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Best Cheap Hair Clipper: 5 Affordable Companions That Generate Unbeatable Results!

They often say that premium quality results require massive investments to be made. However, in the world of hairdressing, there’s no such thing as “spending big equates to promising results,” which is exactly what this article represents.

While trimmers can be used to save a chunk of your budget if you’re practising the art of hair clipping at home, tons of hair clippers can offer professional-grade results at a reasonable rate.

In fact, for those hoping to pursue hairdressing professionally with a low starting budget, there are around 5 definite and concrete solutions in the form of hair clippers that are, in my eyes, the best inexpensive hair clippers on the market at the moment.

From prominent models of WAHL to newcomers like U-free, there are tons of candidates that meet the former criteria. For a full-on assessment from my POV, stay tuned until the end of this guide!

Series Overview: Ideal Budget-Friendly Hair Clippers As Of 2024!

Budget-Friendly Hair Clippers

Going all out is an easy way of finding success in the hair-clipping business. Spending less isn’t too bad, either, as it can also ensure success, but only if you place your trust in the right companion for your tasks.

As of right now, there are plenty of hair clippers who clip on a budget, saving cost and generating top-notch results simultaneously. Each device has its own purpose and unique selling points, but often comes together to serve those seeking success through spending leniently.

While going through the second half of the portion will help one garner knowledge of the best hair clippers to count on with below-mediocre finances, here’s a preview of each that can prevent time wastage for those working around a packed schedule!

Model Better Known As
Wahl Color ProBest Tool For Beginners
FADE KINGCost-friendly Option For Fades
Wahl Chrome ProCorded Hair Clipper For Close Cut
WAHL Peanut ClassicMost Ideal For Travel
U-free Cordless Electric ClipperMost Affordable For Razor-sharp Details

Smaller Quantity, Higher Quality: 5 Remarkable Hair Clippers Running Big on Affordability!

Hair Clippers Running Big on Affordability

Gathering a collection of the best when it comes to hair clippers only takes a matter of seconds. On the contrary, coming up with names of electric hair clippers that cater to tight budgets might take a while to form.

Nonetheless, with enough patience, a list of hair clippers that are known to be budget-efficient and great companions for hair clipping for both professional and personal use can easily be generated.

But if you don’t have enough time to look them up yourself, here are my top picks among outstanding yet ridiculously inexpensive hair clippers, alongside all the qualities they bring to the table.

Wahl Color Pro

At the end of the day, this list feels incomplete without the involvement of Wahl Color Pro, which is the best hair clipper for barbers learning the ins and outs of fading, preferably regarding the guidelines.

The selling point of the tool doesn’t lie behind the blade system, but rather in the attachments provided.

Color Pro and attachments

The Color Pro paves the way for newbies by offering 10 color-coded attachments, ranging from 1mm to 25mm. The unique theme of each attachment is merely for the eyes, as it also helps beginners learn more about how much density each attachment trims down.

To learn about the size of each attachment, WAHL Color Pro contains a color chart, which I believe can be a great solution for those hoping to maximize their knowledge of using attachments and eyeballing their way into recognizing the size of each guard!

For the price it charges, Color Pro also comes with a fairly sharp stainless steel blade, which can provide clean results, resembling a 1-on-the-side at most. Due to being inexpensive, skin safety is nowhere to be found within the clipping element!

Stainless Steel blade of Color Pro
Stainless Steel blade of Color Pro

Due to being relatively old in the world of hairdressing, the Wahl Color Pro is a bulky device for sure, reprising the traditional norms set by Wahl initially. If you ask me about how it feels, I’d say it resembles the Wahl Legend in terms of weight, but not in terms of performance.

Design and Button Configuration of Color Pro

Navigating the device is fair for its structure, and makes sense once you examine its price tag. The hefty build can feel unnatural at first but can travel back and forth around the temple with ease.

The Color Pro ditches important compartments like battery indicators but is one of the very few hair clippers offering cordless operation, that too at an affordable rate.

Wahl Color Pro next to Chrome Pro
Wahl Color Pro next to Chrome Pro

This gives the hair clipper the upper hand in this scenario, it seems, but only over the Chrome Pro and Peanut Classic.

Though it isn’t as grand as the candidates that defy the art of hair clipping, I still believe that the Color Pro is a reliable source for top-notch guidelines, since the attachments that one receives for its value are definitely of the highest quality.

