Every man loves to use an electric shaver that can protect their skin while giving them a powerful shave. A great electric shaver is also designed to cut long and short hair as quickly and comfortably as possible. Although there are many brands providing this sort of shaver, Philips’ Norelco shaver line has some of the best performers. And if you are not sure which Philips shaver is best for your needs, we would suggest the Norelco AT810/41 or the Shaver 4100. It is among the best that we have found in Philips shaver collections so far.

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Overall Specification

BrandPhilips Norelco
Height5.8 Inches
Width2.2 Inches
Depth2.2 Inches
Weight9.6 Ounces
TypesRotary Shaver
Dual Precision HeadsYes
Pivot, Flex & Float SystemYes
Precision TrimmerPop-Up
Wet Or DryBoth
Corded/Cordless ShavingCordless
Lift & Cut ActionYes
Battery TypeLi-Ion
Battery IndicatorLED (4 Level)
Full Charging Time1 Hour
Running Time50 Minutes / 17 Days
Quick Charge3 Minutes/1 Shave
Price Range$55-$65
Rating4.2 Rated By 1729
Warranty2 Yr
Money-Back Guarantee45 Days

Our Impression

The most amusing thing about the Shaver 4100 is the fact that you can shave in any way you prefer. If you want a dry or wet shave, simply get in control of the Aquatec seal. If during your wet shaves you prefer gel, just skip the foam and notice no difference in the result. It is upon you to make use of every great feature that this product offers.

The Flex and Float System is a feature on Shaver 4100 that cannot be ignored. It allows the DualPrecision heads to trace your facial contours and follow them without any problem at all. As a result, you can expect a smooth, comfortable shave that does not irritate your skin no matter how close it comes. The low-friction heads on the Skin Protection System slithers easily over your facial contours and limits skin irritation as much as possible. Whether or not you do a dry or a wet shave, you will have a refreshing experience. Features to expect include the following:

  • DualPrecision – This is a shaving system that effectively shaves longer and shorter beard. With its flexing heads that adjust automatically to each curve of your face and neck, the DualPrecision does not trigger skin irritation or a lot of pressure.
  • Low-friction heads – These are circular and they are shaped in this manner to protect your skin.
  • Patented Super Lift and Cut – This is a dual blade feature that allows the shaver to do comfortable shaves beneath the skin. These blades also lift hair to ease cutting.
  • AquaTec Technology – The Norelco Shaver 4100 provides the AquaTec technology seal that lets you switch between dry and wet shaves.
  • Pop-up Trimmer – This is specifically designed for sideburns and mustaches. If you have another use for the trimmer you can go ahead and use it.
  • Fully Washable design – To ease care and maintenance, the Shaver 4100 is washable. And you should not worry about the safety of the gadget in water. Simply hold your razor under running water and let it be cleaned. If you find that it is still dirty, use the provided cleaning brush to scrub.
  • Patented Super Lift and Cut – This is a dual-blade attached to offer a comfy cut beneath the skin level.
  • Flex and float head system – This system enables the Shaver 4100 to adjust to the contours of your face without irritating your skin.

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  • LED charge display – It indicates the charge status: Battery Full or Battery Low.
  • Cleaning brush – This is provided to aid the cleaning and maintenance process.
  • Battery (rechargeable) charge – The Philips Norelco 4100 offers a very convenient cordless design. So this means that it can operate anywhere you are as long as it is fully charged. Just one hour of charging is enough to give you fifty minutes of shaving time. Most shavers, even from Philips, offer a single charge that is equivalent to forty minutes of shaving time.
  • Three minute quick-charge option – This feature is designed to offer you adequate power for a single shave.

Items in the box

  • Philips Norelco Electric shaver,
  • protection cap,
  • power cord,
  • Cleaning brush.

Tips if you are going to buy it

The item is affordable and easy to use. However, we advise you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the most out of this shaver model. Also note that the core feature is the dry and wet shaving options. You may choose dry for your convenience and wet for skin protection.

Wrap Up

I have used many shavers in my life. It took me months to locate this Philips Norelco and I am now very glad I found it. As a man who has used many electric razors, foil cutters and rotary cutters alike, I have to admit that none has offered a closer shave than the Norelco AT810/41.  The slots and holes in the heads are as effective as claimed, and I have noted that they cut off the stubbles as effectively as the hair.

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  • It is lightweight, nice to look at, and very affordable.
  • If you shave like two times a day, you are going to find Norelco 4100 more useful and safer than cartridge razors.
  • It does not irritate your skin although it demands getting to used to at first.
  • Easy to clean because its body is totally sealed and water-resistant.
  • Battery keeps charge for longer as even with frequent use I only charge once in seven days.


  • Some users have an issue with the battery pack once it stops keeping charge. It is not serviceable.

Bottom line

Philips Shavers are very effective and the Norelco AT810/41 4100 is no different.

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