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Best Wahl Clippers: Cut Your Hair Like a Pro

Clippers, trimmers, and shavers are often seen synonymously, which shouldn’t be the case. Clippers, I believe, go above and beyond to provide the cleanest haircuts.

Through fades, blends, and tapers, clippers readjust one’s hair in an attempt to not just improve the visuals, but also improve one’s esteem without scratching and damaging the scalp.

While a plethora of brands come to mind when thinking about the kings of the hill among clippers, Wahl always seems to win me over. The Illinois-based brand that celebrated a century of success not so long ago contains not one, not two, but multiple clippers that provide not just the comfort of a top-grade item, but generate the best results possible.

Today, to celebrate Wahl and all the ways in which it contributes to the world of personal grooming each day, we will unveil 6 clippers, both corded and cordless, belonging to Wahl that not only shape their success, but are also the best grooming partners as of 2024.

And if you’re tired of phoney reading materials, give this guide a chance to discover Wahl from an Average Joe’s point of view!

Best Wahl Clippers Of 2024: A Fairly-assessed Ranking From My POV

Wahl Clippers design

Reading through each segment is definitely the ideal move to make if you’re hoping to note down everything about the candidates, otherwise known as clippers belonging to Wahl that make the art of haircutting easier on a daily basis. Pitting one against the other isn’t an option, it seems, as each candidate is groomed with a different build from bottom to top, with different blades to run the show.

This article is an investment on its own, offering almost everything about 6 Wahl clippers that are no short of the best in the industry. While making it to the final remarks will definitely help if you’re hoping to specialise in your profession as a barber or a self-cutting guru, the following table should suffice if you don’t have enough time to cross the finish line.

ModelAlso known asPrice
Wahl Magic ClipA Two-in-one Deal For Everyone See On Amazon
Wahl LegendThe Best Possible Clipper For A Professional-grade Skin Fade See On Amazon
Wahl SeniorA Chameleon-like Clipper With Tons Of Variety See On Amazon
Wahl BaldingA Cure for Male Pattern Baldness and A Producer Of Self-confidence See On Amazon
Wahl PeanutThe Best Tool For A Self-haircut See On Amazon
Wahl Color ProCost-efficient Device With Tons Of Wisdom See On Amazon
Wahl Chrome ProA Must-have For Beginners See On Amazon

A Specialist In Walking The Talk: Top 7 Wahl Clippers That Bring Seamless Results!

Top 7 Wahl Clippers

Wahl is perhaps the only brand that prioritizes customer needs. It soothes beginners with an easygoing build that isn’t as lightweight, but simple to work with. Each model doesn’t come with necessities involving a battery indicator, but guarantees a great experience with just a button and a lever.

Currently, Wahl has six models that users can reach out to for a series of results. While every single candidate excels in professional settings, only two of them work around the clock to make space for personal use.

From the staggering Wahl Senior to the laidback model of Wahl Color Pro, here are all the clippers that were tailor-made for improving personal care.

Wahl Magic Clip: A Two-in-One Kind Of Deal

Opening this list is Wahl’s Magic Clip, a fusion of the Wahl Senior and Balding. It is often regarded as the middle child between Wahl clippers, offering various services to make ends meet.

Wahl Magic Clip front

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Key Features Of Wahl’s Magic Clip

ModelWahl Magic Clip 
Blade Stagger tooth blade 
Battery Life100 minutes
Best ForClipper-over-comb
Standout featureGood for fades and blends

Wahl’s Magic Clip is a device I’m obviously fond of. It offers the same traditional packaging as most high-end Wahl clippers, which is sizable and efficient.

(What’s inside the box?)

Prioritizing fades and blends, this clipper offers around 8 attachments. To maintain the blade, which isn’t detachable unless unscrewed, the device carries a brush and cleaning oil.

A surprise addition is a comb, which I believe is for generating a seamless clipper over comb work when polishing fades. The quality of the comb doesn’t meet the benchmark in my eyes, feeling more like a low-graded souvenir when push comes to shove.

Wahl’s Magic Clip offers an outstanding performance when put to use.

Wahl Magic Clip blade

While the stagger tooth blade definitely helped me create some of the best fade designs in quick succession, it can also do an ASMR for the Crunch blade technology it carries, which produces literal crunch sounds when in use.

Magic Clip lever

The lever doesn’t dig as deep as that used in the Balding or Senior, but does enough to provide a close shave. I personally feel that this Wahl clipper is perfect for legendary one-on-the-side cuts, which can maintain pompadours, undercuts, and textured hairdos.

With the power of the motor and heavy-duty battery, generating results also doesn’t take much time.

I used it briefly for a couple of months during summer, which is when it blew me away completely. At one point, I was giving out four new haircuts every hour thanks to Magic Clip’s magnifique touch.

frontal shot of Wahl Magic Clip

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For newbies, it can be a good purchase. The lever along with its cordless nature can work wonders when working for prolonged hours, and for flexibility. As long as the attachments are used, detailed fades can be created in a jiffy.

