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Best Hair Clipper For Fades: 6 Tools That Swipe Fades Like No Other!

Hair clippers come in various shapes and sizes, comprising abilities that often target a specific demographic of barbers.

While required to offer longevity and durability with heavy housing, hair clippers are also required to carry a series of elements to bring to life the design they have promised; one of which involves fades.

Fades tend to provide hair more flexibility, versatility, and stability. To perfect the art of creating fades, however, it is best to invest in a hair clipper that strictly remains devoted to the genre.

As of right now, there are tons of hair clippers calling themselves ideal for fades. However, in my eyes, only 6 make it to the final list.

To learn all about my list that makes the best hair clippers for fades, don’t just skim through the breakdown of each hair clipper I’ve paid homage to, but stay tuned until the end is reached!

Preview Of The Best Hair Clippers For Fades: My Take Using Just One Statement!

Top hair clippers for fades

The results of a fade depend on not just the manoeuvrability of the barber, but also the clipper that represents them. But if top-notch results feel more of a requirement than a novelty, investing in one of the best hair clippers feels like the only rational movement.

From Wahl to Andis to new-coming faces like the FADE KING, various candidates make up my list of the best hair clippers for fades. The second half can be ideal for barbers requiring precise pieces of information on each device that I garnered through my experience, the following one-liners should be sufficient for those solely seeking an enjoyable read!

ModelBest For
Andis Fade MasterComplete Fading Solution For Professionals
Fade KingBest Budget-friendly Hair Clipper For Fades
Andis MasterBest Magnetic Hair Clipper For All-round Fades
Wahl MagicMost Durable Hair Clipper For Traditional Tapers And Fades
Oster 76Timeless Hair Clipper For Any Fade Haircut
Wahl SeniorA One-man Army For Closeness And Versatility

Benchmark For Best Hair Clippers For Fades: 6 Promising Contributors That Make Hair Clippers Ideal For Fades!

Since hair clippers cater to a range of scenarios, it is mandatory to obtain a hair clipper that only caters to fades in this criterion. While having norms like a good blade system is key in any ideal hair clipper, for fades, certain attributes are must-haves.

From having an adjustable lever system to being malleable at all times, here are some of the key factors that set the benchmark for the best hair clippers!

Adjustable lever system

Changing the direction of the blade and compromising the form can be a good way to enable precision when curating designs. However, for generating closeness, a good blade always needs an adjustable lever system.

Adjustable lever systems allow the blades of the clipper to obtain elongation for blends, and enough demotion for high-contrast results, lowering the blade for a squeaky-clean fade.

Appropriate comb attachments

Since blending is a primary activity that shapes a fade, using the right comb attachments is a plus.

While a handful of hair clippers offer adjustable levers, carrying the right comb guards is also mandatory for the hair clippers to complement the results. The right guards also prevent botched hairdos, which, believe it or not, are quite common in the world of fades.

Compatibility with other blades

Having extra comb guards always strengthens the impression of a hair clipper and makes them more dependable when prioritizing accuracy. Additionally, if the blade is compatible, obtaining specific kinds of fades is easier.

Most hair clippers provide blades that cater to the service they offer, as well as the results they bring to life. Having a multipurpose blade system can also be of great advantage, especially for those hoping to stay devoted to only one companion.

Unbreakable motor power

Clippers aren’t just dependent on their shaving elements for power, but also heavily reliant on their motor, which feels best when robust and durable.

The power of the motor not only determines the speed obtained by the clipper when creating fades, but also shapes the estimated time for the final results, which is quite helpful for barbers with busy work schedules.

Need for corded operation

More often than not, a hair clipper for fade prioritizes flexibility in the form of cordless operation, providing barbers with enough room to move the gadget in any direction to make their desired layout more precise and on the dot.

Corded operation is also mandatory, however, and comes into full bloom when working hour after hour. In other words, when a hair clipper has corded operation, the device, irrespective of whether corded or cordless, receives more runtime to help barbers give out more fade haircuts.

Ergonomic orientation

While this could be a big demand to meet and ensure, having ergonomic housing is a great way to differentiate hair clippers for fades from average hair clippers.

Ergonomic housing usually provides room for lightweight operation, allowing barbers to move freely when creating guidelines for fades.

