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Best Hair Clippers Of 2024: 10 Big Names In The Grooming Scene!

They say good results take time. However, I’d like to deflect that narrative.

In the world of grooming, the results are shaped by hair clippers and their attributes, which can range from extraordinary to mediocre.

Though the list of clippers bringing mediocrity into the hair industry remains quite hefty, on the other end are some of the best hair clippers, known for not only their brand image, but also for the performances they leave behind with their craftsmanship, shaving system, and endurance.

While finding an average hair clipper should be a walk in the park, there are around 10 big names that you should take note of if you’re seeking an experience that is no short of the best.

And if you’d like a review, I’ve got you covered! Listed below are the 10 best hair clippers that remain the ringleaders in my eyes. Tune in if you’d like to obtain growth with your business, and elevate your hair game!

First-Class Hair Clippers Catching Fire In The Grooming Scene: A Thorough Overview!

First-Class Hair Clippers

Before I carry out a thorough breakdown of the clippers that render themselves eligible as the frontrunners in the business, know that it’s a hefty process with an elaborate analysis.

While it may help you if you’re seeking a replacement of the hair clippers in your current inventory, going through each segment can be a challenge and a half if you don’t have enough time due to your 9 to 5.

Worry not, however, as the following one-liners will give you a thorough preview of each candidate that makes up the list of the unbeatable hair clippers I’ve covered in this guide!

ModelAlso known asPrice
Wahl Magic ClipThe best-possible device to count on for natural to thin hairSee on Amazon
Oster 76A facilitator that comes in various forms and bladesSee on Amazon
Wahl SeniorAn expert at being malleable with any hair densitySee on Amazon
Andis MasterA specialist in achieving survival and generating varietySee on Amazon
Remington Shortcut ProThe best hair clipper for self-cut gurusSee on Amazon
Wahl LegendA veteran in giving out soft blends and 4-on-the-side haircutsSee on Amazon
Oster Fast FeedThe best device for a close shaveSee on Amazon
Andis T-OutlinerA unique clipper generating zero fades in no timeSee on Amazon
Fade kingThe most adept clipper for valueSee on Amazon
Wahl Classic PeanutA compact sized clipper with best handlingSee on Amazon

What Makes Hair Clippers So Appealing? : 4 Must-have Attributes Of Every Prominent Hair Clipper!

It’s extremely common to misinterpret trimmers for hair clippers due to the similarity of their visuals.

That’s the farthest thing from the truth, it seems, as hair clippers prove to be more reliable and powerful than their companion.

To learn even more about the appeal behind hair clippers, reward yourself with the following segments.


One of the first noticeable qualities of hair clippers is their weight, which is far from light.

Now I’m not saying that they all feel like bricks, but it would also be a bluff to say otherwise.

While their hefty feel is tough to work with at first, I feel that the robust materials used is an asset that makes hair clippers as dominant as they are.

Each device isn’t just immune to hours of work, but is also indestructible against fall damage, which are two things that make hair clippers appealing.


Another glorious quality that most hair clippers that are leaders in the pool offer is efficiency, which is dependent on their motors and shaving systems.

Hair clippers sweep strands with narrow gapped ceramic blades or T-shaped blades, both of which reduce the time frame and offer outstanding results with ease.

The motors are the ones that handle the backend, going above and beyond to operate tirelessly at all times, promoting consistency within the blade, and therefore, efficiency by the end of each session.


A good hair clipper isn’t just one that reduces inflammation or generates top-notch results, but also variety.

Though the lever systems of promising hair clippers fuse the open-gapped blade to generate some options and ideal finishes, what impresses me is how the best ones offer so many comb guards alongside their system.

Some of them go even beyond that, it seems, preferably by offering gadgets that are compatible with not just comb attachments, but different types of ceramic to flat blades!

Long-term investment

Just like any grooming device, hair clippers need some regular moisturization through the blading oils they come with.

However, most top-notch hair clippers are known for giving out memorable performances, and serve as long-term companions, which I think is what adds to their positive reception.

When push comes to shove, most hair clippers, the best ones, at least, last for over a decade, especially if the blades and devices are cleaned once every two days, which isn’t only impressive, but also ideal for your finances.

My Experience With Each Candidate: The Greatest Hair Clippers Of The 21st Century!

Though there are tons of exceptional hair clippers in the grooming industry with attributes that generate nothing but professional and memorable results, not all of them make the cut when it comes to

Wahl Cordless Magic Clip

The headliner of this list is the Wahl Cordless Magic Clip, which is also the face of the Wahl franchise. The device isn’t just robust on the outside, but tends to walk the walk with an incredible groundwork within.

Wahl Cordless Magic Clip

The Cordless Magic Clip follows the traditional norms of Wahl, comprising tons of size and mass.

Despite feeling heavier than its rivals, it does seem to me that this Wahl is lighter than the average Wahl model, being a great pick for those who require lightweight navigation.

Blade of Magic Clip

One of the biggest assets of this model is its stagger-tooth blade, which is sharp, precise, and fast.

With the help of the adjustable lever, which appears to be another selling point, the blade can go even deeper. The system is a bit stiff, but easy to work with as long as you use your thumb.

lever system

The motor is extremely impressive, too, moving at a rate of 6500 RPM, producing enough speed to accumulate even the coarsest kind of hair with ease.

Perhaps what separates this Wahl model from its peers and its rivals is the presence of Crunch Blade technology, which makes each stroke worthwhile and relaxing for me.