Not all is great about the experience though, as the device is extremely heavy.

Sure, I’m not as tough as nails or buff, but Wahl’s Magic Clip definitely feels like a lifting session due to how hefty it feels for my palms.

Moving in an upward and downward motion is quite difficult as well, since the device feels hefty from the bottom to the top.

Magic Clip label

I do like the design, though. A bit too much, if I may add. The ceramic-like housing is quite appealing, as is the deep maroon paint job, which reprises its role on the Legendary as well as the Balding clippers.

When dropped, the device feels stronger than ever. I’m usually pretty careful, but I too have dropped it a couple of times. The aftermath found me more relieved than ever, however, since the device didn’t even attain a scratch.

Magic clip Blade Cover

The flat blade is always as good as new if you take care of it, especially when the cover is utilized. Though it provides seamless operation almost always, not oiling it enough can expose your clients to nicks and cuts, which surely affected me and my brand image.

I love how easy the configurations are. There’s only a lever with a crank system, and a power button that follows a toggle switch, just like most Wahl models.

When used, the device doesn’t have an input delay. It goes from zero to a hundred almost immediately.

The battery life stands at 100 minutes, offering more than enough in contrast to most premium-quality clippers. If you’re having a slow day at work, I believe one charge should be enough.

A few solid strong points of this device stand out when reducing bulk. The blade and the motor are so effective that cropping even the coarsest natural hair is a piece of cake.

While the comb is underdeveloped, doing clipper-over-comb work feels amazing, and hassle-free with the Magic Clip. It is surely a long-term investment, in my opinion, so pay no mind to the price one has to pay.

In contrast to the Wahl models on this issue, the Magic Clip remains untouched due to various reasons. The flat blade is an incredible blade that gives the device tons of versatility, enabling it to form a natural taper as well when used with attachments.

Magic clip battery indicator
Battery Indicator

If you can’t understand the mood of your clipper based on the way it runs, consider checking on its battery life, which is when the battery indicator at the base comes in full bloom.

Overall, I feel that Wahl’s Magic Clip offers the best experience merely because of how multi-purpose the gadget remains. The battery life isn’t just the positive, but as is its efficiency, cordless nature, and simple controls.

What I don’t like is the weight. I feel that, for a clipper, it is way too difficult to work with. After just 15 minutes of use, my forearm gave in, which shouldn’t be the case anymore. There are various ergonomic designs that Wahl can adopt to make the experience easier.

Nonetheless, I’m completely in awe and in favor of Wahl’s Magic Clip, which offers an easygoing shave or maintenance haircut without thinking twice. If your budget has tons of rope, you may also check out Wahl Senior, the next candidate on the list.

A Bowl Of PositivesMinor Issue(s)
Stagger tooth blade offers tons of versatility The comb is unnecessary 
Top-grade ceramic housing The weight could be difficult to work with
Sizable attachments 
Chalks up fall damage

Possible Alternative(s): Wahl Senior Cordless

When push comes to shove, there’s not one that beats this Wahl clipper when you take into account another brand.

However, if you’re fishing in the same pool, I suggest you try Wahl Senior, which has an overlap blade that is perfect for mimicking the blends and fades generated by Magic Clip.

The cordless nature also offers tons of freedom, while the blade offers more variety through comb-over-clipper work.

Wahl Cordless Legend

Wahl Legend is labelled as a reliable companion if all you need to do is create 4 or 3-on-the-side cuts. The cordless one beats the corded one by miles, trimming down the weight by a tad bit to increase the efficiency of the tool.

Wahl Legend front

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Key Features Of Wahl Legend 

ModelWahl Legend
BladeWedge blade
Battery Life100 minutes
Best ForSoft, low-contrast fade
Standout featureClip-on metal attachments

Known for dealing with mostly outgrown hair, Wahl Legend offers assistants that only reduce bulk. The guards are bigger and better than ever, reprising the same metal clip-on system found on the Wahl Senior.

Wahl legend blade

Unlike the Senior and Magic Clip, the blade of this device is solely made for fades. In contrast to the former candidates, I feel that the head feels softer, carrying narrow bridges to solely reduce bulk.

The selling point of this tool is the visuals for sure, featuring notes of metal and plastic. Notes of gold are also painted around the centre of the handle, which allows the Legend to look crisper than that of the rest.

Wahl legend Metal lever

A new addition is the metal lever, which I feel is somewhat unnecessary. The lever is quite deep, just like the Senior. However, the surgical ball of the lever feels quite redundant, and quite frankly, unattractive.

Legend carries the same principle as any other model when it comes to design and control, carrying just a lever and a power button.

The metal-fused power button looks staggering and polished, but gave me a hard time when I powered the device on for the first time.

I usually use my thumb for the flick switch of any Wahl clipper. However, for the Legend, I had to use my thumb as well as my index finger, which hampered my work hours.