6 Ideal Hair Clippers That Defy And Justify The Art Of Fades: A Review Through My Lens!


Top 6 hair clipper for fades

We have finally come to the second half of this review guide, catering to hair clippers that consider themselves the best when creating all kinds of fade haircuts, some of the biggest fashion statements in the world today.

While there are countless hair clippers that occur to me when thinking of good results, only 6 come to mind when thinking of fades.

From the Professional master of Andis to the expertise of Wahl Senior, here are the best hair clippers for fades in my book, and all that I’ve learned about each when putting all of them to the test in real life.

Andis Fade Master

When all is said and done, I believe nothing compares to the Andis Fade Master when the main aim is to generate precise fades with guidelines.

full frontal photo of Andis Fade Master

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The device not only moves me with its premium-quality housing, fused with sharp fonts and beautiful silhouettes that make up the handle, but also just the robustness of the metal-fused surface.

The silver paint job is remarkable from the surface, but the mere reason behind its fading success lies primarily within its blade system.

Andis Fade Master’s precision fade blade

Andis Fade Master features a precision fade blade that moves convincingly everywhere, removing bulk with ease, and creating sharp, high-contrast visuals effortlessly.

The fade blade is quite sturdy, with mico-based edges across the seam. The texture feels quite diligent, making productivity its finest attribute when working past a scalp with ease.

What makes the device so easy to navigate isn’t just the fade blade, but also the magnetic motor behind the body kit. In total, the Andis Fade Master generates over 14,000 SPM, being a great fit for quick results, catering to any kind of hair type with ease.

While the fade blade does make it difficult for me to create hairless results, it is the adjustable lever that takes chunks off my plate, bringing the blade system closer to the edge to create guidelines.

Andis Fade Master next to FADE KING and its attachments
Andis Fade Master next to FADE KING and its attachments

This still doesn’t make up for the fact that the Andis Fade Master, irrespective of being a specialist in fades, lacks comb guards, which makes it difficult to create precise guidelines on certain occasions.

Having an adjustable lever that covers 5 whopping levels does make up for it, though, thanks to the quality that the Andis Fade Master guarantees.

Adjustable lever of Andis Fade Master

Results are extremely accurate, too, which isn’t surprising, but reassuring. However, once again, the lack of comb attachments might make things difficult for newbies learning the ins and outs of fades.

Andis Fade Master in motion

Since weight does affect the quality of fades provided, let me tell you that this device looks quite heavy. However, in reality, the metal-based body kit feels surprisingly light.

While the size shouldn’t hamper the results for anyone with above-mediocre-sized palms, it is advised one takes their time and moves the Andis Fade Master in an upward and downward motion to prevent botched results.

Andis Fade Master in hand

What allows this device to be simple to understand is its button configuration, which only requires one side to carry a rocker switch, alongside the deep lever system of the fading connoisseur.

Minor components in its build, such as the cord, also play a huge role in aiding its battery life, offering limitless hours when plugged in. And though the device will operate until there’s no electric support, I believe the sweet spot lies between 2 and 3 hours.

Andis Fade Master’s corded companion

Taking fall damage shouldn’t worry you if you’ve got the Andis Fade Master in hand, however, since the Andis Fade Master, much like the Oster 76, guarantees durability that can last for a decade as long as the device is preserved in a safe space.

Andis Fade Master’s blade being oiled

You might see some inconsistencies within the blade system, however, especially when using it for prolonged hours. Don’t stress about it too much, since it’s just a hydration issue, which can be mitigated using the blade oil that Andis always guarantees to provide.

Carries a fade blade that can deal with any hair type with easeThe fade blade dries up easily
Is supported by a dominant magnetic motor that allows the device to save time and generate efficiency Lack of attachments can make it difficult for beginners to use the hair clipper
The 5-level lever can generate 3 kinds of zero fades with ease
The aluminium housing ensures clipping comfort by maintaining a low temperature at all times


A great investment for beginners is surely the FADE KING, which looks like Babyliss from afar, but is much shorter and sturdier in comparison.

In my opinion, the reason that the FADE KING is counted as one of the best hair clippers for fades is solely due to how much it offers for its lenient price tag.

close-up of blade

The zero-gapped blade is a great asset that the FADE KING offers, an element which finds more rope with the lever that it carries. The lever can be ideal for skin head taper fades, and can even be used to make the base for a designed haircut.

Altogether, despite struggling to bring the same crystal clear results as the Wahl Senior, the FADE KING tends to cut extremely close, creating skin fades with ease. The device shaves bulk in minutes, too, thanks to its comb attachments.

