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Wahl 9818 vs 9864 Comparison: Taking a Deep Dive into Two of the Best Trimming Machines

Doing Wahl 9818 vs 9864 comparison is like splitting a hair into two (get ready to hear this reference a lot). This is a daunting task. But here in this piece of mine, I intend to go the extra mile and dissect the two models from Wahl. Both of the models are meant for cordless professional use.

That’s not to say you can’t use the models at home. You can! And as it turns out, these models perform very well when handled correctly. Why wouldn’t they? Wahl has a rich history behind manufacturing shaving gear. They began in 1919 and are still going great guns.

However, these two have subtle differences in terms of features. This is due to different price tags. Let’s get into the fine details about both the machines. Let’s find out what makes these devices stand out from the crowd. I’ll be going through key points and explaining how each model ticks.

But first, let me document my experiences with Wahl 9864 and 9818 before I draw the line and compare both the products. It’ll act as a common ground from where I’ll diverge into different directions if needed.

In Depth Comparison Chart

FeaturesWahl 9864
Wahl 9818
Quick ChargeYes (60 sec)Yes (60 sec)
Charge time1 hr1 hr
Run time4 hrs6 hrs
Travel LockNoYes
Dual foil shaverNoYes
Head includes44
Attachment Guards1212
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

My Experience with Wahl #9864 Clipper

Before I take a deep dive into the topic, let me tell you, this is a competent model if you want to use it in a professional barbershop. For people who don’t know, this is a Dual Voltage machine. You can use it inside and outside of the United States without any problems. That’s right, no voltage fluctuations!

The modern age is not about trimmers rather trimming kits. Wahl gets it! That’s why you get added tools with the machine that quicken the trimming process. I found as many as four different trimming attachments. Each one has its own perks and special uses.

Wahl 9864

For example, people have the wide T-blade that helps with the beard. One can trim the beard or cut it off completely. You can also trim your mustaches and body hair with it. Ladies, feel free to use this smooth machine to get unwanted hairs off your skins!

My time with the #9864 clipper was great thanks to the rotary trimmer. It works perfectly if you want to trim your ear and nose hair without scratching pulling the delicate skin inside. It’s clean and efficient. Not to mention it’s hygienic as well. Don’t worry about allergic reactions to sensitive skins.

Want a clean shave from this trimmer? There’s a dual foil shaver attachment tucked in with the kit. Foil shavers don’t nick or cut the skin while taking the hairs out. So, don’t worry about skin burns.

In addition to these four trimmers, you get as many as 12 different combs. These combs allow people to stylize hair, beard, and mustache in different shapes and sizes. Feel like experimenting? Give it a try!

Don’t worry about the runtime of this thing. It’s phenomenal when used with and without a cord. There’s a Lithium Ion 2.0 battery that grants you 6 hours of runtime for a maximum of 1-hour charging. Want a shave in quick time? Charge it for a minute and this machine will run for 5 minutes.

I liked the smart and sophisticated LED indicator light. It gave me the accurate battery status each and every time. If you’re worried about memory issues of a battery, please don’t. The Lithium 2.0 battery is able to receive and hold the full charge without gradually losing it.

Did you look at the packaging? I sure did! This model comes with a nice trimmer case for protection from accidental falls. The zippered pouch keeps your blades guarded against moisture and rust. Also, people get to have the services of a trimmer stand. This stand keeps the attachments in order.

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Things I Liked about this Model

  • 12 combs and four different trimmers for complete hair care? Sign me up today!
  • This is a compact machine, you can take it anywhere when enjoying a vacation.
  • The fact that it supports dual voltage levels means that you can run it in and outside the USA.
  • This is a low noise trimming machine. It doesn’t hamper your concentration when working at all.
  • I must sing praises of the customer service I got. My doubts with the user manual were cleared in a jiffy.

Things I Didn’t Like about this Model

  • Occasionally, the machine stays on even after you turn it off. After a few tries, it operates as it should.

How Did Wahl 9818 Clipper Turn Out?