Flick switch

Flick switch of Wahl Magic Clip and Legend

If I could give one piece of advice to the manufacturers, I’d suggest Wahl use the same, beige-coloured flick switch that they had before, which is miles better than that of Legend.

Using it is fun, I must say. When used, I felt as though the device was steering the wheel; not my hands. The subtle separation around the midsection makes a huge difference, too, providing more grip than the average Wahl Clipper.

Wahl Legend in the palm

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The materials are heavy, almost making it resilient against damage. It slipped off my hand once due to the sweat, but somehow managed to walk unscathed from the scene.

If you’re thinking of switching brands, you may choose Wahl as the new replacement. The Legend should be a part of your crew if you’re either learning how to create the perfect low-contrast fade, or simply working towards building an army of durable clippers.

Wahl Legend doesn’t really concern me, if I’m being honest. It is quite dependable during tough times, especially due to being powered by a Li-Ion battery that lasts for 2 hours.

Legend power button

However, what still feels unsettling is its out-of-place button, which doesn’t cooperate unless two fingers are used. The attachments are amazing, though, obtaining tons of control thanks to the metal clip around the base.

Wahl Legend runs high in demand, which explains the nature of its price tag. Does it pay off, though? Of course it does! From high fades to low tapers, Wahl Legend provides everything, backing up its value.

In contrast to Balding, this Wahl is safer to use on sensitive skin

Wahl Legend with attached guard

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The attachments are just as powerful as those provided with the Senior, while the amount provided meets the same number as that of the Wahl Magic Clip. I heavily enjoyed using each guard to reduce split ends, which can be executed using the number 6 and 8 guards, respectively.

With the help of the additives, you can even create mullets, as well as wolf cuts, one of the most desirable hairstyles as of late.

Wahl Legend blade from front

Since the blade runs a bit narrow, oil them frequently. I would recommend following my easygoing rule, where two uses equals one oiling session. You may change the routine, however, especially if you’re dealing with fine hair.

Final take: Don’t dismiss it. This clipper has way too much to offer to modern-day barbers, and can deal with bro flows, fringes, and crop cuts. To deal with the weight, just use a handgrip and do 30 reps every day like me.

It also adds a natural finish to each look, which can be an incentive for white-collar industry employees to come around.

A Bowl Of PositivesMinor Issue(s)
Good for 3-on-the-side cutsButtons feel too stiff for my liking
Clip-on metal attachments provide more gripBlade can cause injuries if left unpolished
Can work on any hair length to generate a soft finish
Deep lever that can create tons of guidelines

Possible Alternative(s): Wahl Magic, Babyliss LoPROFX

Since the two are quite similar, for a similar feel with more battery life, Wahl’s Magic can be a good way to compensate for the weight of the Legend.

While the device might fall short of having the same lever as the Legend, using an attachment will make the experience just as effective.

Conversely, you may even opt for a Babyliss LoProFX if you can expand the nature of your budget by a tad bit. It isn’t just more lean than the Legend, but also operates with a faster motor and a battery life of 120 minutes.

Wahl Cordless Senior

Wahl’s Senior is another candidate that prioritizes tapers more often than not, offering more convenience than the corded version, which I wouldn’t pick over the cordless under any circumstances. The device is a veteran in the hair industry, with many being in favor of its abilities as a multipurpose hair clipper that can cover more ground without needing attachments.

Wahl Cordless Senior frontal

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Key Features Of Wahl Senior 

ModelWahl Senior
BladePrecision Fade
Battery Life80 Minutes
Best ForMaintenance cuts, High-contrast looks
Standout featureDeep lever

The device is loaded with tons of positives, but one of them isn’t its packaging.

I believe that, despite having more potential on its own without needing any further assistance, Wahl Senior falls short of creating a strong first impression; an issue that is generated by the additives.

In total, Wahl Senior is supported by three main comb guards, which is drastically less as opposed to the previously mentioned Magic Clip. The same plastic-based comb is also a member, alongside the oil and cleaning brush, which I think are solid support systems.

lever system of Senior

The selling point of Wahl Senior is its lever. I thought it claiming to be as deep as a 1 guard was a sham or a fake selling point created to lure in more customers.

But, to my surprise, the lever ran extremely deep, so much so that I was able to create the perfect contrast for my low fade. What I also like is the metal housing, an element I will get into shortly.

Let’s talk about the blade, shall we? If so, let me tell you that it does everything to support Senior’s claim of being a must-have for maintenance and high-contrast looks.

Senior’s blade

The flat blade can create a zero fade without any issue, thanks to its sharpness.

Running out of time? Extend the lever to the maximum to create a solid guideline that can close the deal in a matter of minutes.

Use the Balding clipper if you want a tighter fade, and use Magic Clip if you want the fade to have a natural transition.

Senior in the palm

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What I really like is that, despite having a metal-based rear, Wahl Senior feels easy to control. It is much easier to operate than the Legendary for its weight, and creates the same results as the Balding clipper, but without the scratches and nicks.

