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Wahl Senior vs Andis Master: Which Clipper Is Better?

Those who are aging and need something that is easy to handle for their hair clipping needs should see what the Wahl Senior and Andis Master clippers can do for them. These two models feature sturdy bodies that help with clipping off even the most difficult bits of hair. But what makes these two so different from one another?

Andis and Wahl have made these two products with distinct and useful features for your needs. But you have to look at these two to see how well they are made and what you can expect to get out of them.

A Quick Comparison of the Two Models

FeaturesWahl Senior
Andis Master
Type of motorElectromagneticMagnetic
Blade positions22
Housing materialStainless steelAluminum
Bolts for securing the blade32
Blade materialCarbon steelCarbon steel
Attachment combs3N/A
Weight (in pounds)1.31
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8500 Review

The first choice to look at is the Wahl Senior clipper. Designed with a smooth layout, the unit comes with one of the best blades for heavy-duty cutting needs. Wahl promotes this as a unit that is ideal for senior hair-cutting needs, what with the device not producing lots of irritation or snagging when used accordingly. You can try this model for when you need something that applies a safe cut every time you use it.

The unit is a clipper that uses an electromagnetic motor. The unit runs cooler and works faster around the hair, thus producing better cuts all around as you need them.

Wahl Senior

The metal housing is easy to grab on. The design has a contoured body that has some spots for a hand grip that works on either hand for use.

Three attachment combs are included on this model. The combs are utilized to help you with keeping a clean cut all the way through. Each comb can be affixed near the base of the blade.

A taper feature is found at the top part of the clipper. You would switch the lever back and forth to move between two separate length options. These are made for shorter or closer cuts and larger cuts for longer bits of hair.

The unit works with an eight-foot heavy-duty cord for producing power. The consistent flow of power will stay moving well after you start using it. The motor will not be at risk of slowing down either.

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Users should be aware of how noisy the clipper can be though. The noise that comes through can be distracting for some users.

Also, the blade needs to be fixed on occasion. A screwdriver can be utilized in cases when the blade becomes improperly aligned. The issue does not occur too often, but you have to be cautious when getting this to work for your use. The screw you would have to adjust is at least very easy to find and take care of. Don’t forget to add oil to the blades before and after each use.

Wahl provides you with everything you need out of a trimmer. The device includes a blade guard and a brushing comb along with oil. The comb itself is small enough to move through the blade edges while clearing out more hair. It should not be hard for you to clean off the surface.

See What the Andis Master Offers

The Andis Master is a 15-watt clipper. The unit is designed to look like what you may see at a traditional barbershop. But the model includes more than just a classy body. This setup also features a sound design that you can grip on and use for all your needs.

The design includes a nearly even layout all the way through. The curves around the sides of the clipper provide a smooth surface for you to grab and hold with either hand. The shiny steel body is also durable and resists drops quite well. An aluminum base is used around the outside as well, thus producing a stronger surface that does not crack or wear out.

Andis Master

A magnetic motor is used for producing a crisp cut. The motor runs fast and yet stays quiet and does not generate lots of heat.

The single lever approach to the top offers a two-part setup for cutting. Andis has organized its blade in two positions to produce a firm cut every time you use the model. The design ensures a firm approach to cutting that is suitable for long and short hair alike.

The unit is also very light in weight at about one pound. Much of this is thanks to the aluminum housing, what with that metal being so light in weight.

A carbon steel material is also included on the blade. Carbon steel is useful for producing a firm body that goes through all the hair and remains sharp for years. The self-sharpening design of the blades makes using this model accessible.

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The eight-foot cord that links to the Andis clipper for power adds a firm and secure setup for keeping the unit running. The wire is flexible and easy to control.

The Andis clipper does not come with too many additional features inside its packaging. The unit does not have an included hair guard, comb, or other attachments. You can still use an assortment of accessories on the model, but those are sold separately.

While a brush is not included, you can still use a separate brush to make it easier for you to clean out the unit. The blades protrude well enough to create a better approach for cleaning out the surface. The same can also be said for oiling the blades, as that process is also easy to work with and does not require lots of effort.

Wahl Senior vs Andis Master: Similarities

  • Tapering Features

Both of these models use a two-party tapering switch for adjusting how the cutting process works. You would use the same bar design on either option. You can use this with a 000 or 1 setting for either model. Those are the 0.5 and 2.4mm sizes; the first is for closer cuts while the second works best for longer bits of hair. You can always use a guide comb with these points if you wish, but that works best for when you have longer bits of hair that you might already be struggling to cut and control.

  • Secure Corded Designs

The two trimmers use the same eight-foot power cord for energy. The cord is long enough to link to a wall while also being durable enough to last for a while. The cords on each will not bend or wear out fast either. You won’t have to worry about lots of weight on either of those models either. You can also wind up a cord when you are not using the trimmer so the material is easy for you to store in one place.

  • Carbon Steel Blades

Carbon steel is utilized on both models when it comes to the blade surfaces. Carbon steel is popular for offering a firm body that sharpens itself with regular use. The material stays strong and cuts through hair in moments. The design provides a clean cut every time. The material is not going to tug on the user’s skin, nor will it irritate the skin. The risk of cuts should be next to non-existent.

  • Variety of Hair Points

You can use either of these clippers for going through difficult hair spots. You can use them for coarse and thin hair alike. Neither model is going to pull on one’s hair. You can also use these when trimming around the sideburns. Removing all of these features is necessary for keeping anyone’s hair looking great while staying clean and easier to manage. The smooth blades will especially do well with going through those hair spots.

  • Maintenance Points

You will need to use the same maintenance standards for these two trimmers. You must oil these before and after each use. Brushing is also required to keep the surfaces clean. The best part of this is that the blades have enough spaces to help you with brushing them out and keeping the surface clean every time.

Andis Master vs Wahl Senior: Differences

  • Different Motors

The electromagnetic motor in the Wahl trimmer produces a stronger charge but also creates lots of noise. The magnetic motor that Andis uses in its trimmer is lighter in intensity and does not generate lots of heat with regular use.

  • Housing Points

The Andis trimmer is a little lighter in weight than the Wahl model. Much of this is thanks to the aluminum body that Anids uses. The aluminum material does well with handling pressure while still using a lighter weight than what stainless steel materials may include.

  • Replacing Blades

The Wahl blade requires three holes for alignment while the Andis blade uses two holes. But the Wahl blade also does a better job with keeping the blade intact and being unlikely to slip out or be hard to utilize. These differences are significant to notice when seeing how well the trimming process works and what you can expect to get out of a trimmer.

  • Physical Grips

The body of the Wahl Senior works with an irregular layout that is not uniform all the way through. But the stainless steel body ensures that the unit will stay intact and not wear out. The design is also conducive to the user’s hand.

Andis uses a different approach as the company uses an even layout on its aluminum body. The housing uses an even design for gripping.

  • Accompanying Materials

Wahl makes its trimmer with an extended series of clipping materials, including a few different combs for simple use. Wahl even provides a comb for brushing with the unit to help you with cleaning out the materials without many problems.

The Andis model does not come with any added items, as you would have to acquire them yourself. You can still get different items added to that trimmer in moments as you desire.


The better of the two trimmers for you to try out is the Wahl Senior clipper. The design has a useful handle for either hand and offers blades that are aligned well. The firm body and the added attachment features make it a useful model.

But you should look at how these two are different from each other so you know what you can get out of anything of value. Wahl and Andis have made some helpful models, but it is best to see how these two can work differently for your convenience and hair clipping needs no matter what type of hair needs trimming.

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