Shaving motion with Magic clip

The stagger tooth blade is quick to generate results, but is shielded with housing that is safe for skin.

If I were to assign the Wahl Magic Clip to a genre, I’d have a hard time picking one, since the device caters to plenty at the same time.

Wahl with comb attachments

However, its versatile blade, when used with the comb guards supported by the Wahl Magic Clip, works best when bringing high-contrast fades, especially those involving a zero fade.

Though I’m not the biggest fan of the comb, partaking in clipper-over-comb work to sharpen the visuals of a fade seems easy as long as the Magic Clip is placed alongside the tool.

Wahl with attached comb guard

However, if you just use the open blade with a closed lever, you might generate the best possible textured skin fade with the Wahl Magic Clip.

Apart from offering staggering results, the Wahl Magic Clip is regarded as one of the best hair clippers for how easy it is to use on clients.

The device is heavy, but puts on an incredible show once you perfect the motion of moving the clipper upwards.

Base of Wahl Magic Clip

Lining the side-burns is also surprisingly easy, and can be formed with tons of detail thanks to the lever system.

Due to its robust materials, the Wahl Magic Clip remains indestructible, even when dropped.

It does lack a monitor that displays the status of the battery like the Fade King, but it provides an impressive time frame of 120 minutes thanks to its Li-Ion battery, making it essential for every barber to experiment with.

Label of Magic Clip

Since the blade is safe to use on the face, you can use the Magic Clip every now and then to maintain your facial hair, or wipe it out completely in a matter of seconds!

Don’t try to give yourself a fade at home with the Magic Clip, though, as the device’s weight can easily hold you down, literally!

The fact that the housing follows traditional norms of Wahl as opposed to carrying complex elements is a win, too, especially for beginners.

Button configuration of device

With only a toggling power button and a stiff lever, the Wahl Magic Clip stays on top with its minimalism.

What seals its position on this list is still the way in which it performs on any hair type, and the way in which it goes above and beyond to produce a fade of any size.

Do be careful with the device during prolonged use, though, as the Magic Clip is one that is notorious for heating up.

In addition to allowing the device some minutes to cool off, literally, moisturize the stagger tooth blade with blade oil to avoid dullness, and promote seamless navigation with the Magic Clip, one of the best hair clippers of 2024!

Dominant flat blade that generates results in secondsStruggles to reduce bulk
Hefty materials that withstand damage with easeThe weight can delay the navigation of the device
Lever system that helps the blade create high-contrast results
Great for any and every hair density

Oster Professional 76

Oster Professional 76 reminds me of the Andis Fade Master, taking matters into its own hands with an assist-free shaving system.

Oster 76 frontal design

The cordless version is by far the better device if you prioritize navigation. The corded one remains one of the bests, still, with unbreakable materials

In other words, the device doesn’t carry any comb guards for versatility, which tends to raise eyebrows at first.

That still doesn’t hamper its place on this list though, especially once you recognize just how malleable the shaving system is.

Blade system of Oster 76

The Oster 76 follows manual upgrades to the max, being compatible with 14 different kinds of blades.

Starting with a stock 1-gapped blade, the Oster 76 can be replaced by 3 kinds of uniquely built zero-gapped blades when necessary.

The Oster 76 could be a bit difficult if you’d like more versatility due to its lengthy blade-changing process, but boy can it save time!

Oster 76 while powered on

The device is powered by a staggering motor, which makes a lot of noise, but is just as helpful when you’re short of time.

In my opinion, the Oster 76’s build might be off-putting, but one of the best if you constantly work on removing bulk. Hair type doesn’t matter, by the way, as long as you can handle the force of the weight.

Oster 76 in hand

Keep in mind that the device lacks space for a lever, which was disheartening for me at first. However, the device hardly ever faces a hiccup in motor rotations, making it extremely efficient at collecting hair in one go.

Let’s talk about the build more, which is unorthodox, to say the least.

Housing of Oyster 76

In fact, the Oster 76’s cylinder-shaped housing is not something that is known for being a convenience, but rather, awkwardly misplaced.

It still is one of the most criminally underrated aspects of the device, though, with tons of positives attached all over its surface.

Just like the devices of Wahl, the Oster 76 guarantees immunity to fall damage with its heavy-duty housing, which can withstand and survive a thousand falls.

Joystick of Oster 76

Placing the joystick switch at the base of the cylinder-shaped handle is a highlight for sure, but also exposes the device to accidental power-ups.

It took me a while to adjust to the weight of the Oster 76, but things got much easier once I let the weight control the narrative.

Shortly afterward, the Oster 76 not only became a guru at providing lightweight hairdos, but also a reliable tool when trimming long hair to short hair for its versatility.

Oster 76 in motion

Perhaps a hidden bonus of this device is one of its additives, otherwise known as electric clipper grease.

Once draped around the blades, the Oster 76 finds incredible speed, which has helped save time for me multiple times.

The former component also prevents the blade from heating up during prolonged hours, which shows just how much Oster cares about their fanbase’s well-being.

What seals the deal and makes the Oster 76 a ringleader is its shelf-life, however, prominent for surviving a little over a decade at a time.

A compatible system associated with 14 different genres of precision bladesWeight of the device can expose users to botches and mistakes
Cylinder-based housing with joystick switch system
Powerhouse device with sturdy materials for resilience
The most versatile hair clipper with a great lifespan

Wahl Senior

The Wahl Senior is what I like to call fast, but safe, providing outstanding results when dealing with maintenance cuts.