FADE KING with attached guard

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The comb attachments feel more like a privilege when you think of the price tag of the FADE KING. However, when it comes to quality, I feel that they fall behind tremendously in contrast to the accessories of the other hair clippers.

They still fit extremely well around the flat blade of the clipper, however, ranging from the sizes 0 mm and 13mm. When gliding through skin, however, I feel that the FADE KING gets the job done in no time, producing aesthetically pleasing guidelines for each fade it generates.

FADE KING with Wahl Magic attachment
FADE KING with Wahl Magic attachment

A great element that separates the FADE KING from every brand besides Wahl is its ability to mesh with Wahl’s attachments, preferably its comb guards.

Believe it or not, this is a regular practice in the styling industry, as barbers believe that the comb attachments of Wahl bring forward top-grade results.

FADE KING in hand

The housing is great for grip, which makes fading the hair even easier. The gold-coated paint job is supported by a thumb cushion under the blade, and a barbell grip around the handle, making it easy to hold onto the device.

The barbell does weigh the device down though, making FADE KING one of the heaviest cordless hair clippers on the market today. Overtime, many barbers have admitted how their wrists became sore upon using the device; which is something I agree with.

Barbell handle of FADE KING
Barbell handle of FADE KING

Perhaps the biggest attribute that makes the FADE KING the best among fade clippers is its impressive battery life, running for a duration of 300 minutes.

It’s not a hoax, either, since I’ve served over 10 clients with precise and multi-layered fades with the help of the FADE KING.

According to my knowledge and experience, I believe that the FADE KING spends its endurance wisely. The battery life tends to fall by 10 percent with 30 minutes of use almost always.

Battery status of FADE KING
Battery status of FADE KING

A rare element that the FADE KING gets to boast about is its LCD display, which, alongside displaying the status of the battery, provides hints on replacement and dehydration.

It is normal for blades to wear out fast and become dehydrated during prolonged use, which is why the former speciality is extremely important in my eyes, as well as in the eyes of those who are beginners and experts.

Lever of FADE KING and Andis
Lever of FADE KING and Andis

A couple of concerning factors lie in its housing, with the first one being the lever system. The firmness of the lever eventually loosens up, which can result in a deterioration in the quality of the fades.

The device is a great short term solution, but barbers must move on if they’re hoping to constantly climb up the ladder.

Regardless, for beginners hoping to learn how to fade their way into stardom, the FADE KING remains the most ideal companion.

Since the FADE KING is compatible with Wahl’s accessories, using the accessories of the Color Pro should give one great access to learning all about the art of creating fades.

The most logical hair clipper for barbers with a tight budgetThe adjustable lever can easily botch fades due to being too loose
Is compatible with Wahl’s blades and comb guardsBarbell housing makes the device too heavy to navigate
Provides a barbell grip for extra comfort during fades
Enables a sense of relief with an LED display for battery life

Andis Professional Master

Leading the way as the first hair clipper of this list is the Andis Master, which is the best possible gadget for fades due to the power it holds.

Unlike the rotary motors of Wahl and Oster, Andis Master is powered by a magnetic motor that picks up the speed for seamless fades.

The ceramic Master blade of Andis Master is quite the treat, carrying edges that cover less rotations and use a feed-in system to collect hair particles with ease.

Andis Master’s blade system

Andis Master isn’t just the leader among the best of Andis, but also a frontrunner among clippers for fades, offering tons of durability, motor speed, and variety with its ceramic blade.

While its habit of leaving behind comb attachments is something I’m still not fond of, I am a huge fan of its lever system, which can perfectly move up from 3mm to 5mm with ease.

Andis Master in motion
Andis Master in motion

The magnetic motor always covers tons of ground over the scalp in seconds, but can get even faster if its screws are loosened.

Perhaps the best part of the ceramic blade is that, despite all the power it possesses, the Anids Master is rendered safe for sensitive skin.

Andis Master next to Wahl Senior and Oster 76
Andis Master next to Wahl Senior and Oster 76

It also beats out the likes of Oster 76 and Wahl Senior with its blade system, since it refuses to accumulate heat. Instead, the magnetic motor enables the blade system to stay composed, which has enabled me to serve clients with sensitive skin from injuries.

When tightened up, Andis Master takes its time, being a great tool for bulk removal instead of close shaves during that time.

