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Can You Use Shaving Cream With An Electric Razor? Let’s Find The Answer

Are you tired of debating where or not you should be using shaving cream with your electric razor?

Well, if you are experiencing skin irritation and cuts after shaving and having no answer to this question – we will get to the bottom of this mystery today!

First off, if you still do not own an electric razor, then you are missing out and you should surely get an electric razor the next chance you get. You will be relieved to get a quick shave without worrying about nicks and cuts.

Also, you will save a heck of a lot of time!

The old-school days of having blunt blades and in-grown hairs and a face full of cuts are long gone. You can thank technology for the innovative solutions such as the electric razor. If you thought they only give you a dry shave you are in for a heck of a discovery.

Whatever brand of electric razor you use, you still need to prepare your skin for a shave to get the best results. Even though electric razor also need preparation, you can use them wherever you want and whenever you want.

Traditional shave has its pros (closest shave PERIOD!) but the advantages of using the electric razors have long been proved for a quick shave and using it with shaving cream adds a whole new dimension.

Using Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

Currently, there are electric razors available in the market which can be used effectively for both dry and wet shaving.

Using Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

Initially, they were only compatible for dry shaving but now there are plenty of electric razors available in the market which do both. But you have to keep in mind that dry shaving can give you bumps, and could potentially irritate your skin, especially if you have a sensitive one.

So, going for a wet shave is overall better any day!

You can use electric razors with shaving cream – so there’s that. But… it is advised that you should not use shaving cream during dry shaves. Things can get messy and awfully wrong.

For a wet shave, it is very important to use some kind of a lubricant that will soften and moisturize the skin. As a result, it is better to use shaving cream while doing a wet shave.

To use an electric razor with shaving cream, do check your electric razor’s manual to see whether it could be used for wet shaving or not. Because if your razor is not made for a wet shave, you might end up destroying it. Make sure you consult the guide or manual provided with the razor, if it says that yes, then you are good to go.

Before using any kind of method and razor, make sure that you know your skin well i.e. whether it is dry, oily, sensitive, or a combination type. It will help you choose the best shaving cream for your skin. Also, you should avoid certain ingredients depending on your skin type.

Now that you KNOW that you CAN use shaving cream with an electric razor, we will give you all the information you need to do it right!

How You Will Be Benefited By Using Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor?

If your electric razor can be used for wet shave then, you should choose to use shaving cream with it.

Simply because using a shaving cream would reduce the chance of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It will soften the hair strands and help to lift them from the skin so that the blades of the electric razor will be able to glide smoother and better.

Why You Will Benefit By Using Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

By using a shaving cream, you will be able to reduce the possibility of irritating your skin due to the direct interaction with the razor too.

If you are someone who suffers from sensitive skin (like myself), adding some form of lubrication to your shaving routine will do you a huge favor. Not only will your skin be protected, but also your facial hair will be prepared for the upcoming onslaught!

To add to this, if you have thick, coarse and dense hair (like myself also) then you will avoid ingrown hairs and razor bumps, itchiness, irritation, pulls and tugs, etc. When using a shaving cream or similar lubricants such as shaving balm, gel, or lather, you will experience much more smoother shaving experience.

Advantages of Using Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

  • The likelihood of getting cuts is minimized
  • By using an electric razor with shaving cream, you avert the chance of skin damage
  • If your skin is dry and sensitive, then shaving cream will moisturize it
  • Using a shaving cream is best for those who have coarse and thick hair because it will soften them and make it easy for the electric razor to remove them
  • It helps the razor to move faster, so it is best to use when you are in a hurry and want a wet shave

Disadvantages of Using Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

You may be thinking, Are there any?

Well, we’d not be fully honest if we don’t cover just some of the drawbacks. But they may not be drawbacks for all as it is only a matter of preference.

  • You cannot achieve the closest shave with an electric razor
  • You will need a bit of getting used to for achieving perfection
  • Your skin might take some time to adapt to this new combination
  • It is expensive since you would need an electric shaver AND shaving cream

Choosing The Right Shaving Cream For Electric Shavers

One of the main things to do after you have decided to use shaving cream with an electric razor is buying the right shaving cream. This is not a simple decision as you should be taking a few things into consideration and not just pick what you find on the shelf.