Wahl Senior design

The device is a charmer among the Wahl models, offering both cordless and corded models. I prefer the cordless version, however, mainly due to the flexibility it provides.

Another impressive attribute of the Senior’s belt is its blade system, which is supported by a superior motor.

Fade blade of Wahl Senior

It often finds its way to solve any hair issue, with a fade blade that can reduce weight from larger lengths.

The selling point in my eyes is not only its robust materials, but also its super agile and deep lever system, which can cover various types of lengths.

Wahl Senior lever

The Wahl Senior’s blade is already quite top-notch when it comes to creating soft blends.

However, when you tune the lever down, the closeness of the blade tends to provide a zero fade, believe it or not.

The former feature not only makes the Senior impressive in my eyes, but also justifies the absence of comb attachments inside its packaging.

Wahl Senior in motion with comb

When it comes to clipper-over comb work, which is typically used to create some form of separation between the hairline and the temple, the Senior tends to be a beast!

In fact, if you compare the results it generates with those of the rest, perhaps the Wahl Senior is the best candidate for the job!

Wahl Senior’s handle

Among the best of Wahl clippers, the Senior is also the best-looking.

I love the fact that the Senior ditches the classic color scheme of Wahl for a polished jet-black body, which looks more pristine than the average Wahl clipper.

Since we’re discussing its design, let’s also talk about its metal-fused base, which is probably as robust as the Oster 76, one of the most durable hair clippers out there, and a candidate on this list.

The Senior is immune to scratches and fall damage, making it one of the most dependable clippers in the long run.

Frontside and backside of Wahl Senior

Due to carrying metal, it’s normal for the Senior to weigh the hand down when used.

Navigation is still seamless when this gadget is your preferred sidekick, however, as is the efficiency.

If I were to compare the feel of it, I’d say it reminds me of the Andis Fade Master and the Master, respectively.

Wahl Senior in hand

The Senior does feel much better during prolonged hours, though, but only because the cordless version doesn’t have a wire to weigh it down.

Specializing in reducing bulk, maintenance cut, and high contrast fades, the Wahl Senior breaks most stereotypes that claim how one-dimensional hair clippers tend to be.

Its multipurpose use is held up even further by its adjustable lever, which should be music to your ears if you prefer relying on one gadget as opposed to using a pair or trio of hair clippers.

Unbeatable lever system with a precision fade bladeThe cordless system lacks in terms of endurance
Plastic and metal-fused design for sophistication and reliability
Can generate the same results as multiple hair clippers with blade
Best looking device with neutral color scheme

Andis Professional Master

If you quite like Wahl Senior, but would like to switch brands to experiment with more prospects, the Andis Master can be a great investment to make in my eyes.

Full frontal shot of Andis Professional Master

Just like the Wahl Senior and Oster Fast Feed, Andis Master is a device that prioritizes variety as well as saving time.

Though I’m still not fond of the fact that the Andis Master carries no comb guards for special assistance whatsoever, I believe that the lever system it carries is truly one of a kind.

It covers over 5 ranges, from a zero-gap length to a 1.5mm guard, all of which are precise due to its carbon steel blade.

Close-up of lever system

For those wondering, carbon steel blades often prioritizes efficiency, with extremely sharp edges.

An added element of the carbon steel blade that makes the Andis Master more appealing is its rejuvenating qualities, which eliminates dullness and rust with ease.

Andis Fade Master’s blade

Speaking of appealing, let’s talk about the design of Andis Master, which is anything but traditional.

The device is extremely bulky for sure, but guarantees protection like none other.

Surrounding the device is a metal casing, which is quite dense if you ask me.

handle of Andis Fade Master

Though the bulk carried by the gadget is something that takes regular practice to work with, it also makes every drop stress-free and relieving.

In other words, if your forearm ever gives in and lets go of the Andis Master, know that the housing will always protect the surface of the hair clipper and everything that is blended underneath the cover.

Andis Fade Master in hand

Performance-wise, I feel that it’s even better than the Wahl Senior, but much faster.

The only downside is the fact that it requires tons of oiling, mainly since the carbon steel blade barely preserves any moisture.

A fast heat-up time is also something that this Andis clipper is known for, so give it enough time to relax.

Andis Fade Master being oiled

I’ve tried to bend the rules a little, but it backfired horrendously. However, if I had used blade oil, perhaps my clients would have had a comfortable time.

I also feel that the corded nature is a liability during operation, as it adds to the hefty nature of the device.

I believe that forgoing the cord would have changed the game even more for the Andis Master, giving it the same feel as the Envy Li, one of the best Andis clippers out there.

Nonetheless, when it comes to functionality and longevity, the Andis Master clipper is a bang for its buck. It’s got almost everything under its belt; weight, class, versatility, and reliability!

All-round metal-based body that offers presentability and protectionHeats up quite fast, exposing users to injuries and nicks
Incredible lever system that covers 5 sizes
A faster reiteration of the Wahl Senior
Carbon steel blade that offers a skin-clean finish

Remington Shortcut Pro

Hair clippers often fuse with handles in hopes of providing seamless navigation.

However, a device that ditches that element to find success with an electric head-shaver-like experience is the Remington Shortcut Pro, my favourite clipping tool for self-haircuts.

Remington Shortcut Pro’s precision trimmer

Instead of floating blades, the Remington Shortcut Pro collaborates with a curve-shaped precision trimmer, curated with narrow edges.

