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Braun Series 9 Review & Comparison: The Complete Guide

For many men, shaving is as essential as brushing their teeth. It’s important to invest in a shaver that will give you all the features you need in your daily life. For some men, travel and shaving have to be compatible. For others, a cleaning station and convenient wet shaving is vital for looking their best.

The Series 9 from Braun has many great features in their original models like the SyncroSonic elements and the HyperLift and Cut. They’ve improved upon those models with upgrades that make shaving a pleasure. It can be tough to decide between the original versions and the upgraded versions. This is a breakdown of the Series 9 versions available from Braun, so you can choose the one that appeals to your lifestyle.

Braun Series 9 Shavers – Comparison Table

ProductsCleaning Station
Titanium Coating
Braun Series 9 9390cc Included2.14 PoundsYes See On Amazon
Braun Series 9 9465cc Included2.57 PoundsNo See On Amazon
Braun Series 9 9290cc Included
2 PoundsYes
See On Amazon
Braun Series 9 9293s None1.08 PoundsYes
See On Amazon
Braun Series 9 9295cc Included
2.5 PoundsYes
See On Amazon
Braun Series 9 9095cc Included
2.6 PoundsNo
See On Amazon
Braun Series 9 9260s None0.01 OuncesYes
See On Amazon

Top Seven Braun Series 9 Models Review

The Series 9 Of Braun is definitely something to behold if you’re seeking a reliable foil shaver to handle your grooming needs. While the similar housing of most models might make it challenging to separate one from the other, almost all the installations in the Braun Series 9 franchise can be sufficient to bring in exceptional grooming results in a safe and sound manner.

With the help of the comparison table above, you’ll probably learn about some of the prominent elements that make each foil shaver in the Braun Series 9 product line so staggering and appealing. However, if you’d like to be provided with a deeper assessment before coming to a decision, don’t hesitate to read through the following portions!

Braun Series 9 9390cc

If you prefer a model which comprises traditional housing, the best Braun shaver you can experiment with is the Series 9 9390cc. While it does have plenty of common ground with the previous models, the Series 9 9390cc also has newly-built promising features that can’t be found in most of them.

From tackling beard issues with a new cutting system to comprising useful components that ensure the longevity of this device, here are some key features to take notes on of the 9390cc.

Key Features of Series 9 9390cc

Syncrosonic Technology – Just like prior models, the Braun Series 9 9390cc contains SyncroSonic technology, which tends to be of use if you’re not aware of the kind of beard you have. To cater to any beard type and bring in an array of shaving results, this Series 9 model uses its Syncrosonic Technology to examine the density to bring in desirable results without hampering the skin of the users. 

Pro Lift and Cut System – While the 10-D flex head allows the shaver to move seamlessly and quickly, the ProLift and Cut system allows the device to move effectively around the face or any part of the body, tackling even stubborn pieces of hair without an issue. While this could be of great use if your hair grows unevenly, it can also be just as beneficial if you regularly work around stubborn hair pieces and ingrown hair. 

Braun Series 9 9390cc

Accessible Safety Lock – While the size of the safety lock button can be an issue when traveling, the giant dimensions of the button are also a privilege about this Series 9 model. Even though Braun did drop the layout in the next models, this safety-lock button is easier to work with if you’ve previously owned a Braun foil shaver and are still in love with the housing of the former instalments.

Low Maintenance – Cleaning a device after partaking in the act of body grooming or shaving could be hectic and time-consuming. And although many models comprise brushes to get rid of the particles of hair and oil to keep the foil as good as new at all times, this Series 9 model comprises a 5-in-1 cleaning station that specializes in cleaning the system, sharpening the blades, recharging the battery, and drying the device after each wash.

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My Impression 

As stated earlier, the 9390cc is a great investment to make if you prefer the visuals of the older models. The housing is as traditional as some of the previous product lines in the Braun franchise but comprises the latest technological features that can provide you with promising results.

While the SyncroSonic technology will eliminate every hair particle without causing any injuries, the Li-Ion battery will make sure you have enough time to deal with every single hair strand without running out.

What could be better?

The travel-lock button tends to turn on rather easily, which can hamper the final results when left unmonitored.