Color Pro in action
Color Pro in action

The NiMH battery is a bit of a concerning element,  which often hampers the results generated by the Color Pro.

The previous trait might also prove to be detrimental for those seeking prolonged operation, since an hour can only cater to 5 clients at most.

However, it still is promising, and becomes even more compelling with the accessories it provides. Not only does this Wahl provide 10 different kinds of comb guards that are easy to comprehend, but it also provides a travel bag to allow this affordable hair clipper to make space in congested luggage.

Comb guard attached with Color Pro
Comb guard attached with Color Pro

The scissors provided are fused with above-average housing, being great for those who prefer keeping their hair in check on their own on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, for beginners hoping to obtain mediocre results and educate themselves through the help of a hair clipper, the WAHL Color Pro could prove to be a top-notch solution.

Apart from the inconsistent battery life, the Wahl Color Pro remains a reliable budget-friendly clipper in my books, working best for learners eventually hoping to pursue a profession in being a fade master!

Color coded attachments establish a better understanding for fadesNiMH battery hampers the speed of the device
Steel precision blade can create above-average designs
Cordless operation is a privilege for its price


One-upping the former candidate of WAHL Color Pro, or any hair clipper on this list, is the affordable gadget known as FADE KING, one of the fresh faces in the grooming world.

At first glance, the inexpensive hair clipper almost resembles Babyliss’ Gold FX trimmer, but what follows is a series of perks that make this affordable piece almost a privilege to have in one’s arsenal.

Blade System of FADE KING
Blade System of FADE KING

With a precision-first fade blade, FADE KING appears to have the world in the palm of its hand with its craving for generating close and crispy fades, from tapers to blends.

Though the blade isn’t fused with ceramic and can easily accumulate heat when working overtime, the designs that it generates on such a low budget are what makes the FADE KING one of the easiest purchases on this list of affordable shavers.


Supporting the fade blade is a lever, which is a bit more wonky than I had expected. It does give FADE KING more room to experiment with variety, however, enabling the tool to produce zero-gap-like results.

The motor is loud, but also just as powerful on the FADE KING, cutting down the estimated time of each session drastically without breaking a sweat. It also tends to act like a rotary clipper, moving at one speed at all times.

Handle of FADE KING
Handle of FADE KING

A bittersweet element of the FADE KING is its design, in my opinion, which goes beyond its visuals.

Watching the golden paint job reflect on one’s eyes can be appealing at first, but that’s until the FADE KING is carried by the hand.

FADE KING in hand

In my opinion, the FADE KING is by far one of the heaviest hair clippers I’ve ever used. It feels almost like the Professional Master of Andis, another heavyweight in the land of hair-removing connoisseurs, and one of the best clippers of Andis.

Though my wrist doesn’t like the feel of FADE KING during rush hour, I commend the heftiness of the raw materials, as it guarantees resilience, durability, and longevity; three gems that aren’t often found in hair clippers that charge less!

Barbell grip and neck of FADE KING
Barbell grip and neck of FADE KING

I believe it’s the barbell grip that adds to the weight, but also provides a no-slip grip, truly being the embodiment of the illusion of choice. The diamond-shaped pattern resting underneath the detachable blade is also quite pivotal for my thumb to find support on, and tends to come in handy during close shaves.

The cylinder-base housing reminds me of giants like the Oster 76, but feels more functional and convenient than the former. Let me tell you why.

LED Display of FADE KING
LED Display of FADE KING

Unlike most traditional hair clippers, FADE KING maximizes a user-friendly experience by offering a display that makes space for the battery status, and reminds the investor to oil the blade, which is admirable when you take into consideration just how little it charges in price.

A highlight of the FADE KING is its battery life, however, it operates for 3 hours at a time, but only at first. Upon using it for the third time, the device might double down to serve for an hour with consistency, dropping in quality during prolonged operation.

WAHL’s naked Blade next to FADE KING’s Fade Blade
WAHL’s naked Blade next to FADE KING’s Fade Blade

An easter egg that this device carries lies within its clipping elements, which, surprisingly, makes the FADE KING compatible with Wahl.

While the fading results of this clipper are underwhelming when you compare them with the best of WAHL, the FADE KING finds chemistry with WAHL’s detachable blades, possessing the ability to accommodate one when required.

In other words, a fusion between WAHL and FADE KING can be formed with the adaptable housing of the FADE KING, making it a recipe for success when push comes to shove.

