Best Wahl Clippers: Cut Your Hair Like a Pro

Look into any selection of hair clippers in a supermarket, and you’re going to see Wahl pop up a couple times. They’ve been in the game for a long time, all the way since 1919, and they have never stopped innovating since day 1. They’re favored by professional barbers for the quality of their products, and they’ve even made clippers convenient for home use.

They are always making sure to stay on top of the game. They’ve expanded into other areas of personal grooming, and they also provide animal products. So, whether you’re just the average guy at home, or a barber who relies on clippers for work, or a worker at a horse ranch, Wahl has a product for you.

So let’s go and see what the best Wahl clippers are on the market.

Top Rated Wahl Clippers Comparison Table

Top 10 Wahl Clippers Reviews

1. Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip 8148

When it comes to professional use, you need both options and quality. You have to be capable of meeting any challenge and delivering excellent results, and do so consistently. The Magic Clip is made with those needs in mind, and while it may say ‘professional’, there’s nothing stopping you from buying it for home use.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip #8148

Weighing just ten ounces, the Wahl Professional 5 Star is both light and portable… Paired with an ergonomic grip design that gives both control and comfort, this clipper is a fantastic choice for any hair cutting enthusiast. As usual on Wahl’s heavier-duty clippers, it has a rotary motor, meaning the clipper stays cool during use and ensures the blades only move in one dimension.

The Wahl 5 Star offers both corded and cordless operation, with a cord that plugs into the base of the clipper. This means you can plug in and go when needed, or you can utilise the full 90 minutes of battery life.

The clipper’s blades have been designed with a staggered-teeth layout, meaning alternating short teeth with long teeth for a more efficient and clean cut. If this wasn’t already enough, the shaver also has a taper lever on the left side to alter the blade’s cutting angle, improving the ability to taper and blend. Accessories included are fairly standard: eight combs, blade oil, a cleaning brush, and the charger.

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Great Positives

All up, you get a pretty complete package right out of the box, with a wealth of options. The combs provide a good range of possible hair lengths, and the taper lever aids in fine adjustment. The unmatched 90-minute battery life means you can go through a good few haircuts before having to worry about it. The battery also provides constant power – no worry of it suddenly becoming weak mid-cut.

Cleaning is a charm: just use the brush, or stick the snout into some detergent and run the motor for a bit. In use, it can take on pretty much any type of hair in any state. The Magic Clip won’t slow down for wet or dry hair, and it won’t notice if the hair you’re cutting is straight or tightly curled.

I like how I can use this in wet or dry conditions alike. The blades move through hair even when it is damp. The cord or battery is not going to be hurt by the wet conditions in the hair.

I was able to switch from one cutting setup to another in moments. The taper lever at the top part provided me with a simple setup for managing the blade length. The eight attachment combs were also helpful for giving me more control over the cutting process.

Important Concerns

In terms of downsides, the motor in the Magic Clip seems to be a touch overpowered for its size. In use, it tends to vibrate a bit in the hand, and the motor can get a bit noisy. However, none of these actually affect performance all that much.

Overall, the Magic Clip is a magnificent tool that you can take anywhere with you, and never once let you down.

2. Wahl Clipper Beard Trimmer 9818

The wahl 9818 is another fantastic option if you want to buy a quality clipper. The Lithium Ion Trimmer has a firm battery that ensures a safe approach without any added wires.

Wahl Clipper #9818

The patented blade design of the clipper set mixes well with the stainless steel body that houses everything. The self-sharpening blades produce a closer cut that is easy to prepare and maintain.

You can also use one of four attachments for getting the clipper to work. You can use many choices like a traditional T-blade for trimming and grooming, a precision detailer for close cuts, a detail shaver for outlining needs, and an ear and nose trimmer. All four of these attachments are easy to add and remove from the top part of the clipper set. Don’t forget about the twelve attachment combs that go up to one inch in length.

The battery is a lithium-ion model that lasts for about four hours on a single charge. You can fully charge the battery in about an hour. Also, you can use a one-minute charge to get three minutes of battery power.

