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Best Foil Shavers Of 2024: Optimal Shaving Results Without Nicks And Injuries!

Creating a based first impression can propel your social life to success, and improve your network tremendously.

While saying the right things can definitely help, looking the part is also a huge contributor in shaping your success in securing a solid first impression.

Although not necessary, looking hygienic is mandatory if you want to present yourself appropriately. Additionally, if you have sensitive skin, or aren’t into modern-day manual razors, foil shavers should surely be candidates to skim through for your needs.

I’ve used foil shavers for years now, and I can wholeheartedly vouch for how practical they are in contrast to other grooming tools. And if you too are curious enough to have a go at the world of foil shavers, here’s my personal list of the best ones!

From the familiar faces of Braun to the ring leader of Panasonic, tons of foil shavers carry enough elements to call themselves some of the top-grade runners when it comes to grooming the face and other parts of the body.

Stay tuned until the end to learn everything regarding each contestant, and learn more from a review through my lens.

What Is A Foil Shaver? Answering The Question So You Don’t Have To!

A foil shaver is a grooming tool that mostly works with the structure of one’s face, led by shaving elements with rounded foils that typically collect facial when held closely toward the targetted area.

Foil shavers come in various sizes, but always offer ergonomic designs to maximize comfort during navigation. The lenient foils are also fused with hypoallergenic properties, reducing the chances of sustaining injuries.

Despite being pitted against rotary shavers almost always, foil shavers tend to bring out razor-like close shaves with ease. In comparison, rotary shavers tend to provide clean shaves, but opt out from providing smooth and glistening results.

Best Foil Shavers Of 2024 According To My Experience: A Brief Prequel!

Top Foil Shavers

The world of foil shavers is quite monumental for grooming enthusiasts, carrying tons of positive reception due to how well it adapts to one’s beard density and the amount of hair each item belonging to the genre accumulates with ease.

Though most of them meet the benchmark, only 7 of them manage to set the bar extremely high, making it easy to call them the leading foil shavers in the business of self-care and personal grooming.

While the second half of this issue contains a thorough insight into my experience with each foil shaver, here is a table that sums all of the foil shavers up with just one remark!

ModelAlternative TitlePrice
Babyliss Foil FX02 A great foil shaver for face, neck and bodySee on Price
Braun Series 9 Best foil shaver for sensitive skinSee on Price
Braun Series 7Great foil shaver with all-around qualitiesSee on Price
Panasonic Arc 5Best foil shaver for close-shavesSee on Price
Braun Series 3The best foil shaving experience for beginnersSee on Price
Handyman by ManscapedA portable device meant for travelling overseasSee on Price
Andis Profoil Best foil shaver for tough-to-reach areasSee on Price

The Best Of Foil Shavers: 7 Alluring Companions That Provide Smooth Results Overnight!

Now that I’ve discussed what foil shavers are and how well they tend to be when all their must-have features are incorporated into their hardware and technological means, here are the best possible foil shavers on the market right now, generating close shaves in minutes; ensuring no repercussions with their precautionary measures!

From Babyliss to Andis, tons of familiar names make up this list, so be sure to read every remark with the same amount of attention, especially if making a pick is the final objective.

Babyliss Foil FX02

According to many, when it comes to handheld foil shavers, the Babyliss Foil FX02 feels the best. I second that take, as it really is the best foil shaver that guarantees resilience, thanks to its compact body.

The Babyliss Foil FX02 is a great tool for everyday use, especially if you desire close shaves without any stoppage.

Full shot of babyliss

One of its fortes is its build, which is a bit heavy in my opinion, but ideal if you want your foil shaver to guarantee a healthy lifespan.

The jet-black color scheme looks quite natural with the stocky build of the device, which might require you to widen your grip during use.

Babyliss in hand

Babyliss in hand

It is a gift if you’re clumsy, however, since the metal housing hardly ever makes room for marks.

Alongside the robust housing is its foil system, which secures nick-free close-shaves without making it a big deal.

Foil system of babyliss

Foil system of babyliss

The hypoallergenic foils are secured with rounded edges to prevent scratches, and coated with gold-infused titanium to prevent bacteria from moisture build-up to take over, which is great for acne-prone skin.