Although the motor it runs on is rather different, the structure and handle remind me of the Remington Balder Pro, one of the best electric head shavers on the market at the moment.

The base is less stiff and more curved, however, providing seamless navigation when in use.

 Full shot of Remington Shortcut Pro

Though I mostly use the Remington Shortcut Pro to keep my sides clean, the device can also provide an incredibly close shave with its open trimmer.

Adding to its positive reception is the set of comb guards it contains, which are relatively larger than that of regular clippers due to its wide housing.

Remington shortcut Pro next to attachments

From reducing flyaways to generating zero fades, the Remington Shortcut Pro provides versatility like none other.

Shaving around the ears is also quite easy with the Remington Shortcut Pro, which is a feat that even some of the best hair clippers struggle to provide.

Remington shortcut pro being used around the ear

The battery life might seem a bit shocking and underwhelming in contrast to its competitors on this list, as it enables less than an hour of runtime.

The Remington Shortcut Pro does bounce back with its lightweight design, however, being the lightest clipper I have ever used.

Remington shortcut pro in the palm

Cleaning the system is easy as well, especially due to the waterproof housing of the device.

Upon finishing your clipping session, all you have to do is detach the blade to eliminate hair particles from the surface.

Don’t be afraid to rinse the device, as the rubber-based grip deflects water with ease.

Remington being rinsed in water

Now, while the Remington Shortcut Pro is a great deal for its value, I believe that the clipper leaves out certain elements that users at home are deprived of.

The layout of the clipper is something I’m extremely fond of, but the minimal size of the device renders it incapable of carrying user-friendly assistants such as a battery status indicator.

Since the device lacks a lever and the precision trimmer isn’t really made of ceramic, generating a close shave without nicks and cuts seems close to impossible.

Remington Shortcut pro’s housing

In spite of all its flaws, I believe that the Remington Shortcut Pro offers a unique trimming experience, having a travel-friendly design that provides promising results within minutes.

The motor speed does fluctuate a little, but enables the Remington Shortcut Pro to produce optimal results when it comes to following a pre-existing guideline, as well as when orchestrating a proper fade at home!

Compact housing is ideal for self-cutsThe motor of the device fluctuates after the device reaches a runtime of 30 minutes
Wide precision trimmer that provides close shaves with easeSharp edges may cause nicks on a sensitive scalp
Jumbo-sized comb attachments for hair and beard
Best for travel

Wahl Legend

Up next is another candidate that stands firmly among the triple-threat of the Wahl models, the Wahl Legend. It carries notes of gold, white, and maroon, instantly generating a strong first impression on the outside.

Wahl Legend’s blade

The blade system isn’t as razor-sharp as the Magic Clip, but puts up a great show nonetheless.

I believe that the Legend is a veteran in creating 4-on-the-sides haircuts, generating optimal results on medium to outgrown hair.

Although the blade falls short of producing high-contrast results, it is rendered perfect for sensitive skin seeking just a taper around the side-burns.

Wahl Legend handle

I love how the build reprises the same traditional qualities of Wahl’s hair clipper from a design standpoint, curated with robust and long-lasting materials.

Despite being one of the lightest Wahl clippers between the trio of Senior, Magic clip, and Legend, Wahl Legend still feels quite stiff in the palms, almost like the Andis Fade Master.

Wahl Legend next to the Senior and Magic Clip

Wahl Legend next to the Senior and Magic Clip

Nonetheless, with an incredible runtime of 100 minutes, I feel that the Wahl Legend secures its place on this list of the best hair clippers of the hair industry today.

A prized possession, or a series of prized possessions that add to the Legend’s appeal are the comb guards, fused with a metal clip-on system.

Wahl Legend next to comb guards

The former not only generates fade and tapers with neat guidelines and precision, but also rewards me with incredible grip control when utilized.

Let’s dive into the craftsmanship a little more, which reprises the minimalism of most Wahl clippers.

Wahl Legned with attached comb guard

Hold your horses, though, as the Wahl Legend tends to ditch the plastic-oriented button configuration for metal-infused compartments.

The former has a hefty lifespan in contrast to the average housing of most Wahl clippers, but also comprises its fair share of lows.

Wahl Legend in hand

Fusing metal with the toggling switch is a great move for Wahl Legend’s presentability, but it fails to be as convenient to execute as the predecessors, otherwise known as the plastic switch system.

The lever still runs extremely deep, though, feeling like a rendition of the Wahl Senior in my eyes.

But what really holds it back from being the king of the hill in this scenario is its price tag, which feels sufficient once you reach the 5-year mark.

Wahl Legend’s lever and power switch

I’ve used my Wahl Legend to fix awkward haircuts, botched designs, and reduce body from hair multiple times, and I can guarantee that the device offers optimal aesthetics without requiring much effort.

Additionally, if you do decide to side with the Wahl Legend, consider opting for the cordless version, especially if you need more freedom during operation.

On the contrary, if you’d like your Wahl Legend to stay sound during rush hour, place your trust in the corded version!

Heavyweight device with metal-infused button configurationA high-end device with a hefty price tag
Great for soft blends and textured guidelinesLacks the ability to provide hairless results
Incredible comb guards with tight grip control
Impressive lifespan that reaches the decade mark

Oster Fast Feed

A great alternative for Wahl Legend is Oster’s Fast Feed, another hair clipper that offers functionality in a heartbeat.