Screws of Andis Master

As for the adjustable lever, I’m quite fond of it. In addition to being a great companion for removing bulk from hair, Andis Master finds more freedom to fix precise guidelines for fades, which looks best when generating close shaves with a descending contrast.

Performance-wise, I feel that it has the edge not only over the Envy Li and Fade Master, but also compares well with Wahl Senior. The blade of the device is made of ceramic, which subsides heat to provide a cold compress-like feel on the scalp. Andis Master has been in my arsenal for quite some time now, and has yet to injure anyone I’ve worked with.

Andis Master’s lever

Using the device should be a breeze for everyone, since Andis Master guarantees salon-like fades in the span of seconds. Overall, catering to local barbers as well as professionals can be a regular when using the Master.

What concerns me is the weight, however, which is tough to work with. If I were to compare its weight to that of any other clipper, I’d put this in the same box as Oster 76, another heavyweight among hair clippers.

Nonetheless, in due time, adjusting to the hefty build should be possible. The metal casing is a win in my eyes still, since the materials used for the handle are unbreakable and untouchable.

The motor and speed of the Master are outstanding, to say the least. It’s a bit loud in contrast to Wahl Magic Clip, but it can provide the same performance at a lower price.

Housing of Andis Master

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I absolutely adore its gleaming handle, which contains a bulky build at the top and a tapered base at the bottom. The Master is easy to use as well, carrying only a power button and an adjustable lever.

Since the device is corded and possesses a ceramic blade that remains composed at all times, Andis Master has enough in its tank to go the distance.

However, don’t test your luck too much. If you ask me, the sweet spot stands somewhere between fifty minutes to an hour and thirty minutes.

Moreover, to avoid damage, I would advise you to blade the oil every day. The ceramic blade stays cool, but is also prone to dryness, exposing the device to deterioration.

Don’t worry about the previous issue too much, though. Just oil the blade religiously.

As opposed to Envy Li, this device probably loses out due to carrying insufficient attachments. Moreover, Master also falls short of providing a close shave as jarring as Fade Master, which carries a sharper blade.

However, I still would rely on the Master. It may fall short of providing more elevation and density to fine hair when cropped, but gets the job done without inducing any nicks or cuts.

Based on what it provides, I would suggest anyone with a knack for creating a proper mid fade to high fade to invest in this clipper. Since it covers 5 lengths already, saving time shouldn’t be an issue.

Additionally, had Andis Master carried attachments and a body kit that was lighter than the one that was manufactured, I feel that this clipper would have been untouchable. You’ll still find the silver lining of its heavy-duty housing at one point, however, since it is immune to fall damage.

Overall, Andis Master is a prodigy that can bring in promising results without signs of inaccuracy. Sure, the device is quite heavy, but is a must-have if you’re hoping to be a facilitator of the best fade the world has to offer.

Incredible torque that generates zero gap fades within secondsThe cord makes the device heavier than it should be
5-setting lever that corrects guidelines of fadesDoesn’t guarantee skin safety during use
Minimal design with gleaming metal body housing
Has a carbon blade with an incredible shelf life

Wahl Magic Clip

When it comes to fading from the bottom to the top, the WAHL Magic Clip appears to be a household name in the business, rendering itself one of the prime candidates in the world of hair clippers for fades.

The device offers world-class performances when put to use, and feels quite sublime in my hands.

Magic Clip in hand

WAHL Magic is surely not the lightest among the best of WAHL, but definitely is one of the most dependable hair clippers for barbers seeking a way to be in various places at once, offering a series of guidelines for fades and blends.

I love how well the stagger tooth blade copes with a head full of hair, gleaming past the density with ease. Navigation is quite easy with the Wahl Magic Clip, which offers plenty of space for my fingers to feel comfortable when held.

The stagger tooth blade, if I might add, carries a compilation of short and large edges, being able to create crisp textures around the hairline.

lever and power button of Magic Clip
lever and power button of Magic Clip

With the lever system of the Magic Clip, barbers don’t just unlock a way to obtain clean double zero fades, but also enable me to create a tight taper when the lever is open.

If you have yet to learn about the difference between open and closed levers, I hope this guide relieves you from your worries.

A great tool during summer, the Magic Clip can also provide buzz cuts with ease. At the same time, I love how it also caters to those with long hair, providing comb guards that can reduce density and bulk from the hair without chopping off the length.

