Are you sick and tired of controlling your rapidly growing beard with a straight razor? You are not alone. Many men do not like straight razors too, but they use them because of lacking a better alternative. This is your lucky day since you will get a solution: Norelco 9700 Shaver from Philips. The company has other Norelco shavers yet this one sort of solves many men’s shaving issues. Mostly it is designed to reach the area under your chin and neck. Its double tilting blades ensure that a clean shave is achieved even in areas you do not access easily.

Overall Specification

Shaver TypeRotary
TechnologyContour Detect
Lift & Cut SystemYes (Dual Blade)
Comfort SettingsNormal & Fast
Wet & DryBoth
Automatic Voltage100-240V
Digital User InterfaceYes
Running Time60 Minutes/ 20 Days
Quick Charge3 Minutes/ 1 Shave
Travel PouchLuxurious
Warranty2 Yr
Price Check price

Our impression

We both know how annoying and painful hair pulling and razor burn can be. Fortunately, the Philips Norelco 9700 does not pull hair or burn your skin. The centre of attraction is the two tilting blades, of course, that beats the purpose the costly straight razors are made for.  Unlike most traditional electric shavers, the 9700 shaver is effective on dry and wet skin.

It comes with an automatic cleaning and charging system that makes the device heavier but more convenient. This cleaning station is a perfect addition for your bathroom vanity top. It has a cartridge that hosts your special cleaning liquid. But you need to refill it for a few bucks. Alternatively you could use water, although less recommended than the cleaning solution.

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Norelco features

  • Contour Detect technology – The work of this is to spin the shaving head independently in eight different directions. Hence by so doing it enables the shaver to glide over your facial curves and contours without an issue. As a result, the contour detect helps the shaver remove up to twenty percent more hair with a single stroke.
  • V-Track Precision Blades – These gather hair in the maximum cutting position, causing a more comfy shave that is thirty percent closer to the skin. As the blades can sharpen themselves automatically, you can be sure of having a premium shave each time.
  • Personal comfort settings – The Shaver 9700 has three comfort settings that lets you use the speed that best suits your skin and beard type. These include: Slow, for an even safer shave; Medium, for a standard thorough cut and Fast, for a high-powered cut.
  • SmartClean PRO – This system is meant to keep your gadget newer each passing day. There is a multi-display indicator that helps the shaver track the SmartClean cycle. With a cleaning solution that is free of alcohol, and safe on skin, the SmartClean Pro uses the dual-filtration unit to rinse off gel, foam and hair. It also lubricates the blades to reduce the friction they helplessly endure when shaving. Generally, the SmartClean PRO is designed to clean, lubricate, dry and charge your shaver.
  • Digital user interface – The Shaver 9700 boasts hardwearing features including the digital user interface. This interface lets you see the level of battery charge as you continue to shave. The interface has the travel lock, Cleaning, Battery Low, Battery Level and the Replacement Head indicator.
  • AquaTech technology – The Shaver 9700 allows you to enjoy a very comfortable dry shave, and to have a rejuvenating wet shave with shaving foam or gel.
  • Rechargeable battery – This shaver uses lithium-ion battery power. It delivers up to fifty minutes of shaving after only one hour of charge. If you want an urgent full shave, you can use the 5-minute quick charge feature.
  • Luxurious travel pouch – This shaver uses a premium quality travel case with a sleeker design any you have seen. It is tiny and so fitting it in the travel bag won’t be a headache. As the pouch has a ventilation chamber, your shaver will stay dry.

Philips Norelco Shaver 9700 is indeed the most technologically advanced shaving device that comes with the:

  • travel case
  • Philips Shaver 9700,
  • SmartClean Pro,
  • Cleaning cartridge,
  • SmartClick precision trimmer,
  • Power cord,

Tips if you are going to buy this item

The shaver 9700 uses the newly designed blades that cut very close to the skin, allowing you to achieve a very clean and thorough shave. With just a touch of a button you will activate the SmartClean PRO system that lubricates, cleans, dries and charges your gadget.

Wrap up

I find that when using the dry or wet shaving mode I can skip the traditional electric razor.  This is just what I wanted to achieve and I have, thanks to Norelco 9700 shaver.  It shaves closer to my skin and I do not have any complains about any of its features. This is my best electric shaver from Philips so far, and I have no plans to stop using it. I do recommend it to any guy whose beard grows quickly.


  • Offers a very dependable self-cleansing system that can also lubricates, dries and charges the machine.
  • Shaves closer to skin particularly when using the dry mode.
  • You can shave with either gel and foam via the wet mode without the fear of stickiness.
  • It is affordable and user-friendlier than most shavers out there.
  • The item has many useful features including the digital user interface with up to five indicators.
  • Offers three personal comfort settings


  • There are guys who have to re-shave because of the way their beard grows but I have no any complain whatsoever.

Bottom line

The Norelco 9700 happens to be among the most advanced gadgets the company offers and you should try it.

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