Oster Fast Feed frontal look

The Oster Fast Feed is undoubtedly one of the best Oster clippers of 2024, carrying modernized visuals.

With various changes in its hardware as well as software, it also seems to have the edge over the Oster 76 in some elements

The device feels natural in the palms, and carries a better layout for button configuration, making it easier to comprehend and put to use.

Oster Fast Feed blade system

The highlight of the device is the flat blade, it seems, with a T-shaped structure that can clean the hair with ease.

I like how eloquent and efficient Fast Feed is in bringing out hairless results without needing any assistance.

Oster Fast Feed lever system

The reason behind the former element is its adjustable lever, which can cover a menacing amount of ground without an issue.

Though the selling point is surely the way in which it creates bald fades, I believe that the Fast Feed also offers high-contrast and low-contrast fade haircuts with the help of the comb attachments.

It does struggle to remove bulk though, with a motor that elevates the power of the blade system at all times.

Wahl legend and fast feed

Wahl legend and fast feed

Results are quite fast and sincere with the Fast Feed, which is something that it has in common with the Wahl Legend.

Navigation is also quite easy, as long as you don’t panic once the weight kicks in.

In short, the Fast Feed is one of the heavier devices on this list of mine, but provides effortless and fruitful results as long as you take it one stroke at a time.

Oster Fast Feed handle

Oster Fast Feed handle

The device is tapered around the base, which is perfect for me, and even better if you’re used to navigating trimmers and electric shavers.

The cordless variant offers more of a sophisticated feel, while I side with the corded one for its traditional housing.

Oster 76 and fast feed

Oster 76 and fast feed

One glorious attribute about settling for the traditional corded device is that it is almost as durable as the Classic 76, fused with materials that can serve for over a decade.

The blade is sharp for sure, but also needs regular moisturization to work well.

I always use the clipper grease of the brand, but you may also oil them once after two uses to keep the system as fresh as a daisy.

Oster Fast Feed and clipper grease

When push comes to shove, the fast feed works extremely well with natural hair, providing a close shave as long as the device is set towards the base.

Don’t worry about the runtime, as the corded device hardly has a hiccup, even after two hours!

The cord provides not only a limitless runtime, but also carries a reach of 8 feet, being music to the ears of barbers.

Fast Feed in hand

On a separate note, if you do invest in this top-grade device, keep an eye on the blade.

It tends to heat up rather quickly when running without any interval, so be sure to give it some buffer time to recuperate.

Unique texture provides an incredible control timeThe blade accumulates tons of heat when working overtime
Offers more accessible variety than the 76 with a deep lever and comb guards
The closed-lever can produce an incredibly close shave
New build offers durability and usability

Andis T-Outliner

Upon first glance, the Andis T-Outliner almost seems like a remodelled version of the Profoil shaver, the best shaver belonging to the brand by a mile.

Andis T-Outliner design

Once you have a go at it, however, the T-Outliner feels as though it’s in its own lane, with various accolades and feats beyond the surface.

The Andis T-Outliner is a specialist in providing high-contrast separations around the temples of the head, proving to be even more helpful when working around narrow areas.

While the foil system of the Profoil collects facial hair without damaging layers of the skin, the T-Outliner appears to be more appropriate when improving the visuals of a fade, in my opinion.

t-blade of device

Since the structure of the blade is narrow, I believe that using the Andis T-Outliner is a blessing when you’re shaving the nape line, even more so when you’re reducing mass from your line-up or side-burns.

The carbon coating of the t-shape blade is incredibly precise, too, offering hairless results in the blink of an eye.

While the T-Outliner hardly ever struggles with fine to thick hair, the device breezes through a head full of afro-textured hair as well, making it one of the best hair clippers in my book.

focused shot of t-blade

The previous attribute also counts as a liability, however, especially since the T-blade only secures a positioning low enough to curate bald fades.

It does make up for it, though, thanks to its versatility. In other words, Andis T-Outliner not only fixes the tough areas of your scalp, but can also contour a beard with ease.

With the sharp and productive T-blade, it should also be easy to clean up a 7-day stubble without a hassle.

The motor of this device is one of the fastest in this scenario, covering over 7200 strokes per minute. The speed not only enables quick results, but also allows the T-blade to curate patterns around a fade with ease.

Andis T-outliner handle and cord

The corded system also makes it a winner alongside its detail to minimalism, which it holds up by only offering a plain power switch.

I’ve used the device for hours at times, and it never fails to give in, which is something I know all barbers would love to hear.

Keep tabs on the duration, however, as the device starts producing an unpredictable amount of stroking motions during prolonged operation, making more room for regrettable and irreversible mishaps.

Andis T-outliner in hand

I believe that the cordless version is better in this regard, providing a runtime of 100 minutes on full charge.

The corded rendition is what I’d side with everytime, however, mainly due to how dependable it feels in terms of consistency.

At the end of the day, in spite of offering various differences in its hardware and motor, the Andis T-Outliner feels more like a complimentary item to the Profoil.
Andis Profoil and t-outliner

Andis Profoil and t-outliner

I don’t mean it in a bad way, though, as the T-Outliner remains the best at generating glorious and flashy zero fades, which can also be spread out to form a buzz cut.

Navigating this Andis clipper can be a chore at first, but you’ll definitely get the hang of its slender handle and weight ratio once you use it as regularly as I do for finishing a hairdo!

