Best Hair Clippers For Fades: 7 Clippers That Fade The Right Way!

One of the very few haircuts that have established itself as a popular figure in styling and beauty is the fade haircut. The visuals seem easy on the eyes, and the final outcome always changes the aesthetics of the wearer for the better. With a fade haircut, it’s very easy to highlight the distinct features of your facial structure. Additionally, when disconnected the right way, it can also bring out the best results in one’s facial hair.

While having good genes could surely give you the edge over the rest when obtaining fades, the best possible results are often achieved with the help of the right hair clipper. Indeed, you can’t have art without an artist. Likewise, you can’t obtain a good fade without the right hair clipper!

Taking into account just how advanced today’s world is in terms of technology, there are multiple high-end hair clippers that you can look into if you’d like to give yourself a good fade or help your clients out by creating the perfect fade possible.

And if you’re interested in learning about the best hair clippers for fades currently owning the beauty and hair industry, you’ve stumbled upon the best possible article! Stay with us to learn everything about the best clippers to create fades with, how to create the perfect fade with your ideal hair clipper, and all the factors to consider before making your purchase!

Best Hair Clippers For Fades In 2023: An Overview

Before we provide you with a complete guide of the best hair clippers to utilize for fades, here’s a table containing an overview of the list of products we’ll be covering. Since each and every piece of information on the following table is vital, don’t forget to skim through it, especially if you opened this article without carrying any prior research.

In addition to containing the key features of each model, the following segment also contains details regarding its price tag, which can prove to be vital when coming to a decision.

ModelAverage Running Time Blade Type Price
BabylissPRO GoldFX 2 hours Titanium-coated blade Check Price
Andis Fade Master90 minutes Carbon-steel blades Check Price
Wahl 5-Star Legend100 minutes Deep-tooth wedge blade Check Price
Rogue StyleCraft 2 hours Black Diamond Carbon blade Check Price
Wahl Magic Clip 90 minutes Stainless steel zero-gap blade Check Price
Oster Classic 76 2 hours Stainless Steel Blade Check Price
Wahl Fade Cut NiMH Battery Self-sharpening blades Check Price

BabylissPRO Barberology GoldFX

Among BabylissPRO’s Barberology Collection, the tool that can bring forward the best possible fade is the BabylissPRO Gold FX Clipper, which is also the first entry on this list.

BabylissPRO GoldFX

While this option of ours is the one that will require you to spend the most, it also has the technological means to walk the walk. The Gold FX is a cordless clipper with a powerful engine that can fade easily with the help of its titanium-coated blade. Weighing in at 0.66 lbs, the lightweight GoldFX feels rather comfortable to use for designing and cleaning up even the coarsest set of hair. The barbell-plated grip also allows tons of control.

The efficiency of this hair clipper isn’t all that users are rewarded with, as the GoldFX also comes with an impressive battery life, thanks to its Li-Ion battery. On average, the device can run for at least 2 hours, which can be enough to provide four clients with effective fades.

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With its 5-detent taper control, users can give blended fades, but can also change it up and give a neatly put skin fade depending on the client’s desires. Additionally, if you’ve just started your journey as a barber, don’t forget to take help from the 8 attachments that are provided in the packaging, as they can create any kind of fade with ease!

5-detent taper controlToo costly for many
0.66 lbs; easy to use
Barbell plated grip
Li-Ion battery

Andis Fade Master

If you happen to be working around a budget of less than $100, the best clipper you should consider for giving yourself or your clientele the perfect fade possible is the Andis Fade Master, which we believe is worth all the flowers it receives.

Andis Fade Master

With 14,000 cutting strokes per minute, this corded clipper is a master of all fades, literally. Additionally, since it contains premium-quality carbon steel blades, creating a bald fade should be as easy as pie. However, if you want to create blends or tapers, know that their blades are also adjustable, making them eligible enough to create any kind of design!