Braun Series 9 Pro 9465cc

The king of the hill between the models of Braun Series 9 is the 9 Pro 9465cc, the concluding installation among the series. In addition to having upgraded elements within its hardware, the Series 9 Pro is also more efficient during operation. On top of dealing with 3-day stubbles with ease, the Series 9 Pro is a specialist in getting rid of coarse to thin beards of any length due to its technological advancements.

From being a better companion for travel to having more attributes for obtaining better shaving results, here are all the reasons that make the Braun Series 9 Pro rise above the rest.

Key Features of Series 9 Pro 9465cc

Seamless Travel Lock Feature – As opposed to its predecessors, the 9 Pro comprises a leaner travel lock or safety button that seals the device’s power button during long journeys, and offers a firm hold when shaving through any hairy surface. The updated button not only looks more modern, but also feels better to use in contrast to the jumbo-sized travel-lock buttons in the prior models.

Unbeatable Build – Braun has always been prominent for making durable and long-lasting shavers, and the Series 9 Pro happens to be one of them. Comprising a housing made of metal, the manufacturing team of Braun guarantees that the Series 9 Pro won’t just serve you for a short span of time, but a long period which can extend to 7 years if the blade is replaced on a daily basis and the device is cleaned regularly.

Braun Series 9 Pro 9465cc

60-Minute Run-time – In addition to having a 10-D foil head that can rotate in 10 different ways to get rid of stubborn strands, the Braun Series 9 Pro is a fan-favourite due to its Li-Ion battery, which allows the device to survive for 60 minutes when fully charged. When you’re running short of time, you can also use the device due to its quick charging abilities, which enables the device to run for one swift session after 5 minutes of charge.

AutoSense Technology – Just like some of the previous models, the Series 9 Pro comes with AutoSense technology, which analyses the length and density of one’s beard before letting the shaving head work its magic. Afterwards, the device sets the ideal SPM to provide a quick and efficient shave and generate ideal results without any pulling, tugging or nicks!

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My Impression 

The Series 9 Pro is definitely the best foil shaver that Braun has produced so far. With its technological features, seamless operation and weightless housing, it is the perfect long-term device that can tackle every shaving issue possible.

Since the device is versatile and rotates in 10 different ways, don’t hesitate to use it on areas that are sensitive and typically hairier. And if you’re afraid of the amount of hair you’ll have to clean right after, make sure to put its 5-in-1 cleaning system to full use. In addition to cleaning the blades, the 5-in-1 cleaning system also lubricates the flexhead and dries the device up after every wash.

What could be better?

While it is the best model within Braun Series 9 models, it could be out of range for those with a limited budget.

Braun Electric Series 9 9290cc

The Braun 9290cc is a good investment to make if your budget is just about high enough and your schedule is a tad bit packed. The appearance of it isn’t the only thing that’s impressive about this Braun Series 9 model, as the 4 precision blades it comprises can sweep you away during each session.

In addition to being waterproof, the device is also low-maintenance with its multipurpose cleaning station and long-lasting with its durable build. To learn about all the promising characteristics this shaver brings to the table, move on to the portion below!

Key Features of Braun 9290cc

Five Shaving Elements – There are 4 separate cutting areas on the head of the Braun 9290cc. Each shaving element moves separately while the fifth area guards the skin from cuts. It’ll smooth the skin for the closest shave possible. This will also help eliminate razor burn from having to shave an area more than once.

Durable Design Build – While the 9290cc looks great, it’s designed to be durable, too. It’s a durable plastic, but one that is built to withstand abuse. It’s a solid shaver with a rubber grip designed to be used with wet hands. You don’t have to worry about the shaver falling in the sink and breaking.

Braun Series 9 9290cc

Precision Trimmer – Shaving your face clean involves more than just the shaver you use. The trimmer for your sideburns also matters. Messy sideburns can ruin a clean shave. There’s a trimmer on the back for trimming sideburns as well as your mustache or back of the neck.

Cleaning and Charging Station – The cleaning and charging station is a patented 5-action design. It’ll clean, sanitize, lubricate, dry, and charge your shaver. The LED display will tell you when a charge is needed, too. Every time you use the cleaning and charging station, your shaver will be like new again.

Waterproof Design – The new designs of the Series 9 include wet/dry options. That means you can take this shaver into the shower with you. The case is completely waterproof, so it’s protected from water hitting the interior and ruining the motor.

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My Impression

The 9290cc is a sleek-looking shaver with a durable design and extra features that make it feel good in your hand. It’s ergonomic, which will keep you from having hand fatigue while shaving. The grip will keep it in your hand as well.