Detached foil system

Detached foil system

I personally love how gentle the foils are on my face, and how especially effective they are in wiping each follicle of facial hair to the fullest. The titanium plates don’t just produce a clicky sound, but absorb onto the surface of my skin to collect any hair with ease.

The device works best when moved in an upward and downward direction, but can also be efficient if you only press it against the skin.

Babyliss when pressed against skin

Babyliss when pressed against skin

One of the major traits of the blade system that enables top-notch results is its offset nature, which allows the structure to cover ground in any direction with ease.

The weight of the device isn’t the only element that is hefty, but as is its battery life, which covers a range of 3 good hours on a full charge.

In other words, if you’re seeking a foil shaver with relentless stamina, the Babyliss Foil FX02 can easily be a gadget you may invest in.

The rotary motor of the shaver is a great pro if you shave frequently, and demand fast results, covering 10,000 CPM on average. The battery life can fluctuate the speed, though, so be sure to charge the system before use.

Babyliss FX02, Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc 5

Babyliss FX02, Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc 5

As opposed to foil shavers like Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc 5, the Babyliss FX02 regains the lead due to its robust housing, easygoing technical attributes, and by being cost-efficient.

Not all are sunshine and rainbows about this foil shaver, however, as it lacks sensors.

Due to lacking sensors, despite having hypoallergenic blades, the foil system may still expose users with sensitive skin to unwanted injuries, since it lacks components to offer a unique feel.

Babyliss FX02 when pressed against the chin

It is perfect if you’d like to save time, however, since the device is powered by a rotary motor.

In other words, it only operates at one speed at all times, providing mostly to those who always run on a time crunch.

The flexibility of this foil shaver allows promising results on the face, neck, and even makes this tool a great foil shaver for the body.

Babyliss on forearm

Babyliss on forearm

I’ve used the Babyliss Foil FX02 for my upper body various times, but kind of find it hard to bargain with when moving onto my lower body, especially around my privates. The device feels even heavier during that time, which is when the Andis Pofoil seems better.

All in all, with materials that provide longevity, a foil system that is kind to skin, and incredible endurance, the Babyliss FX02 is the best possible foil shaver for prolonged use.

The device’s two-way foil system is great at shaving even the tiniest piece of hair, while the durability of the device equals longevity if you can’t handle the weight yourself!

Best foil shaver for heavy-duty usageCan make users prone to fatigue with its weight
A stamina-first shaver with a 3-hour runtime
Robust metal-infused housing that erases damage with ease
Secures a perfect five-finger grip to generate close shaves

Braun Series 9 9370cc

From what I’ve learned, Braun Series 9 faces way too much backlash for its price tag, which is way above the rest when you take into account the value of the rest of the candidates.

However, to me, it still remains a great foil shaver for experts, providing all the necessities and luxuries that a grooming tool can possibly provide.

Braun handle in palm

The alluring hardware of the Braun Series 9 often takes the spotlight, with a curvy handle and a massive shaving head.

The chrome paint job is something I’ll never get tired of obsessing over, which probably makes this Braun shaver somewhat of an eyecandy through my lens.

Leading up to the chrome paint job is the handle, which is quite slender and elongated, being easy to hold onto during use. The ergonomic housing of this tool is extremely helpful for various reasons, but mainly because it makes navigation seamless with the Braun Series 9.

LED display of Braun

LED display of Braun

With an LED bar that unveils the battery, the Braun Series 9 is also the perfect tool to rely on if you’re new to using foil shavers, as keeping tabs on endurance is always effective in preventing abrupt power outages during intense cleaning sessions.

It also unveils the emblem of the travel lock feature, which preserves the stamina of the Braun Series 9 that might be lost due to accidental power-ups.

The mix of 5 elements is what makes up the foil system, which secures smooth shaves by prioritizing safety and efficiency at the same time.

Detached foil of Braun

Detached foil of Braun

Though the Opt foils feel somewhat like the hypoallergenic offset foil of the Babyliss and the foil system of Andis, what separates the Braun Series 9 is its hyper-cut trimmer and direct-cut trimmer, both of which dig deep into the surface to erase any piece of hair that may hide underneath your chin.

The results are quite fast, too, thanks to AutoSense technology.

