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6 Best BaByliss Clippers & Trimmers For Every Grooming Needs

Since BaByliss’ arrival in the grooming industry, their cost-efficient clippers & trimmers have found their way into the hands of professional groomers like myself over the years.

Although I feel content with something like a Wahl or Andis, I’ve dipped my toe into the BaByliss units from time to time to understand how much the difference there is between wide price ranges.

I must say, among the products I’ve tried out for a prolonged duration on my customers (with their consent of course), six sets of these BaByliss devices have stood out almost equally with unique features that draw the lines between one another.

For me, these are some of the best BaByliss clippers & trimmers added with a couple of foil units into the collection that I’ll most certainly keep in my collection and tell you my reason behind doing so by highlighting their significance and minor shortcomings in this article.

Top 6 BaByliss Clippers Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Run Time
Notable Features
2 Hours
6800 RPM Motor
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BaBylissPRO Barberology FX3
5 Hours
2 Speeds
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BaBylissPRO FX870G GoldFX
2 Hours
8 Comb Attachments
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2 Hours
5-Detent Taper Control
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2 Hours
Brushless Engine
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BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX
2 Hours
Hanging Hook & Strap
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What’s Special About BaByliss Clippers & Trimmers?

What Is Special About BaByliss Clippers

BaByliss clippers & trimmers are some of the most elegantly designed grooming units that only feel like a collector’s dream. It’s not just the visuals, rather the feel that I’ve sensed after holding them in my hand is beyond description and it’s something you’ll realize only after you have one in your grip.

Apart from rich aesthetics, the performance of the uniquely designed blades and Ferrari-paired motors has made them into some of the best entry level devices on the market. There’s little room for discomfort and compact features are the ones necessary to claim something to be a grand grooming unit.

If I consider such qualities as standard checkboxes for good clippers & trimmers collections, then I’ll most certainly place the 6 sets mentioned in the following section into my top list for BaByliss, and that’s coming from a professional barber!

6 Of The Finest BaByliss Clippers & Trimmers Collections

Here, I’ll share my experience with these 6 unique sets from BaByliss that contain their most iconic clippers & trimmers made to serve at the top level!

BaBylissPRO LoPROFX Collection – trimmer and clipper

Among the trimmer and clipper collections from BaBylissPRO, the LoPROFX series stands out from the rest of the cordless hair clippers at the same price range for obvious reasons. The collection contains a trimmer, a clipper, docks for each of the devices – all of which can be purchased separately. Also, there are two premium packages containing both of these units in colors of gold and rose gold, not to mention their limited edition quantity!

BaByliss Pro LoProFX

Very Light & Compact

The moment I laid my hands on these two devices, the first thing that popped into my mind was the weight. They are so lightweight that it makes the job for a professional groomer very easy since they don’t exhaust my hand even after a long day’s use. Despite the light housing and weight, the devices live up the performance and go beyond considering the price that they come at!

Due to the grip level, the trimmer allowed me to draw the edge lines precisely without any obstacle in maneuverability. The design itself has been enough to impress me really, because of the bevels and metal feel that adds more to it. Blades are fine and 5-tick adjustable for different beard lengths, but zero gapping in my opinion could be slightly better, but hey, that’s me comparing it with something like a Wahl or Panasonic.

Necessary Features Checked!

The LoPROFX clipper contains a motor that’s almost close to the standard 7,200 RPM as it delivers a 6,800 RPM performance. It’s been enough for me to cut through even the coarsest of hairs. Blade attachments are magnetic and I’ve found a better use with my Wahl blade set than the original ones that come with the package. They fit perfectly and provided better comfort to my customers – almost as much as using any premium Wahl clipper.

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Both the clipper and trimmer are endowed with a gigantic 3000+ mAh battery that lasted for around 2 hours with a full charge. Since I don’t use a single device for each of the clients, the runtime has been more than efficient for me and I reckon home users will barely find the device out of charge within a couple of weeks.

Extra Purchases Are Necessary

Something that put me off about the LoPROFX is that it doesn’t come with the charging dock. I’ll concede it after considering the price. The blade numbers aren’t always precise and they tend to deviate a degree to either side. This mismatched length isn’t a dealbreaker for me since I’m acquainted with such deviations, but a perfectionist will most certainly be somewhat irritated with this quality that can be improved with a separate blade unit.

Overall Assessment

If I have to say as a whole, the clipper unit can doubtlessly be claimed as one of the best BaByliss clippers I’ve put my hands on. It has a degree of refined comfort that many high-priced clippers fail to provide. The trimmer unit is above average – it’s good but there’s nothing significantly impressive that’ll make me throw away my existing device. Overall, it’s a bargain really at this price range, and I’ll definitely suggest them to home consumers any day.