Some of the best features of this shaver come from its convenience. It’s a well-designed shaver that has an LED display. That display will tell you how much battery you have left down to the exact amount. This is a good feature for those who travel and want to charge the shaver before they leave. You can easily keep an eye on the battery level while away. It’ll also show the hygiene level. You’ll know exactly when your shaver is due for a cleaning.

That brings us to the charging station. Braun has the only 5-action charging and cleaning station. Instead of you cleaning and sanitizing your own shaver before charging, it’ll do all of that for you. It’ll also lubricate and dry the shaver, so it’ll be like having a brand-new shaver each time you charge.

What could be better

The sleek outer shell of the shaver picks up fingerprints, so you’ll have to wipe it after each use to keep it shiny.

Braun Series 9 9293s Electric Shaver

To obtain a slightly upgraded version of the 9290cc, the 9293s could very well be a promising contender to consider. Sure, certain elements might be missing with this option, but in terms of the technological means, this Series 9 model is definitely a bargain!

In contrast to its immediate predecessor, the Braun 9293s is more convenient for travel. With a lightweight build, a travel pouch and no cleaning station, you can expect this device to fit in your suitcase with ease.

On top of costing less, the device is also an eye candy due to its colour scheme. And if you’re intrigued, reward yourself with all the strong points of the Braun 9293s that we’ve unveiled below!

Key Features of Braun 9293s

Sonic and AutoSense Technology – Each shaving element has blades that provide 10,000 microvibrations. The AutoSense technology will adapt to the length of your whiskers to give a customized shave. It’ll capture and cut more hair with every pass.

Special Trimmers – On the head of the foil shaver, there’s a guide that is used to capture hair. Hair can be tricky sometimes. It’ll grow flat to the skin, which makes it hard to pick up and cut. The titanium trimmer will guide the hair to be cut by the foil part of the shaver.

Braun Series 9 9293s

Wet/Dry Technology – The 9293s is a wet/dry shaver that is also completely waterproof. Some shavers can be used with foam or gel, but can’t be submerged in water. That’s not the case with this shaver. You can take it into the shower with you to cut your morning grooming time.

Charging Stand – There is a charging stand that can be used to hold your shaver when it’s not being used. You don’t have to toss this beauty in a drawer. It can sit out on display in your bathroom. The LED display will let you know when you’re ready for a charge, too.

10-D Contouring – Each of the foils moves independently from the next. This gives you a close shave. The foils are able to move with the varying angles of the face. It’ll glide smoothly across the cheekbones to the jaw and under the chin easily.

My Impression

Braun boasts that this shaver can last up to 7 years. That’s certainly likely with the durable design and incredible features in the shaver. While it’ll last for years, Braun is always coming up with great technology and new features that’ll make you want to upgrade. This shaver is an upgrade from a previous model.

It has titanium trimmers and the ability to capture more hair for a smoother shave. The HyperLift & Cut trimmer is made for those hairs that lay flat against the skin.

The shaver has a protective SkinGuard that will smooth the skin and help you avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs. After using this shaver, you won’t have to worry that you’ve left any hair behind.

The unique MultiHeadLock allows you to lock the 5 foils into a position that will give you a more precise shave. This is fantastic for the area under the nose or along the jaw where you want to keep the same angle in place. Braun has really studied what men want and need for a close shave.

What could be better

The shiny chrome is beautiful, but it picks up fingerprints easily.

Braun Series 9 9295cc Electric Shaver

Another Braun Series 9 model that deserves all the flowers that it gets is the 9295cc foil shaver. In addition to providing a good battery life of almost an hour, this model is unbeatable due to Syncrosonic technology, a feature that prioritizes comfort and safety during each shaving session.

The device doesn’t just provide a clean shave with no harm, but is also a specialist in wiping away ingrown pieces of hair and stubborn strands. If you prefer shaving in the shower, this model’s ability to be waterproof should be at your service. To learn everything about the Braun 9295cc, read through the following segments.

Key Features of Braun 9295cc

100% Waterproof – The 9295cc is completely waterproof. While most of the Braun shavers can be used wet or dry, they’re not all waterproof. The shaver can be completely submerged in water, which means you can use it in the shower. That will help you get ready faster every morning.

