Do you love foil shavers? Braun is the largest producer of men’s foil shavers and its latest item is 3-340s. This is described as the latest generation Series 3 foil shaver for men who can’t compromise. It has improved technology and so it delivers great performance on three-day beards. The 3-340s glides softly over your skin and does not nip, bruise or cut it. It is discussed in detail as shown below.

Overall Specification

Modelbraun 340s-4
Height8.7 Inches
Width6.1 Inches
Depth2.7 Inches
Weight1.2 Pounds
Cutting ElementsFlexible
Cutting SystemTriple Action
Middle TrimmerYes
Full Charge1 Hour
Running Time45 Minutes
Quick Charge5 Minutes
Corded / Cordless ShavingCordless
Battery IndicatorLED (4 Levels)
ColorBlue / Black
Price range$60-$75
Rating4.3 Rated By 1522
Protective capYes
Warranty2 Years

Our Impression

Braun is the world’s leading foil shaver brand as indicated above, and we expected a lot from the Series 3-340s. Fortunately we were not disappointed. The technology of this device is impressive, and it uses electricity to run the motor. A wet and dry technology shaver, you can comfortably use foams and gels without any problem at all.

S-3-340s cuts progressively near the skin without harming it because of how cleverly the middle trimmer is set between twin foils.  This is the gadget you need for regular use and consistently great looking skin. Every three days you could shave your beards via the Triple action FreeFloat system’s help.

An official NFL electric shaver, the 3-340s is clearly popular and renowned product.  There is no danger of wasting your money as we are, personally, so happy about the product ourselves. Most Braun shavers are great, no doubt, but their weakest point has been the hinge joint that lets the user turn round the shaver as they continue to trim hair.

Now there is a possibility that you will never return your Braun 3-340s gadget because of a broken hinge joint. The designer has decided to eliminate this component and I personally noted a big difference. Created for guys who prefer to shave their own style, this 340s electric shaver is safe in the shower and out, of course.

The user is able to customize performance in order to enhance comfort in each shave. Additionally, the product is designed to simplify shaving of three-day beards and that’s why it uses the Triple Action FreeFloat system. The SensoFoil technology ensures a close shave across the skin, slithering comfortably and smoothly. The SensoFoil lets you gain control of the shaving action. Also adaptable and flexible, the series 3-340s is easy to integrate into your shaving habits.

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Features at a glance

    • Triple Action FreeFloat System – It enhances shaving of three days old beards via an optimized foil cutter.
    • SensoFoil Technology – Makes a closer shave more convenient and effective.
    • Triple Action Cutting System – Cuts long and short hair alike with three intelligently formed cutters.
    • Precision Long Hair Trimmer – This component enhances trimming of your moustache, beard or sideburns.
    • LED Display – The role of this feature is to update the level of battery charge as it charges.
    • Totally water-resistant – As the S 3-340s is completely sealed and does not allow entry of water, it can be used with forms and gels in the shower.
    • Rechargeable battery – The 3-340s uses a superior Ni-MH battery that is never affected by repeated charges.
    • Contour Adaptive Shaving Head – It does not matter how your skull is like. The shaving head for the 340s is adaptive to all contours you might have.
    • Wet & Dry – This is an advantage to guys who like to shave anywhere with gels and foams.
    • Quick Charge For One Single Shave – If you want an urgent shave, you could do a quick charge and complete one shave before you are late for your appointment.

Items in your box

  • The Series 3-340S shaving device
  • The cleaning brush
  • The SmartPlug: 100v-240V.

Note: You could purchase separate accessories like foil and cutter.

Tips if you are going to buy it

It is important to shave prior to getting into the shower.  If you have taken longer than usual to shave, take the time to trim hair first. Then stretch your skin as you shave against the direction of your beard growth. Hold the shaver at an angle of ninety degrees to the skin and keep the shaving pressure even.

Wrap Up

When we came across this item, we decided that I order it just so I can test and review it here. And in my opinion, the Braun Series 3-340s shaver does what it claims. There is no single promise it has not fulfilled as I have been careful to use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Now it looks like I am going to use my shaver indefinitely, as it trims my three-day beard growth so effectively. My face is ever clean, younger and bruise-free. I do not have to deal with after-shave bumps anymore.  


  • The Series 3-340s device introduces new shaving technologies into your shaving routine,
  • The 3 triple action cutters are ideal for short and long hair.
  • It can be used with shaving gels and foams
  • It can be used inside or outside the shower room
  • The contour adaptive shaving head is designed for every head.
  • Braun Foil cutters cut close to the skin without irritating or bruising it
  • Sideways movements on skin give you full control and accuracy when shaving.
  • The series 3-340s cannot be used with any of Braun’s older foil shavers because it is based on brand new technologies.
Bottom line

If you are man who loves to shave your beard in your own way, the Series 3 -340s Shaver is the most suitable item for you.

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