Comparison of Braun and Panasonic

Comparison of Braun and Panasonic

In fact, had the Arc 5 not comprised 5 shaving elements, I feel that Braun Series 9 would have overtaken the device as the fastest professional electric shaver at the moment.

AutoSense technology not only provides me with a shave that only caters to my hair density, but also adjusts the SPM of the blade system in hopes of making things easier.

On average, the Braun Series 9 covers 40,000 cutting actions per minute, but only if the device is required to run at full speed.

Don’t worry about cutting yourself when it does, though, since the blade guard squeezed in between the 5-way foil system usually secures enough protection to prevent bruises with ease. This is a bonus for damage-prone skin as well as.

Braun when pressed against the skin

Braun when pressed against the skin

Similar to the Babyliss FX02, I believe that the Braun Series 9 only provides optimal results when the device is pressed against the skin.

It’s almost as fast as the former, but much safer when you take into account all the elements it implements for great results.

Being one of the lightest foil shavers on this list, the Braun Series 9 can be used anywhere; face, body, and head.

The foils might struggle to work with anything longer than a 7-day stubble, but can provide a triple zero buzz with the help of some scissor work beforehand.

Braun when plugged in

Braun when plugged in

With a runtime of an hour, the Braun Series 9 might sound like an underdog as a foil shaver when pitted against Babyliss and Andis Profoil, two foil shavers with long-lasting abilities.

However, it recuperates rather fast with a 5-minute quick charge feature, which works best when running late for work, providing a quick clean-up before one suits up for their 9-to-5!

Precision trimmer of Braun series 9

Precision trimmer of Braun series 9

To deal with stubborn hair, the device also comes with a precision switch, which makes the shaving head stiff and deprives the tool of moving in 10 different ways.

A precision trimmer is also always available, which is crucial for those that don’t want their sideburns to look out of place with your clean shave!

Braun series 9 shaving system's base

Braun series 9 shaving system’s base

With the help of the precision switch, I’ve not only found success when grooming my face, but also have completed skin shave visuals all over my body.

Sure, the device remains a bit of a liability for its battery life, but also preserves its stamina with a travel-lock feature, which can be found on the Panasonic Arc 5 as well.

By pressing the power button 3 times, the travel-lock feature will prevent any accidental power-up, which can save tons of charge if your device is already running on low juice.

The final selling point of having this foil shaver around is its SmartCare Center, which is a component that you may benefit from after every shave.

Braun Series 9 with station

Braun Series 9 with station

I love how slender the build of the cleaning center is in contrast to the ones attached to the previous models, which are quite stocky and take up plenty of space.

The cleaning station not only replenishes the blade and the system fused into the Braun Series 9, but also cleans the system and charges the device, not only justifying its purpose in the packaging, but also rationalizing the price tag of Braun Series 9.

Best electric shaver for professional hairdressersUnderwhelming battery life of 60 minutes
A 4-way foil system that tackles flat hair without an excuse
Secures a 10-way motion with shaving head for a comfortable shave
Can tackle hard-to-reach areas with a precision-switch

Braun Series 7 7071cc

The Braun Series 7 is, in my eyes, a hybrid of the new and old rituals of Braun, being a massive upgrade from the Series 3, and a consolation prize for the Series 9.

Foil system of Series 3 and 7

Foil system of Series 3 and 7

If you’ve got the Series 3 already, perhaps the foil system of the Braun Series 7 won’t appease you much, comprising the same hardware as the former.

In other words, the Braun Series 7 contains the same triple-threat shaving elements comprising a Senso Foil, middle trimmer, and micro comb of the Braun Series 3, making it a great tool for generating clean shaves.

Detached foil of Braun Series 7

Detached foil of Braun Series 7

The Senso Foil goes hand in hand with its 360-degree adaptive shaving head, while the micro comb trimmer shaves flat and stubborn pieces of facial hair with ease.

It does leave out a crucial necessity by dismissing a guard for the shaver, but still remains a compelling contender for being the best foil shaver for sensitive skin.

Braun Series 7 in motion

Braun Series 7 in motion

The foils aren’t just based on simple mechanics, but also find more room for improvement by ditching the Synchro Sonic technology and adopting Auto Sense technology, which allows the shaving head to cover more motions and directions than that installed on the Braun Series 3.

