Walmart Hair Salon Prices: Every Style & Service

Across the USA, Walmart hosts premium hair salons at Walmart centers and a handful of other outlets so that the consumers can receive the best treatment at an affordable price.

You might have already noticed the SmartStyle stores at those Walmart locations and may have already tried them out once or twice by this time.

If you haven’t yet and are looking forward to checking out how much they cost on their website, you’ll only find the services and not the prices.

That’s why this article on Walmart hair salon prices has become essential for a discussion as it’ll shed light on the matter for ones who are planning to get their hair treated the right way.

Keep scrolling till the end because you’ll find a lot of information on this chain salon and a price discussion for every treatment they offer their consumers.

What’s The Connection Between Walmart & SmartStyle?

To answer this question, we must dig deep into the past and learn how this chain retail store was founded 50 years ago and the vision the founder carried within him.

Sam Walton was the brain behind this brand and the name Walmart derived from his surname back in 1962. The sole purpose of such a model of a chain store was to provide the consumers with affordable goods within affordable prices and less hassle.

It became a billion dollar business within 20 years and the company found ways to serve people with other needs than just shopping.

On the other hand, SmartStyle has been owned by Regis since its inception in 1922. Since then, their goal was to grow and reach the mass people to serve their grooming needs as efficiently as possible.

The visions of these two chains met and the results are SmartStyle placements within Walmart Super Centers across the country and even beyond borders.

121 stores were sold to Walmart by Regis so that the Walmart hair salons could aid the people with every necessity at one place – and the result is what you witness on the present day!

Are Walmart Hair Salon Prices The Same Everywhere?

Are Walmart Hair Salon Prices The Same Everywhere

It’s a question that many ask and it requires some answering to know the standard prices for Walmart hair salons. As the company suggests, there is no fixed price at every retail store because the cost varies from one city to another due to many reasons.

For starters, the employee wages are different at certain locations and the running costs deviate from one to the very next.

These are two of the main reasons why Walmart doesn’t just give you a catalog of grooming prices and you’re having to read through my article.

However, a good thing is that the price discrepancy isn’t very wide and always remains within a certain range set by Walmart & SmartStyle.

Walmart Hair Salon Price List

To understand the prices at full extent, I must categorize them into haircuts and hair styling categories so that every reader can identify their specific needs under each section.

Haircut Prices

The Walmart hair salons generally offer almost every basic haircut for men. These cuts don’t include any extensive procedures, rather they’re trimming procedures done according to your preference.

If you want to do something extra with your hair, the salons will charge you extra. But the good thing is, when you’re looking for a rather simple cutting procedure that can be done with only a clipper, the cost is reduced from regular price points!

Take a look at this comparative chart and you’ll realize that the average adult haircut costs around $19. However, in certain areas, such procedures cost even $16!

The Express Dry treatment will cost you an additional $3, so it’s up to you whether you want it or not. This price remains the same for kids as well, however, their haircuts are priced around $10-$13 at different outlets.

Walmart Salon Hair Styling Prices

Hair Styling Prices

Now we must turn our heads toward the styling prices. This is for ones who aren’t looking for just a trim, rather prefer styling their hair into a specific design that requires more engagement and effort from the stylist’s end.

So you can understand why this portion of Walmart hair salon prices are set at higher amounts. Regardless of your gender, you can sit on the chair and ask your stylist to carve out a magnificent style according to your liking – and they’ll get it done!

As you can see from the comparison chart, the most basic form of styling should cost you around $18. More advanced concepts are priced an additional $5. Luxury styles are very expensive and almost every outlet demands over $50 per cut.

One thing I must address is that all of these styling procedures are provided with a free shampooing beforehand. Thus, it ranks Walmar hair salons among the most service-friendly and affordable groups in the country.

Services Prices At Walmart Hair Salon

Apart from hair cutting and hair styling, Walmart salons do offer you additional grooming services that are often essential for consumers with a very attainable price! These services include hair perming, coloring, relaxing, conditioning, waxing etc.

