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5 Best Close Shave Electric Razors Will Make You Forget About Manual Razors

In the old days, using razors was for men seeking a traditional Wall Street look, with pinstripes, leather bags, and clean shaves.

While the first two were merely conditional, rocking a hairless look to display glowing skin was mandatory, as it always paired well with one’s slick backs and oxfords. And though the same mantra prevails to this day, it seems as though electric shavers have replaced the responsibilities that were once covered by the sharpness of razors.

As opposed to manuals, electric razors are ideal companions to rely on due to being more productive in generating close shaves, with technological advancements that also guarantee skin safety.

But if you’re seeking a guide that covers only the best of electric razors that are known for being great for close shaves, may this material guide you home!

A Preview Of The Special Candidates With Close-shaving Royalties!

Close-shaving Royalties

Looking into the shaving elements is one of the best ways to land an electric razor with close shaving abilities that meets your requirements. In addition, one may also obtain useful titbits on the shaving head, craftsmanship, and, in certain occasion, the motor potential.

Below are the names of prominent shavers that have been reliable in generating close shaves. While a one-liner can be helpful if you’re hoping to save time, be sure to move on to what follows for a thorough review.

ModelOtherwise Known As
Panasonic ES-LV-67Most Functional And Technologically Adept Close-shaver
Braun Series 9The Best Tool For Sensitive Skin
Panasonic ES-LV-65Most Reliable Close-Shaver During A Time Crunch
Babyliss FX02A Traditional Close-Shaver With A Hefty Body Kit
Andis Profoil ShaverMost Favored Gadget For Travel

Promising Electric Razors That Guarantee Impressive Close-Shaving Abilities Every Time!

From the surface, it could be difficult to tell how good a tool is in catering to close-shaving visuals. However, once you break each notion down, it should be easy to differentiate between what’s mediocre, and the standout performers in the world of electric razors.

Since time is anything but a friend, listed below are some of the best electric razors that I’ve tried out, and, at the moment, would vouch for if you’re seeking a close-shaving solution with dependable materials.

Going through the upcoming segments will also enable you to recognize which attributes matter most when you’re seeking an electric shaver that are specialists in garnering hairless results, so be sure to go through each area carefully.

Panasonic Arc 5 LV-67

If time is hardly ever on one’s side, a great electric shaver, which is also rather dependable when mimicking close shaves, appears to be the Panasonic Arc 5 LV-67, one of the fastests electric razors in the business.

Shaving system of Arc 5 LV-67

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The primary contributor that makes it as efficient in close shaving is surely the 5-in-1 blade system, starring an ensemble of Two Finishing Foils, two Lift-tech foils, and a Quick-comb blade for best measures.

In short, the finishing foils manipulate the skin to remove any facial hair that gets in the way of generating close results and flawless skin, while the lift tech foil deals with stubborn pieces of hair that often make their own rules before growing against the grain.

The quick-comb blade is by far my favorite component of the mix, garnering the ability to remove hair from an outgrown beard.

This makes the Panasonic Arc 5 LV-67 above every item on this list when it comes to providing hairless results, apart from the LV-65, which I will be exploring in a minute.

16-D shaving head of Arc 5 LV-67

Supporting the dominant nature of the foil system is the flexibility of the head, which moves in various directions.

According to Panasonic themselves, the LV-67 model moves in 16 incredibly agile ways, proving to be better than the previous models to provide a closer shave, which also includes the LV65 model.

However, if one puts a bit more effort into using the shaving head of the LV-65, and manipulates the structure by manually directing the foil system, I believe that the closeness of the results provided by the newer LV-67 can easily be mimicked by the former.

Difference between the shaving head of Arc 5 LV-67 & LV-65
Shaving head of Arc 5 LV-67 & LV-65

While the power I felt when using the LV-67 isn’t any different than the experience I had with the predecessors, I feel that the LV-67 was better than the Braun Series 9 as well as the Arc 5 65 in the hard-to-reach areas.

