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GHD Gold vs Platinum: Taking The Right Pick For Your Styling Needs!

With each year, it seems as though people are becoming more experimental with their taste in fashion. While they’re mostly making drastic changes to their wardrobe and installing body modifications to amp up their appearance, a majority of the enthusiasts are also changing the structure of their hair.

Manipulating the natural silhouettes of your hair was pretty difficult back in the day due to the lack of tools that people were offered, but is as easy as pie these days for styling tools, especially straighteners and flat irons.

When it comes to straighteners, one of the leading brands is the English brand, GHD. And although all of their items have contributed heavily to the fashion scene and helped shape multiple hairstyling trends, two of their leading items happen to be the Platinum+ and Gold; both of which are straighteners.

Both GHD Platinum+ and Gold were always known for being ahead of their game, and can very well be incorporated into your current styling routine if you’d like to unlock an easy way to change the shape of your existing hair strands. And if you’re just as intrigued as we are about both the items of GHD, make sure to stick around until the end to learn about the promising attributes of each model, the uses of the two, and be unveiled with a preview of what it’s like when the two cross paths in a bout of GHD Platinum+ vs. GHD Gold!

Summary Overview :GHD Platinum vs. GHD Gold

Now that you’ve acquired knowledge on all the benefits of each product, and just how different they are as opposed to one another, taking your pick should be anything but challenging.

Before taking your pick, keep in mind that the Platinum+ is the more premium model with its ultra-zone technology, weightless feel, and wishbone hinge that can bring in great results. On the other hand, while being an underdog when put in the same pool as the Platinum+, the GHD Gold can be all that you need if you have thin to fine hair, and can sweep you off your feet with its affordable price, and dual-zone technology.

Additionally, if you feel as if you’re in need of a recap, be sure to check out the table listed below to give yourself a reminder!

ModelGHD Platinum+GHD Gold
Heating TechnologyUltra-zone technologyDual-zone technology
Plate Size1”1”
Heat-up Time20 Seconds25 Seconds
Auto-Shut Off30 Minutes30 Minutes
Key FeaturesSmart Hair Straightener, Wishbone Hinge, Weightless, Quick Heat-up Time, Effortless FinishDual-zone technology, Affordable, Good for fine hair
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

GHD Gold: Uses, Benefits, Drawbacks and More!

GHD Gold

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GHD Gold is the predecessor in this bout, but has an impressive set of traits that can benefit the hair strands of many. It contains plates with dual-zone technology which changes the shape of one’s hair without causing any harm to the strands, and can look similar to the original GHD straightener due to having the same round-shape barrel.

The GHD Gold is also known for its efficiency, and can heat up rapidly over the span of 25 seconds. While it is slightly heavier than its successor, the GHD Gold can be an excellent investment to make if your hair type is more on the finer side, as the traditional barrel can create better results on manageable strands.

GHD Platinum+: Uses, Positives, Negatives, and More!

GHD Platinum

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The GHD Platinum+ is the newer and upgraded version of the GHD Gold. It is one of the first smart straighteners and changes the structure of one’s hair using ultra-zone technology, which alters its temperature settings after examining the hair type of the user.

The GHD Platinum+ also comes in two colours and comprises a more premium build due to its newly shaped wishbone hinge that introduces more shine into the newly formed strands in contrast to its counterpart.

Despite being relatively expensive, the Platinum+ is a must-have for those that need to upgrade their hair overnight, and is definitely the best tool to rely on if you have thick hair that is usually unruly!

GHD Platinum+ vs. Gold: Which One Is Better?

In the first half of this article, we spent a thorough amount of time looking into the GHD Platinum+ and Gold by measuring all the promising attributes that they bring to the table and also revealed major pieces of information regarding the demographic each product caters to. However, now that the former portion has been dealt with. It’s finally time to put both of them against one another to reveal just how different they are from one another, the similarities they share, and pick the king of the hill between the two. In other words, here’s everything that we threw into the mix in order to pick a winner between GHD Platinum+ vs. GHD Gold!