Wahl 9818 vs. 9864 comparison article will be incomplete if I don’t give you guys something to go on in terms of the 9818 model. As you can see, it’s very similar to the 9864 in terms of features. But that is not to say it doesn’t have its differences. I’ll base my account on both. Enjoy the ride!

If you like a well-polished machine, this is it! Stainless steel body is lightweight, stylish, and acts as a guard against accidental falls. This is a dual voltage machine as well. One can run this piece of tech anywhere in the world. This is your perfect companion for vacations.

I like the fact that the guys at Wahl gave 9818 a zippered and polished case. It gives the users an added sense of security while the ease of carrying it around is also present.

Wahl 9818

The stainless steel blades are a thing in this model too. Why wouldn’t they be? These things are super effective, sharp, and long-lasting. These blades retain their sharpness as they are self-sharpening as well.

These things rub against each other to expel the leftover hair follicles and dirt to stay clean and functioning for a long time.

Yes, you get 4 different types of trimming attachments with Wahl #9818 as well. I found these things easy to handle. It took me no time to swap them with each other for different types of styling and detailing processes. Let’s go over my brief experience with all of these things.

Users get the usual T-blade with the package. It helps with hair trimming. Yes, hair trimming includes body hair too. I’ve seen professional makeup artists use this thing for a touch-up job or two as well.

There’s a “Detail Shaver” in place as well. This thing helps with shaving your facial furniture. I could do three or four types of outlining that I learned over the years. The process hardly takes any time. Wahl #9818 turned out to be a “Jack of all Trades” for me.

Stylizing ear, nose, and brow hair is easy as pie with this machine. There’s a trimmer dedicated to this purpose only. Makeup artists will have fun with the precision detailer when working on fishtail eyebrows or doing detailed makeups for comic book films.

For all of us normal folks, there’s a trimmer that takes care of ear and nose hairs. Don’t worry, it’s hygienic and doesn’t pose a threat to the sensitive skin of our ears and noses.

People get 12 different combs as usual with this package. Each comb helped me to trim my hairs in different lengths. The customization options are immense. I’m not kidding! You can trim your hairs from 1-1/16-inch to 1-inch length.

This is the earlier version of Wahl #9864. That’s why the Lithium Ion+ battery gave me 4 hours of runtime with just an hour of charging. This is still great as you can get 3 – 4 customers done if you’re a professional barber and own a shop in the vicinity. Need a quickie? One-minute charge gives 3 minutes of runtime too. Go wild with it!

One gets to have an LED display to keep a track of proceedings (charging, modes, blade status, and more) if he/she wants to. This is a great way to keep tabs on your device.

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Things I Liked about this Model

  • The compact size drew me in. I like how the unit fits into my hands when I go about working.
  • Stainless steel body is a great plus for design and protection. It makes sure the unit is lightweight.
  • You get to use four blades and 12 combs that provide a lot of options for you to work with.
  • Users can take advantage of the zippered case to ensure full protection of the unit when traveling.
  • This thing can function just like a razor once you remove the guards. Awesome experience indeed.

Things I Didn’t Like about this Model

  • The battery IS NOT replaceable. One needs to buy it once it’s at the end of its life or is damaged.
  • The blades have smaller cutting areas than some of the Wahl models.

What are the Similarities Between the Two?

To be honest with you, Wahl #9864 and #9818 are spitting image of each other. The similarities you’ll find are endless. For example, both of the models come with a sturdy outer body. The bodies are lightweight and are able to protect the models from damages due to falling from hands.

Both #9818 and #9864 have an amazing textured grip. These two trimmers won’t feel too big for any size of hands. The ergonomic gripping system gave me a sense of assurance that the products won’t slip when I’m wet shaving or trimming the hairs right after a shower with a soggy hand.

When we do a Wahl 9818 vs 9864 comparison, we don’t talk about the trimmer attachments or the guide combs. Well, that’s because these two aspects are identical. Both the models feature four trimmers. These things look and work the same. One has access to 12 different combs that trim the hair flawlessly as well.

