I’ll be blunt with you: Running is hard as it is. Take different surfaces into consideration and it becomes even tougher. One or two accidents a month is a given when running on asphalt.

However, “Concrete” is a different beast altogether. It’s at least 10 times harder than asphalt. One misstep and our feet may get damage just as much. Yes, it’s unyielding, unforgiving, and harsh.

“What’s the solution,” you ask? It’s to get yourselves the best shoes for running on concrete. These shoes are specifically designed for concrete. They are safe and offer padding for specific parts of our feet. As it happens, I’ve got 7 of the top brands and their products lined up for you guys.

These concrete shoe reviews will serve people of different age, sex, and experience levels. I’ve summed up my reasons for choosing them in a buying guide. Users who want to veer off and do their own research will find it beneficial as well. Without further ado, let’s get on with it!

Top 7 Shoes for Running on Concrete – Comparison

Brooks Mens GTS 19 ShoeSyntheticSoft CushionRubber Check Price
Skechers Afterburn SneakerLeatherHigh archesRubber Check Price
ASICS Men's Running ShoeSyntheticRemovable Sockliner
Rubber Check Price
Under Armour Running ShoeSyntheticLightweightRubber Check Price
Adidas X_PLR Running ShoeSyntheticLightweightRubber Check Price
ASICS Men's Running ShoesFabric/
Low archRubber Check Price
PUMA Men's Tazon 6 ShoeLeatherBreathableRubber Check Price

Some of the Top Running Shoes for Concrete

As you’d be told time and time again, running and jogging require special kinds of shoes. When it comes to concrete, you need soft insoles, sturdy outsoles, solid looks, and trendy design to match the current generation. As it so happens, I’ve got a few products lined up which match these criteria and many more. Let’s go through these short reviews and see what they have to offer us.

Brooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoe

Running on concrete is harder than what we see people pull off in the movies. It asks a lot of your feet. Luckily, guys from Brooks know that. They put extra effort into designing their Mens’ Adrenaline GTS 19 with sufficient padding to counter strains we put on our feet.

Brooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoe

Naturally, you’ll have a lot of options when it comes to choosing sizes as well.

Speaking of shoe sizes, you’ll have different letters denoting the sizes you’ll need. These letters signify different widths for people with all kinds of feet. Trust me, there’s something for everyone. For example, shoe size “B” denotes medium width and the size 2E denotes extra width.

As far as the inner soles go, I liked the fact that these guys experimented with BioMoGo soft cushioning and actually pulled it off. Translating to layman’s terms, you get soft, cushioned soles that provide responsiveness and durability.

It’s important for me to ensure my shoes and feet survive walking, jogging, and running long stints on concrete. Apparently, GTS 19 will cover for it with the amount of cushioning and DNA LOFT without any pushback.

If you’ve been doing it for a long time, you’d know that the entire body bears the brunt of running stints, right? Guys at Brooks know that too. That’s why they came up with “Guiderail.” This nifty feature provides ankle support to people with all types of arches regardless of shape and size.

Oh, these things also restrict your knees from moving too much. As it happens, knees suffer the most when people do rounds on the concrete beside the feet. Guiderail system limits excess movement to make sure you maintain your form and don’t fall to injuries you don’t need in your life.

Not to mention, these babies offer you a comfortable feel and breathability as well (thanks to the synthetic build and mesh covering). But all of us expect that from a running shoe, right? These things shouldn’t get all soggy and wet on the inside.

Just to cap it all off, the upper part of the shoe is 3D printed. This means every edge and joint are well-rounded to grant this modern piece of footwear a streamlined and modern look. This thing won’t get warped or be out of shape for a long time. These shoes make for a bold style statement as well.

Get Brooks GTS 19 Shoe at Amazon

Things I Liked about these Shoes

  • I like the fact that it retains full marks when it comes to durability. The design is impeccable.
  • The soft cushioning thing worked for me. I could feel no pressure. My feet were never tired.
  • “Guiderail” system supports my ankles perfectly. The shoes won’t put any strains on your vains.
  • DNA LOFT cushioning works best when you’re jogging. It doesn’t cause any pushback on your tendons at the feet.
  • You’ll be able to see multiple layers on the outsole. They offer flexibility when our feet and toe are transitioning during walks or runs.