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Great Positives

I like how Wahl makes this set with an assortment of helpful attachments. In addition to a narrow material for tight spaces, I can also use the attachment combs to help with longer bits of hair.

The battery lasts for a while, a point that I appreciate for when I travel and need something that can last. The LED charge indicator on the stainless steel body helps me to see when the battery is running out of power and when I need to recharge the unit.

The included blade brush helps maintain and clean out the set without issues. It is also easy for me to add oil to the blades without the oil smearing.

Important Concerns

The stainless steel body does not have any contours or grooved spots for helping me to get a better grip. The clipper can slip out of my hand if it is too wet.

3. Wahl Super Taper II Hair Clipper 8470-500

It is a necessity to see that your hair clipper offers support for many hair lengths. The Super Taper II is one of the best Wahl hair clippers to use for how it offers eight attachments for tapering needs.

Wahl Clipper #8470-500

The clipper set offers eight color-coded combs from 1/8-inch to 1-inch in size. You can use these for longer hair points or for when you are trying to produce a better fade or taper setup.

The taper lever at the top also adds a convenient approach to handling your trimming needs. The lever moves the blades between two positions for long and short lengths.

The 8-foot electric cord used for powering up the Super Taper II is flexible and light in weight. The coating resists difficult chemicals that you might use in the hair styling process, thus producing a safe surface for your cutting needs.

The stainless steel design includes a solid curve that adds a gentle approach for handling your cutting needs. The unit allows for you to bend the trimmer around different angles around the head, thus producing an even cut.

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Great Positives

It is easy for me to secure the attachment combs onto the trimmer. The combs also stay intact and are not likely to accidentally come off when I use them. These plastic materials also appear to be reinforced, so I can keep on using these without worrying about anything bending up.

The body does not vibrate or produce lots of heat. I especially like that the motor is housed well enough with a stronger design to keep noises from being too loud.

The taper lever offers a simple interface. I had a much easier time with switching the lever between positions so I could get a better cut running. Also, the power lever on the bottom does not get in the way of my hand as I use this.

Important Concerns

The stainless steel body feels heavier than most other models. It is often tough to clean off the blades, although the included attachment combs are easy to care for.

4. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Haircut Kit 79602

The blades on a clipper set are vital for any cutting task. The Elite Pro set from Wahl offers blades that are firm and can cut through hair in moments.

Wahl Clipper #79602

The narrow blades on this model offer a closer cut all the way through. The self-sharpening blades ensure that even the roughest bits of hair can be cut evenly. The cutting process is smooth and gentle.

The ten included guide combs are made with thick materials that last longer and will not crack or bend with use. The large nameplates on these combs ensure you can get a better cut every time. A two-position taper lever helps you adjust how the unit cuts in any position.

An 8-foot cord is utilized for providing the trimmer with power. The motor produces extra power for getting through the tightest spaces around the hair.

The set comes with styling shears for your convenience. These shears include sharp blades while offering a body that works in either hand. A styling comb is also included to guide your way through areas where you would require the shears.

Great Positives

My favorite part of this trimmer is that it goes through all types of hair in moments. I can use this model for both close sideburn hair and for longer and thinner bits of hair around the top. The added motor power made a difference in helping me to get a cleaner cut all the way through.

The guide combs and the separate styling comb helped me with moving the hair that needed to be trimmed the right way. The combs do not break apart or bend, nor do they come loose on the base of the trimmer when used right. I was impressed with how well the design was laid out. A stainless steel attachment clip is also included for helping me to secure those combs in moments.

Important Concerns

The cord is rigid and does not bend all that well. The coating seems to be a little thicker, so I have to ensure I position the trimmer the right way when using it.

5. Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper 8110

People who are balding need clippers that provide closer cuts to make it easier for an entirely clean look to work. But a close trim can also be used in cases where a distinct tapering effect is needed on the sides. The Balding Clipper works for both of these intentions.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110

The titanium cutting blades work at the top of the steel clipper unit to produce a clean cut every time. The blades sharpen themselves for long-lasting results. Two attachment combs are also included for when you’ve got to keep the hair organized for tapering effects or other unique design efforts you wish to utilize.