Quick Charge – The shaver charges in one hour for 50 minutes of shaving time. It’ll also give you a quick charge within 5 minutes for a quick shave. You’ll be able to keep track of the charge amount on the display, too.

BRAUN Series 9 9295cc

LED Display – On this shaver, the LED will give you all the information you need. You don’t have to fiddle with any buttons, either. It’ll give you the amount of battery left on the shaver. It’ll show you the hygiene status, too. There’s also a travel lock, so your shaver doesn’t get bumped while in your luggage. The LED will show an indicator.

Precision Trimmer – There’s a trimmer attached to the shaver. The popup trimmer shapes your mustache, around your beard, the back of your neck, and sideburns. It’s an entire grooming system in one shaver. The trimmer is made of titanium for a strong yet smooth shaving experience.

Cleaning and Charging Station – Braun has the only 5-action charging and cleaning system for shavers. It’ll perform 5 actions smoothly and efficiently without you having to do any work. It will cleanse, sanitize, lubricate, dry, and charge the shaver for your next use.

My Impression

Braun has really great features in their new Series 9 shavers. They have a short charging time of 60 minutes for 50 minutes of shaving. The Li-Ion battery can even deliver a quick shave after a few minutes of charging. There shouldn’t be any reason to need that quick charge though. There’s a cleaning and charging station with the 9295cc. The LED display will tell you exactly how long you have on the battery, too.

The shaver has a rubberized grip that has a ton of texture. When your hands are wet, you don’t want to worry about dropping the shaver. This is a very important feature if you plan on using your shaver in the shower. The shaver should be easy to hold firmly while you’re in the shower or when your hands have foam or gel on them.

This shaver is waterproof, too. Not only can it be used with foam or gel, but it can be submerged in water up to 5 meters. Take it into the shower with you for a quick shave and shower at the same time. It’s convenient when you can combine morning activities to get you out of the house faster. You could even put this shaver in the car in case you’re always on the run. It’ll be easy to leave work, have a quick shave, and meet clients or friends for dinner while still looking your best.

What could be better

The chrome case picks up fingerprints easily.

Braun Series 9 9095cc Electric Shaver

If your budget isn’t as substantial and you lack experience as a body groomer, a good model of Braun from the Series 9 franchise is the 9095cc, the oldest soul amongst the top recommended Series 9 models.

While it lacks a versatile cleaning station for maintenance and comprises a foil head without titanium coating, the Braun 9096cc can be a good entry to take into account due to its flexibility and usability. Despite being backdated, the 9095cc has an impressive battery life of 50 minutes just like most of its successors. From having an LED display to comprising a pop-up trimmer, here are all the desirable aspects of Braun 9095!

Key Features of Braun 9 9095cc

SyncroSonic Technology – There are 4 specialized elements used for cutting with this shaver. Each element performs a specific task. They have cross-cutting blades that perform 10,000 sonic movements per element.

LED Display – The display on the front of this shaver will show you so much information at a glance. It shows an exact battery status level. You’ll know how much shaving time is left in the current charge. There’s a hygiene indicator and travel lock indicator, too.

Braun Series 9-9095cc

100% Waterproof – Braun Series 9 shavers are completely waterproof. The shaver’s case is sealed, so you can easily bring this shaver into the shower with you. This will cut time from your grooming each morning. It’s incredibly convenient.

Precision Trimmer – Shaping your sideburns is a huge part of looking your best. There’s a popup trimmer on the back of the shaver. It’ll make trimming your mustache and edges of your beard simple and easy.

HyperLift – Flat lying hairs are a problem for most men. Hair can grow wild and in very different directions. The HyperLift system guides the hair in the same direction and lifts it to be cut precisely.

My Impression

With the flexible shaving head, this shaver will follow the contours of your face. It has a combined MacroMotion and MicroMotion to keep more of the foil in contact with the skin. When the foils stay in close contact, you’re getting a smoother, closer shave with your electric shaver.

Four cutting elements on this shaver means that each one performs a specific task while shaving. There’s a direct and cut trimmer as well as sonic technology that will guide the hair for the cutting foils. Nobody’s hair grows in the same direction, so this is a great feature for every guy who wants to shave with one pass.

This wet/dry shaver can be taken directly into the shower. This is one of the biggest benefits to using an electric shaver like Braun. Instead of using a regular, manual razor, you can simply lather up and give yourself a quick shave. When you combine morning grooming activities, you’re giving yourself time for other important tasks.