T-blade offers hairless results in no timeLacks variety due to carrying a zero-gapped blade
Tapered build that feels as light as Profoil shaverThe cord provides ample amounts of runtime, but adds to the weight of the device
Incredible motor speed that reassures consistency
Great companion for shaping beard and hair


When working around a tight budget, one of the best hair clippers you can invest in is the FADE KING, a device that promotes the best fades on a budget.

FADE KING frontal look

The FADE KING creates a great impression with its 4K gold housing, which looks amazing from afar, but equates to a WAHL hair clipper when picked up.

While heavy, the device does guarantee longevity with its casing, which is immune to fall damage if you ask me!

Ceramic blade of FADE KING

Though the FADE KING doesn’t offer the privilege of using a ceramic blade, I believe that the hair clipper has just about enough strength to obtain a close shave with its stainless steel blade.

The amount of hair collected by this device isn’t as productive as the Fade Master or the Magic Clip, but should be great if you often hand out blends and tapers like I do.

Wahl Magic Clip and FADE KING

Wahl Magic Clip and FADE KING

Structured like a fade blade of Wahl, the stainless steel blade system is great for the budget, despite taking more time than usual.

When push comes to shove, this device is hardly reliable for glassy skin and hairless results, being ideal for quick trims on a budget.

lever system of FADE KING

You can obviously go deep with the blade system, however, and reach an even surface with the precision trimmer using its adjustable lever.

One of the best highlights of the FADE KING is its outstanding battery life, operating at 5 hours on a full charge.

barbell grip of FADE KING

Barbell grip of FADE KING

The cylinder-framed handle comprises a barbell grip for some control, which stays firm when working with sweaty palms as well!

The FADE KING does struggle with consistency during prolonged use, but always has your back with its LED indicator, which usually keeps track of the battery life.

Display of FADE KING

Display of FADE KING

Alongside keeping tabs on the former, the FADE KING also provides a reminder when the blade is dry, and the battery is draining out, proving to be a delightful companion for beginners.

To make up for its missing elements, the FADE KING offers helpful attachments, which start with 6 comb guards.

Despite being fused with plastic, the comb attachments do provide a premium feel with the matte-based coating.

FADE KING with attachments

Covering lengths between 1.5mm and 13mm respectively, they generate outstanding results, especially when you peep at the FADE KING’s value.

With a promising torque, a close blade system, and tons of convenience with its technological advancements, the FADE KING remains a banger for its buck in my eyes, earning it a place in this list of the best hair clippers that one can put their money in!

A series of technological means for valueCylinder handle might cause fatigue
Barbell grip that provides incredible grip controlBlade system is not safe for sensitive skin
4K gold housing immune to fall damage
Close blade system with incredible torque for quick results

Wahl Peanut Classic

Closing off the list is Wahl’s Peanut Classic, a modern tool that offers classic hardware under a low budget. This is yet another candidate belonging to Wahl, which truly puts their versatility on full display.

Unlike the Senior, Legendary, and Magic Clip, the Peanut Classic is made for travel.

Wahl Peanut and Magic clip

Wahl Peanut and Magic clip

In fact, one of its specialities is its lightweight housing, which surprisingly renders the Peanut Classic eligible for not only professional use, but also makes it ideal for providing at-home assistance.

Wahl Peanut in hand

The size of the device is a perfect fit for palms of any dimension, from big to small, standing at 4 inches tall. The device is also miles lighter than the rest, weighing in at 4 ounces, making it a bang for its buck.

If you’re concerned about the precision trimmer, don’t stress about it.

Wahl Peanut blade system with handle

Though the device isn’t as versatile as the Senior, or as deep as the Oster Fast Feed, the Peanut Classic is exceptionally elegant at handing out maintenance cuts.

Perhaps reducing bulk is one of its primary traits, while a zero fade may be out of its reach, unless you believe in swiping twice and sealing it with a sidekick!

The duration provided by the device is also a hidden gem, it seems, as the corded clipper can run for as long as you need it to.

Wahl Peanut when in motion

I’ve used the Peanut Classic multiple times when my wrist was tired of all the heavyweight candidates, and I strictly believe that the Peanut Classic performs well as long as you don’t use it for an hour straight.

In addition to curating natural fades from scratch, this device can bring some great visuals to textured cuts.

Wahl Peanut blade system

The stainless steel blade can be difficult to rely on if you have sensitive skin, but it’s rendered skin-safe, nonetheless.

If you don’t want to risk it for the biscuit, though, I suggest you take help from one of the four guard attachments that the Peanut Classic carries.

Wahl Peanut with attachments

Since the precision trimmer isn’t as sharp and not supported by a lever, the Peanut Classic can very well be used as a face trimmer.

From trimming some density from the beard to shaping up the edges, the Peanut Classic can get everything done without damaging the quality of the skin or beard texture.

Wahl Peanut being used as a face trimmer

Cleaning the blade is easy, too. The blade snaps off quite easily, and only requires regular oiling and rinsing to stay sound.

The cord provides a traditional feel, but also doesn’t weigh the device down, which is something that many home users can utilize.

Due to catering to multiple demographics and offering one of the lightest hardware out there, Wahl’s Peanut Classic is a must-have in my eyes.

Wahl Peanut (full shot with cord

Navigation isn’t just the only seamless aspect of this tool, as the device’s maintenance as well as its operation is minimal, understandable, and a walk in the park to take help from!

And if that doesn’t have you sold, take a look at its price tag! The Wahl Peanut Classic is one of the most affordable clippers out there.