The steel body has a few grooves on the side for supporting your hand. This includes a surface on one part for helping you to secure your thumb flat on a surface for your convenience.

The power source comes from an 8-foot cord. The cord is light in weight as the clipper remains at less than two pounds even when that added cord is considered. The power switch is also positioned in a far enough spot to be easy to use while not getting in anyone’s way when cutting.

Great Positives

I did not have any problems with producing bald cuts when using this clipper. The blades did not snag on the hair, nor did they cause irritation on anyone’s head. The even cuts produce a firm design that allows the hair to be trimmed gently in a matter of moments to produce a firm look all around.

The blade lasts for a while and keeps a consistent cut all around. I did not struggle with trying to produce a cut, nor did the model slow down when I was getting through some of the tightest spots on the cut. The smooth layout provided me with more control without having to change how I was moving the clipper during the cutting process.

Important Concerns

I would have liked this model more if it had a tapering lever, although I assume that feature was not required because the clipper is supposed to target the shortest bits of hair.

6. Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Haircut Kit

Many of the guide combs you would find with the best Wahl trimmer options are designed to target the narrowest spots around the hair. This Wahl clipper model includes a diverse array of such combs.

Wahl Clipper Chrome Clipper #79524-2501

Two of the thirteen combs included in this clipper set are taper combs for each ear. The combs are divided between the left and right ears to produce a more accurate cut for each side of the head without struggling to get into certain angles when trimming. You can even use separate combs for trimming hair around the eyes and for sculpting the eyebrows to produce an even cut all around.

The narrow and precise blades link up to a taper lever for your choice of cutting lengths. You can use the taper feature with any of the combs included in the set. The heavy-duty motor ensures that the clipper will keep on moving through the hair.

The unit is powered up through an eight-foot electric cord. The cord produces a secure amount of power while keeping the motor running at the same speed all the way.

Great Positives

The assortment of combs on this Wahl clipper is helpful, but my favorite part of this trimmer is that it includes a better grip. The top part has a thumb space to help me keep a firm hold on the trimmer. The rubberized surface on that grip also ensures the trimmer will not slip out. The secure housing also produces very few vibrations.

I was impressed with the assorted attachments that this clipper set comes with. Wahl even included a pair of hair clips, a set of premium styling shears, and separate barber and styling combs for my use.

The power switch was far off at the end to keep it from getting caught in anything I was wearing. The taper lever also provides a better hold for cuts.

Important Concerns

The clipper seems to get a little warmer with each use. I have to keep the power off for a bit in between cutting jobs to keep the heat from being too intense.

7. Wahl Clipper Cordless 79600-2101

While many of the best Wahl clippers you have read about here include several convenient choices, this model is a little different. There are two separate devices included in this set that work with specific cutting needs in mind.

Wahl Clipper #79600-2101

First, you will use a basic cutting tool that operates on a lithium-ion battery. The battery runs for two hours on a full charge. You can use the quick charge feature to get a small amount of power for a shave ready in ten minutes.

A detail trimmer is included with similar blades and a near-identical grip, but with a smaller size. The trimmer also uses two AA batteries.

Both devices use snag-free blades that go through hair in moments. The blades will not cause the motor to slow down even when you are going through wet hair.

The extensive array of guide combs includes some for the ears and brows. The design produces a firm design for cutting that works in moments and keeps a clean cut all the way through. The combs are not going to slip off of the main trimmer body.

Great Positives

The powerful motor on this clipper set is my favorite feature. I appreciate how the power produced is consistent during each cutting task. Even when I use the small detail trimmer, I can be assured that the unit will keep a clean and smooth cut every time I use it.

The battery lasts for a while and does not produce lots of heat. The housing can also handle a bit of water without causing the battery to wear out. This was useful as I can ensure I can get this through wet hair without worrying about the unit slowing down or breaking apart.