What could be better

The cleaning system needs a specific type of alcohol cleaner to clean properly.

Braun Series 9 9260s Electric Shaver

Another recent installation that could be considered one of the best models in Series 9 is Braun 9260s, which comprises 10-D flexible foil shaving heads infused with SyncroSonic Technology, which allows the pivoting head to generate 40,000 SPM. The handle is just as light as the previous and latter models, but is draped in a silver paint job as opposed to the original chrome colour scheme.

Although maintaining this device could be difficult due to the cleaning station that its packaging lacks, the Braun 9260s can very well be the perfect match with its desirable traits. Toggle through the following materials to acquire more knowledge of the model!

Key Features of Braun 9 9260s

Wet/Dry Shaver – This shaver is 100% waterproof. It can be used with shaving cream or gel for a smooth shave. It’ll survive in the shower with shaving gel. The shaver can be fully submerged in water for cleaning, too. Simply hold it under the faucet to remove all the gel and hair from the shaver.

MultiHeadLock – The flexible foils and head itself moves independently to follow the contours of your face. You can lock the foil and head in place to keep the foil in close contact with your skin. Your jaw line and under the chin or nose are just a few areas where this feature will work beautifully.

Braun Series 9 9260s

Secure Design – When you design a shaver to be used in the shower or with shaving gel, the handle has to be non-slip. The Braun shavers all have secure, textured grip on the handle. The rubberized grip provides a secure handle that won’t slip.

Precision Trimmer – The trimmer on this shaver is integrated directly into the shaver itself. It slides out of the back, so you’ll never lose it. Once you’re done shaving, pop the trimmer to get your sideburns. It’s quick and simple.

AutoSense Motor – The AutoSense motor will adjust itself based on the thickness of your whiskers. It can adjust its power 13x per second. If you have denser areas of the face, this shaver will adapt itself accordingly.

My Impression

The SyncroSonic technology provides you with 10,000 cross-cutting actions per foil head. With 4 heads, that’s 40,000 actions per minute. Along with the AutoSense motor, the shaver will check the density of the hair and adjust itself to provide more power when its needed. Your hair doesn’t grow at the same rate or the same density across your face. It requires adjustments in your shaver.

The MicroMotion and MacroMotion of the shaver foils means that you’re getting 10 directions in your shaver as it moves across your skin. Your face is angles and contours that need a shaver that adjusts and moves. The smooth space of your cheeks leads to an angled jaw line and a slope to your neck. For a close shave, the foils shouldn’t skip any areas when moving. That’s why the 10-D ability of this shaver is very thorough.

The protective SkinGuard and HyperLift parts of the razor head work together for the smoothest shave possible. At the end of your shave, you’ll have smooth, soft skin without razor burn or irritation. Braun has taken everything they’ve learned about a man’s face and put that knowledge into a shaver that gives you the smoothest shave possible.

What could be better

The shaver doesn’t come with a charging/cleaning station.

Braun Series 9 Razors Comparison

9290cc vs 9293s

The 92xx versions of the Braun Series 9 shavers are the newer models. The 9290cc has a cleaning and charging station while the 9293s does not. The 9293s does have a charging stand, so you can keep the beautiful shaver on display. They can both be used in the shower since all the new models are 100% waterproof. The 9290cc is silver while the 9293s is chrome. Chrome is more prone to fingerprints compared to the silver. Of the two shavers, the 9290cc has the cleaning station, which makes it the better deal.

9293s vs 9295cc

The models with “cc” in their name are Braun Series 9 shavers that come with a cleaning station. The 9295cc has the cleaning and charging station included. The 9293s does not have a cleaning station included with its shaver system. They both have a titanium trimmer and SyncroSonic Technology as well as a beautiful chrome design. The real difference is the 5-action cleaning and charging station, which doesn’t come with the Series 9 9293s.

9295cc vs 9095cc

The 9295cc is the upgraded model of the 9095cc. They both have cleaning stations as noted by the “cc” at the end of the model number. The original Series 9 9095cc has the old blue HyperLift & Cut trimmer. The upgraded 9295cc has the trimmer that is coated with titanium. While titanium is normally a matte gray, this coating is a nitride that gives you a distinct gold color. It won’t corrode and retains its edge. The new version is available in silver while the old is available in chrome. The silver won’t attract fingerprints.