Let’s get through the prices one by one to make an assessment before even stepping foot inside a hair salon at Walmart!

Hair Color Services Prices At Walmart Hair Salon

Hair Color

The average hair dyeing cost sits at around $30 in most of the Walmart salons. However, a sparkling color must be followed by a bleaching procedure which is quite expensive, at $60 on average. But once you try out other hair salons, you’ll come to the conclusion that this is indeed a very respectable price point that grants access to everyone!

Check the chart to learn that the subsequent procedures with hair dyeing cost significantly less. While standard parlors would charge around $200-$300, you can get a complete dyeing job done at SmartStyle without even crossing the $100 threshold!

Perms & Waves

Perming your hair requires some chemical intervention, and overall the entire procedure takes up a lot of time like the waving jobs as well. Because your stylist must use curling rods or rollers very delicately and allow your hair to settle down after all the treatment.

Services Prices
Basic Wave $53.95
Specialty Wrap $64.95
Partial Perm $26.00

From my chart, you can see how much perms can cost on average. Partial ones are done swiftly as opposed to the full hair perm or wrap. Thus, the price discrepancy is understandable and I actually find them to be a lot cheaper than many other retail salons!


Ones with curls who take care of their hair regularly but don’t find the time to do it themselves at home, these relaxer treatments tend to do that for you. These treatments smooth out your hair textures and generate that shiny outlook upon completion, and the products used in these task don’t come off cheap.

Services Prices
Relaxer Retouch $54.95
Virgin Relaxer $59.95

As per my professional experience, I’d give these prices a pass. However, it could still be lowered if Walmart wanted to comply with their vision of delivering top-notch services at an affordable range.

Other Services

Lastly, we should stumble upon some of these essential services that are quite low in the Walmart hair salon prices catalog, except for the Wave Nouveau treatment. It’s a chemically infused procedure that lessens your curls without any heat application and renders the strands very smooth, thus the price you’ll find below is justifiable.

Among other services, the conditionings are well priced and everyone can pick out their desired level of depth with different price points. Waxing is reasonable at $12 on average. So I’d say Walmart has done a great job overall while setting prices at all of their outlets!

Walmart Hair Salon Prices Vs Other Salons

When you look at the standard haircut prices for men in other salons, you’ll be able to properly assess how much Walmart has lowered their prices for the loyal consumers.

While the standard haircut cost sits at $40 in the USA, Walmart only charges you $19 on average. Great Clips however has set an average price range at around $15.

But you must remember that Great Clips provide only the most basic cuts unlike Walmart. Also, Walmart delivers the treatments with the most premium products and instruments, so the pricing doesn’t feel anything but affordable in my opinion!

Are Walmart Hair Salon Prices Lowered With Discounts?

Like most other top level retail haircut salons, Walmart too holds some discount opportunities at various areas for consumers who fit the criterias properly.

From my list, you’ll find that kids are granted a lower cost to get a complete haircut done. Styles like buzz cuts are more affordable as well for people of all ages.

Elderly people too receive a senior citizen discount at every outlet. On certain days, veterans are given special treatments as well as free haircuts as a tribute to their services.

Apart from these basic discounts, there are different promotional offers that are highlighted during unique times of the years on separate occasions.

I’d advise you to follow their social media pages and website for promotional offers. It’s ideal to contact your local shop before availing these offers so that you can remain certain that the promo is still in progress.

List Of Products Sold At Walmart Hair Salon

During your styling or haircutting procedure, you may notice that Walmart uses the best products out there for a safe and premium application.

The best thing about these product showcasing is that these are also available for sale at Walmart salons set at the best price.

From particular shampoos treating your hair type perfectly or conditioners that are grand for your curly or fine hair, all of these can be found at Walmart salons.

The collection may differ from one outlet to the very next, but most of them contain products from the following brands that are either owned by Walmart or partners with them:

  • CHI
  • Joico
  • Kenra
  • Mizani
  • Sebastian
  • TIGI
  • Blossom
  • Biolage

These brands are known for producing quality consumer goods, so you don’t need to refrain from buying from them if your stylist recommends you for your unique context.

