Wahl Groomsman Pro Review: All In One Men’s Grooming Kit

It can be notoriously tricky to select a grooming kit for a man. It’s not because there aren’t a lot of them. But, it’s mainly because it’s puzzling to distinguish the features accurately and understand the benefits. You won’t find unbiased reviews in large numbers online. Moreover, you may struggle to decide which grooming kit can fit into your needs.

So, to make your grooming session a lot easier and profitable, we have prepared this in depth review of the Wahl Groomsman grooming kit for men . In this article, you will learn about the backstory of this kit and also how it can help to completely transform your appearance.

 Wahl Groomsman Specification

FeaturesWahl Groomsman Pro
Beard TrimmerYes
Mini-Shaver Head
Nose & Ear TrimmerYes
Guide CombsYes
Battery Run Time60 minute
Color Black
Voltage110 V
Dimension 2.5 x 5.5 x 10.5 inches
Price Check Price

State of The Art Features

All In One Set

Wahl Groomsman Pro All-in-One

If you are ordering a men’s grooming kit, you must expect the kit to have as many tools as possible. Why wouldn’t you? A grooming kit is very important nowadays as people are getting a lot busier day by day. You will not always find enough time to go to a barber or grooming expert and spend hours there to get the desired look. Grooming kits are the way around for men who want to have the similar grooming experience and results right from their home.

The Wahl Pro Groomsman kit will perfectly satisfy you if you are looking for a grooming kit that includes all the necessary tools for an awesome grooming. It comes with Hair Clippers for, Stubble, Ear, Nose and Mustache. So, this kit will be enough to give you a complete body grooming if you want.

The rotary ear and nose trimmers in this kit deliver a surprisingly close and detailed trimming. It comes with four different attachments. You can get mustache-trimming, haircut, touch ups and full body grooming within short time. The effort is minimal to use the tools and the kit is truly all in one.

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Extensive Features

This rechargeable all-in-one men’s grooming kit from Wahl is an extremely versatile grooming system. It will totally amaze you with its reach and various options. The trimmer in the grooming set is not only usable on head but also for total body grooming. You will only find handful grooming kits that can do that perfectly in the market.

You will find a great rechargeable trimming unit in this kit. It will also include trimmer head, detail head and dual shaver head. There are t-blades provided with the kit with six position guide, three standard trimmer guides and three t-blade guides. So you will be able to easily use the tools in the kit with very minimal effort.

With this grooming kit, you will also find combs, storage base, charger and an instruction manual that is in English/ Spanish language. The kit also includes accessories like blade oils and cleaning brushes that gives you the extra satisfaction. It is designed for household use and men love this kit as their grooming partner.

Superb Beard Trimmers

Wahl groomsman pro

No men’s grooming kit is complete without a standard beard trimmer. If you are looking for a great men’s grooming kit, you will definitely expect a fantastic set of beard trimmers coming with it. However, not all grooming kits include good trimmers. So, before buying a set of grooming tools, you must check if it has a trimmer with it which is standard enough to deliver great results.

If you are expecting that your grooming set to come with a cool beard trimmer, than the Wahl Pro men’s grooming kit is exactly what you would want. The exclusive trimmers with this kit are rechargeable and ultra durable for long term use. It is immensely popular in the market for delivering fantastic, smooth and precise trim every time you are using it.

Furthermore, the high quality trimmers in this men’s grooming kit ensures perfect result. It will give you the desired look to your beards with minimal effort. You will be able to choose from a variety of comb lengths and widths to get any type of style for your mustaches or beards. This could be a great gift item for any man who wants a perfect and comfortable grooming.

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Complete Set of Tools

When you are considering ordering a men’s grooming kit, you would visualize a maintenance kit on the first instance that will have all the necessary tools in it. A kit basically means set of tools which can be used individually or collectively. Likewise, a grooming kit must have tools that can be used for different grooming purposes at the same time with no issues.