Things I Didn’t Like about these Shoes

  • This thing can be bulky and heavy for some users. Measure the weight before purchasing.
  • I’d say that this pair of shoes is not suited for fast running on concrete. Largely because, it’s heavy.

Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

I love snickers. These things fit well with casual attires as well as the running gears. Memory foam sneakers like the one I have here, go the extra mile to comfort our feet when we’re jogging or running on concrete. Guys at Skechers combined leather with synthetic material which has its own benefits.

Skechers Men's Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

First of all, these shoes don’t stink even after you do a 6-lap stint on concrete. Synthetic leather is softer than the pure form. I got to move my feet comfortably while the upper and lower parts of the sneakers work in tandem to neutralize the pressure put on the toes and feet.

My experience tells me, there’s more to footwear than efficiency. Comfort is a key factor as well. This pair of sneakers has everything on the spot. From a padded collar and tongue to a flexible high traction rubber sole… these shoes seem to have it all. These minimize pressure on the places that matter.

If aesthetics is a thing for you, I’d say this one offers more of a sporty look than a casual one. Apart from the basic design, it has perforated details on the fabric surface. The stitches and overlay accents make it stand out from the crowd. I like how upbeat this thing looks as it matches with any attire I put on.

I measure a pair’s durability by how long it can last. I consider how much punishment it can actually take as well. I used this mostly on concrete. I must tell you, this sure withstood a lot of pressure from my “Heavy” strides. I expected this much being a 6-feet tall guy.

The sole of a pair of concrete shoes takes the actual pressure of the entire body. The material used to make these outer soles counts. As I told you, Skechers used rubber soles with this product. It can take the impact and awkward weight of your body even when you want to go for sprints on rough terrain.

As far as the inner sole goes, memory foam helps your feet to sink in and feel comfortable. I’ve had no awkward feeling while running or walking on concrete with these shoes on. Each of my pressure points received some cushioning as I carried on with my morning jogging routine.

My feet didn’t feel jolted or cramped at the end of it all. This is the best compliment I can grant these sneakers at the moment. This shoe is great for cross-training and even casual outings. The metal eyelets are great to hold in the laces that offer a tighter fit in turn. A checkmark on every box I can think of.

Get Skechers Sneaker at Amazon

Things I Liked about these Shoes

  • The fabric accents makers used on these shoes make it top-of-the-line product for anyone.
  • If you’re going for something suitable for sports besides jogging, this pair will fit in your bill nicely.
  • Memory foam in-soles grant you the comfort you want from a mid-budget concrete shoe like this.
  • No matter how fast or slow you run with these shoes, your feet won’t feel jolted and stiff.
  • All in all, Sketchers is well-padded around the tongue and the collar areas for good measure.

Things I Didn’t Like about these Shoes

  • Memory foam insole might require frequent replacements depending on usage.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

If you are planning to run on concrete then there are certain aspects shoes that you need to focus on. As the name suggests, “Concrete” won’t be soft on your feet. The shoes have to deal with the pressure for you. But you already know these things at this point, don’t you?

ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

Thus, I suggest ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture is something people should look into. I looked it up and even used it for quite some time. At least, the pair I used was definitely worth putting into my list of the shoes for running on concrete.

The first thing I noticed was the synthetic leather exterior. Synthetic material pulls through the long haul better than its original counterpart. It doesn’t stink even after using these shoes for days. Also, synthetic leather doesn’t go bad after two or three years of abuse (yes, I definitely put my shoes through hell).

The outer soles are made of rubber. They offered me good support and flexibility while running fast. It also did a great job of cushioning the impact of the concrete. Otherwise, the shoes would’ve perished long ago.

Materials apart, the special design of this ASICS product also impressed me. The GEL cushioning system on the ankle is a big help. It transfers the shock from the impact phase to mid-stance pretty smoothly.

People also have “High Abrasion Rubber” in “Key Places” like around the ankles and the outer soles. These things have a high tolerance level of friction, wear, and tear. Translated to a layman: You get better durability on offer without sacrificing the comfort one bit.

Just so you know, Sockliners are a thing in running shoes. In the lay man’s term, these are insoles. These sockliners impact both the efficiency value and comfort features of the shoes in general. You can even replace the pre-installed ones inside and on the sides.

This is great if you need the shoes for medical orthotics. I loved the fact that they kept the small details in mind.