A specialty of this device is its longevity, which is run by its durable aluminum casing. While the heaviness of the material does amp up the weight of this hair clipper to around 0.9 lbs, the high-speed magnetic motor it contains definitely makes it easier to use the device by cutting down the duration of each fade haircut.

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While the 8 feet cord might limit the item’s flexibility, its compatibility with multiple blades surely makes up for that missing feat, and can be utilised to create distinct patterns, solid tapers, and classic fades when desired. With this handy tool, you can also take all the time needed when creating a fade, as its Li-Ion battery provides a dominant running time of 90 whopping minutes!

High-speed magnetic motorLimited flexibility
Weightless feel
Compatible with multiple blades
Heavy-duty aluminum casing

Wahl Professional 5-Star Legend

A great affordable hair clipper that is known for its ability to create blended fades is the Wahl Professional 5 Star Legend, which can provide users with quite a remarkable experience.

Wahl 5-Star Legend

This hair clipper of Wahl’s contains a Deep Tooth Wedge blade, which makes the device a specialist in creating blends and skin fades with a polished finish. The soothing crunch sound that the device generates could seem pointless at times, but that function allows stylists to keep track of the fade’s progress.

The 5-Star Legend isn’t just a corded device with a wedge blade that is ideal for thick and coarse hair, but also contains a V9000 motor that creates fades in a short span of time. With its blades, one can also get rid of unnecessary amounts of bulk flawlessly. With this Wahl model, you can also take all the time you need, as its Li-Ion battery runs for an impressive duration of 100 minutes!

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Another selling point in addition to its blade and motor is its housing, which is durable and weighs around 1 lb, making it a relatively lightweight device. Although this device is a must-have for professionals, the Wahl 5-Star Legend can also be a great tool at home because of its 8 attachments and cleaning components.

Pros Cons
Relatively lightweightAttachments feel ineffective
V9000 motor
100-minute running time
Deep tooth wedge blade

Rogue Style Craft

If you like creating fades that are as hairless as possible, another excellent tool that you can count on is Rogue’s StyleCraft. It contains a durable Black Diamond Carbon blade that is known for its longevity, and contains a Black Diamond Carbon Shallow Tooth that can pierce through thick ends seamlessly.

Rogue clipper

The StyleCraft is also a great option for those prioritizing the device’s battery life, as it offers an average running time of 2 hours. That duration can either be used to create fades with distinct patterns, or can be utilized to incorporate a fade cut on those with sensitive skin without leaving nicks and scratches.

In addition to being long-lasting, the motor, as well as the hardware of the Rogue StyleCraft, are two excellent incentives for obtaining this device. The microchipped magnetic motor enables the device to run at a speed of 10,000 strokes per minute, while the well-built materials used for the housing allow the device to be resilient when dropped.

While the weight of this device which measures just a little above 1.65 lbs could be a bit difficult to work with, the Rogue StyleCraft is definitely a worthy investment for those that prefer a hair clipper with tons of taper control, low noise, a good battery life, and a fair amount of accessories!

Sharp Black Diamond Carbon bladeExpensive
Cordless, durable buildInconvenient for small hands
10,000 SPM

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip

Since we are talking about fades here, the list will be incomplete if we don’t add Wahl’s Professional 5-Star Magic Clip as one of the entries, which is known for its ability to create fades!

Wahl 5-Star Magic Clip

Wahl’s Professional 5-Star Magic Clip creates precise fades with its zero-gap blades! The device is also known for being rapidly fast, thanks to its V5000 motor and adjustable taper control.

The device might be frowned upon due to its corded nature. However, the 5-Star Magic Clip will also blow you away with its versatility, which can be utilized to create blends, get rid of bulk, and achieve neatly finished fades!

In addition to being likable due to its high-powered engine, the Wahl Professional 5-Star Clip is also a fan favourite since it weighs 0.7 lbs only, making it a straightforward device to execute regularly. Like most top-grade professional hair clippers for fades, the Wahl 5-Star Magic Clip contains a Li-Ion battery that can operate for 90 minutes!