Wahl Magic in motion
Wahl Magic in motion

To reduce split ends from outgrown hair, the Magic Clip provides a comb guard that covers up to 1 inch in length. I often use the 22.5mm guard, however, which as it reduces a bit more to allow healthy fades to shine.

The device contains the same minimal build of most traditional Wahl clippers, but provides even more with its motor, operating at a rate of 5,800 RPM. This fits like a glove with its Li-ion battery, providing the Wahl Magic Clip with 100 minutes of runtime.

Wahl Magic Clip’s battery indicator
Wahl Magic Clip’s battery indicator

Now, in contrast to the Wahl Senior, the Magic Clip doesn’t move as rapidly when creating fades. However, due to the reach of the blade, the Wahl Magic Clip offers quick results like a walk in the park.

The fade blade of Wahl is also extremely soft, producing soothing sounds through CrunchBlade technology, which can help barbers allow the noise to harmonise and shape up the results of their cut.

Wahl Magic Clip and Andis Master
Wahl Magic Clip and Andis Master

With a lean build, fading also appears to be easy since the Magic Clip offers plenty of support for a palm to rely on, securing precision with each shave.

By using the comb attachments, this Wal Magic offers various ways to remove bulk and create various lengths in the world of fades.

Wahl Magic Clip attached comb guard

When adjusted into a zero-gap clipper, the device carries monopolistic attributes that allow it to create clean looks and close shaves in a heartbeat.

In retrospect, I obviously am a big fan of Wahl’s Magic clipper, which brings diversity into the world of fades, catering to any hair type without thinking twice.

However, for a device that is regarded as the best of Wahl, I feel that the brand could have done better from an endurance standpoint, as 100 minutes is hardly ever positive for barbers who work overtime.

Wahl Magic Clip next to Fade KING
Wahl Magic Clip next to Fade KING

It’s a bummer, especially when you think of FADE KING’s battery life, which exceeds almost 300 minutes of runtime!

Nonetheless, if you were to ask me about a hair clipper that can create any kind of fade, from high to low to triple zero, the best hair clipper to trust is the Magic clip, a ring leader amongst Wahl, and one of the best clippers to invest in for a variety of fades.

Perfect tool for creating a complete fade haircut with high-contrast visualsThe blade tends to heat up during prolonged use, and provides inconsistent results when working overtime
Provides 8 comb guards to reduce bulk from any hair length
Can be zero-gapped for engraving designs on a fade
V5000 motor offers relentless speed and durability during busy days

Oster Classic 76

The Oster 76 remains one of the best hair clippers by a mile when it comes to fades. To back up that claim, various features are brought into existence.

Blade system of Oster 76

The Oster 76 is perhaps the best gadget for versatility since it caters to various kinds of hair. Although the norm of having a 1” blade is something my mind has gotten accustomed to, Oster 76 is also compatible with 0” surgical blades.

Due to comprising a detachable blade system, the Oster 76 contains the ability to harmonise with 14 different types of blades, carrying T-blades and texture blades as well.

Oster 76 with detached blade

The device always amazes me by catering to any hair styling scenario with ease, making it the perfect fade clipper for barbers with a forte in creating many designs. As long as the blade system is unscrewed, detaching and setting up a new clipping companion is a walk in the park.

The Oster 76 feels extremely heavy in my palms, which does throw me off a bit, but also makes sense when you incur just how long the device survives on average. More often than not, the Oster 76 lasts for 10 years, although the first one I had gave in after 8.

Oster 76 in motion
Oster 76 in motion

Despite being open to creating any design, I feel that the Oster 76 works best when providing precision fades, zero fades, and texture fades. Since the motor allows Oster 76 to cover over 3200 RPM, the Oster 76 may also be the ideal companion for natural blends and bulk reduction from hair.

Weighing around 20 ounces, Oster 76 is heavier than one’s average fade clipper. However, the cylinder-like handle offers plenty of space for a 5-finger grip, while the pattern allows incredible control time.

Oster 76 next to Wahl Senior
Oster 76 next to Wahl Senior

Navigating Oster 76 is also seamless, as long as you’re moving in a two-way direction. In other words, it is better to move upward and downward with the Oster 76, which typically struggles to move at a horizontal angle.

Since the device is supported by a rotary motor, it always provides me with relentless amounts of speed, which can always come in handy if you’re dealing with various fades at a time.