The small contoured surface on each part was also a plus for me. I can use the surface to get a better grip all the way through.

Important Concerns

It takes about three to five hours to get either of the pieces on this set charged up all the way, although the process seems to take longer in some cases.

8. Wahl Clipper PowerPro Beard Trimmers 9686

You will find that the Wahl Clipper PowerPro model is easier to handle than what you might find elsewhere. The grip includes a good texture that fits well for all your cutting tasks.

Wahl Clipper #9686The PowerPro uses a series of grooves on the top. You can secure either thumb on the top to produce a consistent cut all around. This all comes with a T-blade surface affixed on the top with support for many attachments, including a narrow detail trimmer.

The guide combs provide support for seventeen cutting lengths. You can affix any of these combs to the top to create a consistent flow of power that moves along well without wearing out prematurely. You can even use a separate guide for stubble to produce an even layout.

The high-torque motor produces a consistent cut that keeps on moving thanks to the eight-foot power cord used to keep the setup working. The fast motion of the motor ensures that hair can be trimmed all around without worrying about any bits of hair being pulled or tugged and possibly causing soreness around the skin.

Great Positives

The variety of attachment features is a positive point that I liked about this trimmer. The layout features a useful all-around organization that adds a firm setup for cutting. The design is easy to apply around the skin and does not cause irritation when used accordingly.

The assorted variety of cutting lengths was also a plus for me. I like how the trimmer offers different cutting lengths based on where I am trimming the hair. The design also provides a sensible setup for handling even the longest spaces around the head.

The cord on this model was not too hard for me to use. I can get this option running well without the motor or other features being too hard to maintain or handle.

Important Concerns

Some of the longer combs are fragile. The longer teeth make it to where those combs might bend or warp if not used accordingly or with enough care for what you use.

9. Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip 8451

Those who want a fade cut can see what the Wahl Professional Magic Clip has to offer. This model uses a slim blade design to ensure even the tightest of fades can be supported.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip #8451

The Magic Clip uses zero-overlap blades that are carefully organized. The blades are supported with two tiers that are divided through a taper lever. The two lengths that you can utilize are vital for handling short and long hair for tapering effects. You can also use one of eight attachment combs to produce a closer cut that allows for hair to be organized and laid out along the trimmer for a proper guide and even layout.

A stainless steel body is included on this trimmer to provide a better grip that you can utilize. The sides are contoured for a firm hold all the way through. The motor on the inside also produces extra power without generating unwanted vibrations or heat. The eight-foot power cord ensures that the unit will continue to clip hair without slowing down or overheating; the cord is also flexible and light in weight.

Great Positives

I was amazed at how light in weight this clipper is. The device is a little under a pound in weight even when the cord is considered. The cord is still firm and flexible even with that lightweight body.

The electromagnetic motor worked quite well while ensuring that it would not bother my hand when I was using the trimmer. This Wahl model offers a firm design that I can use in either hand. I could use this on several clients in a day, and the model still continues to work like a charm. I did not struggle with trying to clean the brush head or oil it either.

The taper lever responds to my adjustment control in moments. The unit switches quite well to produce a smooth surface for trimming all around.

Important Concerns

The body does not have much of a grooved surface on its body. Although the body adds a nice grip, it would be easier for me to use this if there were sturdy grooves all around.

10. Wahl Clipper Home Barber 79524-3001

The last of the options to see is a more comprehensive set that includes more than just a Wahl clipper. The set has two added items for taking care of more intensive details.

Wahl Clipper #79524-3001

First, the main clipper set uses a steel body with a curved layout and a slightly rubberized surface on the front. There is a flat surface for your thumb to rest on for when you need to get a better grip. The unit works with an eight-foot cord for power and a taper lever near the top. You can also use various attachments on this model, including taper guides for both ears and a smaller guide for brow hair.

Second, a touch-up trimmer that runs on two AA batteries is included. The design includes a smaller series of blades for closer trims that you might have missed with the larger device.

