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5 Best Corded Electric Shavers That Will Keep You Groomed At All Times!

In a world where grooming is considered a well-received activity, taking assistance from the right tools can go a long way. And while using accessible and affordable pieces of equipment like razors, waxing strips, and beard trimmers can be used to tackle specific grooming issues, an all-in-one solution that can take care of the lengths of your hair, facial hair, and body is a corded electric shaver.

Primarily known for its ability to accumulate hair in a quick and easy manner, a corded electric shaver is also known for shaving any part of the body without leaving behind razor burns, cuts, allergic reactions, and bruises on one’s skin. Built with a better battery life, convenient cleaning system, and compact design, corded electric shavers are also drastically different from those that are just corded or cordless.

Moving on, if you are planning on ditching your pre-existing everyday blade for a shaver that is technologically advanced and long-lasting, then your collision with this article was a match made in heaven!

On top of covering the 5 best corded electric shavers that are changing everyone’s lives for the better at the moment, we will also reveal to you every reason why they’re ahead of their competitors. By unveiling their key features, housing, and value, we also hope to assist you with finding a corded electric shaver that will take care of your grooming needs effortlessly!

Top 5 Corded Electric Shavers Summary Overview

Before we cover each corded electric shaver in detail, let’s go through some of the basic features that they offer. While you can skip past this portion if you recognize all the names and happen to be an enthusiast about shavers, make sure you get a glimpse of this table if you opened this article without carrying out any prior research!

ModelRunning Time Blade Type Price
Braun Series 790cc50 minutes 8-D Flex Blade See On Amazon
Andis Pro-Foil Lithium80 minutes Hypoallergenic Blade See On Amazon
Philips Norelco 2300 40 minutes 4-D Flex Head See On Amazon
Wahl 5-Star Finale90 minutes Hypoallergenic Gold Plated Foil See On Amazon
Braun Series 345 minutes 3-D Flex System See On Amazon

Assessing The Best Corded Electric Shavers That Are Currently On The Market!

After trying out all the corded electric shavers ourselves, we couldn’t help but be blown away with the runtime most of them offered. However, since mentioning all of them would have delayed the content-making process, we broke the list down repeatedly, eventually making a list of 5 corded electric shavers that impressed us the most. Toggle through the next few segments to learn everything about the promising contenders!

Braun Series 7 790 CC

Braun Series 7 790cc

Check Price On Amazon

From the pile of electric corded shavers, a model that you can count on for obtaining the perfect shave possible is the Braun Series 7, 790 CC; which is the only smart shaver on this list.

Using Autosense technology and producing 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute, the Braun Series 7 offers users the closest shave possible without leaving a single mark on the skin. To prevent the chances of injuries even further, this smart corded electric shaver also examines the density of the user’s beard and skin type. Afterward, it removes, sharpens, and shapes up the selected set of beards with effective strokes with its Sonic technology.

In addition to being rapidly fast due to its adaptive shaving motors, this Braun Series comes with an 8-dimensional flex head, which can be utilised to swipe and dismiss stubborn pieces of hair from areas that are usually hard to reach. The device also offers users with 5 power modes which makes it a specialist in creating effortless shaves, shaping up stubbles, and evening out a scruffy beard.

Due to comprising robust and durable materials, the Braun Series 7 could feel a bit hefty. And while it also loses points due to not being waterproof, this corded electric shaver of Braun’s is a must-have for providing a runtime of 50 minutes, and for having useful attachments such as a cleaning station. It also gets a solid pass in our eyes due to being one of the most affordable items from this bunch!

Autosense technology
Not waterproof
8-D flex headFeels heavy
5 power modes

Andis Pro-Foil Lithium Shaver

Andis Pro Foil Lithium Shaver

Check Price On Amazon

It’s always better to put your best foot forward when you’re working a 9-5. Additionally, if your job requires you to travel around frequently, having a corded electric shaver that fits in your backpack easily, serves for a lengthy period of time, and offers time-friendly shaving sessions could work wonders for your life. And if you fancy the sound of that, meet the Andis Pro-Foil Lithium Shaver, the next recommended item on our list.

Draped in gold hypoallergenic plated shaver blades, this Andis shaver is ideal for obtaining a close shave in under a few minutes. To shorten the duration of each shave as much as possible, the top-notch quality blades are supported by a highly-functional motor that runs at a speed of 9,000 RPM.

Due to its compact size and lightweight build, it can feel easy to navigate through a heavy beard, and fit in delicately under a cramped piece of luggage. Worrying about the battery life also exists in theory when you have this bad boy around, as its Li-Ion battery can serve for 80 long minutes on average.