Working past rush hour? Detach the blade and switch to the desired shaving element within minutes after removal.

Oster 76’s screw
Oster 76’s screw

Additionally, since the Oster 76 has a motor, delivering fades can be easier and faster than usual. For some extra smoothness, I always use the electric clipper grease, which adds to a close shave occasionally.

Oster 76’s joystick power button
Oster 76’s joystick power button

I really like the joystick button of the Oster 76, but wish it weren’t as exposed at the base of the device. A struggle of this tool is preventing accidental powerups, which is when the power button plays a huge part.

One thing that could have made fading easy with the Oster 76 is a series of comb attachments, which would also have been easier to attach and remove in the long run and during crunch time.

Handle of Oster 76, Wahl Senior and Andis Professional Master
Handle of Oster 76, Wahl Senior and Andis Professional Master

As opposed to the Senior and Andis Professional Master, the powerhouse of Oster also lacks a lever, making the act of replacing the blade even more necessary.

The missing piece also can seem like a liability to tons of hair specialists used to adopting comb attachments for creating stronger guidelines.

Nonetheless, if offering variety is the main aim, Oster 76 will always be at one’s service.

Alongside attaching a multipurpose blade system with a compatible formation, the Oster 76 also offers a heavy-duty motor that runs consistently, unlimited runtime through corded operation, and a pristine dark maroon color scheme that serves looks and shades of fades for days!

An unorthodox clipper with a multifaceted blade systemIs a bit slow despite having an adjustable motor
Great for any hair type due to being associated with 14 kinds of clipping elements
Has a heavy-duty motor that can work for hours
Provides fades with no repercussions using the clipper grease

Wahl Cordless Senior

Closing off the list is Wahl Senior, a great hair clipper for precision fades.

The Wahl Senior is one of the leanest and meanest amongst the best of Wahl, feeling relatively lightweight when held.

Wahl Cordless Senior in hand

In addition to being a gem for barbers requiring an incredible grip, the Wahl Senior also provides tons of space for the thumb to rest around its lever and the device itself. With the flexibility of the cordless design, moving in any direction appears to be a possibility.

I feel that the Wahl Senior is one of the most premium gadgets for fades, with a compactly built blade that is double-coated for precision.

Wahl Senior surgical blade

The surgical blade hardly ever feels loose, and gives out traditional tapers with ease.

When stroked in an upward motion, the Wahl Senior also provides an almost hairless guideline for a fade. It is also an eye-candy for barbers with a craving for clipper over comb work, with each swipe feeling better than the rest.

With the help of the former, it isn’t just easy for the fade blade of Wahl Senior to obtain textured fades, but also reduce bulk with ease. Once the hair shortens in length, barbers may also ditch the comb for a closer shave.

Wahl Senior being stroked around the temple
Wahl Senior being stroked around the temple

Speaking of a close shave, know that the possibility of obtaining a close shave is probably conditional with the Senior, despite the device averaging over 6800 RPM.

Now, it is true that the device can give out a zero-gapped fade when closed in and tuned downwards.

However, more often than not, the Senior struggles to create a zero-gapped fade on afro-textured hair, which is when the following hack comes in.

Wahl Senior next to comb attachments

Before aiming for a zero-gap, high-contrast fade, it is important you unscrew the device’s blade by a tad bit. I usually push it towards the surface of the handle, so the blade carries enough sharpness.

The comb guards, which further improve the results of the fade guidelines, are also secured with a metal surface at the bottom. Overall, the Senior Provides a 3.5mm, 3mm, and 1.5mm guard lengths to further enhance the visuals of each fade.

Barbers may also use Wahl’s pro set tool if they want to readjust the blade system with ease!

Once unlocked, creating a zero fade should be generated in seconds. To fasten the results, however, I always use some clipper grease beforehand, which has helped during rush hour.

Wahl Senior when plugged in

Speaking of time, know that the cordless version offers 80 minutes of runtime, which could have been great had this been Wahl Balding, but falls short of being impressive when working with the Senior.

With 80 minutes, I can only serve around 5 clients with proper fades, that too with the help of the unscrewed zero-gapped blade.

Sure, the corded operation can increase its time frame, but often feels more of an inconvenience due to how much it limits me from moving the clipper around in various ways.

All in all, the Wahl Senior seems like the perfect fit for those desiring precise natural blends, high-contrast low to medium skin fades, and devices that are specialists in closing out haircuts.

