Best Electric Shaver for Teenagers: Deciphering Popular Models

Best Electric Shaver for Teenagers

Shaving is something I cherish at the start of my daily routine. But it wasn’t always the same. During my early years, shaving was nothing short of a chore for me. As a beginner, I suffered numerous nicks, cuts, and bruises as part of the learning curve. Shaving devices weren’t advanced enough to guard me against them.

But times have changed. You have machines designed specifically for first-time shavers. These things prioritize ease of use and the “Safety” aspect of their routines.

Nowadays, you have brands like Panasonic, Braun, and Phillips dishing out various devices that make shaving less of a hassle for people. That’s where the idea of this piece came from.

In this article, you’ll find some of the best electric shavers for teenagers with their positive and negative impacts of shaving. Of course, I’ll be delving into each and every benefit of my choices.

As a bonus, people would also get their hands on a state-of-the-art buying guide that discusses key factors that went into the consideration for the list. Take a look at it if you want to do your own thing and select a device yourselves.

Top Pick

Norelco Shaver 4500

Our Rating

Ranking the Best Electric Razor for First Time Shavers

Let me tell you, I found it hard to get my finger on just one model. As it turns out, there are multiple models that serve well for first-time shavers or beginners. So, I decided to rank them in no specific order. Take a look!

1. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46)

I get that shaving for the first time with an electric shaver is difficult. People will hand out all sorts of tips, tricks, and suggestions. I follow a less complicated path. I would advise people to start off slow with a reputed brand. Phillips Norelco 4500 is a good product to get your shaving career started.

Why the Norelco 4500 out of all the hi-fi models? That’s because of the simplicity and design. For example, it works with DualPrecision shaving system. It takes care of long facial hair as well as short and thick stubbles. First-time shavers will have it easy on them.

If anybody is worried about mishandling the piece than he needn’t sweat about it. The 4500 Norelco Shaver comes with a pivoting head. Plus, it flexes and floats too. These three simultaneous motions help the razor in adapting to the contours of our faces.

As a result, you won’t find patches of hair lying around post-shave.Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

Remember, I mentioned the Dual Blades a few moments ago? Well, these blades can even cut “Really Small” hairs. I know people who are troubled by in-grown hairs and flat ones. Rejoice! These two blades can pick up and cut those hairs from underneath the skin. As a result, beards will grow at a slow speed.

There’s a trimmer that pops up when you need it to. The nifty attachment helps people to size up their sideburns and mustaches effortlessly.

The battery completes one full charge in eight hours. That’s a bit too much time in my opinion. At the end of the day, full charge gives you 50 minutes of uninterrupted shaving. If you want a quick shave, charge it for three minutes. It’s enough for a one-time shave.

Users can see every important number (battery charge status, duration, low charge indicator) in a clear LCD display.

Phillips Norelco 4500 is perfect for wet and dry shaving. This is thanks to the AquaTech technology. Before you squabble over this topic, one can do wet shaving with or without gel or any kind of cream.

What I Like about the Razor

  • This thing comes with two patented blades that cut close to your skins without irritating it.
  • I’m satisfied with the pivoting head as it flexes and conforms to my facial contours.
  • LCD display is incredibly detailed and gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s happening with the product.
  • One can do dry as well as wet shaving with different types of shaving gels and creams.
  • The trimmer is handy when it comes to sizing one’s sideburns and mustaches.

What I don’t Like the Razor

  • You won’t find any cleaning docks with this product by any chance.
  • Charging this device for eight hours just to get 50 minutes of shaving is a downer according to me.

2. Braun Electric Shaver, Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

I kept Braun Series 3 razor on my list of best electric razors for first-time shavers. Why? Because I want them to start off with the most famous brand out there. I know, people will have lengthy debates about this. But the way I see it, Braun offers numerous perks and benefits as a part of its entry-level models.

Don’t mistake it for a cheap model. You get as many as 3 different cutting elements that grant users a clean shave. How? These things cut beard extremely close to the skin.

Braun has installed its trademark “SensoFoil” technology to sooth your skin. It doesn’t let the sharp blades come near the skin to cause nicks, cuts, and bruises.

Still worried? Don’t be. Braun Series 3 shaver blades are self-conscious (it certainly feels that way). These things are pressure sensitive. They’ll retract the moment they sense the skin.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t get a close shave. The beauty of ProSkin 3040s (S for small) is the “Micro Comb” technology. What the razor does is it puts tiny hair sensors at work. Thanks to these, the 3040s picks up even the smallest of hairs. Flat-lying or in-grown hairs are no longer a problem.