Yes, at the end of the day, we are talking about running on concrete. Yet, these shoes can be used on any terrain whatsoever. The reversed lugs on the outsole are specially engineered uphill and downhill traction. Versatility and quality cross paths with the superior design and rugged construction of the Gel-Venture 6.

As far as getting the shoe to fit your feet size, there is no need to worry at all. All sizes and shapes are available starting from size 7 to 15. The lace-lock system offers an even better fit. Tie them, pull the tongue up and you are ready to go!

Get ASICS Men’s Shoe at Amazon

Things I Liked about these Shoes

  • This pair of shoes is affordable. It is a great option when you’re in for mid-range options.
  • Synthetic leather has reinforcements that make these shoes stand up to wear and tear.
  • Besides concrete, you can use these shoes in any type of surface you can think of without issues.
  • I’ve seen people using ASICS shoes for medical purposes as well. This is due to quality mid-soles.
  • Outer soles of these shoes offer unmatched traction and support for people of diverse heights.

Things I Didn’t Like about these Shoes

  • Once flexed to its maximum capacity, the shoes take time to return to normal status.
  • Some people might find the shoes to be on the heavier side of things compared to other brands.

Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

Under Armour has an array of running shoes that have not failed to impress the majority (including me, of course). But it’s quite obvious by now that the entire game changes when you focus on running on concrete. The Charged Assert 8 is something I found to be rather intriguing in this aspect.

Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

What makes it so special?

Well, I found the design and craftsmanship of the product to be simple. That’s what made it astounding (at least in my eyes).

They kept the construction pretty basic. Synthetic textile materials were used to make the exterior of the shoes. This gave a promise of longevity and durability.

I don’t really like to get my shoes soggy with sweat after a “Long” morning run. The lightweight upper mesh of this pair ensured that my feet get proper airflow. With these, breathability comes with an aesthetic edge. A three-color digital print gives it a classy finish that’s hard to look away from.

If we go deeper into the build of the product, it’s easy to see the leather overlays. These offer better durability and stability in turn. The inner padding is fairly moderate so that it doesn’t lean too much on flexibility or softness. A rare example of “Balance” that I fell in love with at first glance.

When it comes to treading on concrete, the good ones use rubber soles. Assert 8 is no exception.

The outer rubber sole is very much capable of contracting and extracting according to the pressure you put on it. Don’t misjudge it for “Just Any” rubber. In fact, it is a high-abrasion rubber. It offers flexibility and traction on a variety of surfaces at the same time.

The comfort part is taken care of by the EVA sockliner as well. Trust me, it’s as soft as it gets.

The outer and inner soles are good. But the midsole is downright impressive. It made use of compression. Makers compress memory foam using tremendous pressure to see if it responds or not. To no one’s surprise, molded foam here is responsive and at the same time capable of returning energy.

Guys at Inside Armour it, “Charged cushioning” (Since it uses basic physics to return the pressure).

If you are concerned about the weight of these shoes, you are in for a surprise.

This pair felt practically weightless when I was jogging around the sidewalk. It felt like I wasn’t even wearing a pair of shoes. The breathable features combined with the lightweight materials made the experience so much better.

Things I Liked about these Shoes

  • You have “High-Abrasion” rubber outsole that resists wear and tear on any kind of surface.
  • The design accounts for style, durability, and functionality with padding on the inside of the pair.
  • Upper parts of the shoes are covered in Mesh. These things are breathable and soft on feet.
  • Despite the leather overlays and an aesthetic boost, the shoes are practically weightless.
  • The makers have used “Charged Cushioning” to help put your feet to rest while you walk or run.

Things I Didn’t Like about these Shoes

  • The size of these concrete running shoes might prove to be too large for some people.
  • This thing can prove to be stiff for some of the users. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.

Adidas Originals Men’s X_PLR Running Shoe

The name “Adidas” speaks for itself in terms of quality and design. They have made several shoes that are great for running on concrete too. They definitely put a lot of thought while coming up with “Adidas Originals Men’s X PLR.” It excels in all the aspects that it needs to (If you ask me).

adidas Originals Men's X_PLR Running Shoe

Leather isn’t really a good option if you take durability and longevity into consideration. Not to me anyway. Adidas used Synthetic materials to make them more reliable. In every way possible. I’ve been using it for quite some time now and it hasn’t gone through any noticeable wear and tear.