The third piece is a personal trimmer that uses one AA battery. You can use either a detail head for slim spaces or a reciprocating head for nose and ear trimming needs. The personal trimmer works in wet and dry conditions and can be safely rinsed off for cleaning purposes.

Great Positives

I was impressed with how well Wahl set up the clipper set. The three parts are all easy to grip on with either hand. The attachments for the main body were useful and worked with both tapering lengths. The added styling shears and small mirror included in the set helped me with finding spots that needed extra care, not to mention to help me see some of those spots quite well.

The arrangement of each device is easy to handle without worrying about lots of vibrations coming in the way. I can get each item prepared for clipping needs in seconds. The cord used for power on the main body also adds enough power while keeping the motor running without slowing down with use.

Important Concerns

The batteries for the two smaller units tend to run out quickly. At least the housings for the AA batteries are secured and will not become damp if either unit gets wet.

Top 2 Wahl Animal Clippers

Wahl has introduced some classic clippers for animal grooming. Whether you are hunting for a clipper for dog or horse, wahl has the product for you. Let’s have a look:

1. Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers #9766

One of the many challenges of clipping a dog’s fur is getting them to stand still. With a cordless clipper, you just have to worry about them staying still for long enough to get them properly trimmed. The Wahl Lithium Ion was specifically designed to be light, cordless and maneuverable—perfectly suited for any energetic dog.

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers #9766

The first thing you’ll notice when using the Wahl Lithium Ion is how light it is. Weighing just two ounces, this clipper doesn’t sacrifice any power in return for weight. Boasting a rotary motor just like the Magic Clip, the Lithium Ion has excellent power and reliability.

The clipper is cordless with a two hour battery life, meaning no chance of going flat half way through a shave! It takes just an hour to charge fully, but if you need a quick trim, the shaver also offers a fifteen-minute ‘quick charge’ that can give you eight minutes of use time.

The Lithium Ion’s blade are self-sharpening and are designed to ensure snag-free cutting of the hair. The clipper also has a taper lever lets you have quick control of the blade’s cutting angle.

Accessories that come with the clipper include: four combs, a styling comb, scissors, and for the clipper itself, there’s blade oil, a cleaning brush, a blade guard, the power cord, and a storage case.

Great Positives

It may say it’s a dog clipper, but the Lithium Ion will easily handle any other furry friends you have. The manual comes with a guide to grooming your dogs, with specific breed-focused tips. Each comb is painted a different color, a welcome addition I honestly didn’t think of previously, and a great aid once you get used to them. Need to cut it real short? The No.1 comb is red. Want to leave it half an inch long? The No.4 is orange.

It’s a very smooth, very easy cut, and the Lithium Ion goes through any coat without ever stopping, even the thickest ones. Grooming goes a lot faster when you don’t have to pass over the same area again. Plus it’ll save your dog the worry of a patchy cut. They’ll look well-groomed after you’re done.

Important Concerns

They say it’s quiet, but some users report it’s pretty loud enough to leave a ringing in their ears after extended use. Your pets may take notice of that. Plus the head guard has a way of heating up after extended use as well, so use caution.

When you need something to help with the coats on your furry friends, Wahl delivers sterling service with this clipper. Your pets definitely won’t be disappointed with the Lithium Ion Pro.

2. Wahl Professional Animal Show Pro Plus Horse Clipper #9482

An animal the size of a horse can be a tough job to keep clipped and neat. The Show Pro is a medium-duty clipper, designed for the bridle path, face, fetlocks, and ears, and should only be used for light body clipping.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Show Pro can do.

Wahl Professional Animal Show Pro Plus Horse Clipper #9482

The Wahl Show Pro weighs under a pound, giving it a comfortable and ergonomic feel when shaving. This clipper is corded operation only, however, it does feature an eight feet long cord.

The Show Pro has an electromagnetic motor instead of a rotary one, meaning it runs both quiet, fast and is energy efficient. While it might not be cordless, this clipper definitely makes up for it with its weight and power. The motor design also means the clipper has a longer life and has far fewer moving parts that are at risk of damage.