The corded version may provide a better running time, but is just as efficient in contrast to the cordless one when it comes to being productive.

Great at providing fades with a natural aura using lever and surgical blade80 minutes of runtime can only serve 4 people
Metal-infused housing that provides a good grip for thumb in the mid-section
Provides corded and cordless operation
Is a specialist for clipper-over-comb work

How To Give A Fade Using Hair Clippers: The Pre, During, And Post-styling Mantras For Fading With Hair Clippers

Finding hope in the right hair clipper is a great way to ensure optimal results, especially when working with fades. However, the other half of the outcome is always shaped by the form used, which often becomes a recipe for disaster when inconsistent.

Listed below is a brief word-for-word tutorial that barbers and enthusiasts working with hair clippers can learn from to give out the best fades at home, in salons, or anywhere in the world.

The guide comprises three segments; pre-styling, during, and post-styling routine; all of which should be viewed carefully for a beneficial scenario.

The Pre-styling Routine: What You Need To Know

Before letting your fading skills with a clipper take the lead, there are tons of healthy rituals that barbers tend to follow to ensure great results with zero repercussions.

While the routine could be hectic at first, here are some crucial moves to make before creating a fade using a hair clipper.

Trim down the length with some scissor-work

Trim down the length with some scissor-work

Prior to letting your clipper take the lead, use a pair of scissors to deduct density from the hair.

Now, I’m aware that hair clippers are specialists in dealing with outgrown lengths of hair.

However, using a pair of scissors beforehand shouldn’t hurt, but might actually help if you’re hoping to create a fade without a hiccup, generating results that are as precise as they come.

Know your guards

Know your guards

Another element that barbers and any enthusiast hoping to partake in giving fades through hair clippers must know about are intricate details regarding comb attachments, and clipping guards.

In addition to bringing the right results, knowing about the guards will help keep an eye on the size you’re reducing from the hair.

In short, the highest comb guards cut at most an inch of hair, otherwise known as a #10 guard. Conversely, the shortest guard remains a 0 guard, which adds guidelines to a bald fade.

The sizes in between the highest and lowest clipping attachments are often used for bringing more contrast to the fade, or adding flashy elements in hopes of making the fade bold and unique.

Find the right guideline for the fade

Find the right guideline for the fade

Since everyone’s head shape and face type differs, priority should be given to the former features, as the pairing of the two will shape the precision of the implemented fade haircut.

While starting from the sides is what most follow, in order to get the design right immediately, you can also start from the backside.

Find the mid-section of the rear, and use that as the dedicated guideline for the look you’re about to give.

The Creative Process: Moves To Follow When Guiding A Fade Clipper To Generate Optimal Results!

The second part is perhaps the most important aspect of creating fades with clippers, featuring the motions and hacks barbers should equip to guarantee optimal results.

While the visuals of the outcome mainly depend on the kind of blade used for the hair clipper, here are the techniques one should adopt when working with a hair clipper to give out fade haircuts.

Move in an upward motion for precision

Move in an upward motion for precision

The flicking system is what many suggest when using hair clippers. Indeed, though the facilitators do carry the hardware for relentless flexibility, moving in an upward motion and opting out at the right time is the best technique to unlock top-notch fades.

The motion should always involve a descending method of operation. In short, ensure the fade is shorter at the bottom, and contains the right amount of hair in the mid-section for the perfect transition to the top half of the design.

Move diagonally for a closer shave

Move diagonally for a closer shave

Knowing about the grain of one’s hair is a great element to inspect when giving out fades, as the grain in which the hair grows depends on one’s genetics when push comes to shove.

Analysing the hair density isn’t necessary if you’re hoping to shorten the size of the fade, as that can be achieved as long as you move the hair clipper diagonally.

Moving the clipper diagonally will allow the sharpness of the edges to carve themselves a path on the scalp, generating hairless visuals as a result.

Use guards and comb work to make the visuals natural

Use guards and comb work

Once the guideline of the fade is created, and the contrast of the new look settles in, it is important to use comb guards to reduce any piece of unwanted hair.

The attachments could be used to reduce bulk from the fade and make it stronger, and supply more volume to the hairdo on top.

Doing clipper-over-comb work with the hair clipper is also valid in this scenario, especially if less is more is the main aim for this fade haircut. For inexperienced barbers, partaking in clipper-over-comb work can be a crucial movement for character development.

