Wahl Legend Clipper Review: A Reliable & Reputable Premium Clipper by Wahl!

If there is one name that both hair care professionals and home users know, it’s Wahl!

Whether you are home user who enjoys touch ups at home, or a professional barber looking for a quality hair clipper, you will know Wahl to be one of the most reputed names in the industry. A company which has been around for years offering consumers with an excellent variety of the highest quality grooming products.

A premium 5-Star series product is the Wahl 5-Star Legend clipper!

The Legend series by Wahl’s is not the standard clipper, it has some of the most sought-after features, professional quality with the simplicity for normal users, and is very competitively priced. Now, what exactly are the features, how they will benefit you, and all the pros and cons of the clipper is what we will breakdown here.

You will have all the information you need to determine whether or not it’s worth your money.

Without further delay, let’s now look at an extensive review of the Wahl Legend clipper.

Wahl Legend Clipper Specification

FeaturesWahl Legend
Blade TechnologyCrunch
Weight1 Lb
Cord Length8 Foot
Made InUSA
Price Check Price

Wahl Legend Review: All the Benefits

Wahl Legend Review

The Legend Clipper by Wahl is a product which is made for professionals. It has all the features of a premium grade product including stainless steel elements, contoured grip, and ideal for all types of haircuts. The motor is a powerful v9000, which is not only faster, but cooler for long term use and offers ultimate precision.

The weight, grip, speed and efficiency all signifies its professional grade features. Having said that, it is not the most expensive product in the market. Also, it doesn’t over complicate itself with hard to use functions. So, it is a perfectly suitable solution for those of us who love to give a go at cutting their own hair at home.

The benefits of the legend clipper are highlighted by its largely positive reviews, the justified pricing, and a good warranty to back it up. A great Wahl brand product – a solid, well-designed solution which is fast, easy to use, and well-reviewed.

The Legendary Promise

The Legend clipper by Wahl promises professional performance with its 5-Star Senior Vintage Edition. This is backed by its big unit which measures 6.25 inches in length and weights just 1 pounds. The size and weight are ideal for long term professional use.

Furthermore, it is powered by an 8 foot in length, professional grade, chemical resistant cord which makes it very mobile. The full-size clipper is great for professional grip and it has an aesthetically pleasing look. The promise of easy to use, professional features is fulfilled by things such as the convenient thumb adjust taper among others.

What Comes in the Box?

Before spending your hard-earned cash on the Wahl Legend, you must consider what comes in the box. There are a lot of things that this clipper packs in terms of features, but the most prominent add-ons are in the box. The 5-Star Legend Clipper comes with the following accessories included for your convenience:

Unboxing Wahl Legend

  • Package includes the Legend Clipper
  • Eight (8) attachment comb cutting guides
  • A tube of lubricating oil
  • A cleaning brush
  • An instruction manual
  • The trademark Wahl’s red blade guard

The Wahl Legend Clipper conveniently comes with all the required accessories for use in the box such as lubricating oil, guide combs, etc. This ensures that you’re ready & set to go right to cutting hair, by simply plugging in. The exclusion of such accessories will not be deemed suitable for such as premium product and would only add to the actual cost of operating to the consumer.

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Reviewing the Stylistic & Functional Design of the Clipper

The Legend follows the typical color scheme of Wahl’s and uses a distinctive burgundy with a silver-ish stripe running through the middle of the clipper. As mentioned earlier, it is a fully sized clipper at 6.25 inches, but weighing just 1 pound. The weight is less than most other premium Wahl models.

Stylistic & Functional Design of the Clipper

The full-size length with a manageable weight, makes it extremely easy to maneuver with minimum strain to your hands. For professionals, hand fatigue is a major issue with back to back clients during busy hours. Every ounce of weight is easily felt during those long hours of clipping hair at the shop. For home users, it is felt as they are not used to operating a hair clipper regularly.

As a result, the healthy size with minimal weight serves its purpose to make clipping faster, efficient with less physical strain on hands. The body of the Wahl 5 Star Legend clipper is made up of hard plastic. So, the body does not overheat.

The top-heavy design is helpful for fading styles. The big base with a better grip allows to control the center of gravity of the tool to your advantage for smoother transitions. Not only does this improve haircuts, it is easier to get the hang of using it.

Over time, less time is spent on learning and more on getting through haircuts and styling with more efficiency. A very distinctive part of the body is the conveniently placed adjustment lever – usable with just your thumb.

The clipper guards are made out of durable plastic material, which does not add to the weight of the unit. But it is a disadvantage as they tend not to be as durable. With thicker hair, or more frequent cuts, they prove to be too fragile.

