Wahl Magic Clip Cordless: Review of the Best Features and Benefits

The Wahl 5-Star Magic has the ability to produce close blends and fades no matter the hairstyle. That’s due to the zero overlap blades as well as the taper lever conveniently located on the device. You’d expect this kind of convenience in a device for professionals only. It’s definitely a great set of clippers for the home barber.

Wahl has been providing barbering devices for decades. In all the best salons and barber shops, this company has made its mark. It’s available for professionals, but home cutters will love it, too. The Magic is undoubtedly a 5-star set of clippers.

Wahl Magic Clip Specification

FeaturesWahl Magic Clip
Motor TypeRotary
Run Time90 Minutes
Cord / CordlessBoth
Blade TypeZero Overlap 2161
Length6.25 "
Weight10 Oz
VoltageUSA only
Price Check Price

Wahl Magic Clip Overview

  • Zero Overlap Blades

Instead of having to adjust the blades of your clipper, the Wahl Magic clip has zero overlap blades. That means they are very close together. It gives a close cut that would almost rival a razor shave.

This type of blade gives you one more addition to the guides you already have. It’s similar to the cut you’d get from below a 0.2 mm guide. It’s not quite a zero gap blade, but it’s pretty close.

You won’t have to worry about making the adjustments to get a zero gap from your clippers.

  • Taper Lever

Wahl Professional 5-Star

These clippers are geared towards fades and blending. For that reason, they have features that make the process easier. You need a few sizes when blending or creating a faded look. The taper lever will give you added fading.

A simple push of the button is all that’s needed to operate the taper. It’s an easy way to get really smooth tapering without having to change the combs, too.

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  • Corded and Cordless Use

Wahl Professional 5-Star cord and cordless use

The device can be used with the cord or without. Many other clippers have the option of one or the other. These clippers let you customize your cutting day as you wish.

Professionals want to be as cordless for as long as possible. They want a set of clippers that will last for a long time without the cord. This is such a device. It allows freedom of movement while you’re cutting client’s hair.

If professionals can use it for their clients, the home user will enjoy the same freedom.

  • Premium Rotary Motor

A rotary motor runs much cooler than an electromagnetic motor. That’s important for a trained professional who will likely be cutting hair all day. It’s a stronger motor, too, which is good for thick or curly hair.

A heavy-duty motor like the rotary is fantastic for long cutting days. Curly or thick hair won’t stop the clippers from doing their job. Other types of motors can get bogged down with thick hair. That won’t happen with a premium rotary motor like the one from Wahl.

  • Battery Life

The Lithium-ion or Li-ion battery is what’s commonly used for electronics. They’re easy to recharge and last for a long time between charges.

The battery in these clippers will run for over 90 minutes without needing to be charged. You could use these clippers while plugged in or remove the plug for more convenience.

If you use these clippers for a few clients, you can easily plug them in between hair cuts to prolong the cordless life.

  • Numerous Attachments

There are 8 attachments in the box with these Wahl clippers. The zero overlap means you get a really close cut. That’s a complete size of its own and doesn’t require a comb.

The sizes range from 1/16 inch to a full 1 inch comb. The first comb is a 1/16 inch.  The next is 1/8 inch or 3 mm. There’s a ¼ inch or 6 mm comb. The next size is 3/8 or 10 mm. Another comb included in the box is ½ inch or 13 mm. The next comb is ¾ inch or 19 mm. Lastly, the final comb is one inch or 25 mm.

With all of those combs, there’s no haircut that the professional can’t accomplish.

  • Quality of the Device

Wahl 5 star magic clip

The clippers’ casing is made of quality materials. They will insulate the motor. The heat generated by the motor won’t cause the user’s hands to burn.

It’s a lightweight set of clippers that have an ergonomic design. Ergonomics refer to the way the device is curved and comfortable in the hand. It’s a sleek design that won’t cramp the working professional’s hand.

As far as the cutters, they’re a stagger-tooth blade that will give you precise cuts. The blade will fit with most of Wahl’s combs, too. If you have extra combs in your bathroom made by Wahl, they’ll fit seamlessly.

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  • Cleaning and Maintaining the Wahl Magic

cleaning wahl 5 star magic clip

The smooth operation of the device requires routine maintenance. First, you’ll want to clean the hair out of the device after each cut. Prep the surface to ensure you don’t have hair scattered all over.

Remove the comb guide and use the brush to get the hair out of the blades themselves. You can detach the blades to really clean out the hair once a week or once a month. It’ll depend on the amount of usage the clippers see.

The combs should be cleaned frequently since they come into contact with hair products and oil. You shouldn’t be washing the blades, though.

The blades need to be kept as clean and dry as possible except when lubricating them. Most moving metal parts need to be lubricated. Wahl includes oil in their kit for this purpose.

  • Comfort of the Clipper

The Wahl Magic provides a comfortable experience for the person doing the cutting. It’s fantastic for the person getting the haircut as well.

The combs have rounded tips, so they won’t scrape across the skin. That’s a great feature for those with sensitive skin. As mentioned previously, the motor as well as the casing won’t get hot. Over a long period of use, most clippers can get so hot that the person holding it has to turn it off.

As far as the handling of the clippers, they’re not going to be a strain on your hand. The designers at Wahl have been making clippers for professionals for years. They understand the important elements that clippers need for use every day.

  • Cutting Performance

When it comes to clippers, you’re judging on the cutting performance above most everything else. These clippers are smooth to work with and deliver a closeness to rival a razor shave. That’s because of the zero overlap blades.

The taper lever helps with the cutting performance, too. Without having to change the combs, it’ll deliver a close cut for fades and other hair styles that you, your clients or family members want.

As for the motor, it delivers powerful cutting on all kinds of hair. It can cut through curly or thick hair easily while staying cool to the touch.

  • Considerations When Making Your Choice

Not Waterproof

This isn’t a con exactly. These are clippers – not a shaver. But it has to be mentioned that the clippers cannot handle being near water. It’s important that you don’t cut your hair when it’s wet, either.

When cleaning the cutters, use the brush to rid the blades of hair. Water will cause the blades to rust over time. They won’t work as well if they’re not cared for properly.

No Carrying Case

It would be convenient if this set of clippers came with a case. If you travel with your clippers, you’ll need to purchase your own case. There’s no place for the combs and device to be stored.

Even if you don’t travel with clippers, you’ll need a bag to keep the device and combs organized. It’s unfortunate that the Magic doesn’t come with a case. It’s easy enough to buy one, though.

Pros of the Wahl 5-Star Magic

  • The clippers have a taper lever for easy tapering and blended hair styles.
  • Along with the combs, you get another size with the zero overlap blades.
  • Can be used corded or cordless for your convenience.
  • It comes with a premium rotary motor, which is one of the best for clippers.
  • The lithium-ion battery has an incredible length of life before it needs to be recharged.

Cons of the 5-Star Magic

  • It must be understood that this clipper is not waterproof. Any water will cause rust over time.
  • The Magic doesn’t come with a carrying or storage case. You’ll have to purchase one.

Wrap up of the Wahl Cordless Magic Clip Review

This is the latest, newest set of Magic clippers from Wahl. It has all the great technology that has made the Magic great for years. There are plenty of enhancing accessories included with these clippers, too.

Whether you’re a professional or planning to save money by cutting your family’s hair, this is a set of clippers that won’t let you down.

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