The Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard Trimmer works so well, you would expect it to cost more. This beard trimmer does a great job and makes it look like you had your beard professionally trimmed by a barber. The Wahl Groomsman is a small trimmer which makes it excellent for tight corners and it lines up better than larger clippers. The trimmer is so easy to manipulate and move that you can really get the look you want.

Overall Specification

Height10.5 Inches
Width5 Inches
Depth4 Inches
Weight11.5 Ounces
Blade TypeRotary
Trimmer Guide Combs3 Guide Combs
Beard Length Guide6-Position (Automated function)
Ergonomic DesignSoft Touch Elements
Corded / Cordless ShavingBoth
Blade TechnologySelf-Sharpening Blades
Blade Materialhardened high-carbon steel
Charging IndicatorLED
Voltage Adaption120 V
Travel StorageTravel pouch
Travel Lock SwitchYes
Price Range$10-$20
Rating3.8 Rated By 1947
Warranty3 Yr
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Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman

The Blades

When it comes to beard trimmers, it is all about the blades. Wahl understands this, which is why they use a proprietary manufacturing process that individually grinds the carbon hardened steel blades (not stamped stainless steel, which most beard trimmers use) to ensure the blades stay sharp for years. Plus, the blades are self-sharpening so they will need little maintenance. The self-sharpening blades make this trimmer a good choice if you are looking for a beard trimmer that can be used every day. The blades are always sharp, which eliminates hair pulling and skin pinching that occurs when blades get dull.

The Wahl Groomsman Beard  Trimmer is great for tough or coarse beards, so even if you have a “wolfman” beard, you will still get a trim that is as close or as light as you want. It is called the Groomsman Beard but do not let the name fool you; if you want to completely shave off your beard, this trimmer will tackle the job easily. The beard trimmer can be adjusted to six different positions ranging from 1/2-inch to 1/8-inch. And the beard guide has a memory function that remembers the last position you used so you don’t have to. The trimmer doesn’t “chase” your hair, the way other trimmers will which is important for men with longer beards since “chasing” always leads to hair pulling. The Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard Trimmer also comes with three individual guide combs to create look from a full beard, to a medium beard, to a few days’ worth of stubble. The guides are easy to get on and off.

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It’s cordless for convenience

The Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard Trimmer can be used cordless or while it is plugged in and charging, which is great because there is nothing less irritating in the morning than needing to use your shaver only to discover it is out of juice. If you forget to charge the Groomsman for a while, just plug it in and it will start right up. The rechargeable battery holds a charge for a really long time and you can use the trimmer three or four times before you need to charge the battery. This is great if you want to take the trimmer to the gym or on a short vacation. The life of the battery is great and the rechargeable battery is thought to last five years if the instructions in the manual are followed. The Wahl Groomsman trimmer comes with a travel pouch that is roomy and it easily fits the trimmer, the stand, and all the accessories.


The stand doubles as a charger, which is pretty cool. And the whole Wahl Groomsman Trimmer system takes up very little room on the counter and everything tucks neatly into the stand. The little brush works well to remove stray hairs from the blades and the blade oil that Wahl provides lasts for a long time.

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Wahl 9918-6171 Box

The handle is contoured and looks sleek. The handle has gripping pads on the side and bottom so you can hold the trimmer at many different angles and position it different ways without feeling like you are going to drop it. The trimmer is lightweight but it does not feel flimsy, it feels pretty sturdy and well put together. I would not drop it on purpose but it feels like it would have a pretty good chance of surviving a drop from counter height.

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