The power isn’t any different because, just like the Arc 5 LV-65, the Shave Sensor technology implemented in the LV-67 tracks and covers 70,000 cutting actions per minute, that too with the same foil system.

Arc 5 LV-67’s craftsmanship
Arc 5 LV-67’s craftsmanship

What’s new on the handle is the rubberised grip at the back, which feels much better than the matte-based grip of the LV-65.

Having the Shave Sensor technology on the shaving also feels much better than having it around the handle, as the sensor cops a better feel of the beard density rather than the motion in which the electric shaver is used.

What appears to be absent in the Arc 5 LV-67 model is the sensor-free shaving ability, a trait that LV-65 uses to further shorten the duration of each shave.

The LED display is also assigned to do less than what’s required, showcasing a 5-level battery life in percentages as opposed to the 10-level system implemented in the previous model.

LED display of Panasonic Arc 5 LV-67
LED display of Panasonic Arc 5 LV-67

As opposed to most on this list, the Arc 5 LV-67 feels sensational, providing seamless navigation when dealing with any kind of beard density.

Unlike the Andis Profoil, the Arc 5-LV-67 also supports users in the shower, providing wet shaves to generate clean results without bringing about signs of irritation.

A drenched Panasonic Arc 5 LV-67
A drenched Panasonic Arc 5 LV-67

Despite having a flexible shaving head, the Arc 5 LV-67 still feels less comfortable than the Braun Series 9, mainly because the foil appears to be more stiff around the skin. After all, in addition to its agility, it is the sturdiness of the foil system that allows the LV-67 to generate razor-like results in no time.

The only issue I believe lies in its endurance, since this dependable tool only provides an unreliable timeframe of 45 to 50 minutes, a minor upgrade from the previous models of the Arc 5; a huge setback for those desiring a good battery life.

Panasonic Arc 5 when plugged in and charging

Finding replacement blades is also extremely difficult, although it can be avoided if one bears the cost of purchasing replacement heads when investing in the foil shaver.

In the grand scheme of things, however, the Panasonic Arc 5, LV-67 is still the best of the best for those desiring glass skin in minutes, garnering shaving abilities and a relentless speed that can only be mimicked by peers belonging to the brand of Panasonic itself!

Panasonic Arc 5 LV-67 when in motion

If you’re worried about the battery life, try not to waste much juice when you’re not using this Panasonic Arc 5 model. When travelling, always make sure to use the travel-lock feature to preserve the 50-minute runtime until the moment you need to utilize the device!

16-directional shaving head ensures a clean-cut lookThe device might still cut sensitive skin
Precision-lock tends to help when dealing with hard-to-reach areas
Cuts extremely close despite having shaving sensors

Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9 is a leader in the league when it comes to providing not just a close-shave, but a comfortable one as well, thanks to its shaving elements.

The device offers a pair of Opt foils, which, in my eyes, are the best duo to rely on if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Braun Series 9 foil system and shaving head

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By moving in various directions and almost dissolving into the skin, the Optfoils use their rounded edges to collect the coarsest pieces from a 6-day stubble.

The titanium-coated HyperLift and Cut trimmer might capture your attention with its golden color scheme, but removes any ingrown hair out of the way to promote the closest shave possible with this device, that too without giving away any potential damage through cuts and bruises.

Direct and cut trimmer of Braun Series 9

The underrated Direct and Cut trimmer in the middle is quite the underdog and almost the black sheep of the Braun Series 9, as many don’t believe its purpose in between the foil system of this foil shaver which is currently one of the best tools for sensitive skin.

However, once you dive into its formation closely, you’ll notice how the precision trimmer almost carries the same purpose as the precision trimmer placed in the middle of the 5-man foil system of the Arc 5, going above and beyond to mow down a coarse beard without any hesitation.

Braun Series 9 and Arc 5
Braun Series 9 and Arc 5

Despite moving in 10 different directions with its 10-D shaving head, the Braun Series 9 feels more fluid and free when moving around the skin, adapting to more pieces of facial hair around the tighter areas than the LV-65, which is an opponent of the Braun model in this regard.