In addition to being an eligible tool for creating fades, shaping beards, and incorporating crisp lines into one’s hairstyle, the Wahl 5 Star Magic offers a hefty amount of accessories in its packaging. On top of receiving 8 comb cutting guides, the 5-Star Magic comes with a cleaning brush, clipper blade oil, and an instruction manual that is easy to understand.

Zero-gap bladesLacks a travel case
V5000 motor

Oster Classic 76

For old heads and traditional hairdressers, using a device that brings back feelings of nostalgia can be a priority. And if you happen to be one of them, consider looking into the Oster Classic 76, a corded clipper with compact and well-built housing!

Oster Classic 76

Despite being a tool for taking trips down memory lane, the Oster Classic 76 comprises an ergonomic build that looks appealing and feels outstanding in the palms. While it falls under the category of corded hair clippers, the Classic 76 contains a 9 ft cord to offer tons of reach to hairstylists and amateur users.

This device is a professional at creating fades. The detachable, stainless steel blade it comes with can fade through any hair type like butter, and the device makes every session short due to its highly-functional, single-speed motor.

Since one of its main aims is durability, the Oster Classic 76 is made of materials that might feel a bit heavy, and the device weighs slightly over 2 lbs. However, considering all the positives it brings to the table and the additional items it provides, the Oster Classic 76 remains a favorable contender in my book. It could also be yours too if you give this hair clipper a much-deserved chance!

9 ft cordHeavyweight housing
Ergonomic build
Single-speed motor
Detachable, stainless steel blade

Wahl Fade Cut

As getting a haircut is relatively expensive and often requires booking an appointment, practicing the art of self-haircuts could be a great way to save a little time and money. And if you like the sound of that, you’ll probably love the features of the Wahl Fade Cut, a professional hair-clipping tool that was made for homebodies.

Wahl Fade Cut

While offering affordability is one of its primary objectives, another key service that this Wahl hair clipper provides is the best possible fade. With its unbeatable power drive motor and its Xtreme-Fade blades’ precision, the Wahl Fade Cut is a specialist in saving time and creating hairstyles without repercussions.

For making self-haircuts easy, this model of Wahl comes with 10 attachments. The blades are also adjustable and can easily create skin fades, blends, or high and tight taper fades.

While its mass could feel heavy and the motor might bug the ears of many, the Wahl Fade Cut is probably the next best thing to a self-haircut. The Xtreme-Fade blades it comes with are skin-friendly and can even be used to create tight skin fades. Its price tag is also pretty convenient, fitting easily under a budget of $50!

AffordableNiMH battery
Multiple comb attachments
Xtreme-Fade blades
Good for self-haircuts

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Hair Clipper for Fades

In addition to going for a hair clipper that fits seamlessly under your budget and is relatively easy to use, we believe there are loads of factors that one should consider before finalising their pick. From considering their blade type to examining the material of the clippers, here are some major aspects that you must assess before finding your perfect hair clipper for fades!

Blade Type

The most important aspect to consider when purchasing a hair clipper for fades is the blade type, since it will shape the results of the visuals and the experience of the users.

While the GoldFX can be a great hair clipper to look forward to for its titanium-coated blade, which is known for creating fades without causing any friction. The decrease in friction can reduce the chances of tugging and hair pulling, preventing injuries as a result.

Another hair clipper that offers a great blade type among the picks mentioned above is the Rogue StyleCraft, which contains Black Diamond Carbon blades. While the sharpness of this blade might feel uncomfortable for those with sensitive skin, the longevity of the blade can be a great incentive for many to buy the Rogue StyleCraft!


Before making your purchase, another aspect you should consider is the activities you’ll carry out with the device.

While all the options can be sufficient for creating skin fades and incorporating designs around the sides, the 5-Star Magic Clip should be your go-to option if you want your hair clipper to be more flexible. In addition to being a specialist at creating high and tight skin fades as well as sharp tapers, Wahl’s 5-Star Magic Clip is a great tool for getting rid of bulk, and creating blends. Since the blade is made of stainless steel, the Magic Clip also qualifies as a great tool for body grooming and feels generous on one’s skin.