The taper level allows for easy control and lets you switch between three blade sizes: #30, #15, and #10.

Included as accessories are a face brush, blade guard, blade oil, and a cleaning brush. More importantly, though, there’s a DVD for novices to body clipping, which includes instructions on how to groom and style your horse, and how to get your horse comfortable with the clipper.

Great Positives

The Show Pro shines in detail work and medium-duty clipping for horses. The electromagnetic motor gives it a longer service life, and its quiet operation makes it ideal for nervous horses. In the areas it’s intended for, it shines quite well.

It’s a perfectly functional clipper in itself, but the accessories help too. The face brush is soft-bristled, for removal of dirt, sweat, and other nasties, and it’s comfortable to use. The included instruction DVD is a great help for newcomers. The clipper itself is a nice and quiet thing, so even your scaredy-cat horses will find it a restful experience.

The Show Pro shines in two particular areas: as a starter buy for newcomers to horse clipping, and as a supplementary tool coupled with a larger, heavier-duty clipper if you decide to be serious about clipping your horses. As your first-time starter clipper, the Show Pro will work just fine, and it’ll see you through until you need to upgrade to something heavier.

Important Concerns

The Show Pro struggles when put up against dense or wet hair, as it doesn’t have quite enough power to get through those. Also, if you’re looking at an extended job, the handgrip and the blades can overheat, so keep some cooling lube near and rest the clipper.

What Makes Wahl the Top Name In the World of Hair Clipping Tools?

Wahl is an old name, dating back to their original patent in 1919. They’ve never stopped innovating since that patent, and they’re always looking to improve, to stay on top of the game.

Wahl the top clipper brand

  • They Offer Corded And Cordless Capability

A lot of Wahl clippers can be used both plugged in and cordless. This gives you the best of both worlds. If you want to take your time, you can settle in, plug the clipper in, and devote as much as you need to grooming. If you need to go somewhere or your power outlets aren’t convenient, you can still get a clip done, and thanks to the battery life on most Wahl products, that cut isn’t going to be a disappointment, not when you have ninety minutes to do it.

  • They Have Excellent Ergonomics

A proper, comfortable grip should never be overlooked. An otherwise-excellent product won’t see much use if it’s a pain to use, so you have to design for user ease and comfort as well. Wahl delivers with this perfectly: just heavy enough to provide some heft, an excellent fit in the hand, and never once do you have to fight with the clippers to get your own way.

  • They Use Powerful Motors

The motor is at the center of a clipper, and Wahl doesn’t skimp in that area. They use two types of motors: electromagnetic and rotary. The cordless models are generally rotary, and these are stronger and more powerful. It’s hard to stop the blades once a rotary motor’s going. An electromagnetic motor is quieter and more energy-efficient, and it lasts much longer as it has fewer moving parts. Whichever motor they use, you can always count on Wahl coming through.

  • They Have Durable Blades

Sharpness is all well and good, but a blade that’s too sharp is also brittle. Wahl blades, made with good-quality steel, are sharp enough to do the job and tough enough to last long. The blades are designed so that no tooth rubs against another, and with regular oiling, they’ll last you long.

  • Sturdy Blades

The blades that Wahl offers for its clippers are very powerful and will not wear out over time. These blades include firm steel surfaces that do not rust or wear out from regular use. The individual teeth are separated from each other to prevent them from overlapping. Don’t forget about the tapering levers found on many clippers to help you with moving the clipper from one point to another.

  • They’re Easy To Maintain

For all their power, it’s very simple to keep a Wahl clipper running. Cleaning brushes and blade oil are bundled with the clippers, and the process itself is very simple. We detail three basic maintenance procedures below. Keep your tools well-cared for, and they’ll never let you down.