Wahl Senior is best understood by veterans, who know how to make such heavy-duty clippers work enough to find successful results. I can’t exactly say the same about the newbies, however, as the weight can easily hold them back.

However, if you’re into neutral colors like me, invest in Wahl Senior without thinking twice. It is quite easy to use for the simple controls, containing only a lever and a power switch.

Housing? Outstanding! The metal base feels quite cold when picked up, while the handle feels like an easier fit due to carrying a descending structure. The metal-infused housing also reduces sweat, providing my palms with more grip.

Wahl Senior frontside and backside

Once you accept its flaws, using it should be easy. At one point, I was looking to replace Senior with something that was lighter, but its performance always blew me away, putting me in a conflicted state.

There’s no delay when the Senior powers up; just a seamless procedure. The battery life is quite mediocre, providing 80 minutes worth of runtime. Taking into account the power of other models, I believe that this aspect could have been different.

Other than the weight and attachments, I don’t think there’s much that concerns me regarding Wahl Senior. I would have liked the battery to be more efficient when charging, though, as it usually takes 2 hours from my 9 to 5.

Is it still worth the investment? Absolutely. If you’re into creating tapers and want to establish some density on the hair, don’t take this specialist for granted.

Wahl Senior design

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If you’re working around a tight budget, though, start with one of the cheaper models, some of which I’ve mentioned below.

I can’t get over how pristine it looks, but also have plenty to say regarding how it feels, which could easily let anyone down. I also like how the attachments have a metal clip-on system to support the device, which has yet to let me down to this day.

Senior could shed some pounds, though, especially for a better feel. The weight does guarantee durability, however, which counts as a consolation prize from my standpoint.

Wahl Senior durability

Overall, if you often take up appointments that lean on maintenance cuts, this device is for you. Don’t use it at home though, since you can easily lose control of this gadget and end up with a botched cut.

My closing remarks on Wahl Senior is this: Get it while you still have time. The weight will feel easier to handle once you gain some muscle, but its salon-like results can never be fulfilled by another option.

A Bowl Of PositivesMinor Issue(s)
Offers durability in the form of a metal casingCan easily botch designs when used at home due to its weight
Can provide the best natural taper for awkward hairLack of comb attachments hampers its potential
The base can reduce signs of clammy palms
A specialist in comb-over-clipper work

Possible Alternative To Senior: Babyliss Pro GoldFX

While nothing beats the Senior when it comes to receiving all kinds of fades, even those with designs, a promising alternative that you can opt for isn’t Andis Masters, but Babyliss Pro GoldFX.

While the torque of the device can be a bit of a bother when pitted against the silent operation of Wahl Senior, the blade can still create custom-made fades and get the job done in the same time frame.

The Pro GoldFX also beats its opponent when the battery life is noted, serving for 120 minutes in one go.

Wahl Balding Clipper

Honestly, if you ask me about the fastest clipper out there, I’ll always mention Wahl Balding clipper, a razor-sharp tool among the brands. It is a representative that shows how efficient Wahl clippers can be in providing close shaves, which is what we need sometimes.

Wahl Balding frontal look

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Key Features Of Wahl’s Balding Clipper

ModelWahl Balding Clipper
Blade6x0 Surgical Blade
BatteryLi-Ion Battery
Best ForZero fades
Standout featureLateral Quick Operation

This is one of the two corded clippers on this list I’ve recommended. Why? Well, it all starts with the packaging.

Since the device can only comprehend close shaves, Wahl doesn’t waste time in providing attachments that are unnecessary. They only provide two comb guards; one that covers half, and another that covers a one-and-a-half guard.

Cleaning the blade is a fully formed toothbrush, a new addition inside the packaging of any Wahl clipper.

I don’t think the additional comb is any different from the combs mentioned previously, but the fact that it’s black makes the look more appealing.

I’ve used both plenty of times, but I always feel that they’re best when used for providing some detail to a bald shave. If you’re balding, make some extra space in your cabinet and reduce the signs with Wahl’s Balding clipper.

Wahl Balding blade

One of the best features is its blade, otherwise known as a 6×0 blade. In simpler terms, with this blade, I can manipulate any kind of hair to form a clean zero fade. Wet shaves are difficult, in my opinion, so use them when hair is dry.

Another stand-out feature lies within its motor, which provides an incredible amount of RPM to complement the blade.

When in use, this trimmer takes around 5 minutes to clean the scalp and each strand. The blade hardly ever accumulates any heat, but only because it’s powered by a cord. I have yet to find a day in which the corded clipper heated up, which is a big plus in my eyes.

Wahl Balding in palm

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While the 8-foot cord provides tons of support, it also induces anxiety if you’re in a country that constantly implements load-shedding to make things work.

While the device is not too far from the heaviest Wahl clipper, the cord makes things 10 times heavier than it really is, which can be a problem if you’re new to using a hair clipper.