Additionally, if your only aim is to keep your own hair in check, a piece of equipment that should fit like a glove is the Wahl Fade Cut, which offers attachments that are beginner-friendly.

Battery Life

Another factor that has to be considered is the hair clipper’s battery life. While the blade type will surely determine the visuals and the motor will handle the duration of the fading session, the battery life of the device will determine how much time you’ll have to get the job done. And if you’re rushing when fading the hair of your client, you probably won’t be met with positive results, hampering your image as a result.

To play it safe, make sure the hair clipper you invest in can support you for at least 90 minutes, which can be a common find on the list of entries we’ve covered in the first half of this article. You can also consider the likes of the GoldFX and the Rogue StyleCraft if you’d like to buy more time, as both clippers provide a running time of 2 hours!


As feeling comfortable is necessary for obtaining good results, you must always look into the build of the hair clipper before spending big.

If you’ll be utilizing the tool for professional use, having a corded clipper could be more useful. Sure, it might feel a bit heavier as opposed to those that are cordless, but the device won’t power off in the middle of a fading session.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking a hair clipper that will feel weightless in hand, two excellent hair clippers that we’ve discussed in this write-up are the GoldFX and Rogue’s StyleCraft; both of which weigh less than a pound!

Ranking The Best Clippers For Fades And Revealing Our Recommended Pick

Taking into account how promising each hair clipper is, it should be relatively easy to find satisfaction in one of them. However, if you’re still indecisive after all this time, know that it’s not something out of the ordinary!

In fact, since the hair clippers we’ve covered have multiple features that are appealing, it could be difficult for you to choose one over the other. But that’s when the following segment comes into play!

By examining each product together, we were finally able to highlight their best attributes to the fullest and rank them accordingly. Doing so didn’t just allow us to find a way to make things easier for our readers but also helped us discover our favorite pick among the lot! Do not skip this part of the article, especially if you want the final outcome to be eventful!

Wahl 5-Star Legend: A Bang For Its Buck!

Among the hair clippers for fades that are cherry-picked in this issue, the Wahl 5-Star Legend is definitely a bang for its buck.

With its deep tooth wedge blade, you can create absolutely any kind of fade haircut flawlessly. Its crunch sound technology will also stand out exceptionally if you’ve just started your journey as a barber, as it will allow you to monitor the progress of the fade closely.

In addition to being a flexible hair clipper that can reduce bulk with ease, the stainless steel blade of this device can also be the perfect component for shaving off body hair on the regular. With its 8 attachments, you can create fades, blends, and tapers without causing any tugging or harming the skin. This hair clipper is also priced at $89.99, which could be music to your ears if you’re working with a budget of $100!

While the corded nature of the device could limit your reach when giving your clients a haircut, the Wahl 5-Star Legend could feel easy to use since it only weighs a little less than 1 lb! You can also use it for a lengthy period of time since the device often runs for 100 minutes!

Andis Fade Master, Oster Classic 76: Best For Professional Use

Two essential hair clippers you should consider from this list if you’re a barber are the Andis Fade Master, and the Oster Classic 76.

The Andis Fade Master is a great option for professional use because it is affordable and can perform when needed. The hair clipper costs under $100 and is powered by a high-speed magnetic motor that covers 14,000 strokes per minute, which can save a lot of time for you and your clients.

In addition to being extremely quick, the Andis Fade Master is manufactured with durable materials that are unbreakable and carbon-steel blades that can create fades in a jiffy. It also offers a running time of 90 minutes which can be used to deal with multiple customers at a time.

On the other hand, if you want to incorporate a modern hair clipper that has an old-school feel to deal with your fading needs, the best possible option is the Oster Classic 76! Its detachable blades can flawlessly split a coarse head of hair in minutes, and its single-speed motor is powerful enough to run for 2 hours. And if that fascinates you, wait until you get your hands on its 9ft cord which increases this convenient clipper’s flexibility to the max!