The rubber sole also offers much promise. I run on concrete and by all means, I run “Hard.” The well-designed outer rubber sole is capable of absorbing the shock that’s returned from the concrete very well. I didn’t have to sacrifice speed for comfort at any rate.

Speaking of comfort, the breathable upper parts of the shoes allow adequate airflow. My feet did not get wet from sweat at all. Sweaty feet result in bad odor and that’s something that none of us want. These small details and design implements can actually make a big difference.

The soft textile lining not only adds to the sleek appearance of the product but also grants a premium feel. Three stripes of webbing tape and a nubuck heel just completes the design with finesse. This Iconic style made Adidas stand out from the crowd for decades.

Comfort is intertwined with Performance by the implementation of the OrthoLite sockline. It not only cushions the pressure from your feet but also helps you to launch your next step with great efficiency.

And guess what? Speed lacing offers a quick and tight fit that comes with a rubber stopper.

I appreciate makers putting their efforts in EVA midsoles when it comes to running on concrete. You can never get enough ergonomic padding that can support all the possible postures of your body. But this makes up to a great extent. The shaft measures accurately low-top from the arch.

This will help people who prefer to have their feet and ankles in the normal position instead of keeping them “Arched.” For me, it cured me of ankle stiffness and pain from running on concrete for hours.

The nubuck heel is something that boosts things up as well. Translation: the “Heel” part of the shoes is made from Cowhide. Makers kept things natural when and where it counts. Simply put, Adidas has made a pair of shoes that checks all the right boxes without sacrificing the quality of craftsmanship.

I wouldn’t put “Just Any” pair of shoes on my list of best shoes for running on concrete, would I?

Things I Liked about these Shoes

  • Synthetic leather doesn’t go bad due to wear and tear and doesn’t stink after long “Runs” as well.
  • Adidas X-PLR offers “Speed Lacing.” It lessens the prep time before you go on jogging or running.
  • The mid-sole helps people in keeping their feet relieved in a normal position instead of “Arched.”
  • The shoes are trendy in terms of design. Specially the nubuck heels. These are made from cowhide.
  • Naturally, the pair is breathable and your feet won’t get wet from using it for long runs or walks.

Things I Didn’t Like about these Shoes

  • Speed lacing is good and all but it can break just as easily as well.
  • You’ll notice too many similarities among this model and others brought out by Adidas. Doesn’t justify the price.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes

As you can see, this is going to be my second ASICS product on the list. While looking for the best running shoes for concrete, I couldn’t overlook the unique aspects of the Gel-Nimbus 21. Like all the good ones this too is one of its kind.

ASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes

I was fascinated by the unique texture that the fabric exterior offered. It was a bold move by the guys from ASICS to go for fabric instead of synthetic or pure leather-centric materials. Apart from adding to the overall comfort of the wearing experience, it gives off a premium feel.

You have a pair of lightweight running shoes on your hands. This is all thanks to FLYTEFOAM being utilized in this particular product. The technology allows for people to run on various surfaces without losing too much energy or feeling tired at the end of long stints. It’s perfect for feet with normal arches.

Exterior aside, the sole is made of rubber. The design that’s implemented on the outer sole isn’t like the everyday running shoe that we generally see. The AHAR technology places high abrasion rubber on the critical areas to ensure unmatched durability.

Wait, there’s more! The exclusive I.G.S system is implemented in this pair of shoes. This ensures that the interlinked components transfer the force from the heel strike to the toe. Which in turn, reinforces the natural gait of the human body, keeping the line of progression intact.

But this is something most of the shoes offer, right? I wouldn’t have considered this to be very special unless it offered even more than what I had expected. And it most certainly does!

For example, ASICS made sure to create an impression on picky customers (like myself) by adding features like GEL cushioning technology. This is a superior cushioning that very few of its competitors offer. The reinforced padding makes running on rough terrain seem awfully simple.

This product focused on absorbing the shock from the running surface (No matter how hard it is) and keep the runner’s foot in the proper position. This is something I find to be crucial for running on concrete. The Guidance Line midsole is specially designed to flex vertically and keep the body stance just right.

Gait efficiency is even further enhanced by the Guidance Trusstic System of the Nimbus 21. It holds the structural integrity of the midfoot to offer optimum running efficiency in turn.