While the plastic feel of it could seem like a deal-breaker every now and then, this corded electric shaver is easy to maintain and clean after each use. It may also not have the ability to be waterproof or contain essentials like a battery indicator, but those can also be forgone since the cord it comes with allows it to run for hours!

Hypoallergenic shaver bladesNot waterproof
Highly functional motor; 9,000 RPMLacks a battery indicator
Compact and weightless

Philips Norelco 2300

Philips Norelco 2300

Check Price On Amazon

Another great electric corded shaver that is quite often underappreciated is Philips Norelco 2300, which can provide you with all the necessities for a close shave and more!

The device contains 4-dimensional flex heads that work around one’s face seamlessly, bringing to the table a clean shave without any pressure. Underneath the flex heads are lenient cutting blades that pick apart pieces of facial hair in the gentlest possible manner.

A great feature of this device is the pop-up trimmer that it comes with, which specializes in shaving the eyebrows, shaping one’s moustache, and debulking the sideburns. While the time limit of this device contains no boundaries when the cord is plugged in, this Philips Norelco can provide you with an impressive runtime of 40 minutes when unplugged.

The design of it isn’t bad, either, as the curve-shaped edges and incredible grip around the power button make the device easy to control, even for those that are clumsy. And while you are barred from using it in the shower since it’s not waterproof, the price tag of $39 and the easy upkeep it provides with its removable shaver head should be enough to side with this corded electric shaver!

Benefits Drawback(s)
4-D Flex headCannot be used in the shower
Lenient cutting blades
Good grip
Removable shaver head; easy to clean

Wahl Professional 5-Star Finale

Wahl Professional 5Star Final

Dealing with stray hairs and ingrown hair is the worst when you desire a close shave. And if you’re finally tired of dealing with razor burns, acne, and bumps that usually arise from ingrown hairs, consider amping up your budget by a tad bit and investing in Wahl Professional 5-Star Finale!

This device deserves all the flowers because of its hypoallergenic gold foil, which can provide a close and smooth shave without damaging susceptible skin. It comprises an enhanced cutting system as well, which deals with stubborn pieces of hair without an issue.

With its rotary motor that runs at full speed, you can also achieve a shave as well as a maintenance cut in under 10 minutes. Since it only weighs 0.36 pounds and is relatively compact, using this model of Wahl should be easy and enjoyable when you’re at home, and when packing for a trip!

On top of finding tons of fulfilment in its performance, you’ll also find great pleasure in the build of its battery life. While the device can be used for longer periods of time with the help of a cord, the Wahl 5-Star Finale can also serve you for 90 impressive minutes when the power is out.

Although you might find its value a bit unfathomable and unreasonable since it’s not even waterproof, the Wahl 5-Star Finale is definitely a mandatory purchase in our eyes, as it comes with a handful of accessories. It contains a finer shaver brush for removing dust particles and hair particles from the shaving head, as well as a smaller brush for dealing with compact areas of the device. While you can always make use of its lengthy cord when giving yourself a haircut, you can also recharge its battery with the charging station that it comes with!

Benefits Drawback(s)
Hypoallergenic gold foilExpensive
Enhanced cutting system
Rotary motor
Charging station

Braun Series 3 Pro Skin

Braun Series 3 Pro Skin

The closing contender on our list is the Braun Series 3 ProSkin, which offers tons of useful components at a convenient rate!

This corded electric shaver is a foil shaver that contains a 3-dimensional flex system, which can deal with patchy to thick beards with the help of its micro-comb feature. When used correctly, you can obtain a remarkably close shave, all the while making your skin look smooth and polished.

Just like a typical corded electric shaver of Braun, the Series 3 ProSkin contains a curve-shaped silhouette with an incredible grip. The lightweight feel when combined with the ergonomic build it comprises can make any shaving experience easy, effective, and effortless!

When being used to remove any kind of facial hair, the device could feel soothing and efficient due to its blades, which are known for avoiding unnecessary contact. And although its blades are glorified for their ability to wipe away hair strands from hard-to-reach areas, the Braun Series 3 ProSkin stands out when working with a 3-day stubble!

On top of being accessible to those working with a tight budget, this corded electric shaver of Braun is a diamond in the rough for being waterproof. While its NiMH battery with a runtime of 45 minutes makes the device a liability at times, a 5-minute quick charge should be sufficient for one excellent shaving session!

3-D flex systemNiMH battery; 45 minute runtime
Micro-comb feature; good for sensitive skin
Perfect for a 3-day stubble

The Benefits Of A Corded Electric Shaver: Why They’re Better Than Those That Are Just Corded Or Cordless

Now that we’ve discussed the promising attributes that each corded hair shaver offers, we believe that clearing the air on the difference between corded electric shavers as opposed to cordless and corded shavers should be the main priority.