Performance and Attributes of Platinum+

Performance and Attributes: Platinum+

When put to use, the GHD Platinum+ and Gold are exceptionally effective. They both heat up almost instantly, and shut-off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity, making them time-friendly and safe to use. In contrast to most straighteners from prominent brands, both the Gold and Platinum+ are also seamless for straightening the hair, and can also bring out the waviest waves and effortless curls when used correctly, making them two of the best hair styling tools at the moment.

However, when pitted against one another, the upgraded mechanics of the Platinum+ stands out noticeably. Since it comprises ultra-zone technology and is known for being a smart straightener, the item examines the hair type and density of each user before modifying the layout of the strands. Additionally, the Platinum+ also gives more shine to each cuticle, and prevents frizzy ends which can be music to the ears of those with damaged hair. The wishbone hinge is also of great use since it secures the quality of the finish. However, the item usually brings forward sublime results when used on coarse and thick hair.

Despite being the underdog on this segment, the GHD Gold isn’t too bad, either. It uses its dual-zone technology to bring in exceptional results when creating straight ends, curls, as well as waves, and can do so in a short span of time. However, the hair seems to lack less shine and looks less healthy when the strands are manipulated using the Gold instead of the Platinum+, making the latter the better option.

Cosmetical Aspects The Platinum+ Is More Premium than Gold

Cosmetical Aspects: The Platinum+ Is More Premium

Since the GHD Gold is now over a decade old, the groundwork of it is completely dissimilar to that of the Platinum Plus. Just like its predecessor, the Gold comprises a round barrel and dual-zone technology sensored plates, and is draped in black. The build can fascinate the traditional users of straighteners, as it does follow an old-fashioned blueprint.

As opposed to the GHD Gold, the Platinum+ comprises a more premium build, which is only existent due to its newly added wishbone hinge. While it does consist of a round barrel, the weight of the Platinum+ is significantly light in contrast to the Gold, making it easier to pick up and travel with. Additionally, unlike its predecessors, the Platinum+ comes in two colours; black and white.

Price: The Gold Has The Upperhand

When it comes to value, it’s obvious that the Platinum+ is more expensive due to being made of different materials, and because of its release date. And while the upgrades made to the Platinum+ can very well justify the enormous price tag that it carries, the significant price difference can be an issue to those that are working around a moderately-placed budget.

Additionally, due to being more reasonably valued, the Gold can definitely be the ideal product to side with for many, especially for those with fine hair, making it the winner during this segment.

The Series Of Similarities Between Ghd Platinum+ and Gold

Though the two models are years apart, the GHD Gold and Platinum do have multiple traits in common, which can be a win-win scenario for many.

The first similarity that they have is found within their performance. While each item caters to a different kind of demographic, the Gold and Platinum+ can be utilised to bring forward exceptional results. They can both heat up to the same amount of temperature without damaging the user’s hair.

The two products also offer a similar time-frame when being used, which can also be a positive for everyone. Even though the Platinum+ heats up within 20 seconds in contrast to the Gold that heats up within 25, the cables on both items are also similarly built, and stand at 2.7m respectively.

Final Verdict: The GHD Platinum+ Is In A League Of Its Own

All in all, after carefully inspecting all the major elements of the two GHD models, the GHD Platinum+ is what we ended up siding with. In addition to being one of the very few smart straighteners with ultra-zone technology, the Platinum+ also brings to the table the best results for any and every hair type without drying out the strands with its unique plates. While it is substantially costlier than the Gold, it also has better technological attributes, cosmetical features, and can also change the structure of one’s hair at a rapid amount of time.

Moreover, although the GHD Gold is definitely the dark horse in this bout, it is definitely better than the original variant, and stands in the middle of the three when they’re all ranked together. While the dual-zone technology it has can be ineffective if you have thick or really coarse hair, this tool can single handedly transform fine hair and make it more presentable, durable, and effortless over the span of one night only. It also brings to the table affordability, which can be a good thing if you’re working around a budget!

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