Comb attachments of FADE KING
Comb attachments of FADE KING

The 6-man comb guards aren’t the only promising additives, but so is its travel bag. For a drastically convenient sum, this fading specialist also provides essentials such as aprons, making it a must-have clipper for users working on a challenging budget.

The fade blade resembles the performance of prominent WAHL modelsThe device runs a bit heavy
Barbell grip offers outstanding control time for its price
The attachments and blade system are compatible with WAHL

WAHL Peanut Classic

While not always the case, travelling can be mandatory for many to keep their hairdressing profession alive.

However, for a convenient sum, one can always have the WAHL Peanut Classic in the palm of their hands, the best portable hair clipper that prioritizes cost-saving before anything else.

WAHL Peanut Classic’s design and feel

What it also prioritizes for a convenient sum is seamless operation, which starts with the build. Measuring 4 inches, and weighing only 4 ounces, the WAHL Peanut classic appears to be the only budget-friendly clipper that provides easygoing navigation; an attribute that could be a no-show on even the best hair clippers.

Although the weight is a breeze to work with for small-sized dimes and enlarged palms, the ceramic blade of Peanut Classic is only great for creating blends and tapers.

WAHL Peanut Classic next to comb guards

The comb attachments may be relied upon for adding more guidelines to a fade to make the layout more aesthetically pleasing, which explains this bad boy’s place in the list of best professional hair clippers for barbers.

Offering tons of creative freedom with its lightweight build is a speciality of WAHL’s Peanut Classic, but the device lacks complementary items that hamper its impression, even on this list.

WAHL Peanut Classic’s blade system
WAHL Peanut Classic’s blade system

Though the simple button configuration and the snap-on blade system are two promising qualities that many can’t find on cheap hair clippers, the WAHL Peanut Classic feels like a liability for lacking versatility, carrying no lever for adjusting its open blade.

This deprives WAHL Classic Peanut from offering privileges such as a bald fade; a haircut that is perhaps the most common and versatile design in the hairdressing industry.

Full shot of WAHL Peanut Classic

What makes this device a win once again, is its battery life, which comes with no duration. The corded clipper also offers enough room for users to move in any direction with ease, thanks to an 8-foot cord at the base of the handle.

WAHL Peanut Classic with detached blade

Despite having a small build, the motor that this WAHL model carries is above-mediocre, once again making it a great purchase for travel. Oiling the blade is necessary, however, as the device might heat up towards the blade system when working for hours at a time, having no screws to wind down its power.

Bean-like device with lightweight operationThe durability of the design is unreliable
Great travel buddy
A precision blade that trims beards and clips hair


For the price it attains, the WAHL Chrome PRO feels like a significant upgrade from the Color Pro, which feels like a good candidate to compete with due to comprising a similar build, and possessing the same purpose.

The Chrome PRO has a better razor-sharp blade for first, which can provide closer shaves with ease. The open blade system alone makes this affordable hair clipper better than the above-mentioned WAHL models, finding a zero-gapped shave with an adjustable lever.

Blade system of WAHL Chrome Pro
Blade system of WAHL Chrome Pro

While this hair clipper is also used to generate fatigue with its heavy-duty housing, the tapered silhouettes do feel better when held by my palm.

The matte-based handle is fused with some texture, which makes this affordable clipper quite reliable if all you need is some grip control to perfect your fade.

Full shot of WAHL Chrome Pro’s design

While the Chrome Pro does ditch the perks of having a cordless hair clipper in the blink of an eye, the benefits of being a corded clipper allow the Chrome Pro to offer an unlimited run time, which is once again held up rather high by its motor.

WAHL Chrome Pro with attached guard

The comb attachments found in the packaging reprise the same build as the 10-piece combo offered by the Wahl Color Pro, but feel tight when attached to the blade system of the Chrome Pro.

A gift about this affordable clipper is that it comprises a carbon blade, which, in the grand scheme of things, allows the Chrome Pro to provide more longevity than the rest of the candidates when not in use, making it a great purchase for beginners seeking an inexpensive way to make a long-term purchase for a hair clipper.

WAHL Chrome in motion

In addition to providing a plastic-fused briefcase for travel and a pair of scissors for boosting precision, the Wahl Chrome Pro also offers hair clips, which once again makes this affordable hair clipper a diamond in the rough for those who are struggling to understand the importance of guidelines within fades.