These are the essential implementations that keep a pair of running shoes on a class of its own. I’ll definitely be recommending the pair if you want to go the distance for quality over price.

Things I Liked about these Shoes

  • You have subsequent amount of cushion around your ankles to make sure the ride is comfortable.
  • The feet are never in a pickle. The soft interior of these shoes keeps them well-positioned as well.
  • FLYTEFOAM technology makes these concrete running shoes extremely lightweight and nimble.
  • GEL cushioning technology allows my feet to remain at a natural position while I run or walk.
  • Guidance Trusstic system keeps middle parts of my feet stabilized as part of increased efficiency.

Things I Didn’t Like about these Shoes

  • Your forefoot might feel a bit stiff if you’re not careful while running on concrete with this pair.
  • I don’t know if it happens only with me but the tongues of these shoes keep sliding downward for some reason.

PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

When we talk about brands, some of them do make an impression. Their name does not fail to create value and often their identity speaks for themselves. Puma has provided some products that are without a doubt “Amazing.” And the Tazon 6 FM does live up to expectations.

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

Quality and durability are something I am not willing to sacrifice with my running shoes. When I am planning to run on concrete, the bar is set even higher. This product from Puma uses a pure synthetic leather structure that is guaranteed to last. Durability is offered here with a rather unique design.

Like all morning runners, I simply do not like sweaty feet at the end of my workout sessions. The makers added breathable EcoOrtholite as the inner sole to ensure adequate airflow. I didn’t have soggy feet even after a whole hour of running and cross-training.

As for the midsole construction, the inner saddle of Tazon 6 FM is structured to provide maximum comfort and an accurate fit. This part is cushioned to keep the foot angle in place even after a long sprint. The same goes for the sockliner. It is designed to match the unique structure of your foot.

Yes, this caters to people with “Flat Feet” as well.

I should also mention the “T-Toe” construction of the product. This allows the foot to slide into place properly without going through the unnecessary hassle. A lace closure is implemented to offer a tight and snug fit in general. Don’t forget to pull on the tongue to complete the process.

A proper pair of running shoes will definitely use some extra reinforcement in the heels to absorb the returned thrust from the concrete. That’s where the EVA heel pod of the Tazon 6 FM comes in. Due to the well-balanced cushioning and shock absorption mechanism, I received a boost in my runs (Literally).

The TPU shank is there to offer increased stability under pressure. Looking at the basic ankle design and the overall interior of the product, it seemed to be a great option for flat-footed individuals. I found no prominent arch in the construction. It’s not much of an issue, but still a good point to note down.

I must mention the fact that these shoes aren’t fully waterproof. What you get is a water-resistant pair that holds up to rainwater. But if you’re not careful enough, prolong exposure to a soggy environment can lead water inside the shoes. These things aren’t to be used for long stints.

Things I Liked about these Shoes

  • This thing is definitely durable when you consider that it’s available at well below $100 dollars.
  • Puma designed this pair of shoes as sleek and stylish keeping the latest trends in mind.
  • Tazon 6 FM does a great job when you need it for all-around usage be it casual or a bit formal.
  • You have various modes of cushioning all around your feet to keep them secure and comfortable.
  • T-toe system helps people with any type of feet wear this product and look great while doing it.

Things I Didn’t Like about these Shoes

  • Tazon 6 FM is not as waterproof as you think it is. Instead, it’s water resistant.

How Did I Choose Best Running Shoes for Concrete?

No, I didn’t have a divine revelation where I point to 7 pairs and they become the best. I had to do my own research. Yes… I wore some of them, I toiled, stumbled, redid everything till I got my hands on these products. Let’s go over some of the factors I noticed in these brands while I was on a research spree.

I Considered My Running Style

Despite what most of us believe, buying a pair of shoes is not simply spending money and being done with it. When it comes to running, we expect these shoes to provide better support to our feet. That’s why it’s better to buy ones that suit our running style and complement it to the fullest degree.

In layman’s terms, I had to visualize how I’d run on concrete before coming up with my pair. I’m a mid-foot runner. That is to say, I utilize the middle part of my feet the most while jogging or running.

The easiest way to pull that off is to see which part of your shoes has worn out the most between the toes, mid-sole, and your ankles. This happens because we inevitably put more pressure on these parts than the rest of our feet (the legs at large).