1. Lightweight design1. Blade alignment needs some learning
2. High RPM motor, alterable
3. Wahl or other BaByliss blade capable

BaBylissPRO Barberology FX3 Collection

The Barberology FX3 Collection from BaBylissPRO is by far one of the best collections for barbers in the grooming arena that I’ve personally experienced. The design is supreme, blades are extraordinary and delivers everything that the company promises. For the amount I had to spend on this entire collection, I’d say I’ve pulled out the best use and even more without having to think twice!

BaBylissPRO Barberology FX3


3-in-1 Collection For All Duties

There are three units included in this collection: a clipper, a trimmer and a foil shaver. As I always do, I unboxed the collection and brought them to my shop to test them out individually to see how they cope against my deluxe units from Wahl, Andis and Panasonic devices. For clarification, I used the FX3 collection for two weeks for each of my clients and noted their feedback based on which I’m writing this review.

Ferrari Powered-Design!

The secret behind the scarlet units and their motors are the affiliation with Ferrari from BaByliss PRO. The motors deliver a higher degree of torque that has given me effortless shaving results. While the clipper has a switch that can alter between 6,000 RPM to 7,000 RPM, it’s been a lifesaver for me as I could apply it on any type of hair and the motor accommodated that sufficiently.

The foil shaver unit has been a beast! With an astonishing 10,000 RPM motor, it didn’t leave any room for tugging or nicking while generating a fine shave. I was surprised when head shaving provided almost as close of a result as with any of the supreme head shavers that people frequently use (including myself) due to their specialization.

Outstanding Features Combined

I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but the clipper unit actually provided me with over 4 hours and 30 minutes of runtime with one charge. It’s a killer for any barber and myself being one, it’s set a standard so high that I can guarantee no other clipper at this price range will be able to compete with. Also, the blades are actually zero-gapped and don’t leave behind unshaved patches of hair.

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These blades can be purchased individually and they are highly rated by many customers all over the world. The trimmer unit lasted me around 3 hours as well as the foil shaver unit and I’d say it’s above the standard in any given circumstances. Trimmer’s blade is very unique as I managed to squeeze out even the most delicate edge lining without much difficulty.

What Could be Improved?

There’s nothing much that can be said about the FX3 set’s shortcomings, only the fact that the blade replacements can feel a little expensive. You can opt for certain sharpening methods if you don’t want to replace them very frequently. Other than that, operating safely and patiently should generate the finest outcome you could hope for with electric grooming devices.

Overall Assessment

I’d say, these are some of the most fine-looking & high-performing grooming devices that caught my heart in a long time. Being submerged in the most premium devices has updated my taste to such a level that very few other units are able to win me over. But I must say, the FX3 is something that I can’t get over as overall grooming tools for a professional barber.

1. Barber’s premium choice-worthy1. Slightly expensive blade replacement
2. Ferrari-powered motor
3. Gigantic battery with 5 hour runtime

BaBylissPRO FX870G GoldFX Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper

The GoldFX FX870G is one of the most suave clippers in my line of BaByliss reviews and having a look at the housing should instantly tell you why I’m describing it this way. With a captivating design in shiny gold with a tactile bodywork, this isn’t made for everyone out there. Only the ones with taste for aesthetics paired with good performance will find it alluring than any other clippers of such caliber.

BaBylissPro FX870G GoldFX

Performs As Well As It Looks

Usually such flashy clippers don’t perform well enough and end up becoming a toy that sits in the corner without drawing much use. I took the liberty of using the GoldFX for my grooming sessions, especially on ones with coarse hair since the blades along with the high-torque engine felt able-enough. I must say, this clipper has become my instant favorite mostly for tapering and well enough for regular grooming duties.

The battery is average, nothing that I’ll complain about as it lasts me around 2 hours with each charge. A hook is included at the bottom and I’ve been hanging it on the corner of my salon for easy storage. Blades do tell you that it’s zero gapped and it’s certainly come close to that on most of my occasions. Taper control seemed hectic at first but I got the hang of it swiftly after starting to use it.

Is The Grip Comfortable Enough?

I’ll have to put emphasis on the grip level because it seemed off to me at first sight. But when I held it in my hand, I realized it’s actually a well-designed clipper. With some knowledge on clipper blade alignment, the supreme grip and finger-placement at optimum spots can take it beyond what’s expected out of it. My customers informed me that they did feel very comfortable while I was using it, so that’s guaranteed convenience for you.