Walmart Hair Salon Open Hours

Knowing the timing of Walmart hair salon’s open hours is important because their timings aren’t the same as the main store.

You must understand that these timings can vary due to special situations and even at certain localities because of the obligations they might have.

However, the standard schedule for Walmart salons is an 11 hour open time from 9 am in the morning to 8 pm in the evening.

This timing is followed through the entire week, from Monday to even Saturday.

The weekend is 3 hours shorter than other days, an 8 hour service from 10 am to 6 pm and it’s for understandable reasons.

Make sure to make an appointment if you’re visiting on Sundays as many people find free time to get a haircut on those days and the hours being limited, you might not find a serial at all without pre-booking.

Personal Experience At Walmart Hair Salon

Personal Experience At Walmart Hair Salon

As a professional myself, I feel an obligation to visit other standard and popular salons around me during my free time to learn how I can improve my services for the customers.

From the moment I stepped foot in the Walmart salon, it caught me with a vibe of professionalism by seeing the stylists at work with elegance.

The surfaces were very neat and clean, and I saw the workers sanitizing the surfaces right after completing a procedure with each of their customers.

When my turn came, I realized why Walmart salon is so appreciated apart from their low cost. The stylists are professional, their behavior is welcoming and they know what they’re doing.

I ended up getting a layered cut with partial beach waves just to see how it pans out. I must admit that they went to every extent to align the look with my age and face shape.

Lastly, kudos to the Walmart hair salon prices that didn’t empty my pockets and allowed me to leave as a very satisfied customer.


There’s still much to be learned about Walmart hair salon prices and the other services that come with the basic cost. Go through this section to gain a comprehensive knowledge about this subject in hand.

Q: How do I use Walmart Hair Salon coupons?

A: Firstly, make sure you understand all of the stipulations added to the coupon. For instance, the expiry date, the minimum amount you have to spend, the category of treatments it’s applicable for etc.

So reading even the tiniest sentences on the coupon is important. Bring that coupon with you to the store and hand it over at the checkout point before making payment. The final bill will be adjusted and the coupon’s amount should be deduced from your final pay.

Q: Should I book an appointment at Walmart Hair Salon before going?

A: I’m someone who prefers spending time efficiently, thus making an appointment beforehand is my way to do things. However, during the weekdays, walk-ins shouldn’t push you too far back in line and you might have to wait for an hour maximum. During Sundays though, it’s ideal to book an appointment at Walmart SmartStyle to know the exact time of your hair treatment.

Q: What are the names of Walmart grooming stores?

A: I’ve already mentioned that the hair salon in Walmart goes by the name of SmartStyle. But that’s not the only maintenance salon Walmart has on their card. Regis Nail Salons are also similarly included with Walmart Centers or retail stores. At these locations, you can get your nails done and other relevant treatments at affordable costs.

Q: Is there any discount at Walmart hair salon for first responders?

A: Yes! Aside from the discount options I mentioned earlier, first responders are treated with delicate care at Walmart hair salon. Prices are lowered 10% for every service provided to them. It’s a way of showing honor because of the service these individuals provide constantly for the people of the country.

Q: How much should I tip at Walmart hair salon?

A: You can follow the standard 10%-15% tip rate at Walmart salons. Since the haircut costs are quite low, tipping at this rate won’t increase the Walmart hair salon prices by a significant margin. Nevertheless, going through multiple expensive treatments can crank up the number, so it’s left up to your decision on how much of that amount you’re willing to meet.


It’s been a thorough and enjoyable discussion on Walmart hair salon prices because of all the information we were able to learn and appreciate.

This has also allowed us on a journey through the Walmart salon and their services which wouldn’t still remain unknown to many of us.

One thing I can say is that their price to quality ratio is almost unmatchable by other salons of the same stature.

The products they use on their customers are premium and there never seems to be any lacking from the stylists’ end.

Whether it’s a basic cut you’re looking for or a detailed styling job, the Walmart salon has you covered with the minimum price point one could ever hope for!

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