Best Waterproof Electric Shaver: Shaving Under Shower Was Never Easier

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But with wet electric shavers, that’s exactly what you can do.

You can have the best of both worlds. The convenience of a dry electric shaver and the refreshing feeling of a wet shave.

And today there’re more reasons than ever to purchase a waterproof electric razor. We do a lot. Our days are jammed with work responsibilities, friend requests, and Netflix binges.

Add to that the fact that only 2% of us can multitask effectively, and you have a recipe for daily anxiety. But you can optimize your morning routine by using a wet shaver.

But you will need the best shaver to get the best results. Remember, top of the line doesn’t mean the most expensive. My tailored list of waterproof electric razors has something for anyone and on any budget.

Sensitive skin, thick beard, procrastination: no negative is really a negative here. It’s an opportunity to find the perfect shaver for you.

Continue reading to learn what my top waterproof shavers are and why you need one of them.

Top 5 Recommended Shower Electric Shaver Reviews

1. Braun Series 9 9290cc

Braun Series 9 9290cc

If you’re into high-tech trends and shiny new features, then the Braun series 9 9290cc may be your new shaver. Braun claims it’s the worlds most efficient shaver and waterproof up to five meters.

The wet shaving experience with this shaver is simpler than wet shaving with a razor. The all-chrome finish doesn’t stain or gunk up after using it the shower. And cleaning up is easy.

The 2 titanium-coated trimmers capture flat laying hairs by lifting them from the skin. The trimmers also cut down longer hairs so they’re short enough to slide into the foils.

For users with deep facial features, the 10D contouring system is a huge plus. The shaving head flexes in 10 different, independent directions so you don’t have to worry about keeping the proper angle as you shave hard to reach spots.

The micro-vibrations in Braun’s SyncroSonic Technology adapt to your shave, buzzing up to 10,000 times a minute for thicker hair. This helps to cut more hairs per pass, saving you time in your daily routine.

And the all-digital display outmatches many in its class and includes a 9-stage battery life reading, shaver timer, and shows when it’s time to clean the shaver.

Speaking of cleaning, the 9290cc includes the revamped Braun cleaning center. By holstering the shaver into the device, you can enjoy hands-free washing and lubricating of your shaver. This adds life to your blades and keeps the foils sanitized.

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Great Positives

This is a bulky but well-made shaver with German quality chrome finishing throughout. As a flagship product, I can tell that wet shaving was a priority for Braun. That’s why I placed this at the top of my list. If you want the best you can buy, this is it.

The four cutting elements have no problem cutting with shaving gel, soap, or water. They’re stainless steel and designed for that exact purpose. So, you don’t have to worry about rusting the parts or the blades dulling over time.

I like the titanium plated trimmers, too. I shave every 3 days and the higher trimmer cutter chops down hair I’d otherwise have to pass over with the included pop-up trimmer.

Cleaning Center works as advertised. It maintains the Series 9 admirably. I find it comes in handy if you like wet shaving because shaving gel can stick inside the mechanism and dampen performance.

There are other shavers on my list that offer a similarly close shave. But the Series 9 is the most fully functional, high-tech device on the market right now.

The Downside

Although I like the size of the device, I admit it’s a little wide. Some users may find the overall bulk too much to hold while in the shower.

There are soft-touch rubber sides to grip but I think Braun could’ve eased off the chrome and added more touch points for users with clumsy hands.

2. Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc5Panasonic’s Arc5 has surprised shaving enthusiasts in the last few years. It’s a sleeper hit for those of us who prefer wet shaving because of its unique 5-blade design.

And those 5 blades are sharp and shaped for maximum cutting efficiency. Panasonic engineers their blades to 30 degrees to match the unique bend of the foils.

The patented curve allows for unparalleled contact with your skin. Unlike most brands, they waste no surface area on the foils. The entire foil is in contact with your face.

The 14,000 CPM motor easily handles both thick hair and light, tough to cut hair. And the multi-flex pivoting head manages around hard to reach areas without the need to make multiple passes.

Panasonic doesn’t need trimmer heads or any other add-ons because their Lift-Tech foils are specially designed to agitate annoying flat hairs.

The LCD display is brightly lit and features red and blue indicators. It details battery percentage and a notifies you when it needs recharging. The lithium ion battery lasts about 40 minutes per charge, which is about a week of shaving time.

Also included with the shaver is a premium cleaning station, one detergent pack, charger, and soft-leather travel pouch.

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Great Positives

Shaving with the Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 is quick, comfortable, and close.

The 360-degree head does a lot of the work for you. This isn’t a simulated full movement either. It tilts a true 360 degrees. That means you can reach most anywhere on your face or head without continually going over the same spot multiple times.

The other workhorse component on the Arc5 is the blades. There are 2 blades on either side of the middle trimmer bar. Because of the arc design and the 360 head, you’ll experience quick wet shaves.

Another thing I like about the Panasonic design is that you can remove the foil screen separately from the cutting blades. If you use gel or shaving foam, this is important. Cleaning the foil head in the shower mid-shave can drastically increase performance.