Wahl Balding design

The Balding clipper always blows me away with its glossy color scheme, with a maroon paint job that is always hard to miss. Just like most Wahl clippers, this device is immune to fall damage, so don’t worry if the weight gets to you.

Due to its weight, Wahl Balding remains a hit or miss in my eyes. If you’re as experienced as I am, perhaps you’ll get the hang of the ounces after two uses. However, if you have small hands, take your time, since this device can sign you up for failure.

I adore how the device still uses a flick switch for power-ups. Really represents Wahl clippers at its peak.

Power button of Wahl Balding

What I don’t like, however, is the fact that it lacks a lever. Had there been a lever, I feel that the clipper would’ve been the best among the Wahl franchise, as it would’ve guided any kind of fade to success.

While it has its own positives, I feel that the blade is also a liability. The narrow-edged surgical blade is too sharp, which can expose one to injuries.

While it can produce tons of detail on a beard, take help from the comb attachments instead of using the zero-gap blade to protect your sensitive skin at all times.

Balding clipper details

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Another pro about this device is its price tag, surprisingly.

Despite being the most effective clipper for short textured cuts like Caesar cuts and butch cuts, the Balding clipper is less expensive than the Senior, Magic Clip, and Legendary. I wholeheartedly believe that the significant drop only arises due to its corded nature.

Wahl baldind corded nature

All in all, as stated earlier, if this device had more attachments to expand its range, the ranking of this list would’ve been completely different.

Wahl’s Balding is a recipe for success, being the best possible companion for barbers hoping to invest in the best bald fade there is. If you’ve got a Senior or Magic Clip in hand, keep this device in hand to create some outstanding details!

A Bowl Of PositivesMinor Issue(s) 
Surgical blade generates effective results within minutesLacks an adjustable lever
Extremely cheap due to being a corded clipperDoesn’t provide enough attachments to create more guidelines
Great for creating high-contrast looks on short hairThe cord somehow adds to the weight of the device
Cord offers unlimited runtime

Possible Alternative(s): Oster 76

One of my favorite clippers for close shaves is the Oster 76, which is much leaner than Wahl’s Balding Clipper. The flat blade is much smaller, and therefore, sharper than the head used for Balding Clipper. As opposed to Wahl’s representative, the Oster 76 is also easier to navigate during longer hours.

The Wahl Peanut Classic

One thing I like about Wahl is that it caters to everyone, from professionals to beginners. A model that goes beyond that, however, offering to any need is Wahl’s Peanut Classic; a small but effective device.

Wahl Peanut Classic

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Key Features Of Wahl’s Peanut Classic

ModelWahl Peanut Classic
BatteryNiMH Battery
Best ForSelf-haircut
Standout featureCompact Weight and Size

Wahl’s Peanut Classic proves that you should never judge a book by its cover. Due to the lack of size, many believe that this clipper lacks quality, which is downright unfair.

Attachment of Wahl Peanut Classic

In my opinion, the Wahl Peanut Classic is a must-have. It carries multiple attachments that can shape a beard. However, when I put it to the test, I mostly used the clipper for creating natural low tapers.

What I love about this clipper is its size. It’s a perfect fit for both small and large palms, giving Wahl’s Peanut Classic the upper hand over any other device on this list. To go one step further, the device also feels like a feather, weighing in at 4 ounces. 4 ounces!

Peanut Classic in the palms

When put to use, Wahl Peanut provides seamless navigation. With the help of the cord, it not only receives tons of reach, but also receives an unbeatable battery life, which I feel can come in handy during crunch time.

Not all is good about the fact that this Wahl is corded, though, as it is extremely dependent on plugs and adaptors at the end of the day. Although it did put me in deep waters once or twice, I’d still recommend this tool for any and every beginner.

Peanut Classic’s blade

How does it help everyone, you ask? With its stainless steel blade and compact size. This Wahl is perfect for professionals working around a budget, as the blade can create soft textures and a low-contrast fade.

Additionally, it can also help at home, preferably by shaping up a beard to perfection. If you’re growing your hair at the moment, keep the sideburns in check with Wahl Peanut Classic.

Peanut Classic handle with label

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In terms of build, I like how minimal it is. The font used for the label is quite bold, too, blending perfectly with the milky white paint job.

From an aesthetic standpoint, I understand why many might invest in Wahl Peanut Classic. However, if you want durability, perhaps you should think again.

The previous items of Wahl are some of the most dependable gadgets I’ve ever used, especially when you take into account their housing. I can’t say the same for this one, however, as the plastic build seems as though it is prone to damage.

Other than that, it feels just fine. In my opinion, for its budget, Wahl’s Peanut Classic is a banger for its buck. Let me tell you why.

Wahl Peanut next to the Magic Clip

In contrast to the big 4 of Wahl clippers, Wahl Peanut Classic is definitely a bit of an underdog. However, it gains tons of brownie points in my eyes for being an easy companion to travel with and a helpful guardian when giving self haircuts at home.