Collecting hair is a breeze with this device as well, not only due to the device’s housing, but also its software upgrades.

The head facilitator beyond the surface is Sycro Sonic technology, which, at full speed, covers 40,000 cutting actions per minute, being a great companion to me when I’m rocking a scruffy stubble.

Braun Series 9 in motion

However, since the device’s main aim is to provide safety at all costs, you might notice how slow the Braun Series 9 is in contrast to the Arc 5 models.

Furthermore, as the Syncro Sonic technology adjusts this Braun Series 9’s speed settings to be parallel with the thickness of the beard the shaver is dealing with, the estimated time needed for hairless results might vary; an issue that the Arc 5 LV-65 minimizes with its sensor-free mode.

Shaving elements of Braun Series 9

Shaving while defending the layers of sensitive skin is easy with the Braun Series 9 regardless, however; not only because of the Skin Guard attached in between the foils, but also because of its lightweight build.

I admit the device is a bit bulky for a foil shaver, requiring more space to be made inbetween the palm for more control. It only weighs 7 ounces, though, making it the lightest shaver on this list after the Andis Profoil.

Braun Series 9 and Andis Profoil in hand

While the LED display of the Braun Series 9 does leave out some major emblems that the Arc 5 provides for making close-shaves easier, the 3-bar battery system is just as easy to keep tabs on in contrast to the 10-bar display of the Arc 5.

LED System Of Braun

The Precision-trimmer of Braun Series 9 is much safer than the one provided by Panasonic, while the travel lock feature is just as effective.

Many often count the Braun Series 9 out when looking for an electric shaver; not because of its abilities, but due to its substantial price gap in contrast to the rest of the candidates.

Braun Series 9’s SmartCare Center

However, the reason behind the increase in price is a blessing in disguise, otherwise known as the SmartCare Center.

The SmartCare Center not only makes up for the 50-minute runtime of this Braun shaver, which is the biggest drawback, but does even more than just replenishing the battery life of the system.

It is by far the biggest perk of having a foil shaver as dependable as the Braun Series 9, being a specialist in cleaning the device, rejuvenating the foil, and recharging the battery life.

Braun Series 9 while being charged

Just like most top-notch shavers, the Braun Series 9 also caters to quickies by providing fast charging abilities, which take 5 minutes to provide a runtime of 5 minutes.

And although one might need to swipe the Braun Series 9 more to generate a close-shave as clean as the Andis Profoil and the Panasonic Arc 5, with a little bit of scissor work, the Braun Series 9 is my recommended pick for those with sensitive skin, especially for those prone to severe conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

4-way foil system ensures close shaves and protection with Skin Guard technologyCan’t cut as close as the Arc 5 due to priortizing skin safety over close results
SmartCare Center tends to make the aftermath easier with its multipurpose abilities
The rubberized coating at the back makes for seamless navigation

Panasonic Arc 5 LV-65

Many argue that the LV-67 is simply better than the LV-65 due to being manufactured at a later time, with minor hardware upgrades.

However, I beg to differ, as I believe that the predecessor is much more adept in every single element, even more so when it comes to providing closeness.

LV-65 and LV-67 craftsmanship
LV-65 and LV-67 craftsmanship

The LV-65 not only looks better than the Lv-67 with its chrome silver paint job, but also adopts, implements, and imitates various attributes of the successor, which begins around the shaving elements of the model.

Foil system of LV-65

This Arc 5 model, much like the LV-67, trims any kind of facial hair, irrespective of density, with a 5-way foil system, involving the same pair of Finishing foils and lift-tech foils of the former.

In the middle lies an identically put precision trimmer, which secures the LV-65 a position on this list due to the shaving closeness it tends to provide.

While the shaving head of LV-65 isn’t as agile as that found on the newer Arc 5 model, the fact that it can rotate in a 10-D method is promising nonetheless.

Shaving head of LV-65

The closeness provided remains the same, but the efficiency tends to differ when using the LV-65 model due to the stiffness of the head.