The cleaning station works well. It has been remodeled in the last year, and no longer leaks like the old ones were reported to do.

Overall, this is a great shaver. It’s perfect for those with sensitive skin or want fast wet shaves.

The Downside

The included cleaning station uses a detergent that isn’t alcohol based. So, it doesn’t completely sanitize. But soap cleans nearly as well. Either way, you shouldn’t share your shaver with anyone else, so this isn’t a major issue.

3. Braun Series 7 7865cc

Braun Series 7 7865cc

If you refuse to accept a mediocre shave or you suffer from sensitivity issues, then the Braun’s wet and dry Series 7 7865cc is for you.

With the ability to flip between 5 modes, from Turbo speed to Sensitive, you can adapt your shave depending on how you feel or how sensitive your face feels in the morning.

On days where your sensitivity peaks, just drop to the lowest speed and the intelligent auto-sense technology will also pair its micro-vibrations for a relaxing shave.

The Series 7 comes with 4 shaving elements. Braun housed 3 linear cutters with one SkinGaurd to capture hairs in one pass that other brands take two or three to catch.

The 8 directional head and Braun’s floating shaving foils adapt to your face as you shave. The foils aren’t bordered by unneeded plastic either. So, you can reach tricky spots like under your nose and side burns easily.

Braun packed a 50-minute lithium ion battery into the shaver. And the LCD screen notifies you of battery life in three stages, from full, mid, and near-empty.

Included with the shaver is a clean and charge station, one detergent tray, cleaning brush, charger, and hard-shell travel case.

Great Positives

I think the Series 7 is a great wet shaver option for those that like to mix up their wet shave experience. For example, if you like to wet shave in the shower during the week and at the sink on a weekend.

The ability to change your shaving mode on the fly opens a variety of options. The maximum power mode, Turbo, is great for a wet shave in the shower with water, when you need to clean up quick before heading out the door.

The sensitive mode combines well with a scent-free foam at the sink for days when your face is a little tender from a sunburn or other irritations.

And when you add the other features such as the well-made cleaning station that chargers your shaver as it cleans, you add value on top of an already valuable package.

The Downside

The cleaning station works great, but you will need to purchase new cartridges when the included one depletes. I found they last about a month and a half. If you routinely rinse the shaver head under water, you could probably boost the longevity to 2 months.

4. Philips Norelco S9311/87, Shaver 9300

Philips Norelco S9311/87No list of the best waterproof shavers is complete without a Philips Norelco. I mean, their Aquatec technology practically started the waterproof trend in electric razors.

The s9311 bolsters the 9000 series with its V-Track precision blades. Unlike most of the rotary shavers made by Philips, the 9000 series has two separate blade tracks in each rotary head.

The new V-track borders each head and catches stray, misaligned hairs that previously took several passes to cut smoothly.

The unique Contour Detect Technology piles four separate planes of tilting action on top of one another and enables more ways than ever for the shaver head to match the curves of your face.

Quick cleaning of the 9311 requires about thirty seconds. You can do it in the shower. Just snap the blades off the head and rinse them under water.

The package also comes with a cleaning center that Philips dubs the SmartClean. You insert a detergent package into the bottom tray much like the Braun system. It takes roughly 40 minutes to clean fully.

The SmartClean may work like other cleaning systems, but Philips Norelco added advanced display functions. The top LED notifies you of the entire process, from pre-clean, to wash and dry, all with a clearly labeled progress indicator.

When complete your 9311 is clean, lubricated, dry, and fully charged. The liquid used in the SmartClean is alcohol free and won’t irritate your face.

Great Positives

I think the s9311 has fantastic soft-touch rubber grips on the sides and back. Really, excellent ergonomics overall. It’s perfect for users who need a device that hugs their face optimally.

I like that the three rotaries of the 9311 cover a generous space on my face. It takes fewer passes than I’m used to with foil electric razors.

While it’s difficult to get a straight line on your sideburns, the included trimmer head snaps on for quick touch-ups at the end of your shave.

I wouldn’t recommend using the trimmer head in the shower. So, do your sideburn lines at the sink.

It’s true that most rotary shavers aren’t made for sensitive skin because the rotary action is rougher than a foil.

But with the 9300 you have three sensitivity settings: low, medium, and strong to customize your experience.

The 9000 series can handle a hefty beard. I recommend this shaver for anyone with a thick beard and those that shave infrequently as it can handle upwards of 7-day beard growth.

The Downside

While it looks great, the front facing plastic attracts fingerprints fast. You may be the only person using it, but you aren’t the only one that will see it resting in near the bathroom sink. Not a fatal flaw, but you must wipe it off every week.

5. Braun ProSkin Series 3 3040s

Braun ProSkin Series 3 3040s

Who says waterproof electric razors can’t be affordable? The Braun Series 3 electric razor stands out as the best option for those of us on a budget or prone to dropping everything in the shower.

The S3 is a well-made, sturdy device. Its all-rubber baby blue sides aren’t only attractive, they hug your hand, too.