9095cc vs 9260s

As mentioned previously, a lot can be noted by the model numbers of these shavers. The 90xx shavers are the older models in the Series 9. The 9095 is an older model, but it’s one with a cleaning station included. The 9260s is a new model without the cleaning station. The 9095cc is chrome while the 9260s is silver. They’re both the wet/dry model that can be used in the shower.

Why is Braun Series 9 the World’s Best Shaver?

  • World’s First SyncroSonic and AutoSense Technology

AutoSense TechnologyBraun is the first shaver of its kind with AutoSense and SyncroSonic Technology. The cutting elements of each foil perform a specialized task. Sonic technology gives each element 10,000 cross-cutting actions. That’s 40,000 per minute. The Direct and Cut trimmer as well as the Hyperlift work together to lift, direct, and cut hair that grows in different directions.

AutoSense technology works by sensing and adjusting to the direction of the hair as well as the density of the beard. Your hair doesn’t grow in the same way all over your face and neck. It requires constant adjustment of the motor, which is something Braun shavers do incredibly well.

  • Protective Guard

The Protective SkinGuard will keep your skin taut for a close shave that won’t nick or cut you. It smooths the skin down and keeps the shaver from pulling painfully on the hair. The skin guard is one of the most important elements of the Braun shaver.

  • Pivoting Head

The entire head of the shaver moves as needed across the skin of your face. This provides more movement for contours and angles. The shaver will never lift from the skin, which will give you a closer shave with one pass. It’s essential for areas like the jaw, the neck, and under the nose.

  • MicroMotion

Each cutting element moves independently of the next one. This is part of the 10-D movement that you’ll experience with Braun. When each element moves right and left, you’ll get a flexible shaving head that stays close to the skin.

  • 100% Waterproof

The wet/dry nature of the Braun Series 9 means that you’re getting a more flexible shaving experience. You can use the shaver dry but rinse it under running water to clean it. The shaver could be used with shaving cream or gel for a smooth shave that softens the skin. The shaver can also be taken into the shower, which will gift you with extra time each morning.

  • Advanced Cleaning and Charging Station

The cleaning and charging station is the only one with 5 actions. Most of the Braun shavers have an indicator on the handle that will tell you when it needs cleaning. The shaver is placed in the station where it is cleaned, sanitized, lubricated, dried, and charged. You won’t get all of those actions with any other shaving system.

  • Precision Trimmer

The titanium trimmer as part of the foil cutting elements will smooth and guide the skin to the best shave of your life. There’s also a popup trimmer that can be used to shape sideburns as well as lining up areas around your beard. It’s a great way to get the hair on the back of your neck between haircuts, too.

  • Ergonomic Design

The shape of the shaver and the textured grip will ensure that you won’t drop the shaver while your hands are wet. While the shaver is durable, it can’t be dropped into the sink or on the floor without it breaking. It’s important that you’re able to hold the shaver comfortably in your hand, too. A comfortable handle means a closer shave that’s smooth and close.

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Unboxing Your Braun Series 9 Shaver

Unboxing Braun Series 9

Inside the box, you’ll find a ton of accessories as well as information you need for your new shaver. First, you’ll find the instruction manual. You’ll be able to refer back to this as you use your shaver. Inside the manual, you’ll find your money-back guarantee return form. Keep this in case you’re unhappy for any reason. Braun has helpful customer service for issues.

The next item you’ll find in the box is the travel case. Every Braun shaver has the ability to stay charged for 50 minutes after a full charge. You can take your shaver on vacation or a quick work trip without bringing the charger or cleaning station. The case is hard, so it’ll protect your shaver on your trip.

Inside the travel case is where you’ll find the shaver itself. The shaver will have the shaving head already attached for your convenience. It’ll need to be charged before you can test it out.

The model of the Series 9 will determine what else is in the box. If you purchased the model with a cleaning station, you’ll find that inside the box, too. There will also be a charging wire. It can be detached from the cleaning station for travel. If there is no cleaning station, you’ll still have a charging stand and wire.

If the cleaning station is included, you’ll also find a cleaning cartridge in the box. This cartridge is alcohol based for sanitizing and cleaning your shaver. With or without the cleaning station, there will be a cleaning brush included with your new shaver.

