Wahl Detailer & Andis GTX). It is undoubtedly the most suitable choice.

What appealed to me the most about the Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer?

It is equipped with numerous blade types that can be adjusted for a more personalized shaving experience. Its specific detailing for trimming the neck area, beard, mustache, and the edging around the ears is just more useful in every way. It is pretty obvious that the makers have put in a significant amount of consideration when thinking about the varying needs of the users and made the shaving experience more personalized to their varying personal needs.


When it comes to trimmers whether it is for beards or hairstyles, Wahl and Andis are some of the first few brand names that comes to mind. They are the industry leading brands and they come in all types for professionals (salons) and for personal everyday users. You simply cannot go wrong with any of the three products we have reviewed today.

Styling our hair and trimming the beard, mustache are one of the most essential factors that make up our persona. How we style ourselves reflects our moods. It may not determine our personality but it definitely determines how we want to present ourselves to others. So when we look in the mirror we see what others see in us. That’s the impact we want to leave!

Now, the decision is for you to make by picking between all the functionalities discussed and all the comparisons made in this comprehensive review of the Wahl Detailer vs Andis T-Outliner vs Andis GTX.

Between the three, I have chosen Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer as the clear winner. Nothing beats the features, the look or the feel of this device. Whether we talk about the compact size or the stylish design or it’s perfectly made carbon steel T-blades, it is simply irresistible. Overall, the look is sharp and the performance is top-notch.

Trim away and keep up with your appearance just the way you want to!

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