Conversely, due to carrying fewer shaving elements, the Braun Series 7 falls short of producing optimal results in the time frame adopted by Braun Series 9, which you might consider if you’re coping with a packed schedule already!

Braun Series 7 in hand

Braun Series 7 in hand

It’s alright, though, since the Braun Series 7 is a great foil shaver nonetheless.

The device doesn’t just find success due to its shaving heads, but propels itself in the world of foil shavers with its hardware; an element I too am fond of.

With a leaner build and handle, the Braun Series 7 feels easier to use when partaking in grooming, in my opinion.

Handle of Braun Series 7

Handle of Braun Series 7

The handle is just as appealing as that of the Series 9, but leans towards dependability and functionality by being coated with a rubberized grip.

Furthermore, the Braun Series 7, despite being slightly older, feels just as light as the Series 9, making it easy to use the foil shaver in every direction.

LED Bar of Braun Series 7

LED Bar of Braun Series 7

The status bar is effective too, as is the agility of the shaving head. For the former and more, I strictly believe that the Braun Series 7 is a great and affordable alternative to the Braun Series 9.

Shaving results may differ, but the comfort provided remains eerily identical. The foil systems feel soft and generous on skin, being a good pick for acne-prone skin overall.

Battery status indicator of Series 3 and 7

Battery status indicator of Series 3 and 7

It doubles down on the physical means too, carrying the same bar-oriented battery indicator as the Braun Series 3.

For a backdated foil shaver, the Braun Series 7 also gives a nice pat on the shoulder with its battery life, which has served me for less than an hour several times.

Cleaning the system with a rinse is enough, but the experience of cleaning is often elevated when you have the cleaning station in hand, otherwise known as the SmartCare Center.

Now, in contrast to the cleaning center of Braun Series 9, the one provided with the Series 7 is quite bulky.

However, if you often wait until your facial hair is grown before wiping it clean, having the piece of equipment in your arsenal will take up the cleansing process off your shoulder and save more time as a result.

For optimal results, don’t just look after the shaver, but also replace the shaving head once every 6 months.

Foil system being brushed

Foil system being brushed

Once obtained, allow the foil to age gracefully by brushing and rinsing the surface every 2 shaves.

All in all, if you’re seeking a device that guarantees top-notch results, provides a mix of old and new, and serves clean shaves on the regular, the Braun Series 7 could be a great foil shaver to experiment with, especially if you lack the budget to purchase the Series 9.

The device has a great shaving system, provides tons of control during use, and lasts for more than 7 years in my experience, which is a win if you take into account its price tag.

Provides incredible grip control with rubberized coatingMight seem pricey in contrast to Panasonic Arc 5
Synchro Sonic technology protects sensitive skin
A great alternative for the Braun Series 9
Generates years of service without a halt

Panasonic Arc5 LV65

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If you’d like the results of a traditional razor with a foil shaver, the Panasonic Arc 5 should be the only option on your list.

Carrying a hefty shaving head with 5 elements, the Panasonic Arc 5 tends to wipe away hair with ease.

Panasonic Arc 5 design

The foil system is the breadwinner, for sure, but as are its technical advancements housing, all of which will extensively be broken down for your understanding.

The visuals of the Panasonic Arc 5 are quite presentable, which aligns perfectly with its weightless feel.

Panasonic Arc 5 in hand

Panasonic Arc 5 in hand

In contrast to shavers like Braun Series 9, the build of the Arc 5 feels lighter. The shaving head appears to be leaner as well, despite offering more components.

Featuring finishing foils with a mix of lift-tech systems and a comb blade, you know this banger will always deliver a clean shave. The technicalities of each foil not only allow them to move menacingly everywhere, but are pros in being as efficient as ever.

Panasonic Arc 5 in motion

Panasonic Arc 5 in motion

It is also powered by Shave Sensor technology, which usually monitors the coarseness of your facial hair in hopes of generating a personalized shaving experience.

Although the former is amazing if you have sensitive skin, to save time, you may even get access to its full speed without the sensor, which is the right companion if you barely have enough time to get ready.

Panasonic Arc 5 against chin

Panasonic Arc 5 against chin

Just press the power button twice to unlock the previous feature, and make some space for time without a hassle!

In contrast to even powerful rotary shavers like Babyliss FX02, the Pansonic Arc 5 remains unbeatable by capturing 14,000 CPM, being the fastest foil shaver of its kind.