Choosing The Right Shaving Cream For Electric Shavers

Let’s look at the three (3) primary factors to consider when choosing the right shaving cream:

  • Your Skin Type

You should know your skin type and select a shaving cream which does not use any allergens that may adversely affect you. Also, be sure to study which one is most suitable for dry or oily skin so you get the best results.

There many different types of skin and similarly, there are specialized shaving creams for each condition. So, choose the most suitable one for you among dry, oily, or sensitive skin, etc.

  • Your Hair Type

Similar to your skin type, you must also know your hair type. If you have thick and coarse hair, soft and silky hair, thin hair, or curly hair, etc. then there are specific products to suit your exact hair type.

Always choose the most suitable product based on your hair type whether it is shaving cream, shampoo, conditioners, etc.

  • Ingredients To Avoid

Try to avoid few ingredients which can cause harm to your skin which may be noticeable such as the fragrance or not like the active ingredients.

For example, the fragrance is a type of chemical and you should make sure you are not allergic to its contents. There may be harmful Parabens which are used to avoid, reduce and kill bacteria and prevent the product them from spoiling. But the use of harmful parabens may harm your skin.

Also, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS is a product which could remain in your body for a longer period. The long-term presence of this in your system can remove helpful natural oils from your skin.

It is necessary that through the use of any sort of chemical product, there are some potential harms. You should be well-informed and prepared to make sure you are not risking your health and safety.

Tips for Using Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

Now that you are ready to use shaving with an electric razor and you know how to pick the right shaving cream for the job – we will end with some useful tips for you.

Tips for Using Shaving Cream with An Electric Razor

  • Preparation Is Key

To use the electric razor with shaving cream, prepare your skin for a shave.

It is advised that you should wash your face with warm water. Using warm water will help you to reduce the tightness of the pores and make your shave easy. It will easily remove oil and dirt lying on the face, and give you a closer shave.

Exfoliation is also important because if you leave the dirt, oil, and germs on your face it would cause the bacteria to create pimples and bumps on the face. So, if possible, give yourself an exfoliating face wash.

  • Select High-Quality Shaving Cream

As discussed earlier, don’t forget to pick the right shaving cream.

  • Don’t Use Too Much Lather

To use shaving cream with an electric razor, make sure you put a very thin layer of cream on the face. Having a lot of dry product on the skin will irritate it. Plus, it would cover your face just like traditional shaving with which electric razor does not work.

Remember, a thick layer of lather could clog your electric razor. Try to use the cream with a watery consistency as there would be no blades touching your skin, which might cut it.

So, while using electric razor the less is the better.

Make certain that you do not put too much of the shaving cream because it may cause congestion. Clean razors are important for a good shave.So, do clean them properly to remove the debris and lubricate them with light oil or spray lubricant. Read the manual to see how to clean them, so you do not break your razor.

Here’s a Recap of the Routine

Before anything else, clean your face with warm water to soften the hair.

Let your shaving cream sit for a moment on the face for it to start working. Because if you shave immediately after putting on the cream, it will neither moisturize nor soften the hair. Determine just the right amount of shaving cream to cover the hair.

Wash your face again with water when you are done shaving and then, apply aftershave which suits your skin. If the aftershave contains alcohol and it stings, then change it and try others without alcohol.


So, there you have it… the complete ins and outs of using shaving cream with an electric razor!

Now you know exactly whether or not you should be using shaving cream with an electric razor, which shaving cream to use, and the tips for getting best results.

If you are in a hurry or not, electric razors will prove to be the most effective tool in your shelf. You will not be left in a limbo of to do or not to do. You will look and feel better with the results achieved and enjoy the experience as all.

If you haven’t used electric razors with shaving cream then, it will take some time for you to adjust. But you will surely enjoy the benefits, for instance not wasting too much time. It is undeniably convenient, efficient, and comfortable to use when it comes to shaving by electric razor with shaving cream.

Try using shaving cream with an electric razor and let us know of any pro tips or hacks that worked best for you.

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