This little wonder machine can reach into impossible corners of our faces too. How? Well, ProSkin 3040s comes with a thin head. It’s easy to move around. The blades I spoke of are thin as well. One can shave under the jawline, on the chin, and around the neck area without any discomforts whatsoever.Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Gripping certain electric razors can be a problem. Most of the models are either oversized or slippery. But not the 3040s! It’s ergonomic AND this thing has debossed circles. These circles help us hold the razors properly as we move it around at a varying pressure.

Don’t feel like shaving? Want to trim the beard? Want to get your sideburns perfect for a special occasion? Now you can! The smart trimmer at the back of this product will do it all just for you!

This Series 3 shaver delivers quick dry shaves. But don’t you think that it’ll leave you high and dry when it’s time for wet shaving. In fact, this thing is equally competent in wet shaving. It IS waterproof. So, with or without shaving creams and gels, you’re getting the wet shave you desire.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin Razor is great at charging too. You give it 60 minutes of corded time and it’ll recharge completely. Once fully charged, it can deliver 45 minutes of uninterrupted shaving experience.

What I Like about the Razor

  • I must say this is the best electric shaver for beginners in terms of price alone!
  • I found recharge time shorter than most of the entry-level razors out there.
  • It’s only 60 minutes. The handle is ergonomic and has embossed circles that help in gripping this device.
  • It’s easier to wash and clean than the previous choice on my list of electric razors.
  • Be it a wet or a dry version of shaving, the device performs equally well.

What I don’t Like the Razor

  • You won’t have a pivoting head with this Braun razor.
  • One needs to go over one spot several times to get the close shave they need.
  • Nope. I didn’t get any travel pouch to carry it while I’m on a vacation.

3. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver

Whenever You see Phillips and Braun in someone’s list, the third of the lot HAS TO BE a product from Panasonic. Arc4 and Arc5 shavers of the franchise cater to users who want an extremely close shave. However, Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 is one of the best electric shavers for teenagers.

Why am I so blunt about this thing?

Unique shaver head is one of the many causes. This head pivots from side to side. This thing moves up and down when you need it too. That’s why the head’s ability to follow the contours of our faces is better than normal electric shaving equipment. It means comprehensive shave with less effort.

However, shaving is more than utilizing the pivoting head of a razor. You’ll need sharp blades to cut even the tiniest hair on your face. This IS a challenge. To respond to that, Panasonic ES8103S has designed three blades that move independently. These things reach every corner of your face.

These blades are sharp as well. Each of these things placed at a 30-degree angle. It helps them to cut with maximum power without causing nicks and bruises to our skins. Infused with nanotechnology, these blades are hypoallergenic and gentle. They won’t cause irritation to sensitive skins of users.Panasonic ES8103S Arc3

Users will have the services of a nifty trimmer. It pops up from the back when anyone needs to use it. I could use it to trim the sideburns. People can groom the corners of their mustaches as well. When you don’t need this, just tuck it down and that’s it!

The entire system is quarterbacked by a competent motor. It’s a linear motor that grants the beginners 13,000 RPMs at its peak. This is “Quick.” It’ll be over before you know it. Thanks to this, the skin won’t be tugged or pulled. No tagging and pulling equals to no red spots or swelling of the skin.

Any user can have a total idea of what’s happening while using this razor. The competent LCD display gives people an idea about 10 stages of the battery. This will indicate when your razor needs charging, cleaning, battery state, what cleaning mode are you in, when is sonic vibration in play and more.

Users can enjoy wet and dry shaving without any problems. Cleaning it is no fuss. It’s water resistant. So, people can rinse it under water without any problems. You see, Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 comes with a vibration cleaning mode. Meaning, the razor creates vibrations that help to push the hairs outward for cleaning.

What I Like about the Razor

  • Panasonic installed three blades at an angle of 30 degrees with nanotech to ensure maximum cutting power.
  • You also have a trimmer that sizes up your sideburns and mustaches to perfection.
  • People can utilize the services of a nifty motor dishing out 13,000 rpms of power.
  • The LCD display is one of the many “Pluses” of this product. It shows every vital stat you need.
  • Cleaning it is easy. The sonic vibration system aids in cleaning as well as shaving.

What I don’t Like the Razor

  • The battery runs out rather quickly. The lifecycle is limited as well.
  • The charging station is rather small for my liking. It lacks room for additional shaving equipment.

4. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

I won’t blame you for forgetting this classic brand amidst Braun, Phillips, and Panasonic. But it’s my job to remind you the gems it holds within. It comes with pretty much all the perks of the top dogs plus some added bonuses. What are those? Let’s discuss.