However, if you forgo the precision lock switch and manually move around the shaving elements by placing two fingers underneath the shaving head, removing facial hair from narrow areas, such as the lining of the chin, can be done quite easily.

Precision-lock switch
Precision-lock switch

Though it also adopts the same Shave Sensor technology as the rest of the Arc-5 models, the LV-67 creates a difference with its motion sensor, which has a better grip over the speed setting by placing itself around the handle.

That way, the LV-65 adjusts the 70,000 cutting actions in accordance with the form of the user, alongside the beard density, providing close results by reducing the chances of repercussions.

Backside of LV-65 and 67
Backside of LV-65 and 67

The ergonomic lacks grip, but the weight of this Arc 5 feels the same; a feather.

And though the handle is lean without any grip support for making navigation easier, I believe the Panasonic makes up for it by enhancing the shaving experience of the LV-65 model.

While everyone is aware of the shave sensor technology of Panasonic that’s present on this system, otherwise known as Smart Shave Sensor, what many aren’t aware of is the fact that the LV-65 can turn it off whenever.

LV-65 in motion

By pressing the power button twice, the Panasonic Arc-5 LV-65 offers sensorless shaving, which enables the foil system to operate at full speed indefinitely.

Though the former is detrimental for those with sensitive skin, it’s a blessing for those seeking to save time.

LV-65, 67 & Braun Series 9
LV-65, 67 & Braun Series 9

This also makes the Arc 5 LV-65 the fastest close shaver, beating out the best of Andis as well as the Braun Series 9 at the same time, in addition to its peer, the LV-67.

To garner an unassailable lead over most candidates, and meet eye-to-eye with the best electric shavers of 2024, the Arc 5 LV-65 provides a functional and technologically advanced display, which does more than just convey notes on the battery status.

Display of LV-65

Attached to the 10-level battery indicator are the motion sensor, which analyses the form of the user, an emblem for the anti-clockwise travel lock feature to preserve the energy levels, alongside a warning when the Arc 5 is constantly being neglected for a wash.

What enhances those perks is a tracker that takes note of the duration of each shaving session, which can’t be found in any other device on this list.

Using the device is easy as long as you’re able to adjust to the slender handle of this Arc 5 model, but what takes away the appeal is the Li-Ion battery, which only supports the device for 45 minutes.

Adjusting chips and sideburns to enhance the density can be carried out by its pop-up trimmer, but the duration still can’t be overseen for those seeking a close-shaving device, especially when travelling.

LV-65’s Precision trimmer being used on the side

If you’d still like to invest in this device, though, I suggest you use its 3-min quick-charging abilities; a trait that you will also find on the LV-67.

Don’t forget to take the leather case with you as well, especially if you’re big on presentability.

Leather case and LV-65

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To save time and be efficient with the battery life, try to partake in wet shaving with this waterproof electric shaver, especially if you desire nothing but a clean-shaven face!

Generates the same performance as the LV-67Has an underwhelming battery life in contrast to its peers
Produces sensor-less shaves, enabling the device to cover 70,000 cutting actions per minute
The smart sensor is placed at the base of the handle for precise readings

Babyliss FX02

While the technologically adept tools of Braun and Panasonic are favorable close-shavers for those seeking assistance for sensitive skin and effective cutting motions when running out of time, your knack for using a traditional foil shaver can be met if you count on the Babyliss FX02.

A close-shaver that ditches modern-day perks to provide a close shave with traditional rituals, the Babyliss FX02 offers no sensors or fancy LED displays to cater to sensitive skin, but a hypoallergenic double foil system with off-set abilities.

Babyliss FX02 in hand

The gold-seating on the foils is fused with titanium, allowing the device to collect volumes of facial hair by increasing the tempo of the edges.

The results provided by the foils of the Babyliss FX02 almost resemble the visuals of the Andis Profoil, even around the difficult areas of the face, such as the back of the jaw and the nape line.