Equip a T-blade for closeness and detailed work

Equip a T-blade for closeness and detailed work

While the former can be great for achieving hairless shaves, barbers are also advised to use a T-blade to incorporate their creativity into the fade.

T-blade trimmers, such as the Andis T-blade, can be a great option for those hoping to add razor-like decals to the fade, engrave shapes and bold designs on the temple, and give the side-burns a nice clean-up for a smooth transition to the fade.

Additionally, the T-blade clipper can be used to obtain sharpness in the beard, which can help when pulling off a zero-to-bald fade for an impressive disconnection. From this list, I believe that the Senior can be a great companion.

Texturize for choppiness

Texturize for choppiness

A choppy texture can be implemented into the fade to obtain more elevation around the roots of the hair; a technique that can rejuvenate flat hair.

Though thinning shears can be used to thin out pieces of coarse hair and increase the texture of the cuticles, using a texturizing comb attachment can be an easier way to get things done.

I’d also suggest using a clipper-over-comb technique for some extra boldness through texturization, which could be difficult for locals to pull off.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that I’ve unveiled almost everything one needs to learn about each hair clipper that offers the best fades in the hair industry, here is a thorough questionnaire that gravitates more towards amateurs needing enlightenment, and experts who call themselves indecisive when picking between hair clippers!

Q: Which clipper feels best for cordless fading?

Ans: From the unveiled list, the best cordless clipper with corded operation is the Wahl Senior, led by a stagger tooth blade that can easily create zero-gap fades, requiring the blade to be unscrewed when working with afro-textured hair.

Though the battery life of the device remains a drawback, Wahl Senior offers tons of freedom to move around and even offers a deep lever system alongside a 3mm, 3.5mm, and 1 mm guard to create precise guidelines and effective clipper-over-comb work.

Q: What separates regular hair clippers from hair clippers for fades?

Ans: While regular hair clippers do carry necessities such as attachments and cleansing tools, hair clippers for fades carry specific components to support their results.

As opposed to regular hair clippers, hair clippers for fades appear to have precision-packed accessories, durability on their hardware, blade systems with compatibility with a variety of blade types, and corded operation, even when they’re cordless.

What really takes the cake is the motor of fade clippers, which survive for a much longer time than the average hair clipper.

Q: Which clipper is the best corded model for fades?

Ans: Conversely, if you’d like a clipper that enables corded operation for days, even years, the Oster 76 can be a magnificent option, especially for enthusiasts with a knack for creating tons of designs without a hassle.

The compatibility of the device is the reason behind its impressive portfolio, being adaptable with 14 blades when push comes to shove.

On the other hand, if you’d like something that prioritizes speed with a magnetic motor, the Andis Professional Master can be a great corded device to invest in. The metal-infused body kit can be a plus for barbers prioritizing looks as well as results.

Final Takeaway

When push comes to shove, there are tons of hair clippers that one can place their trust in and bet on if creating fades is the main aim. From my standpoint, however, only 6 of them make the cut.

While the Andis Professional Master is known for being a good sport at saving time and creating fades with its powerful motor, I also believe that the Master defies presentability with its metal case housing, which isn’t as heavy as it looks.

Up next is the FADE KING, my recommended pick for beginners. It not only generates fades with a stagger tooth-like blade, but offers much more functionality with an LED display for the battery, a beginner-friendly lever, and, my favorite attribute of them all, compatibility with Wahl’s comb guards. The device only finds power when working with skin fades, proving to be underwhelming with its blending abilities.

Speaking of blends, let’s talk about the Wahl Magic, which is prominent for being the face of Wahl. Its design is only one of the promising attributes, especially with the device garnering the ability to generate both close-zero fades and natural tapers without an issue. It also guarantees a runtime of 100 minutes, proving to be good enough when dealing with 5 clients at a time.

The Wahl Senior can also be just as promising, but lacks the comb guards provided by the Magic Clip. The device is a specialist in providing zero-gapped fades, requiring some assistance when dealing with afro-textured hair. Apart from being a specialist in clipper-over-comb work, the Senior also provides sharp blends and tight fades with its surgical blade!

Closing out my final statement on the best hair clippers for fades is the Oster 76, which is untouchable due to being associated with 14 well-equipped pieces of blades, being able to provide any kind of fade in no time. The device also caters to each client in two different ways, and prioritizes time by having a motor system that can be adjusted to convey two kinds of speed.

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