Old and Updated Models of the Braun Series 9 Razors

The new models of the Braun Series 9 have a titanium trimmer. This new trimmer is a lovely gold color. More than its color, the trimmer has the ability to stay corrosion free and keep its edge.

The new models of the Series 9 feature a new color scheme for the handle itself. Previous versions were a shiny chrome. While stunningly beautiful, the chrome wasn’t practical. It easily picked up fingerprints, so it didn’t stay looking its best unless it was polished constantly after use.

The older models had to be specifically marked to be used as a wet shaver. The new versions are all 100% waterproof. They can all be used with shaving cream or taken into the shower itself. The old models might only be dry shavers, which means they can’t be submerged for cleaning or use with shaving cream.

The new models can’t be used while the charging cord is attached. Due to the shavers being wet or dry electric, the charging hole can’t be left open when used in damp environments.

Is the Upgrade Worth the Price?

There are many updated features in the new models. The upgraded HyperLift and Cut, the waterproof nature of the shaver, and the aesthetics of the new shavers make them a good value. The upgraded versions are a bit pricier than the previous models because they’re new and improved.

The upgrades are definitely worth the upgrade in price. This is especially true if you purchase one with all the bells and whistles like the cleaning station. Every time you use the cleaning station it’ll be like you have a new shaver. The blades will last longer, which means you’ll have more time with the blades before you’ll have to purchase a replacement shaver head.

What Model Should You Buy?

The model you choose will be based on the needs you have. If you plan on traveling with your shaver or keeping it in your car for emergency shaves, you’ll want one that is made for travel. It’ll have a portable charger as well as the ability to shave incredibly well when dry. You won’t need the cleaning station if you’re keeping this shaver in a location where portability is important.

One of the new models from Braun Series 9 is what you’ll want to purchase. The 100% waterproof model like the 9290cc has a cleaning station that will keep your blades sharp and lasting a very long time. It’s also the one with the sleek silver color that won’t pick up fingerprints like the old models.

If you want a shaver that doesn’t have the cleaning station, you’ll be able to purchase a new model with a titanium trimmer. It will last much longer than the other versions of the Series 9.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Braun Series 9 be used on sensitive skin?
The Braun Series 9 can definitely be used on sensitive skin. It has a smoothing SkinGuard and titanium-coated trimmer that will give you a close shave without irritation.

As an Afro-American man, is the Braun Series 9 a good choice?
Too much oil and moisture can be removed from the skin during a shave. That can be a problem for darker skin tones. The wet/dry option of the Series 9 can be used with soothing shave gel that won’t dry out the skin.

When does the head need replacement?
The shaver heads can need to be replaced once a year. It’ll depend on the care given to the shaver after each use. If you care for your shaver, you can go much longer before having to replace the blades.

Is EMF a problem with the Series 9?
Electromagnetic fields are produced whenever an object is powered by electricity. It can be a concern for men who use electric shavers regularly, but it is not a problem since the shavers are used so quickly. Exposure to EMFs is infrequent.

Will the Braun Series 9 be safe in the shower?
The Series 9 upgraded models are all safe to use in the shower. They are 100% waterproof, which means they can be used with shave gel, too. Cleaning is easy even if there’s no cleaning station included. Simply run it under the faucet.

Can the Braun Series 9 be used every day?
The Series 9 can be used every day. In fact, you’ll get a closer shave when using it every day. Longer whiskers can become a problem to shave since the shaver can pull on longer hairs.

Will the Series 9 work for head shaving?
The Series 9 will work very well for head shaving. The curve of the head can be followed by the motion of the independent shave foils. The 10-D movement of the shaver is made for curves and angles like those on the head. 

Are the Series 9 shavers compatible with global voltages?
Some of the Series 9 shavers come with a multi-voltage power adapter. You’ll have to keep that in mind when ordering your shaver if that’s a concern. Travel to other countries means you’ll need to adapt for 100 to 240V.


The Braun Series 9 has new and improved features that make them an incredible value. One of the biggest upgrades to all the Series 9 shavers is the ability to be used in wet or dry situations. It makes shaving as well as cleaning much easier and faster.

The Braun company took the best of the old shavers and improved upon them in the best way possible. From the titanium-coated trimmers to the addition of colors that won’t pick up fingerprints, the shavers feature all the best in German engineering. The LED screens, cleaning stations, and waterproof nature of the shavers are features that make shaving a pleasure instead of a chore.

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