Would I vouch for it? Of course. It’s one of the most affordable clippers out there, and can shape a beard as well as body hair more often than not.

However, I hope you’re careful with this device, since it’s quite susceptible to damage, especially fall damage.

Additionally, since the blade is quite standard in comparison to the premium models of Wahl, be sure to replace the blade once every 3 months to avoid nicks, injuries, and allergic reactions.

A Bowl Of PositivesMinor Issue(s) 
Lightweight and compact device offers easy navigationBlade might need to be replaced once every few months
Removable head that is easy to clean and maintainThe housing feels like unfinished plastic, exposing it to fall damage
Simple configuration with one power button
Great for self-cuts

Possible Alternative(s): Wahl Professional Sterling Bullet Clipper

If you have more to spend, give yourself the bump and invest in the Wahl Sterling bullet, offering the same kind of lightweight operation with similar housing, corded system, and accessories.

The device isn’t just curvier around the edges, but also offers a blade with a low center of gravity, proving to be more effective in providing closer shaves.

Wahl Chrome Pro

If you’re fond of the previous candidate, otherwise known as the Wahl Peanut Classic, but also prefer the traditional feel that Wahl provides with its hefty-sized dominator, don’t hesitate to invest in the Wahl Chrome Pro; a device that was strictly built for beginners in the scene.

Wahl Chrome Pro frontal image

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Key Features Of Wahl Chrome Pro

ModelWahl Peanut Classic
BladeStainless steel blade
BatteryNiMH Battery
Best ForBeginner barbers and self-assisted cuts
Standout featureModest amount of accessories for value

Wahl’s Chrome Pro is a slight upgrade from the latter, which starts with its design. The matte-based housing feels quite premium in the palms, absorbing sweat quite easily.

The former portion works wonders during prolonged use, since it prevents the device from slipping out of form and the palms.

Wahl Chrome Pro in palm

To be a blockbuster for beginners, the Wahl Chrome Pro sweeps one by their feet with its attachments and additives.

In addition to offering ten different comb guards that cover from 3mm to an inch, this Wahl model carries a pair of scissors that can reduce bulk before each trim.

Don’t know how to track down the hairline? The Chrome Pro has got you covered! The device also features to clips, which can be placed on each side of the temple for a quick and easy fade.

A few things that I like about this Wahl Model is the way in which it focuses on minimalism. Just like its mentors, the Wahl Chrome Pro only comes with a power button, along with an adjustable lever.

Wahl classic chrome adjustable lever

The blade system isn’t as premium as the ones you’d find on the big 4 of Wahl. However, it does secure a lower positioning still, making it easy to obtain results similar to a bald fade.

With the added lever, you can always elevate the base of the blade, which can be of great help if you’re hoping to slightly chop some hair and generate results that equate to a fade with a number 1 guard.

For its price, I suppose it also puts up a great show. Navigation is a chore and a half, it seems, since the device is one of the heavier candidates on this list.

Wahl Chrome Pro design

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The corded feel only adds to the weight, which can hamper results. Moving in an upward and downward motion might be challenging as well, especially if you’re a newbie with no muscle memory to rely on.

While the battery life is a setback on the cordless version, the corded version serves extremely well in that regard. The motor is a bit too loud for my liking, which can easily trigger those with noise anxiety.

Corded Wahl Chrome pro

The additives are what make this device a must-have in my books, and should definitely be the selling point for barbers looking to kickstart their career with a bang.

In addition to offering 10 different kinds of attachment, the Wahl Chrome Pro offers a pair of sharp scissors, three different types of combs, and clips, among others. Cleaning the blade is also a walk in the park, especially if you use the semi-extended neck of the brush.

Attachments of Wahl Chrome pro

In contrast to the rest, this device still struggles in every possible way. The blades are sharp, but also dangerous when used in poor form.

The weight also kind of makes it difficult to make seamless operation a common find, giving off the same feel as the Wahl Magic Clip, with a worse grip.

The suitcase-like travel case does help a bit, however, especially for those who frequently travel far from home.

suitcase-like travel case

The accessories aren’t made of the best materials, but should suffice if all you’re seeking is a quick cut with zero mistakes.

A Bowl Of PositivesMinor Issue(s)
Premium housing with matte-black paint job. The accessories are made of poor quality.
Sharp blades with a low centre of gravity; can create close trims. The blade system runs deep; can cause nicks and bruises on sensitive skin.
A versatile number of accessories for proper guidelines and precise fades.
Adjustable lever that enables more elevation.
Corded device that mimics the same runtime as Wahl Legend.

Possible Alternative(s): Wahl Edge Pro

If you’re seeking alternatives, sticking to Wahl is the only option it seems.

The only promising options is the Wahl Edge Pro, which might fall short of being more durable and resilient against fall damage, but enables lightweight operation at all times.

The best part is its t-shaped blade, which is a specialist in creating sharper looks, and can also contour a beard with ease. The device is supported by 8 premium-quality attachments, having the upper hand over Chrome Pro’s plastic-based comb guards.