And since the device is easy to hold, shaving close isn’t just easy if you pull the skin, but also comfortable if the skin is stretched out by an inch or two when shaving.

Babyliss FX02’s offset-double foil system

The off-set foil system digs deep as well, moving in a back and forth motion to collect even the tiniest length of facial hair that might go unnoticed when using foil shavers like the Braun Series 7.

What enables the Babyliss FX02 to generate smooth skin isn’t just the easygoing usability provided by its tech-free housing, but also the flexibility of the foil, which uses a clicky method to mesh with the cheeks and any soft region on the face for a closer shave.

Babyliss FX02 in motion

The rotary motor assists the device in dealing with any kind of facial hair, allowing the device to cover an RPM of 11,000. In comparison, despite being able to generate a closer shave due to its compact size, the Andis Profoil covers a speed of 8,000 RPM.

In other words, had the Babyliss FX02 been a bit smaller in size, with a narrower foil system, the device could easily have been better than not just the Andis Profoil, but also the Panasonic Arc 5 in terms of speed.

Andis Profoil, Babyliss FX02 and ARC 5
Andis Profoil, Babyliss FX02 and ARC 5

Now, the weight of the device, and the fact that it isn’t waterproof are two drawbacks to why many opt out of investing in this foil shaver known for being a specialist in close-shaves.

Babyliss FX02’s housing with the auto shutoff cover

However, if you’re into visuals, and would like a device that is immune to fall damage, I see no reason why you shouldn’t trust the housing of the Babyliss FX02, based on a metal-infused body with heavyweight materials.

Sure, the weight might make it difficult to keep the form in check when dealing with different parts of the skin, but the battery life, which is probably the biggest advantage of this foil shaver, will never let you down.

Babyliss FX02 and Braun Series 9
Babyliss FX02 and Braun Series 9

Though shaving close comes easy to the Babyliss FX02, the device provides a Li-Ion battery with a runtime of 3 whopping hours, which not only caters to more sessions, but also makes up for all the weight it carries.

If I were packing for a trip, apart from the Braun Series 9 and Andis Profoil, the Babyliss FX02 is the one I would place my trust in, especially for the duration it has.

On another note, if you’d like to learn about the best travel shavers of 2024, be sure to follow the link provided in this remark!

For being the heaviest foil shaver that almost weighs as much as professional hair clippers for barbers, the Babyliss FX02 is often dismissed, in spite of having close-shaving abilities.

However, for those that prioritize battery life, prefer classic builds with heavyweight furnishing, and durability in their foil shavers, the Babyliss FX02 is the best close shaver to add to the collection.

Off-set foil system cuts close, generating 11,000 RPM at one goCan be a liability due to its weight
The clicky foil system blends into the skin for a deeper shave
The device provides an incredible runtime of 3 hours, making it ideal for travel

Andis Profoil Shaver

Spending big for technologically advanced shavers with precise shaving sensors and motion means could be a great idea for those desiring a shaver for sensitive skin.

Andis Profoil’s design in hand

However, for those working with a small budget to meet their needs of generating a close-shave, one of the best affordable shavers is, without a doubt, the Andis Profoil, a travel-friendly tool with an unbeatable foil system.

Andis Profoil’s shaving elements

Andis Profoil is fused with a pair of hypoallergenic foils that are narrow yet study, with a firm shaving head for maximum efficiency.

Despite lacking size overall, and weighing only a little over 5 ounces, the Profoil seems to have a relatively large foil system, with enough openings to collect and break down volumes of facial hair.

Andis Profoil being used to remove a stubble

Each shave with the Profoil consists of hairless results, and smooth skin. The reason beind the close shave is the efficiency of the foil compartments, which cover tons of ground with its rotary motor.

The Andis Profoil is one of the fastest, and thus, an extremely reliable shaver for generating a clean-shaven face, garnering an RPM of 8,000 with the help of its motor.

Providing sensors isn’t necessarily in the books when using the Andis Profoil shaver, but serving a comfortable shaving session surely is, which always gravitates towards the materials used for housing.