  • Their Prices Are Reasonable

Grooming services, though quite competent, can get pretty expensive. On the other hand, grooming yourself has the twin challenges of having to learn how to properly do it and getting the right equipment to do it with. Wahl has your back here; they have clippers for every budget, whether novice and cheap to professional willing to shell out.

  • They Offer Features And Accessories

A clipper can do a lot, but it’ll work a lot better with some supplementary tools. Wahl knows this quite well, which is why they bundle in a selection of other tools appropriate to the job. Sometimes it’s an array of combs, other times it’s the face brush the Show Pro comes with. They even have a wide set of attachments for their clippers: guide combs for easy fading, detailers, and colored combs for easier tracking.

  • Their Warranty Has You Covered

There’s no better way to win customer loyalty. Most of Wahl’s clippers come with a 5-year warranty, which means you’ve got a good safety net beneath you if something should happen. The only real downside to it is that you have to mail the product back directly to them, instead of bringing it into a service center, but that’s a minor nitpick at best. (Note that some products may not have the same length of warranty – the Show Pros only have a 2-year warranty. Check each product for how long it’s covered.)

How to Use Your Wahl Clipper For General Grooming Needs

Step-1: Clean off and oil the clipper

Clean off and oil the clipper

Use a cleaning solution or water to wash off the blades on the clipper. Add oil around the blades to ensure they will stay lubricated.

Step-2: Make sure the Wahl clipper is prepared accordingly

Make sure the Wahl clipper is prepared accordingly

Look at the guide comb attachment or cutting setting you will utilize. The attachment should be measured based on how long a person’s hair is. Many of the guide combs you can utilize are labeled with a number specifying the length of the comb.

Step-3: Wash a person’s hair at the start

Wash a person’s hair at the start

It is easier to use a Wahl clipper when the person’s hair is washed off. It will be easier to comb the hair and to keep any weaves or bends in the hair from getting in the way of the cutting process. You can dry the hair if you desire, although many Wahl clipper models work on wet hair.

Step-4: Start by working with the longest blade guard length

Start by working with the longest blade guard length

You have to start by clipping the longest hair. You might have to go through the entire hair area once before moving on to a smaller blade guard.

Step-5: Move your clipper against the growth of the hair

Move your clipper against the growth of the hair

Moving against the growth helps you to lift more bits of hair to get a closer cut. The process also keeps you from pulling or tugging on hair, thus preventing irritation and the development of ingrown hairs.

Step-6: Move on to shorter blade guard

Move on to a shorter blade guard or taper setting

After you have passed over the entire head once, you can move on to a shorter blade guard or taper setting.

You should work with a closer cut after much of the hair has been removed. The strokes you apply should be organized evenly.

Step-7: Brush out the clipper

Brush out the clipper

Brush out the clipper on occasion during the hair cutting process.

Getting the hair cleared out a few times while cutting the hair ensures that the blades will remain open and able to cut through hair evenly.

Step-8: Do the curved effect

Do the curved effect

Use the smaller tapering materials for producing curved effects or closer trims around smaller areas. These include spots around the ears or brows.

Step-9: Clean off the blades once again

Clean off the blades once again

Clean off the blades once again after you are done trimming the hair.

Be sure to use soap and water or an approved cleaning solution for your needs. You should also use a brush to get rid of any small bits of hair that are still in the clipper so the space will be clear for the next time you plan on using it.

Step-10: Oil the blade

Oil the blades once again

Oil the blades once again. Keep the motor on while oiling so the lubricant will evenly go over the blades.

A Brief History of the Wahl Clipper Company

The Wahl Clipper Company has grown to be a popular name in the world of hair care products. The company was formed in 1919 a few years after Leo J. Wahl started experimenting with electromagnetic motors. In 1911, Wahl designed a vibrating massager that could be used on the hair to create a smooth cut. It would not take long for Wahl to get a patent for his vibrating electromagnetic motor.

Over the years, Wahl sold his clippers to many people who were interested in finding sturdy and firm clippers that can last well. His company grew to offer hair dryers for cutting needs, curling brushes, combs, and various clipper attachments.