It’s best to minimize the strain so that our legs keep working when they need to (pun intended). Otherwise, you’ll end up with potentially long-term injuries.

What’s Your Purpose?

Not in life, obviously. Rather ask yourselves, “What am I running on concrete for?” Is it for sports, is it for some old-school fun and adventure or is it to train my body? Depending on what and how different your answers are, the pairs you choose WILL BE different as well.

For example, shoes suited to training need to be durable and have the legs (read: soles) to last the long haul. Of course, the lifespan of your shoes will vary depending on how frequently you use them.

I’d suggest shoes with mesh upper part for breathability and rubber outsole. In my experience, ASICS Nimbus 21 will work its magic in this scenario. Puma’s Tezon 6 FM can be an alternative choice as well.

If you’re a “Sports” guy (or girl), you’ll have to consider how supportive the shoes are when running. Durability takes a backseat here. Well, sort of. But, it’s still important. My recommendation is to go for the one I picked from Adidas. Nubuck heel works its charm as you run through the hardest of obstacles.

Many of us take running as a therapeutic exercise. After an unfortunate accident, you need to get your legs accustomed to the old ways. People need to go through several exercises and consistent running.

I respect that. Reputed running shoe brands do too. That’s why you’ll see concrete running shoes with necessary cushioning. These protect your ankles and feet from damages.

If you belong to this specific bracket of users, you need to focus on ankle support and proper mid-soles. Gel Venture-6 from ASICS can be a great option within budget.

I Looked at The Features of These Shoes

That’s pretty obvious. These shoes or brands hopped on to my list due to their own merits. Now, I looked into the benefits these pairs offer. The benefits intrigued me. Here’s what I emphasized on.

  • Materials were my first concern. You’d see many concrete shoe review articles suggesting leather items for your feet. Take my advice, don’t go for them. After you put in 5 -7 stints on concrete, these shoes will begin to stink and stink BAD. It’s useful to go with synthetic materials.
  • I noticed the level of flexibility next. It might cost you a fortune but stiff shoes are a “No Go.” They strain your feet and toe bones to no end. We’re talking blisters, red marks, and potential bleeding here. It’s useful to bend each of these products both ways to determine flexibility.
  • I researched long and hard on the designs of these pairs that I included here. I looked into “Breathability” of the materials as well. If you’re training or running on concrete for long hours, your feet get tired and soggy. The shoes need to let air in and out to avoid giving you fungi infections.
  • I can’t stress the importance of cushions enough. Your shoes need to have padding at the right places. Obviously, padded collars and tongue are good to have. But I went the extra mile and got myself brands and pairs that have ankle support and provide cushioning for all “Arch” types.
  • Lastly, I did, and would request you to look into the size of your feet. Even the best shoes for running on concrete need to match your foot size. It’s no use spending money on a product that’s several notches bigger than your own feet. I’d look into the width of these shoes as well.

Look for Particular Requirements if You Have Any

Everybody has some kind of fetish (in refined words: Preference) when it comes to feet or shoes for that matter. I asked myself (and you should do too), “Do I have any?” As it turned out, I preferred streamlined designs with a good mix of fabric and synthetic leather. I wasn’t into flashy colors.

Like me, other users may have certain “Ticks” as well. You might like a low-profile design that goes well with any kind of outdoor gear you wear. Others might prefer a specific color or price range when deciding on these pairs. I’ve also seen people going by brand names and reputation while buying a pair.

I’ve seen my neighbors deciding on mid-sole shoes because they don’t wear socks during Summer. If you’re running in winter, heat insulation plays a key role as well. In simple terms, “If you have specific requirements that you need to satisfy, make a checklist and make sure your shoes tick them all.”

Last Words Before I Leave You Be

At long last, the guide finally comes to an end. And a “Fitting” one at that. I’ve covered all that I could think of in the last few days. I must say, the pairs you see here are truly some of the best shoes for running on concrete. Yes, they serve veterans and newbies alike. That is if you know what you’re looking for.

That’s where this nifty buying guide of mine comes in. It serves as a guidepost to anyone looking to get a perfect match that serves his/her needs and the wallet he/she has on the back pocket.

I’d not be blatant about my recommendations. I know, each of you would need a separate one that’s tailored to YOU specifically. Instead, I want to hear from you. Which of these products or brands ended up being the best for you, and why? Did I miss out on any? Let me know in the comments.

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