Despite being somewhat of a veteran in the game, the clipper still offers an experience that may be quite difficult to erase from one’s mind.

Miniature-sized device with lightweight operationLacks the hardware to provide skin fade
Snap-off detachable blade for easy maintenanceStainless steel blade might require multiple swipes for optimal results
Comprehensible button navigation with unlimited runtime
Lightweight power cord that offers tons of flexibility

Buyers Guide: My Ratings Upon Test Results

Now that you’re wary of all the memorable positives that each hair clipper on this list of best hair clippers offers, it’s time to change the chapter a little.

While the previous segment carries the way in which each hair clipper benefitted me separately, this portion flips the script and merges them together.

In other words, to learn just how well each clipper performs when pitted against one another, and where they rank in each segment when 4 key factors are thrown into the mix, be sure to enlighten yourself with the following portion!

Execution and results

When it comes to generating results, I believe that the Magic and Oster 76 are almost equally powerful.

The 76 blows me away with its compatible blade system, while the Magic Clip feels like a stunner with its stagger tooth blade that shaves any hair length in a matter of seconds.

Next in line are the Wahl Senior and Master, which generate the same results when put to use. The Senior falls short of one-upping its counterpart, however, since the Master is facilitated by a faster motor than its rival in this segment.

The Legend and Fast Feed are just as impressive, if I may add. Both offer variety and don’t take long to generate results. The Legend does have a friendlier blade, which makes it a tad bit better than Oster’s specialist.

The T-Outliner feels like a breeze to use if you’re only desiring a close-shave, but might not help you if you’re searching for more options.

Offering convenience is the Peanut Classic and Remington Shortcut Pro, which are great for their dimensions. The Peanut Classic is great for quick clean-ups and trims, while the Shortcut Pro feels great when carrying out DIY cuts.

The Fade King has hints and flashes of all the gadgets in this diary, but still feels underwhelming when put to use due to its blade system, which isn’t rendered safe for a sensitive scalp.

Execution and results

Housing and configuration

In terms of housing and configuration, I believe that the Magic Clip is definitely in the top 3, being easy to understand, thanks to its lever system and power button.

The Oster 76 is quite unique, which is off-putting, but alright if you prefer unorthodox clippers. However, I am not fond of the joystick that it has as a power button, since it is extremely prone to accidental powerups.

The Senior remains the best in my eyes, with a jet black color scheme and a structure fused with plastic and metal. The lever system isn’t just stretchy, but also easy to navigate more often than not.

There appears to be a tiebreaker among the Fast Feed, Legend, and Master, but the Master is more straightforward, and hence, the winner in this regard.

I’d have picked the Legend over the Fast Feed, but only if the power button wasn’t so stiff!

The T-Outliner is once again the black sheep, reprising the visuals of Andis Profoil, a great system with a compact and lightweight build.

I do like how it’s tapered around the base, but I’m not the biggest fan of its color or button placement in contrast to the rest.

The FADE KING is flashy, but extremely helpful with its configurations. The fact that it displays the battery life is a plus, allowing it to have a place in the top 5.

The Classic Peanut is amazing, too. I do wish that the cord was forgone, however, since the device would’ve felt easier to look at and execute.

Housing and configuration

Weight and ease of use

Since most hair clippers are made for longevity and durable materials, it’s impossible to expect lightweight operation when you’re asking for the ringleaders to step up to the podium.

Hold your horses, however, as there are a couple of hair clippers that find loopholes within their hardware to feel like feathers during operation, such as the Wahl Peanut Classic, the winner in this case.

The device only measures to 4 ounces, being the lightest hair clipper to ever exist. Next to it is the Remington Shortcut, which sheds its weight by forgoing the handle.

While the Fast Feed is the third device that provides a fair amount of weight to handle, the rest feel extremely identical.

If you do want to know about the worst candidate in this aspect, I’d pick the FADE KING everytime.

Sure, the barbell coating provides tons of grip and is great to rely on if you’re clumsy with clippers.

It also leads to the candidate’s downfall, however, and feels more like a piece of equipment you’d find at a gym!

Weight and ease of use

Price-performance ratio

The FADE KING isn’t the most ideal device if you prioritize weight, but earns tons of brownie points due to carrying a lenient price tag.

It might not be the most dependable gadget if you prioritize results, though, but can pave the way for amateur barbers hoping to find success in the grooming scene.

The best in this regard is the Wahl Magic, followed by the Wahl Senior, offering a plethora of results without leaving a mark on one’s budget.

The Peanut Classic is amazing if you regularly travel to keep your passion for haircutting alive, but the Legend might feel like a bit of a stretch, especially since the Andis Master can be purchased with a slightly higher budget.

Another device that offers a great deal is the Oster Fast Feed, which might be something you can replace your Wahl Senior with. It might struggle to reduce bulk from hair, but it also won’t reduce any bulk from your savings!

The Andis T-Outliner can be an immediate replacement for the former if your budget is slightly above $50, but the Remington Shortcut is a must-have if you’d like to unlock efficient self-hair cutting at a low budget!

Price-performance ratio

Why Trust My Verdict?

Now I’m not saying that it occurred to everyone, but it could be normal to have trust issues when reading any guide found on the web.

Likewise, if you’re still in doubt about everything that I pointed out when reviewing the 10 best hair clippers on the market right now, I hope the following segments help you restore some faith in me.

Upon receiving the products, I don’t just look into what’s on the outside, but also put them to the test to establish a better understanding.