Check Price On Amazon

Could Anything Be Better?

For the price I paid, I can’t really complain about much that annoyed me. One thing I’ve heard from a few of my clients is that the same model that they have at home died after two years. I’m yet to use it that far so that’s not my place to comment right away. But if you feel skeptical, you can add a little extra for the extended warranty and let BaByliss deal with your device should anything happen to it.

Overall Assessment

As a whole, this clipper is actually a regular version that’s worthy of being a collector’s edition. The elegant color, housing that’s equally matched with the shooting performance, there’s not much additional I could ask out of this. The pricing is slightly higher than a few clippers of this stature, but considering the design I’ll say the price is worth the entire package.

1. Gladiator gold color made for collection1. Slightly expensive for the color
2. Zero-gap blades are almost perfect
3. Fine finger placement area

BaBylissPRO FX870RG ROSEFX Cord/Cordless Lithium Hair Clipper

The FX870RG ROSEFX performs much similar to the GoldFX and their looks are somewhat resembling as well, except for the color. However, there are certain differences that set apart these two hair clippers, but know that the gap isn’t huge and if you own one already, getting the other one won’t come as an upgrade, rather an inclusion into your collection with a different color theme.

BaBylissPro FX870RG RoseFX

High Carbon Blades That’s Made To Offer Comfort

The key difference between the GoldFX and ROSEFX in terms of performance is the blades. While the former contains a titanium blade that sustains for a long time and chops through the densest of hairs with ease, the latter, ROSEFX comes with high carbon blades that are more gentle to the skin. My clients have never felt a single tug while I tapered their hair with this clipper and that’s something I highly cherish about this device.

These blades are powered by a brushless engine with high torque that has enabled me to go above and beyond during my grooming procedures. The battery holds juice quite well, around two hours straight. If you take my opinion, two hours is enough for even a barber to get through the day if it’s a regular one, and home users will never find any issue with it. Comb attachments work well, but I prefer going as close to the skin as I possibly can for the fades.

Housing Feels Much Similar To GoldFX

No matter how I sugarcoat it, state the color, placement of the taper control or the button, these two clippers feel exactly the same in my hand. The color is captivating however, and the preference should be left to your taste rather than the performance. Both of them share the same lines of blades so altering between each other’s blades is never really an issue.

Areas For Improvement?

As I’ve mentioned, GoldFX and ROSEFX share almost the same traits, so the verdict on improvement areas remain the same between the two. What I must add is that both of these fine clippers could come with a charging dock without a separate purchase. It would’ve been very handy for barbers to place it on the dock in-between each shave to save time and get charged up.

Overall Assessment

Overall, I’ll say it’s up to you to pick between these two clippers. If you have sensitive skin and the Rose Gold color floats your boat, then you’ll most certainly find great benefit in purchasing this device. It’s light, it’s powerful and it’s beautiful – there’s nothing more you can ask from your clipper that’s priced at this range as it is capable enough to be a barber’s favorite anyday!

1. Sweet rose-gold color1. Additional blades are slightly expensive
2. Powerful clipper motor
3. Interchangeable blades

BaBylissPRO BLACKFX Metal Collection

The BLACKFX Metal collection is a series that contains a clipper, foil shaver, hair dryer and probably one of the best BaByliss trimmer units on the market. Out of these, I tried out three of the products frequently while my wife graciously turned the hair dryer into her daily appliance. From my experience, these have certain differences from the GoldFX collection and my review will mainly set these two groups side by side for a better insight.


What’s Different From The Aesthetics?

As I’m pointing out the aesthetic differences, I’m actually suggesting the color variation only. The BLACKFX collection comes in solid black in a metal housing that’s very tactile and doesn’t seem to slip at the most diverse angles. These elegant devices have a golden accent at the company name and the switch that’s very responsive and clicky.

Other than that, there’s a major difference in the original blade that comes with the BLACKFX device. It’s a Graphite Fade Blade that’s very different to the titanium or high carbon blades. Graphite material on blades feel much lighter and sharper than the rest of the blades which makes stress on hair much lighter and convenient to chop through. My clients with fine hair found this set of blades to be most comforting while trimming their beards and clipping their hair.

BLACKFX Additional Purchases Trump All!

The shaver unit that comes with the package is a double foil device housed with the same color and accent. This fancy-looking, shiny shaver performs as good as it looks! The customers who prefer to remove their one week stubble without a manual razor found this option to be very comforting that never tugs or pulls. However, I’ll recommend you not to try this one out with stubble grown for over a week because that’s not what it’s meant to remove.