The Wahl Legend’s Powerful Motor & Sharp Blades

The Legend uses one of Wahl’s most powerful electromagnetic motors – the V9000 motor. It is above par with some of the highest priced Wahl Professional products with this motor. The power in the motor is prone to result in generating a lot of heat but as mentioned earlier, the plastic body ensures that overheating is minimized.

A lot of power backed up with a very practical design, which suits the user for great performance.

The 5-Star Legend clipper is equipped with the special Wahl crunch blade. The crunch blade is the perfect in-between of a fade blade and a taper blade. The result is a great hair clipper for fades.

The convenient thumb-operated placement of the side lever only amplifies its performance. it is able to adjust the blades from #000 to #1. As mentioned in the accessories, it comes equipped with Wahl guards sized 1 to 8. With the lever, you are able to get more out of those sizes.

The Wahl crunch blade is just as effective on all types of hair whether ethnic hair, or otherwise.

Let’s now look at what all this level out to in terms of performance!

Overall Performance Capability

The Wahl Professional New Look 5-Star Legend Clipper is the Ultimate Wide-Range Fading Clipper using the Crunch Blade Technology. Just like its descriptive name, it is a performer!

Overall Performance Capability Wahl Legend Clipper #8147

The clipper is built with the backup of the powerful V9000 motor which is not only extremely powerful, but also able to run continuously as a cool tool. Even with the most demanding schedule of professional barber, it will run cooler for longer.

The “Crunch Blade” technology offers unique angles for a more accurate & precise cut. The blades with their shallow angles and long cutting grooves guarantee accuracy with a range of blending.

The Legend’s attachments combs are made with good quality material which are 70% stronger than normal. The Secure-fit® technology metal tabs make sure that they fit perfectly and don’t clip off during clipping.

On the whole, the performing capability of the legend clipper by Wahl is exceptional!

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Taking Care of the Clippers: Cleaning & Maintenance

The number one rule in owning a premium quality clipper is the commitment to proper cleaning & maintenance. Without it, no matter how good a product is, you will not get the best out of it!

The blades need to be kept clean and oiled for peak performance. trapped hair in the blades and motor make it dull and slow. Not only do the blades become duller over time without cleaning, the motor starts to lag causing pulls in your hair while clipping.

With struggling motor, the other parts start to wear and eventually give out before expected. the formula to keep it running fast for longer is cleaning the blades after every use. The clean up is really very simple. Use the included brush to remove all trapped hair in and around the blades. This will ensure that they do not go deeper into the motor.

After they are cleaned, use the included oil to lubricate them. Once a month or more frequently based on usage, you should wash the blades to get rid of any buildup grim.

Before starting the day as a professional barber, use a few drops on the blades and end the day by removing any hair clogs on it. This will ensure that professionals are able to get the most out of these clippers.

What You Will Like

There is a lot to like from the Wahl Legend review with its incredible features. As evident through its large numbers of positive reviews, the 5-star clipper has an almost 5-star rating. The reason being its long-lasting performance and durability. The following are some of the biggest pros that you will like about this clipper:

  • It is offered at a great price which is affordable and competitive
  • The immensely powerful V9000 motor
  • The innovative Crunch blade technology making it great for fades
  • The flexible blade adjustment lever easily operated using your thumb
  • Simple Plug In and Play operation
  • Extremely Easy to Use, clean & maintain
  • Comes decked with much needed accessories

What You Will Not Like

Now with all great things, there are the cons. The cons are not necessarily negative things but simply the lesser liked features in terms of the Legend clipper. The Achilles’ heel of the Legend clipper is the flimsy feel of the guards

All of Wahl clippers are equipped with combs made up of plastic. Regardless of the material used, they tend to feel a bit flimsy. At times they feel unreliable due to their soft & slightly bendy build. But Wahl must update this for all their clippers.


Just to refresh your memory, setting aside the little complaints which may still be fresh in your mind, the Wahl legend clipper is an exceptional hair clipper!

An excellent product for a highly competitive price. Whether you are a professional barber or a crafty home user, you will love its offerings in a complete ready-to-go kit.

The highlights of the clipper are its powerful V9000 motor operating the innovative crunch blades for smooth haircuts. I would highly recommend this clipper as the perfect starter, if you are new to cutting your hair and you will not be disappointed.

As a professional, it is always good to be prepared with a backup. Even if you start with this clipper and then upgrade to another, this will be a more than capable backup for those desperate times. As a rule of thumb, every barber should have at least 2 ultimate performing tools so that your primary and secondary are able share the workload.

For home users, you will need a complete hair cutting kit at home without the need to worry about buying additional components. This clipper will be your complete solution.

In a sentence, I would conclude by recommending the Wahl Professional 5-Star Legend clipper as a great option which is an amazing value for money, premium product!

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