Accessories of WAHL Chrome Pro

What seals the deal for me is probably its shelf life and its consistency, which have remained as fresh as they were since I added this device to my inventory, which would be a year ago!

Carbon blade that is rust-free and can zero-gap fades at any timeThe corded feature adds to the already hefty weight of the device
Durable matte-based housing that is indestructible and seamless to use
Has an adjustable lever that can cover ranges between 0mm and 1.5mm

U-free Cordless Electric Clipper

An honorable mention on this list is U-free’s cordless hair clipper, which can be a solution for those who prefer adding bold shapes and patterns onto their fades, without having to spend a large sum for investment.

What really separates this clipper from the rest of the candidates on this list of affordable hair clippers is its shaving elements, led by a T-blade as opposed to a fade or stagger tooth blade used on the former hair readjusting professionals.

The T-blade isn’t as sharp as the one found on the Andis T-Outliner, but provides a close shave nonetheless using its razor-sharp edges.

Close-up of U-free’s blade system

The wide-toothed edges can still curate a zero-gapped fade, however, making this representative of U-free a must-have for novices with a low to moderate budget for spending.

My favorite part about this device is the slender cylinder-based handle, which is easy to hold, and even easier to operate. With the help of its weightlessness, it is easy to not only pursue a close shave on the temple, but also shape up the sideburns and beard for a disconnected look full of concentration.

Full shot of U-free electric hair clipper

Many dismiss the potential that this U-free electric clipper carries, which, in my eyes, is the most reliable hair clipper for those with the lowest budget. But what plenty fail to acknowledge is the speed setting of this hair clipper, which involves a rotary motor that covers an RPM of 7,000.

When dealing with hairy situations, the U-free is also quick to clean and rejuvenate itself, with a detachable blade system. Though it isn’t waterproof, the T-blade appears to receive a closer cleanup due to accumulating a fair amount of space within itself and the base of the surface of the handle.

U-free electric hair clipper in hand

The handle looks best when draped in a glossy paint of jet black, but also comes in a chrome paint job, which can be a handful for barbers and users running big on visuals as well as performance.

What makes this device an easy pick and a favorite of mine in the world of affordable hair clippers is its endurance, which is supposedly strong enough to accommodate users for 3 hours on a full charge.

U-free when in motion

Upon running a thorough examination, however, I believe that U-free’s electric hair clipper only feels useful for an hour of use, deteriorating in terms of performance with each passing minute right after.

The attachments provided lack quality, but are thoughtful additives when you peek at its price tag. I would recommend refraining from using the comb guards, however, relying more on the open blade instead!

U-free with attached comb guard

All in all, if all you need is a clipper that incorporates jarring details onto the fades that you curate to offer a unique touch, the U-free electric hair clipper can prove to be a great gadget to place your trust in, especially if spending big isn’t still on your radar!

It might lack quality in some regard, but can provide details and swipe out awkward pieces to generate aesthetic fades and beard results like none on this list of ideal cheap hair clippers!

A beard trimmer and sideburn finisher at oneThe comb attachments are not on par with the blade system
Extremely lean handle that provides smooth navigation
Incredibly close-shaves at an affordable price

Highlights and Lowlights: A Thorough Recap Of The Most Affordable Hair Clippers Of 2024!

Since the previous segment was more prolonged than expected, don’t beat yourself up too much if you zoned out or lost track of the breakdown for each product a couple of times.

Instead, pull yourself back in with the guidance of the following table, which contains the primary attributes of my list starring the best inexpensive hair clippers on the market right now!

ModelBlade TypeOperation SystemRating
WAHL Color ProStainless steelCordless4.4 ⭐
FADE KINGFade bladeCordless4.7 ⭐
WAHL Chrome ProZero-overlap carbon bladeCorded4.5 ⭐
WAHL Peanut ClassicPrecision trimmer bladeCorded4.3 ⭐
U-free Hair ClipperTitanium T-bladeCordless4 ⭐

Attributes Of Every Affordable Clipper: Common Perks Of Budget-friendly Clippers!

The dilemma of spending less when investing in a grooming tool can be a tough one for sure, but it isn’t too hectic in the grand scheme of things.

While compromising in price actually has an impact on the build quality of the gadgets and deprives the hair clippers of generating results as pleasant as those curated by the best of Oster or Andis clippers, attached to the affordable clippers are tons of generalized perks that users can easily benefit from at the end of the day.

From providing helpful attachments to offering specific blade systems to support their claims, here are some win-win attributes found in every budget-friendly hair clipper!