Since each device is based on its own unique hardware and technological means, I typically analyse some mutual components to bring them together.

For this article, I have assessed the following aspect of each hair clipper prior to giving my two cents and ratings:

  • Performance
  • Blade system
  • Ease of use
  • Craftsmanship and feel
  • Durability
  • Compatibility
  • Endurance and shelf life

Maintaining Your Hair Clipper At Home: 5 Key Rules To Abide By At All Times!

Upon using the clippers, it is necessary that you maintain the health of the gadgets, especially if you’d like to keep them around for a long time.

Since most hair clippers aren’t really waterproof, here are a couple of things you could abide by instead, especially if you’re seeking the best solution to shield the performance and consistency of your hair clipper!

Brush your blades regularly

Hair accumulation underneath the blade system is normal, but can prove to be detrimental to the blade’s health, and therefore, the clipper’s health, in the long run.

To eliminate the repercussions indefinitely, be sure to use the thin bristles of the gadget’s cleansing brush every 2 uses. If you have enough time, you may even unscrew the shaving head for a deeper clean.

Keep them moisturized

Another important mantra to follow is to help the clipper retain moisture, especially underneath and all over the blade.

Doing so will reduce signs of rust, and dryness, both of which can hamper the clipper’s performance and longevity when push comes to shove.

The rule of thumb is to moisturize it everyday, especially if it’s used rigorously.

Know when your blade has run its course

Always remember; old doesn’t always mean gold. In other words, if you feel as though your clipper isn’t performing as well as it used to, and is falling behind in consistency, all it needs is a fresh start, preferably through the help of a new blade.

While the issue might be worse than imagined if the motor struggles to run, replace your blade immediately if the trimmer stutters or struggles to generate fruitful results almost always.

Use rubbing alcohol

Dipping your blades in alcohol can allow the blades to rejuvenate themselves with a deep cleanse.

Additionally, it can also prevent rusting and shield the blades from losing their sharpness, which may help preserve the results generated for a long, long time.

Quality over quantity

If you’ve got a blade system like the Oster 76, be sure to invest in the variety of blades it’s compatible with. Don’t look for duplicates or knock off blades to save some notes from your budget, as doing so will hamper the quality of the results, and ultimately, the hair clipper!

Fascinating Facts About Hair Clippers

Need a quick break before clocking in on our article? Here are some trivial titbits and interesting facts about hair clippers that will freshen and enlighten your mind!

  • The first electric hair clipper was motorized and fused into existence by Leo Wahl, the face of Wahl clippers, in 1919.
  • To make hair clipping easier, Nikola Bizumic took matters into his own hands and manufactured the first manual hair clipper, which was first used in 1855.
  • Hair clippers work with a range of hair densities and lengths, while trimmers only render themselves useful when working with short hair.
  • In addition to the sharpness of the blade, the motor of the hair clipper shapes the efficiency of the device.
  • The average hair clipper lasts for at least 3 years, while the frontrunners can serve for a decade when taken care of.
  • Hair clippers can be used on skin for close-shaves, and dogs to clip their coat.
  • Most hair clippers contain cords to enable hours of operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that most segments have been unveiled to the public eye, here are some questions you can skim through if you’re seeking more knowledge of the best hair clippers on the market right now.

The following questionnaire doesn’t just offer suggestions, but also carries elements that can enhance your expertise in using hair clippers!

Q: How do I use a hair clipper at home?

Ans: When push comes to shove, using a hair clipper anywhere, even at home, is something that isn’t just promising in theory, but also in practice.

As long as the device doesn’t run a number on your forearms and compromise the grip strength that you carry, you can even generate optimal results at home.

It is advised to use lightweight gadgets, however, so don’t forget to look into the Wahl Peanut Classic in this regard. For self-haircuts, don’t count on any candidate apart from the Remington Shortcut pro, a clipper that reprises the hardware of a head shaver.

If you’d like to use the hair clipper for beard trimming as well, be sure to invest in the Andis T-Outliner, a pundit in sharpening the edges.

Q: What are some top-tier hair clippers for professional use?

Ans: Though all the above-mentioned hair clippers are ideal for professional use, it is absolutely mandatory to try out the Wahl Magic Clip, Andis Master, Wahl Senior and Oster 76 for professional use.

The rest of the candidates still remain perfect for day-to-day use if you’re hoping to amp up your career as a hairdresser, but the former options offer more variety, and therefore, generate more designs than the rest of the options from the lot.

Q: Can I use a hair clipper to fix my beard?

Ans: Though most hair clippers are manufactured with tons of hardware that mainly prioritizes close shaves, with the help of comb guards, you can easily fix your beard.

However, if you often find yourself contouring your beard more than anything else, a bang for your buck could be the Andis T-Outliner, which can sharpen the edges of your beard with its rapidly fast T-blade system.

Final Verdict

Finding a hair clipper is quite easy if you’re decisive about what you need. However, if you’re craving a clipper that not only guarantees quality, but is also a member of the starting 10, this guide that prioritizes 10 different hair clippers can definitely be of great help.

From the neverending abilities of Magic Clip to the brilliant ergonomics of the Peanut Classic, I have covered each hair clipper from the 10-a-side squad to the fullest in hopes of enabling you, my viewer, to obtain a hands-on experience.

If you’d like me to pick a favorite, however, I’d always go with the traditional and impactful hair clipper known as the Oster 76, which takes a while to change forms, but also gives me the privilege of shaping the hair in 14 extraordinary ways!

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