Andis Profoil in comparison to Panasonic Arc 5
Andis Profoil in comparison to Panasonic Arc 5

Measuring less than 5 inches, the device is a great fit, adjusting perfectly to small as well as sizeable hands.

This not only prevents fatigue during lengthy shaving sessions, but also makes it easier to navigate the device, enabling close shaves even in compact areas.

Alongside an efficient motor is the housing of the device, which resorts more to minimalism to provide convenience during use.

Andis Profoil’s button navigation and handle

And though the Profoil doesn’t take help from sensors to provide unique shaving results, the rotary system proves to be effective and powerful enough to give out zero-grade facial hair results in no time.

After the Babyliss FX02, Andis Profoil appears to provide the best battery life, running for 80 minutes at a time.

The hypoallergenic foils not only remove signs of irritation, but also ensure an injury-free session with its corded abilties, which finds the Andis Profoil with an unlimited runtime for operation.

Andis Profoil when plugged in and charging

The rapid abilities of the Andis Profoil shaver is one of the standout perks of having the tool, since the foils when infused with the convenient housing can provide easygoing navigation and a good form, generating hairless results within minutes.

I’m quite fond of how well the foil lasts even after a year or two, given that this is the cheapest and most affordable close-shaver one can invest in.

Not all is sunshine and rainbows about the Profoil, it seems, as the device can only provide dry shaving operations due to being housed with materials that are rendered prone to water damage.

Nonetheless, while the best part about Andis Profoil is its ability to provide razor-like results in no time with its gold-plated foils, I also vouch for its conventional housing, sturdy shaving head, and incredible motor; three more contributors that make Andis Profoil so dominant and the best close-shave electric razor for a low to moderate budget!

Provides close-shaves with its lightweight housing which is easy to manipulateDoesn’t have waterproof housing, rendering it ineligible to accommodate wet shaves
Has a stiff foil system that removes hair with titanium properties
Is solely devoted to providing close shaves

Must-Have Elements Of Close-Shaving Electric Razors: Assessing Test Results To Find A Standout Performer!

Regardless of how much facial hair you have, if your main aim is to find a reliable companion with close-shaving abilities, there are plenty of attributes that you need to assess before making your pick without a sense of regret.

Luckily, all 5 of the candidates above meet all the generalized requirements; an element that I’ll be covering shortly.

In addition to covering the must-haves of every electric razor hoping to give out close-shaves, I’ll also be assessing each device and their elements to find a winner and establish a better reader-to-writer understanding.

Be sure to inspect each area carefully, especially if you’re curious to find the standout performer!

Shaving Closeness: Foil System & Motor Quality

Stating the obvious is the first element of this guide, which brings to light the foil system of electric razors, which needs enough sharpness to guarantee close-shaving results.

Underneath the surface, ensuring appealing motor quality should also be a key attribute that any shaver guaranteeing closeness must offer, with adequate power for rotations and cutting actions per minute.

On this list, the closest shaver appears to be the Arc 5 models, dominating the league with 5 shaving elements. Each compartment completes 14,000 cutting actions per minute, which can shave any kind of hair at any time!

However, the Lv-65 is a cut above the rest, as it can forgo its shaving sensor to provide a close-shave at full speed.

In third place is the Babyliss FX02, mowing facial hair down with its dominant rotary motor, and study foil system.

The Braun Series 9 is a great device for those seeking shaving comfort, but generates similar results to the Andis Profoil, which can generate closer shaves due to its size.

Relevant Housing For Navigation

The next element appears to assess the size, shape, and weight, which can be categorized overall with the term, housing.

Having ergonomic design is a must if one is hoping to have a proactive approach into close-shaving with a razor. Due to the lightweight nature of the materials, the device might feel like a feather, an element that can make navigation easier.

Having no more than 5 inches of height and width should be the norm, too, as a close shave can only be generated when users have enough control. For those with small frames, a narrow shaver can provide more space for shaving comfort.