Helpful Attachments

For a convenient price tag, each clipper on this list of promising yet cheap hair clippers offers tons of variety, preferably in the form of attachments.

While the comb guards are surely the first few noticeable helpful companions, a series of candidates, such as the FADE KING, provide necessities for barbers such as a pair of scissors, a kit for travel, and an apron for when they’re working overtime.

Usability of Attachments

Precise Blade Systems For Build

Though generating the best possible results isn’t on the agenda of affordable hair clippers, it is fair to say that the blade system of each lot appears to be quite precise and true to the build of the companion it represents.

While clippers like FADE KING contain a fade blade to run the show, the precision trimmer of the WAHL Peanut Classic delivers the tapers and blends that it promises.

Color PRO might offer mediocre results overall due to being more of a mentor than a companion for daily use, but the Chrome Pro one-ups the former by guaranteeing a top-notch skin fade with its zero-gapping abilities, thanks to its adjustable lever.

U-free’s electric hair clipper has a T-blade that doesn’t just exceed the average benchmark, but also guarantees remarkable finishes and contouring.

Blade precision

Genre-specific Housing

Another attribute that affordable clippers guarantee is genre-specific housing, which, in other words, means that they provide strictly what they’re built for.

If you’re confused, let’s take a look at the WAHL Peanut Classic, which promises travel-friendly ergonomics with weightless operation with its 4-inch build.

For an additional boost, let’s also consider the FADE KING, which keeps things simple with its fade blade, and provides attachments like some of the prominent hair clippers of WAHL to help its cause.

It also has a barbell grip, which allows the FADE KING to not only provide incredible control time, but also enables the device to guarantee durability; an element it promises from the start.

The T-blade of U-free’s electric hair clipper isn’t the only thing that is specific, but as is its lean, cylinder-shaped handle, which provides incredible control time when shaving the chip.

Housing relevance

Ability To Provide Above-mediocre Results

Often, despite not being manufactured with the best blade systems, affordable hair clippers garner the ability to generate results that are definitely better than average, falling short of being called top-notch.

When you take into account just how much the hair clippers save from one’s bank account, their ability to provide so much for so little is truly astonishing, and a common.

Clipping productivity

Frequently Asked Question

Now that I’ve unveiled a list that many won’t give people access to, with all that’s been covered so far, it should be easy to come to a conclusion regarding the final impression of hair clippers that sell themselves short to appeal to a range of demographics instead of those that only cater to high-end investors.

However, if skimming through the review of each hair clipper doesn’t help, nor does the list of promising qualities mentioned above, here are some fundamentally put questions regarding affordable hair clippers that might improve the dilemma!

Q. Which corded hair clipper should I buy with a low budget?

Ans: Among the list provided, the most ideal cordless hair clipper that generates optimal results on a low budget is the Wahl Chrome Pro, known for having durable housing, a rust-free carbon blade, and helpful comb attachments.

Q: Are cheap hair clippers long-lasting on average?

Ans: While the housing of each hair clipper is often shaped by the budget spent for raw materials, affordable hair clippers provide service for a similar amount of time as expensive hair clippers, when push comes to shove.

In fact, the WAHL Peanut Classic, which is still regarded as one of the best hair clippers of WAHL, is both cost-friendly and long-lasting, serving users for at least 5 years at a time.

Q: Can affordable hair clippers cater to professional barbers?

Ans: The technique and fundamentals matter more than anything in the grooming business. Therefore, if you’re worried about whether cheap hair clippers can generate promising salon-like results, know that they can, as long as you know how to make use of the blade system.

While the WAHL Peanut Classic can bring forward professional blends, the zero-gapped abilities of WAHL Chrome Pro can easily bring zero fades into existence.

Final Verdict

When it comes to making investments, even the smallest amount can make a big change. Similarly, if you have a low to moderate budget prior to investing in a hair clipper, there are tons of candidates that can generate promising results without leaving a dent in your bank savings.

From fresh faces like the U-free hair clipper to familiar contributors such as WAHL Peanut Classic, an array of hair clippers enter and stand tall in the book of top-grade yet inexpensive hair clippers of 2024.

While your budget should shape your purchase, the primary factor should be the kind of results you’re expecting or hoping to generate with the hair clipper.

Therefore, before confirming your investment, be sure to look into its blade system, alongside the attachments and battery endurance of the hair clipper.

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