Both the models are not “One of” machines. These are shaving/trimming kits. Wahl #9818 and #9864 models are made for the entire body. Yes, that includes body touchups, ear, and nose hair trimming (evident from the attachments). Both ladies and the gentlemen can use the two models with ease.

Both these models are fit for wet shaving. You’ve got to clean them regularly. But that’s easy as well. One has the option of picking the blades apart and cleaning them. Also, you can clean these models under running water. Lubricating materials are also provided with the package. They’re easy to get as well.

The Digital display comes handy as well. One can monitor what’s happening with the readings. I could keep track of the modes, on/off mechanism, battery status, blade speeds, and a lot more. The display is competent enough to glow in the dark making it easy to notice at night as well.

I know that noise is a big factor for many of us. I’m happy to report that both of these models come with motors that are quiet and depend on the electromagnetic mechanism. This allows the machines to work efficiently while conjuring up less sound than the competitors.

Both #9864 and #9818 have a travel-friendly packaging. Customer service of Wahl is great. It has one of the quickest response rates according to me. Replacements and damage warranties are easy to avail. Don’t worry about the quality control department. People get what they pay for. That is, a top-class machine.

Let’s Discuss the Subtle Differences

This is the part of Wahl 9818 vs 9864 comparison where I get into the nitty and gritty part of the article. When speaking about differences, I must confess that it’s like splitting hairs. There’s not much in these two. Whatever the differences are, let’s discuss them here.

Lithium-Ion Technology Accompanying the Batteries

Before anything people will take note of the different types of batteries that these models use. This is due to the version of the products and the price tags they have. You have Lithium 2.0 battery for Wahl #9864 and Lithium Ion+ battery for the #9818 model. Both of them have their perks and negatives.

For example, the battery inhibiting #9864 is bigger than that of #9818. You get more juice out of it. One-hour charge gives you as much as 6 hours of runtime. One-minute charge gives you five minutes’ worth of juice to run the model.

As far as the Wahl #9818 is concerned, the runtime for the battery is a bit short. The Lithium+ (not Lithium 2.0) battery gives people juice for 4 hours of runtime once they charge the machine for an hour. Charge it for one minute and you’ll have juice for 3-minute runtime. It’s enough for a quick shave.

Wahl #9864’s Shaver Head is Bigger than #9818

Yes, the blade opening is bigger in the latest Wahl 9864 than that of 9818. As a result, you get a bigger T-blade to take care of facial, body, and nose hair trimming. Bigger blades mean more areas to cover per stroke. It helps as people can enjoy quality shaving and trimming in less time.

Not only that, people can enjoy the services of a foil shaving head when they buy the 9864 machine from Wahl. No, the 9818 model doesn’t feature one. Want a close shave with the earlier model? Just take the guards off. This foil shaving head of Wahl 9864 gives you close shave when you need one.

The #9864 Comes with a Well-Rounded Travel Case

If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty, Wahl 9818 features a standard zippered travel case. It’s great when you want damage protection and good cover for the device. It’s weatherproof as well. The water doesn’t seep in. The machine itself and the attachments remain well-cushioned when traveling.

The 9864 one-ups the model with a zippered case AND a trimmer stand. You get to keep all your attachments and the machine itself in order when unpacking. This is great as people can take care of the device and its parts just like they do at home. The extra price proves to be a boon in this case as well!

Which One Should You Pick?

It’s a tough question to be honest. As I keep saying, both the models are identical in 95% of the features and even in the physical build. The only things that prompted me to do a Wahl 9818 vs 9864 comparison are tiny differences that can shape up one’s shaving experience. Such as, the foil shaver in 9864.

If someone’s big on close and clean shave as well as trimming, buying 9864 with a foil shaving head is a better call. It’s also a winning product if you’re picky about the battery life. 6 hours vs. 4 hours’ battery life becomes a decisive factor if you remain on the road a lot.

As far as the cleaning kit and the lubricating material are concerned, one can go for either of the two models. But if you want traveling convenience, again… Wahl 9864 is the answer. The trimmer stand is the deal maker for me. Also, the zippered case is polished giving it an aristocrat look.

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