Moving on, when it comes to housing and navigation, all of the 5 tools seem extremely reliable.

The Panasonic Arc 5 once again takes the lead, offering a rubberized grip on the LV-67 model, and a slender grip with a shaver sensor on the LV-65. Both devices feel identical in terms of weight, size, and shape.

While the Braun Series 9 is just as light, it lacks the motion sensor that the Arc 5 provides to navigate the users to a close-shave, landing them a place right behind the ring leader in this regard.

Andis Profoil, in my opinion, has the perfect housing for beginners, as well as veterans who prefer simplicity over the complexity of using technically-wise tools.

The Babyliss FX02 loses out heavily in this regard despite leaning towards minimalism, with a weight that can make anyone struggle.

Wet & Dry Shaving Potential

While each device is fused with different components, we all know how the shaving measure taken, which can be divided into wet shaving and dry shaving, can pave the way for an electric razor to generate quality-like results on par with close-shaving tools.

Though the Babyliss FX02 and Andis Profoil generate close-shaves without requiring an assistant or drenched skin, the former two are prone to water damage, limiting their wet shaving potential.

The podium is once again shared by the Arc 5 models, and the Braun Series 9, all of which are fused with IPX7 housing.

When pitted to the test, all three appear to generate the same shaving experience, with the Braun Series 9 being more compatible for those seeking more skin security.

The Arc 5 once again generates the most efficient results, however, finding more closeness with its foil system when dry, and shaving foam when accommodating wet shaves.

Additional Perks

While assessing the motor quality, housing, and versatility of a shaver in a plethora of scenarios can give you a better idea of whether or not the device is built for close-shaves, counting the additional perks they provide can be an extra incentive to analyse if you’re hoping to further secure a win in this scenario.

Counting the accessories that are provided with the item and taking note of its battery life can prove to be additional perks if they can enhance or make the close-shaving experience more fruitful. In certain cases, their technological elements can also be counted.

Perhaps the best example of the former remark can be explained using the Panasonic LV065, which uses Smart Shave Sensor to provide the right experience to users.

And though the LV-67 matches that element perfectly, the additional perk of the Panasonic Arc 5 LV-65 model is that it has a sensor-cut ability, which allows the device to perform at full speed to save time.

Another model which can perform a close shave with tons of accuracy is the Profoil, which offers perks with its lightweight, and easygoing housing.

The Braun Series 9 offers tons of consolation to sensitive skin, with a relevant Syncro Sonic technology that is more precise in reading the density of one’s beard.

It not only makes shaving close a comforting experience, but also offers tons in its SmartCare Center, which goes above and beyond to preserve the precision of the blade system; the sole reason behind the device’s shaving results.

The Babyliss FX02 offers a case for travel, but also offers what many refer to as “a classic shaving experience,” with straightforward housing that goes from zero to 100 right at the start.

While the Braun Series 9 guarantees a 7 year shelf life, the Babyliss FX02 also guarantees a healthy lifespan with its durable housing, which can absorb tons of fall damage and provide a close shave year in, and year out.

Generating Hairless Results With Ease: 7 Unwritten Rules For Close-shaving With Electric Razors!

Having the right tool is always a plus when you’re hoping to achieve your goals, but nothing will help if the form you have is flawed.

Worry not, however, as the following guide will easily perfect your form when using electric razors to generate incredibly-close shaves within minutes!

From ensuring hygiene to doing some scissor work beforehand, here are my two cents to shaving for close results, with a viable explanation for each cause.

Make sure your skin is clean

Practicing healthy mantras beforehand won’t just improve your shaving results, but also increase the chances of promoting great results without repercussions.

Likewise, if you’re hoping to protect your skin at all times, even when using electric shavers, be sure to remove any pending build-up with agents such as face wash.

Doing so will also soften stubborn pieces of hair, which will ease down the shaving process.

Practice the right form

While stroking works for razors, moving in circular motion works for rotary shavers.