The men’s grooming kit offered by Wahl which is known as Groomsman Pro lives up to the definition of a kit both technically and practically. It is comprised of all the necessary tools which a man would expect to have for a grooming session without going to the barber shop. You will find trimmers that can do exactly what you will get from a barber shop in a much comfortable way.

In this men’s grooming kit, you will find trimmers that you can use to trim your hair as good as any barber. You will also be able to trim your beards and nose hairs easily with the trimmers that come with this kit. Moreover, you will also find a complete hair cutting kit in it. You name it and Wahl has it. You will find all the necessary grooming tools you would need in this kit.

Delivers Smooth Results

Your grooming kit is not only a set of hardware that you keep somewhere in the shelves. It is a set of magic booms which transforms you. If you are conscious about your appearance, it is important that your grooming kit delivers the result what you expected.

The Wahl Groomsman kit pro version does not let you down when it comes to achieving desired results after grooming. Wahl terrifically understood the needs and constraints of home based hair cuts by non professionals. So, they came up with all the contingencies that a user may require during a grooming session. Both the clippers & trimmers are available in various styles to meet your home hair cutting requirements.

The device has a powerful and long lasting nickel-metal hydride battery. This ensures consistent performance without any interruption. You can rely on the power and use it without any concern. You can use it with cords and without cords easily. The clippers are rechargeable and can execute heavy hair cuts smoothly. Overall, both the clippers and trimmers provide top quality performance in every use.

Trusted by Professionals

A grooming kit is a great alternative to men who want to reduce their visit to barbers for frequent grooming sessions. So, grooming sets are mostly designed keeping the home based users in mind. The features it is built with are most likely specific to the needs of home based haircuts.

However, the Wahl clippers and trimmers are unlike any other tools you will find in typical grooming kits. These are in fact used commonly by professional barbers in salon or barber shops for a very long time. It has self sharpening precision blades that are robustly build. So, it gives a smooth and quick shave.

It is a trusted brand for a reason which has been in the industry for almost a century now. This is an achievement which very few brands have in the market. Almost all of their grooming products are of supreme quality and made for long period of use. So, if you are ordering a Wahl grooming Kit, you have nothing to lose.

The Pros and Cons

Wahl is a name to be reckoned with when it comes to men’s grooming product industry. It’s a company that has been producing brilliant grooming tools for almost a century now. It has never compromised with its quality neither has ever lost the trust in the market.

However, there are some areas of the Wahl Groomsman Pro kit which may appear as a drawback for some users. On the other hand, it also has areas which will appear top notch to lot of users. So, here we will be discussing about the pros and cons of the Wahl Groomsman kit in details-

The Pros

  • It’s an all in one men’s grooming kit that comes with four different attachments which includes hair clippers and trimmers for Stubble, Ear, Nose and Mustache.
  • The machine is backed by a robust nickel-metal hydride battery which is long lasting and recharges quickly.
  • You can use this device with or without a cord. So, it gives you the option to move around with the machine while using it or simply use it by plugging it.
  • The clippers are rechargeable and designed to perform heavy duty tasks with no disruption.
  • It has variety of comb lengths and widths which gives you the option to achieve any type of style for your beards or mustaches.

The cons

  • You won’t be able to use extra large or big size clipper attachment with this tool kit.
  • This particular model of Wahl is not designed to cope up with multi voltage situation.

The Final Verdict

It’s been hundred years now that Wahl started its journey. It was formed way back in 1919 with a vision of creating personal care products which will be outstanding and result driven. Since the formation of the brand, it has been able to convert its vision into a global reality over the years.

The Groomsman kit is one of the finest grooming products from Wahl which expresses its century old touch. It has lived up to the expectations of its users and the company’s goodwill in providing top quality grooming products like clippers and trimmers. This grooming kit reduces dependence on barber shops and lets men do their own grooming in a much easier way.

We have prepared this Wahl Groomsman Pro review so you can learn about the features in a much straight forward way. If we have missed out anything, let us know down in the comment section.

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