While it is easy to distinguish between a corded shaver from a cordless shaver, separating a corded electric shaver could be challenging when it’s hung next to a cordless shaver. Even though that scenario is almost always confusing from the outside, a corded electric shaver is miles ahead of a cordless shaver due to its attributes and useful accessories. Check out the portion below to learn all just how good a corded electric shaver is in contrast to items labeled as only corded or cordless shavers.

Better Shaver Battery Life


They Offer A Better Battery Life

While corded shavers ultimately give in due to their poor-quality batteries, and cordless shavers run for a limited amount of time, corded electric shavers can run for a substantial period of time due to having a relatively powerful Li-Ion or NiMH battery. Additionally, when the battery is running low, each corded electric shaver has a detachable cord with an adapter that can be used to recharge the battery, and extend the runtime of the tool at the same time!

They Are More User-Friendly

Corded electric shavers might not always be waterproof, have durable materials nor have useful technological features like battery indicators, fancy LED displays, and multiple attachments at all times. However, since most options offer a good grip, are relatively compact in size, and almost weightless when being used, they are considered to be more user-friendly.

Additionally, due to their lightweight nature and detachable cord, they’re also the better companion to choose when going on lengthy trips.

Corded Shaver Cleaning

Easier To Clean

After using a shaver, cleaning it can either be time-consuming or ineffective, especially when you’re dealing with cordless shavers with close-gap levers. That issue only exists in theory for electric corded shavers, however, since the rotary or foils in the system absorb hair follicles just as fast as they eliminate them from the device. Moreover, most corded electric shavers provide effective components like cleaning brushes, and even provide cleaning stations, making them easier to maintain on a daily basis.

They Perform Better

Regardless of whether they’re foil shavers or rotary shavers, electric corded shavers are known for being better than their counterparts when being used to shave the face, create fades, and clean hard-to-reach areas. While the main reason behind their exceptional efficiency is the free flowing heads that each electric corded shaver contains, another key feature that ensures the devices to bring to the table a memorable shave is the powerful motor that most of them feature.

Additionally, since they’re also lightweight, users typically find them easier to work with, allowing the shaving results to be monumental!

Frequently Asked Questions

Corded electric shavers have yet to reach their prime. However, if your main priority is to obtain the closest possible shave on an everyday basis, you should definitely put your money in one of them, especially if you’re working with a budget that is relatively low.

Additionally, if you’ve skimmed through all the former portions thoroughly, we assume you’ve already found a corded electric shaver that suits your skin type and matches the requirements you have. But, if you’d like to play it safe anyway, be sure to not leave this article without skimming through the following set of questionnaires!

Q: What should a good corded electric shaver contain?

A: While any and every corded electric shaver can be a bang for its buck for their dominant battery life, there are many other primary elements and factors you should consider if you want to establish an unforgettable experience with your new corded electric shaver.

In addition to having good battery life, we believe that a top-grade corded electric shaver should have an affordable price tag, a shaver head that offers a close shave without causing razor bumps, burns, or nicks, and is relatively lightweight in hand.

Furthermore, since the tools preserve battery life with a corded system, a good corded electric shaver should also be long-lasting. Having useful attachments like a good cleaning system, cleaning brush, and a lengthy cord will also make any corded electric shaver a recommended pick in our book!

Q: What are some affordable corded electric shavers in 2024?

A: In addition to feeling lightweight, having skin-friendly materials, and being long-lasting, corded electric shavers are great for the price tags they obtain. In fact, regardless of how low or how substantial your budget is, you can invest in any and every option that we’ve covered above. However, for the best possible results, consider increasing your spending and looking into the Wahl 5-Star Finale!


Due to offering a limitless runtime, having technological features that cater to sensitive skin and serve all kinds of hair, and being inexpensive than most grooming tools available on the market at the moment, corded electric shavers are the ultimate solution, especially if you want to obtain a shave in a short period of time.

However, if we were to pick a favorite from the bunch, we would either side with the dominant abilities, user-friendly attachments, and convenient design of the Wahl 5-Star Finale.

Moreover, if we were to pick two, we would also resort to the budget-friendly Braun Series 7, which uses its brilliant Sonic and Autosense technology to shave one’s skin without causing tugs and pulls.

Nonetheless, if your 3 day stubble is the only inconvenience that is holding you back from looking good and feeling confident, consider picking one of the options from this article which has the best corded electric shavers that currently have the grooming world in their hands!

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