The Wahl Color Pro

Closing off this list is the Wahl Color Pro, a timeless Wahl clipper that never fails to offer a helping hand. It is regarded as the underdog for various reasons and more in the eyes of many, but is a diamond in the rough in my eyes.

Wahl Color Pro frontal look

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Key Features Of Wahl Color Pro

ModelWahl Color Pro
BladeStandard blade
Battery LifeNiMH, 60 minutes
Best ForLearners
Standout featureColor Coded Attachment

Wahl Color Pro is regarded as a guardian more than a clipper, according to hairdressers. Within its packaging are 10 comb attachments, each of which is color coded.

The colors aren’t just for the visuals, but also prove to be pivotal for those who are just learning how to use guidelines around hair or beard.

Although this clipper is a fresh one, I too used Color Pro when getting started, which paid off eventually, thanks to the comb guards.

Color Pro with attachments

What I also like is that it provides all the necessities, even a travel bag! This is a bittersweet pill to swallow for me, however, as even the best Wahl models lack a travel bag.

Despite having a NiMH battery, Wahl Color Pro gains points by offering cordless operation, which is another selling point. The device is quite inexpensive, providing even the tightest budget and the opportunity to get a review of premium trimmers.

The blade is quite standard, but good for its value. If you’re open to taking suggestions, be sure to use this clipper only when shaping the side-burns or shaping a stubble, as anything else might fall short of your expectations.

Color Pro blade

It’s still a great clipper though, and provides seamless navigation despite lacking a compartment for grip. The device doesn’t have the fastest motor either, but can be used for manscaping if you’re courageous enough.

The benefits run as high as the issues on this one, as not enough care was provided during the manufacturing of this product.

Despite having the ability to make changes, Wahl keeps limiting the potential of the Color Pro by refusing to change the battery of this gadget. I also believe that this product would’ve expanded its fan base had it been less bulky.

Color Pro on hand

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Color Pro struggles heavily when compared to the rest of the candidates, lacking in speed, performance, battery life, and so on. If price is all that you care about, however, I suggest you go for Wahl Color Pro!

Providing attachments that are absolutely necessary for learners, and offering special souvenirs like travel bags, Wahl Color Pro remains a surviving candidate on this list of best Wahl clippers on the market right now.

Wahl Color Pro design

Barbers can kick start their career with Color Pro, while fanatics of self-cuts can use the attachments to perfect the art of saving money by cutting their own hair.

A Bowl Of PositivesMinor Issue(s) 
Color attachments that help beginners learn about the fundamentalsNiMH battery slows the motor down when left uncharged
Cordless device that offers the same feel as premium cordless clippersThe structure of the handle feels awkward
Spacious travel bag that can carry around 3 other hair clippers
Budget-friendly device which can help locals get started
Provides scissors to reduce bulk before each trim

Possible Alternative(s): Wahl Elite Pro

A plan B in this scenario can be the Wahl Elite Pro, which provides the same feel as the Wahl Legend, with a leaner handle for navigation. The device doubles down on the number of attachments provided, but restores faith with 8 additional attachments with an incredible metal-based grip.

The device also has an upgraded groundwork, surrounded by a metal-fused silhouette that looks more sophisticated than the Chrome Pro, as well as the Edge Pro.

What Makes Wahl Clippers So Special?

What Makes Wahl Clippers So Special

Although the brand struggles to secure the crown, Wahl is easily one of the best personal care brands to rely upon, offering solutions for both professional use and entertainment purposes.

What really makes the brand promising, though? Is it the brand image? The cost-friendly concepts? The way they look? Skim through the portion below to learn them all.

Traditional Housing With Heavy-duty Batteries

What makes Wahl great isn’t the series of generations that have backed the brand up over the past few decades, but also the housing of each model.

Often, Wahl seals the deal with durable material for each device, fused with plastic for most, and metal for some. Following merely a traditional layout, each device only contains a flick switch for the power, and an occasional lever.

Despite coming head to head, and almost being cut from the same cloth, Wahl clippers have the edge over prominent clipper brands, such as Andis.

Though both are equally adept in terms of housing, Wahl’s heavy-duty batteries and motors last for 90 minutes at a time. In contrast, even the best model of Andis, which would be the Profoil shaver, only serves for 80 minutes.

A Collection Full Of Variety

Image: Wahl Magic Clip, Legend, Senior, Balding

Adding to their brand image are the blades they use, ranging from skin-friendly tools to razor-sharp heads. With Wahl, it is possible to obtain blends that look natural, a fade with texture, and a close shave without any mishap or signs of damage on the scalp.

When this category is assessed, nothing compares to Wahl, unless you’re willing to take into account models belonging to the brand.

While BabylissPRO’s Barberology collection does put up a great fight, Wahl has the last laugh due to the attachments, assurance, and types of blades they offer.