The others on my list come with sharp blades. But Remington FS-5800 has another trick up its sleeves. It ups the game with blades made of surgical steel. These blades are sharp. They cut close and clean. The added benefit is: These blades don’t get dull as quickly as some of the other products do.

Have long strands of hairs? No problem! Guys at Remington gave FS-5800 the “Interceptor Shaving Technology. This technology allows this tool to cut down 3-day-old beards into size. Then, the foils do their job of shaving them off.Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

There’s a pop-up trimmer as well. It helps guys to manage their sideburns and mustaches before they spiral out of control. You must commend Remington FS-5800 for putting it in there.

Don’t worry about these things adjusting to our facial contours. People have a flexing razor head with Remington FS-5800 Foil shaver as usual. It flexes and pivots as you need it to. Remington FS-5800 covers all corners of our faces with ease. Each of the foils is able to move, flex, and pivot independently.

One can use this thing with cords or without any for shaving. The battery is pretty competent. One full charge allows people to shave cordless for 60 minutes. This can be translated to 20 different shaves. The LCD display comes handy when you want to check on the how much battery life there is.

The ladies can use this thing too. They can shave their legs just fine with this thing. I must add that this is a wet-shave ready. Yet, you won’t be able to really submerge this thing in the water. Slow streams of water will be fine for shaving. First-time shavers should be careful when shaving under the shower water.

What I Like about the Razor

  • This razor from Remington is suitable for ladies to shave their legs with as well.
  • This is a “Great” choice if you want a budget-friendly shaving machine for the beginners.
  • There are multiple blades in this foil shaver despite this being a low hanging fruit.
  • You have a pop up trimmer which can adjust into place once the job of trimming is done.
  • The battery is very efficient. It charges in quick time to deliver you 60 minutes of shave time.

What I don’t Like the Razor

  • The water resistance is not at a level of my liking for this model from Remington.
  • Getting a close shave takes some doing. Two to three passes at least.

5. Panasonic ES8243A Arc4

If you are looking for a super razor as the last recommendation on my list of Best Electric Shaver for Teenagers, this is it! You get the sharpest blades for beginners in the business and benefits that I could rave for hours. Let’s look at a few of them.

Instead of three, you get four blades this time with Panasonic ES8243A. These blades cut closer than my previous candidate from the same franchise. Not surprisingly the makers implemented Nano Technology here as well. Shaving with four blades is quicker than with two or three.

The blades are sharp. Add to that the tilt of the blades. A thirty-degree tilt works to the advantage of the shavers. As I mentioned, these blades cut close. Part of the reason for cutting close to the skin revolves around the 30-degree tilt. These blades are hypoallergenic and friendly to sensitive skin types.

If you are worried about four blades cutting or nicking your face, don’t. The foils are competent as you’d expect from a Panasonic product. These are “Ultra-Thin.” These “Multi-fit” foils cut close to your skin but never graze it. Adapting to your jawlines, chin, cheekbones, necks is never a problem.

Feel like doing something more with this wonderful machine? You can move the razor in a circular motion. It allows you to get a smoother shave. No other brand will allow the foils to move like this.Panasonic ES8243A Arc4

The best thing is yet to come. The shaver head that you see can move towards all the directions. One can move it sideways (left and right). Upward and downward movements are possible too. It adapts to all types of beards be it coarse or normal.

Manufacturers have also put in a “Pop Up Trimmer.” This thing does exactly as people would expect. One can trim the sideburns and mustache just fine with the sharp blade. The trimmer sits perfectly into place once someone’s done using this thing.

This thing has a competent handle. The makers call it “SureGrip” handle. It allows users to have their hands at a comfortable position when shaving. Beginners tend to push too hard and have their hands tightly positioned when shaving for the first time. With this pattern, people won’t have to worry about it.

To no one’s surprise, you have an LCD display onboard. This little screen shows you the five stages of the battery. It shows you when you need to charge the device. Also, people will be able to identify the different modes. The display has a nifty indicator that shows you when to clean it and replace blades.

What I Like about the Razor

  • The ES243A Arc4 gives us four blades that cut super close without getting dull anytime soon.
  • You have the ergonomic handle that’s equipped with “SureGrip” technology and eases our hands.
  • The head pivots and flexes to allow the blades to move in all directions. It adapts to our contours.
  • This Panasonic razor is a perfect match for people with mild or heavily sensitive skin types.
  • For me, the display is a plus. It shows us all the vital stats giving us the perfect grasp on the situation.