Magic Clip: An All-rounder Among Hair Clippers

While a majority of the hair clippers provide multiple comb attachments that can be used to make guidelines when creating fades, the hair clipper with the most flexibility is Wahl’s 5-Star Magic Clip.

With the 8 attachments included in its packaging, you can use this Wahl hair clipper to create taper fades, blended fades, and even use the open guard to create a clean bald fade. That’s not all, we’re afraid! Since the stainless steel blade of the Magic Clip can be used to partake in body grooming on a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, if you’d like a tool that is easy to look after, the Magic Clip should be your ideal pick. In addition to receiving comb attachments, you will also be provided with cleaning components like blade oil, cleaning brush, and more!

Rogue StyleCraft: A Long-term Investment

If cordless hair clippers speak to you more than traditional corded clippers, Rogue StyleCraft will easily cater to your preferences. Although you might have to spend a little more than usual to have this tool in hand, the Rogue StyleCraft will surely be worth every penny because of its attributes.

This hair clipper consists of Black Diamond Carbon blades that can be used to create clean fades. While the sharpness of the blades should be used carefully when dealing with clients with sensitive skin, the tool will surely serve you for a long, long time due to the blades’ ability to clean and sharpen themselves on their own.

The weight could also prove to be an issue for those with small hands but can be a great element to look forward to if you happen to be clumsy. Weighing in at 1.65 lbs, the Rogue StyleCraft is a specialist when it comes to withstanding damage without sustaining a single scratch!

Wahl Fade Cut: Best Deal For Beginners And Self-haircuts

Budgeting should be important if you’re a beginner who happened to stumble upon this article. And if that seems to be the case, the Wahl Fade Cut is the only option you should consider.

In addition to carrying a great price tag of $39, Wahl’s Fade Cut is a great tool for learning how to fade. It has 10 attachments that you can easily create guidelines with. Traveling is also easy with this hair clipper, as the packaging always provides users with a storage case.

Although this corded device might limit your freedom when put to use and is heavier than all the entries on this list, the Wahl Fade Cut is definitely the most accessible way to maintain the length of your hair and create fades at home.

Our Recommended Pick: BabylissPRO GoldFX

Covering all these hair clippers was definitely quite memorable, but when making our pick, the only hair clipper we were able to think about was the BabylissPRO GoldFX; which might be expensive, but is surely worth it!

The BabylissPRO GoldFX features a sleek design that is easy on the eyes. The device feels like a feather in the hand since it only weighs 0.6 lbs, and offers an incredible grip with its barbell textured housing. The high-torque engine doesn’t just allow the device to create sharp and precise fades with the help of its titanium-coated blades but is also an expert in blocking out noise.

Among the presentable features of the GoldFX is its Li-Ion battery, which can provide you with a running time of 2 hours on most occasions. With its zero-gap blade and 5-detent taper control, you won’t just be able to create good fades and tapers, but do so without making a single mistake!

How To Do A Fade Haircut With Clippers: A Step-by-step Guide

If you’ve made it this far, we hope you’ve finally found a hair clipper that resonates with you and pairs well with your technique, purpose, and budget. Moreover, now that you’ve finally found your ideal tool, you must be excited to create a fade haircut with your new set of clippers. However, if you happen to be inexperienced with the electric tool, try resolving your issues with this segment in which we’ll show you how to create a fade haircut with clippers!

Practice good hygiene beforehand

Before putting the hair clipper to use, make sure the blades of your clipper are clean. Pre-existing buildup won’t just hamper the final results of the fade haircut, but can also have an allergic reaction on the scalp, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Once you’ve cleaned the tool, wash the hair thoroughly, Although you may skip out on using conditioner, shampooing is mandatory to remove the buildup of sebum and dirt from the scalp. Failing to do so might cause tugging and pulling, hampering the visuals of the fade haircut. Additionally, to make sure your strands aren’t dry, consider using a clarifying shampoo that is free of sulfates and parabens.