The Wahl company has continued to grow well after Leo Wahl’s death in 1957. In 1967, the company produced a rechargeable battery-powered trimmer. The design proved to be as effective as a traditional cord-based trimmer unit.

Wahl continues to be innovating in producing intriguing hair care and clipping products. The company even introduced a smaller Trim N Vac clipper model in 2001 designed with beard and mustache needs in mind while also using a vacuum to clean off shavings. Wahl products are currently available in more than 165 countries on all continents.

Solutions To Common Problems

Any set of equipment always has its share of problems. Here we’ll cover the most common complaints faced by Wahl clippers, and how to fix them.

  • Maintenance: Cleaning And Oiling

Maintenance is important when it comes to tools; you can’t just toss them aside when you’re done using them and expect them to still function the next time you need them. Fortunately, Wahl always includes the right tools with their products. You’ll note each clipper we listed above comes with a cleaning brush and blade oil.

Cleaning And Oiling

Cleaning is simple enough: Hold the clipper at a downward angle, then get in with the brush. That should mostly take care of any dirt stuck in. If you want to be absolutely sure, put some water and detergent into a bowl, enough to immerse the head, then stick the clipper in and run it for a minute or two.

Oiling, now, is just as important as cleaning, if not more so. The blade moves at a fast rate, and it’s important to keep it lubricated to avoid damage. Wahl recommends oiling your clippers before every use. Hold the clipper angled downward, with the blade lying horizontally. Make sure it’s running. Squeeze two or three drops of oil onto the top blade. That’ll suffice, and don’t forget to wipe up any excess oil so it doesn’t mess up the motor.

  • Wahl And Their Noisy Clippers

Noise is a common complaint of Wahl clippers, but there’s a simple reason behind that and an equally simple solution.

Fixing Wahl clipper noise

Your clippers are out of tune. No, seriously. At the factory, they’re calibrated to run at the appropriate voltage. However, the voltage at the point of use may not be the same as the factory, thanks to the mysteries of electrical supply, and so a set of clippers that are in tune at the factory could be out of tune where you use them.

Wahl has made tuning simple with a power screw on the unit, and all you’ll need is a screwdriver. Oil it as detailed above, then turn the screw clockwise until you hear a clattering noise. Then turn the screw counter-clockwise, slowly, until you find a point where the clattering stops. Then turn it off and on a few times to ensure there’s no more clattering when it runs. A bit of that clatter on starting is normal.

Tuning should be done around every week or so, to ensure best power output. Note that if you turn the screw in too far, the blade will stop moving, so just loosen the screw from there.

  • Fixing Misaligned Blades

In case of a crooked or misaligned blade, it’s a simple enough fix. You don’t want that blade going the wrong way or failing to shave entirely.

Fixing Misaligned Blades

You won’t need to take the blade off entirely. Just loosen both screws on the blade, just enough to shift the blade. Remember, the blade adjustment lever should be fully forward. Once the blade is appropriately positioned and movable, it’s time to align. The points of the top blade’s teeth should be 1/32 to 1/16 of an inch behind the bottom blade’s teeth, with points parallel. (For easy reference, that’s about the width of a dime.)

To be exactly sure of position, the extreme left-hand tooth of the top blade should be on the first small tooth of the bottom blade. Once you’ve confirmed alignment, tighten the screws back in and give the clipper a go, and turn it off and on a few times to recheck that the blades haven’t fallen out of position.

Our Final Verdict

Wahl is among the best in the clipper game, and they’ve stayed on the top shelf for a long time. They combine innovation and excellent build quality to deliver sterling service, whether they’re cutting human or animal hair. And Wahl knows their customers’ needs, which is why you always have a set of accessories to work with. You’ll never be at a loss with them. They’ve even covered the usual problems.

Whatever need you have, whatever hair you need to cut, Wahl has a product that can fit, whether it’s for you or for your animals. They’re well-priced, well-performing, and easy to maintain. The Wahl clippers will see you through your problems and leave you, or your furry friends, well-groomed and looking good.

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