What I don’t Like the Razor

  • Battery might not last that long when people compare it to other models.

How I Choose these Razors?

Choosing the best electric shaver for beginners is tricky. Beginners don’t have previous experience when it comes to shaving. They are bound to cause some mishaps. That’s why people need to choose a machine that guards them against nicks and cuts and makes the shaving ordeal easy. Here are some of the factors that I had to pay attention to while coming up with the list..

  • I Looked at the Handle – Everything Begins from the Grip

While looking at an electric razor with purchasing intent, the handle is important. One needs to hold the device correctly and comfortably in his/hand. This is specifically true for the first-timers. If you are not comfortable with it, passes won’t be accurate. Also, the hand will quickly get fatigued.

Get yourselves one of the machines with an ergonomic handle. They don’t let our hands get tired. Some razors have textured handles that let you grip easily. The hands won’t slip up. Thus, textured handles are great when someone is looking to avoid nicks and cuts.

  • Blades Are Important – I Realized You Need the Cutting Power

I see people disagreeing with me but hear me out. People are in favor of razors with “Easy-going” blades. For me, these razors require you to go for multiple passes. It increases the chances of people hurting them if you ask me. I’d go for medium-sharp to sharp blades that helps me get a close shave.

I like three or four-blade systems that allow people to cut close to their faces. Of course, you need a skin guard to remain safe from nicks and cuts. These razors don’t require you to go over a specific spot for multiple times. As a result, there aren’t any chances for red spots or lumps on your faces.

Make sure the blades or foils are hypoallergenic while you are at it. I’ll suggest users go for Braun or Panasonic as their multi-blade shavers are both efficient and safe.

  • The Chosen Models All Have Flexible Heads

Let’s face it: We all have different faces. Our facial features and different from one another too. Coming up with a distinct shaver for each and every face is difficult. That’s why the companies making electric shavers took a different route. They came up with razor heads that pivot and flex.

All of the top-billed franchises have integrated this feature into their models. As a result, top-notch razors (including these on my list) can adapt to our facial contours. Phillips, Braun, and Panasonic devices don’t have any problems while shaving along and under the jawline, cheekbones, and chins.

  • I Selected Models with Detailed Display Panels

For a first time shaver, it’s important to keep tabs on how things are going in the mechanism of the shaver. Users need to stay informed about the battery status, the current mode their shaving with, how much dirt the razor has accumulated, a timer for cordless charging, and more.

That’s why we see the best electric shavers for teenagers with bright LCD or LED display that displays all of these things. You can even get an idea about when one should change the blades or foils after a long-term usage. I’ve seen Braun deliver the most comprehensive LCD or LED displays over the years.

  • Water Resistance and Wet/Dry Shaving Compatibility Was a Major Determinant

Many of us associate electric shaving systems with the dry shaving method. You know, shaving where you charge the battery and get to work without applying shaving cream, and gels. This is all good but sometimes you need extra care if your skins are dry and require moisture.

There are models that are great for wet shaving too. You can use shaving soap, cream, and gel with those things. People can use those models while taking a shower.

Tools for wet shaving deal with water. That’s why there’s an issue of water resistance. Some models are definitely better than others in this case. Personally, I prefer razors with dual capabilities. These are products that facilitate wet and dry shaving both.

  • I Considered Battery Life and Maintenance Systems

The battery is a key component in most of the electrical goods that we buy. The effectiveness of the products depends on the battery type and life. In case of electric shavers, we get to see NiMH batteries and the Li-ion ones. I prefer the Li-ion batteries because of the hold the charge better and for a long time.

NiMH batteries quickly recharge themselves. Some of the razors take 45 minutes only to be fully charged. One full charge can grant 60 minutes to 2 hours of runtime.

Many of these devices come with cleaning docks. These docks lubricate the blades with a non-alcoholic solution. Thus, the hair stubbles and the follicles come out. Models that don’t have a cleaning dock can usually be rinsed under running water.

Let’s End It for Now

There you have it. My elaborate guide on best electric shaver for teenagers has come to an end. Teenagers have special skin types. These skins are sensitive to various allergic materials and exposure to various elements. They need special razors that take care of their skins.

Beginners have trouble operating these devices. Thus, the shavers need to be simple in the mechanism as well. That’s why you’ll find models that are either small or somewhat primitive compared to other models of these franchises. This is good in a way. Minimal hassle and yet a satisfying experience.

If you don’t find these models appealing enough, you can always run off to do your own research. There’s a buying guide tucked in for that purpose. Let me know about your experience of shopping for these products. Hit me up if you want to add or deduct certain factors within the buying guide.

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