Design Benefits For BLACKFX

There’s a benefit of the way these collections are designed. For starters, you’ll find immense joy in using different types of blades from Wahl or other BaBylissPRO trimmers or clippers. Also, the shaver’s foils aren’t equally lined, rather one has a certain degree of indent over the other which allowed them to fit precisely to my clients’ contour without causing any discomfort.

Areas Of Improvement

This collection is really one of the most premium series that BaBylissPRO has ever marketed out and so there are very minor things that demand attention. From my experience, I believe the consumer must assess their hair type before opting for its blade otherwise they might not receive the optimum outcome. It’s not the devices’ shortcoming, rather lack of knowledge on the matter that needs to be addressed.

Overall Assessment

The dark knight black collection is nothing short of a groomer’s dream! It’s shiny, sleek and elegant and at the same time it gets the job done! My clients have been supremely optimistic about each of the devices from the BLACKFX collection. I’ll only advise you to know which hair type or skin type deserves the blade types that come with it to ensure the most convenient outcome without any challenges.

1. Premium black finish1. Require knowledge about blade materials
2. Graphite blades for fine hair
3. Ergonomic grip

BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX Series

The last collection in this list for best BaByliss Clippers & Trimmers feature another Barberology series but this time it’s the MetalFX variants that come in a glimmering silver housing. As it comes from the same series as the FX3 collection, I’ll place my experience with these devices side by side so that I can provide some useful insight to make your purchase bear better & desired results.

BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX

Shiny Silver Design Catches Heart At First Sight!

Out of the box, the color & texture of the housing had me mesmerized! BaByliss has done a brilliant job in designing these devices with certain resemblances with the GoldFX series housing. There’s an extra outlining trimmer unit that’s been added on to make it a 4-in-1 collection that can satisfy every grooming need for a barber at any given moment!

Multifunctional Collection With Supreme Individual Performance

The trimmer itself would be enough for me to trim through my clients’ beard all day as it’s a hefty device with sharp blades. It died on me a little after two hours but then again, I was stress testing it without any mercy so this was bound to happen. I must say, two hours is good enough for a trimmer when there’s a separate trimmer liner to finish the edge-lines precisely.

The Clipper unit performs almost the same as the GoldFX clipper with similar grip texture, feel and abilities. It’s endowed with a high-carbon blade which is definitely interchangeable. Featured with a powerful motor paired with Ferrari, I’ll still say the FX3 collection units have provided a higher RPM although they are advertised to be the same. It’s not disheartening because a slightly lower RPM is kinder to kinky hair, so you can serve your Type 4 hair clients with more comfort.

Foil Shaver & Charging Dock To The Rescue

Considering the price in general and as opposed to the FX3 collection, the foil shaver unit is almost in par with the aforementioned series. My clients with dense beards never complained while I applied it on them and I didn’t have to make more than necessary passes to get all the beard patches. Getting the charging dock has saved me a lot of time for the clipper since I can easily place it there for the automatic charging duties.

Scopes For Improvement

I wouldn’t call it scores for improvement, rather a highlighting factor that the FX3 series performs slightly better than the MetalFX in general. Including the charging docks could’ve been more appreciated and the blade prices as a whole could be lowered, but these are BaByliss company prices that have nothing to do with this collection alone.

Overall Assessment

If I was asked if I’d spend the sum on this collection for my grooming duties everyday? I’d say, YES! The amount that these cost me came back as profit in a very short time with customer satisfaction blowing through the roofs. I’ll agree that the accessories purchase hasn’t been the most pleasant thing about these devices since they are expensive, but for home use you can easily get away without additional purchases and get only your desired device for the specific job.

1. Shiny silver housing1. Have to make separate dock purchase
2. Additional edge-trimmer
3. Great value for money


Now that I’m here to draw the concluding tone, you must realize the potential of these BaByliss devices and how they stand within the grooming device market.

Apart from their ‘out of the world’ looks, one of the main reasons I’m calling my picks the best BaByliss clippers & trimmers in the current market is their price.

I have vast experience with and access to different grooming units from the highest price ranges, I can state with absolute certainty that the performance these BaByliss products have provided me with are unmatched by any other company at such cost.

Promising almost every feature of what they had advertised, I didn’t really feel betrayed with description and delivery. A couple of headaches are there, as nothing is perfect, and I’ve mentioned them with each review with all the positives that I was blessed to witness.

I truly wish my reviews will help you pick out the best-performing and smart-looking BaByliss device that’ll render your investment worthwhile.

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