The Mircrocomb technology catches long and stray hairs and guides them into the two adjacent Sensofoils. And the same foils also lift hairs that stick or lay flat on your skin.

This is a 3-blade linear foil razor that’s fully waterproof and usable with foam, gel, and water. For days when you aren’t in the shower you can also use it dry.

The 3040 ships with an upgraded NiMh battery with 2x the power over the basic S34. Instead of 20 minutes of charge, you get 40 minutes and a quick charge option.

An included pop-up trimmer works in the shower as well and cuts precise lines for your sideburns and neckline.

The S3 package rounds out with a charger, protective cap, and cleaning brush.

Great Positives

I think this is a fantastic option for several reasons. Braun manufactures all their shavers in Germany. That means the S3 shaver uses the same parts and goes through the same approval process as their S9 shavers.

And that’s the other thing, this is a seriously well-made shaver. It feels heavy and robust in your hand. The only thing that could break if you dropped it is the foil itself as it’s a thin sheet of metal.

The wet shaving performance nearly matches its more expensive cousins. It will take more passes to achieve the results you want, but the results are possible.

Although it doesn’t come with a cleaning station, maintenance on the S3 is simple. Most days you can get away with a quick rinse under the shower or tap.

Once a week just remove the shaver head and give it a thorough cleaning under the sink, removing any buildup from shaving gel or foam.

I argue the S3 suits anyone on a tight budget that wants the benefits of a wet shave. Also, those of you with butterfingers should consider the shaver. Nothing on the list is as durable as the S3.

The Downside

The NiMh battery get a lot of flack because they can have memory loss issues if you charge it too often mid-battery life. But by waiting until it’s nearly dead and the red light indicator flashes, you can avoid that issue for years.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Waterproof Electric Shaver

Although every waterproof electric shaver aims to do the same thing, they all do it differently. You need to consider the major attributes of these shavers before purchasing. These are my top points to mull over while you reach your final decision.

  • Foil Vs Rotary

I won’t go into the entire list of foil and rotary differences. The main thing to know is that manufacturers of either type offer wet shavers. Neither one is better than the other.

Foil shavers are generally assumed to be better for sensitive or easily irritable skin. Rotary shavers work best for men with thick, gnarly facial hair. Their wet performances are identical and so is their close shave results.

  • Shaving Head

With shaving technology bigger often means better. A larger head covers more real estate on your face and shaves quicker than a smaller head.

If you shave with gel or foam, the larger head has another benefit. It takes much longer to fill with shaving gel than a smaller head. That means you can shave for longer lengths of time before rinsing the shaving head under water.

Also, those of you who shave your head would enjoy a larger shaver head as it’ll cut your time in half. I mention the shavers above that have larger-than-average heads in my reviews.

  • Build Quality

Obvious as it may seem, it’s worth mentioning. You have a far higher likelihood of dropping your electric razor in the shower than above your sink.

No matter the grip included on the device, we’re all prone to accidents. This is especially true in the shower. But if you’re accident prone, then consider an extra durable shaver. You may have to trade some features for durability. The decked-out shavers are often more fragile.

  • Ergonomics

Most of us don’t have a mirror in the shower. So, ergonomics matter more for shower shaving than dry shaving. At the sink you can use your reflection to navigate your face and check your arm position. But in the shower, it helps to rely on a shaver with great ergonomics.

That means you need a shaver with a 360-degree head and fits comfortably in your hand. You want your electric razor to do the hard work. Good ergonomics saves you time and the headache of missing spots you would otherwise catch.

  • Cleaning Station

Wet shaving isn’t just shaving in the shower. It can mean shaving with gel or soap at the sink, too

Gel has its advantages, especially for those with easily irritable skin. But one thing that gels can do is gunk the cutting blades. Even a 14,000 CPM motor will slow down if you don’t clean the cutting blades.

The easiest way to maintain your shaver is with a cleaning station. The privilege of holstering a dirty shaver and returning the next day to a clean device is fantastic. It saves you time and needless wear on your blades.

If you can afford a cleaning station, I think the price is worth it.

  • Price of Replacement Heads

Even the best waterproof electric shaver requires replacement heads. And since you plan to keep the device running for years, investigate how much they cost and how readily available they are in your area.

The last thing you want is an electric shaver you can’t keep running after the cutters dull. Most shavers require new heads every year to 18 months.

So, make sure you can afford the cost of replacements. They can range dramatically depending on the brand and model.

Final Verdict

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the shavers on my list. They’re all dependable wet shavers.

But no two shavers are made the same. For my money, the best waterproof electric shaver is the Philips Norelco s9311. Its shower shave bounds ahead of the pack, and it handles foam and gel a little better than the Braun contenders.

My runner up would go to the Panasonic Arc5 for its beastly shaving head. It has plenty of room to munch up your shaving foam without chugging performance.

Both my picks are fully waterproof and won’t damage no matter how many times you use them in the shower.

Hopefully, I’ve helped you sort out your wet shaver conundrum. Soon you’ll have your shaving routine optimized and you can upgrade other parts of your life.

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