Create the guideline using the comb attachments

Once the hair is clean, it’s time to put your hair clipper to work!

The first thing to do after deciding on the fade haircut is to create the guideline with the clippers; which can easily be incorporated with the help of the provided comb attachments.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert, creating guidelines should be mandatory, as it will bring forward a crisp fade haircut with zero flaws. Additionally, using guidelines will drastically shorten the session of the fade haircut.

If you’d like to create a skin fade or taper, consider closing the lever of the blade and removing the comb attachment. On the contrary, use bigger guards if your main aim is to mimic the visuals of a blended fade.

Start from the bottom and work your way towards the top

For obtaining a promising fade haircut without a botched procedure, always start from the lowest position and work your way up gradually. While making mistakes isn’t something out of the ordinary when creating a fade haircut, fixing the lower portion is easier than fixing the upper half of the fade, as the upper half is more adaptive to change.

Shave towards the grain for guidelines; against the grain for the fade

A common mistake that usually leads to unsuccessful results when getting a fade haircut lies within the technique that one follows.

For creating guidelines, you should always hold the clipper towards the grain. In addition to creating perfect guidelines, you will also be able to prevent your chances of messing up the visuals of the hair. On the other hand, when shaving the head for a fade, press the hair clipper against the grain, especially if the fade comprises crisp clean visuals.

In addition to following the previous advice, you should always make sure that the angle at which you hold the clipper remains consistently firm. Since everyone’s head shape is unique, repositioning your form with the hair clipper might just change the shape of the fade haircut for the worse.

Use an aftershave if you have sensitive skin

While it’s always advised to shower right after you get a haircut, you should also use an aftershave on the faded area to avoid the chances of irritation on the scalp, especially if you have sensitive skin. Furthermore, if you suffer from a dry scalp, consider using hydrating oils like tea tree oil and argan oil.

Are you more of a visual learner? If so, consider taking help from the clip below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Since more is never enough, here are some useful questions regarding the best hair clippers for fades which we’ve tackled and resolved effectively. You may skip this portion if you’ve already come to a decision, but should definitely stick around if you still have unresolved doubts regarding today’s topic.

Q: How do I pick the right hair clipper for my hair type?

A: Before making a purchase, consider examining the blade type of the hair clippers. The Black Diamond Carbon blade of the Rogue StyleCraft should be avoided by those with sensitive skin and fine hair as they feel sharp and rugged on the scalp. However, the stainless steel blades of the Wahl clippers should do the trick.

Furthermore, on top of creating fades with clippers comprising Black Diamond Carbon blades, those with coarse hair will also see incredible results when using the titanium-coated blade of the BabylissPRO GoldFX.

Q: Can I buy a good hair clipper for fades with a budget of $100?

A: If you’re working around a budget of $100, know that it’s more than enough for buying a promising hair clipper that knows how to fade. In fact, within the list we’ve covered above, all three of the Wahl hair clippers and the Andis Fade Master carry price tags that are less than $100!

Final Verdict

While the main motive of this article is to cover the 7 best hair clippers that can create the best possible fade in a matter of minutes, we also hope this article allows you to find a hair clipper that meets your fading needs with ease.

All 7 of them are definitely favorable candidates due to their remarkable blade type, efficient motor, outstanding battery life, and outstanding productivity when creating fades. However, if we were to side with one of them, we would always choose the abilities of the BabylissPRO GoldFX.

Although the rest of the candidates are almost equally powerful when some of the technical aspects are taken into consideration, the GoldFX is our recommended pick because of its titanium-coated blade that caters to sensitive skin, its 5-detent taper control, and its lightweight feel. While many might consider the device to be a deal-breaker due to its high price tag, we believe that the promising abilities it brings to the table surely make up for that minor inconvenience.

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