However, when working with electric razors, be sure to glide with the device. You may also work the device in various ways to ensure closeness in even the enclosed areas of the face.

Stretch the skin for a closer shave

When struggling to accumulate pieces of hair, be sure to stretch the skin to cut deeper onto the surface for better results.

Use your thumb and index finger to pull the skin tout, before allowing the device to lead the way and make an attempt to mow the lawn to perfection

Ensure the beard length works well with the device

Before you place your trust in a shaver, be sure to inspect its shaving elements, motor, and housing for navigation.

Since most foil shavers can only deal with stubbles, ensure your companion is malleable with the beard density you possess.

Partake in some scissor work if the length is longer than expected for a close shave with various confidence boosters.

Take precautionary measures for sensitive skin

While foil shavers are quite useful with or without any protectant due to their skin-friendly shaving elements, it is ideal that you take precautionary measures if your skin is sensitive, and prone to breaking out.

In addition to taking your time when partaking in a shaving session, let shaving foam, a great layer of protectant for sensitive skin, protect you from harm when using an electric razor for a close shave.

Wash and moisturize after the session

To remove gunk, pieces of shaved hair, and even shaving foam from your face, be sure to wash it with a foaming cleanser.

The routine should be more thorough if you have sensitive skin, with toners, serums, and sunscreen entering the mix in addition to just a cleanser and moisturizer.

Don’t forget to clean your companion

Often, many forget to rinse not just themselves, but also their shaving device upon concluding the shaving session.

While following a skincare routine is a plus, don’t forget to clean your foil shaver, either, as the bacteria accumulated by the shaver can easily result in foreseeing acne and breakouts.

It is easy, too! All you have to do is rinse the device in water, or remove the foil before splashing it with some H20.

On another note, if you’ve been using Panasonic, be sure to use some soap on the Sensor before hooking on the foil system and turn it on for a thorough foaming cleanse!

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’ve taken a peak at what’s useful, let the following questionnaire help you out if you’re seeking guidance on the decision-making, or just in a dilemma regarding electric razors that can provide a close shave!

Q: Which electric shaver should I use for close shaves on sensitive skin?

Ans: For sensitive skin, the Braun Series 9 is the most dependable gadget with close shaving abilities, with a generous beard sensor in Syncro Sonic technology, and a 4-way foil system with rounded edges and safety nets.

However, if you’re not fond of the price tag of the device, which faces a spike due to its SmartCare Center, an alternative you can consider is the Panasonic Arc-5 LV-65, which is much cheaper with a thin Skin Guard attached in the middle of the foil system.

Q: What should I analyse when determining an electric razor’s close-shaving abilities?

Ans: After analysing the gap between the shaving elements of the foil system, your priorities should involve the motor, ergonomic implementation, and flexibility of the dedicated electric shaving companion, as the trio gives away a clear and concise narrative on the razor’s shaving potential.

Q: Why is my electric razor struggling to generate close shaves?

Ans: If your electric razor that once used to clear out every square inch of your stubble is struggling to operate, causing tons of nicks, pulling, and tugging along the way, then you might need to replace your foil system.

A deteriorating foil system is the most common culprit behind an electric razor’s decrease in performance, wearing out once every 6 months; expanding to 12 in special scenarios.

If it’s not the blade system, however, look into the hardware of the device, and listen to how it runs. A deterioration in performance can easily be caused by failing software elements, as well as a rotting battery.

Final Takeaway

When all is said and done, this guide contains everything that one needs to know regarding electric razors that accommodate close shaves, so be sure to revise it repeatedly if you’re seeking the right companion for your skin type, beard density, and lifestyle.

While every device apart from the Panasonic Arc 5 models don’t have mutual interests or common ground to share, all of them guarantee close-shaves in one way or another, even if it requires some manipulation through skin pulling.

However, if I were to single out the rest and make a pick, I’d always side with the Panasonic Arc 5, ES-LV-65, mainly due to the price advantage it has over the rest, as well as the skill gap it establishes by forgoing its Smart Shave Sensor to operate at max speed.

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