Top-grade Results

Crispy clean results are all you can expect from Wahl, especially if you invest in the moderately-priced models.

Whether used at home or at a barbershop, Wahl always promises a plethora of salon-grade results, that too in an efficient manner. With the right blade, precision and accuracy are guaranteed.

According to many, Wahl generates faster results than renowned brand Oster, despite lacking pace. This is because, although models like Oster Fast Feed are specialists in, well, being time efficient, veterans of Wahl, such as the Senior, typically stand out by moving slowly but steadily.


Image: Blades (Unscrewed might look better)

With the help of additives such as cleansing oil, brush, and leather-coated cover, Wahl secures a healthy shelf life for the device’s battery, as well as its shaving head. Some even offer detachable blades to make post-trim cleanups a walk in the park.

On average, Wahl curates blades that last for years, regardless of model. The magic lies in the US, it seems, which is where the blades are groomed and raised to perfection. This also gives Wahl the upper hand against Philips, known for their Norelco series, which carries blades that last for four months only.

About Wahl Hair Clippers: From Early Beginnings To Modern Advancements

Wahl proves that slow and steady indeed wins the race. The brand, which is regarded as the most dependable beauty company for trimmers, clippers, and shavers, came into existence in 1919, over a century ago.

Had Leo J. Wahl not looked into electromagnetic motors to relieve his uncle’s back pain in 1911, it’s safe to assume that Wahl would only have existed in theory. Thankfully, when Leo J. Wahl realized how bad the hairdressing industry was in terms of progression, he manufactured the first-ever electric clipper of Wahl, which reached completion in 1919.

Ever since then, Wahl has been the talk of the town. It has manufactured some of the best hair clippers with traditional housing and simple controls, making it easy for any user to utilize each tool to the fullest.

For the perfect experience, Wahl continuously improves the functionality of each product they’ve developed since the 19th Century. However, when push comes to shove, some of their best abilities are found in Wahl Magic Clip, Senior, Legend, and Balding clippers, which remain some of the best gadgets to experiment with in 2024.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that it’s almost closing time, I hope you’re aware of just how incredible Wahl is as a brand. Additionally, if you’re seeking a device that will make you and your hair carry a much-needed spark, the cordless and corded clippers mentioned above have got you covered.

While each former segment comprises enough knowledge that beginners, as well as veterans, will benefit from, a thorough recap shouldn’t hurt anyone. But if you’re too lazy to skim through the ins and outs of Wahl’s best clippers of 2023, let the following questionnaire lead the way.

Q: Which Wahl clipper is best overall?

Ans: Wahl is easily one of the leaders among personal care, backing themselves with over 100 years of experience in the world of beauty. While subjective, the best Wahl clipper available is the Magic Clip, known for its powerful motor and its stagger tooth blade.

The device uses the sharpness and precision of the blade to create blends with texture, adding density and elevation to thin hair in no time. When unplugged, this device can offer a duration of 90 minutes to the user.

Q: Are Wahl clippers safe for home use?

Ans: While Wahl solely produces hair clippers for hairdressers and stylists, two candidates that walk the extra mile to cater to personal use are Wahl’s Peanut and Wahl’s Color Pro.

While Peanut prioritizes comfort and ease of use, the Color Pro gives away a series of attachments to allow its stainless steel blades to generate accurate results.

Q: How good is Wahl in contrast to Andis and Babyliss?

Ans: More often than not, Wahl is known for offering the best tool at a convenient price. Their designs are often traditional, with a minimalist design that is often easy to comprehend for users.

Wahl is also known for manufacturing goods with multipurpose blades, a good battery life, as well as a powerful motor.

When compared to Andis, Andis takes the cake for having devices that are developed with lightweight materials. Each device also tends to be more compact than the next, giving Wahl a hard time.

However, time and time again, Wahl wins over fans by guaranteeing longevity within its blades, and efficiency at any cost.

Babyliss already loses out due to the price tag each device carries, but makes a promising point with its impressive high-torque motor and admirable battery life. Wahl prevails yet again, however, as Babyliss falls short of being as efficient as Wahl after a certain time period.

Final Takeaway

If you’ve made it to the final segment, you now know everything regarding Wahl and the best clippers that they’ve manufactured, that too according to a regular guy. Not just a professional trying to sell through make-believe.

Wahl has been the provider of multiple grooming tools, but stands out mostly when their professional salon-like equipment involving hair clippers is thrown into the mix. Offering an arsenal of both cordless and corded clippers, Wahl not only guarantees an increase in self-confidence with each project or result, but also provides variety with a handful of tools that excel in both professional and personal settings.

In my eyes, the list starts with Magic Clip, the most polished and, therefore, the king of the hill among Wahl Clippers. A close second is the Legend, followed by the Senior and Balding, all of which generate their own kind of magic. And if you’re curious about why Peanut and Color Pro are perfect for beginners, why not go through my two cents again to meet that craving indefinitely? Too lazy for a recap? Advance to go to find a solid ranking.

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