Panasonic Arc 5’s shaving system

Panasonic Arc 5’s shaving system

The pivoting head is extremely mobile, and does just about enough to remove sizable strands and transform them into minimal pieces. In total, the head moves in 16 directions, being the most flexible foil shaver that anyone could ask for.

While shaving is a breeze with the Panasonic Arc 5, I feel that the skin needs to be pulled and stretched out for the device to be able to accumulate hair from tough areas.

Andis profoi, braun series 9, Panasonic arc 5 foil system

Andis profoi, braun series 9, Panasonic arc 5 foil system

Nonetheless, when pitted against the best of the best, such as Andis Profoil and Braun Series 9, the Panasonic Arc 5 remains my go-to component for incredibly thorough shaves, taking fewer swipes than the former as well.

The LED display is more advanced on the Panasonic Arc 5, and could be a great spec to dive into for novices who have yet to learn how to use foil shavers.

The purpose of the display is mostly to convey messages regarding the Panasonic Arc 5’s battery life, but it also shows the estimated time of completion and drops hints when the elevated yet wide foil system is in dire need of a fresh start.

Panasonic Arc 5 travel lock

Panasonic Arc 5 travel lock

Just like top-grade professional electric shavers, the Panasonic Arc 5 offers a travel lock feature, which ditches holding the power button for a while for an anti-clockwise maneuver.

The battery life is quite average, though, lasting 45 minutes when the battery is full. The Arc 5 tend to make up for it by taking it one shave at a time with its quick restoration abilities, which supplies a full session after only 5 minutes of charge.

Arc 5 being rinsed

Arc 5 being rinsed

While it also gets beaten by the Series 9 for leaving out a dedicated companion that restores the device with a charge and exchanging a cleansing station for a 3-way washing routine for upkeep, I see the Arc 5 as the best possible device for close shaves.

Therefore, if you only have 3 minutes to shave your hair to the fullest, be sure to rely on the Panasonic Arc 5, especially if you’re hoping to have scaly and glassy skin in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds!

Is the fastest electric shaver that provides clean results in 2 minutesLacks the lightweight feel of Braun Series 9
Has a motion sensor which can be disabled for full powerMight take multiple swipes to erase outgrown facial hair
A slender handle with impressive control time
A 16-D foil shaver that secures clean results on a coarse beard

Braun Series 3

Beginning your journey to foil shaving is extremely easy if you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise, finding a foil shaver with optimal results could prove to be a challenge.

That’s why I recommend everyone to add Braun Series 3 as a promising prospect, which carries an affordable budget, paving a great way for users hoping to spend less to benefit more in this scenario.

Braun Series 3, 7 and 9

Braun Series 3, 7 and 9

As opposed to the Braun Series 9, the Series 3 is quite far behind in terms of performance. However, an impressive attribute is its shaving elements, which have the same trio that Braun Series 7 uses, collecting hair with ease from even the hardest piece of skin.

The motor lacks speed in contrast to both of its above-mentioned successors, but provides a time-saving outcome nonetheless. The motions are a bit slow as well, but I’ll let that slide as well since it hardly ever causes any discomfort during a shave.

Braun Series 3 foil system

Braun Series 3 foil system

The foil system render itself pressure sensitive, which is the Series 3’s way of guaranteeing safe results on damage-prone faces. I vouch for that take, as the blades always manage to float and mesh with my skin to accumulate hair without promoting an incomplete shaving session,

The Braun Series 3 also has a MicroComb, which, in my opinion, works best if you’ve got remaining pieces of hair underneath your jawline or have bits and pieces around your ear.

If your hair is coarse, the comb might struggle to provide scaly skin unless you pull the region and stretch it out gently.

Transitioning from manual shavers to foil shavers appears to be a dream and a half. But, taking into account the drastic differences in their build, the Braun Series 3 might take some time for your skin to get used to.

Braun Series 3 in hand

Braun Series 3 in hand

As for handling and visuals, the Braun Series 3 is an easy pick for its ergonomic handle. The device is wrapped with more rubber than it is with plastic, which can be a blessing in disguise if you’re too anxious.

I like the grip because, in addition to allowing incredible control time, the Braun Series 3 also gives me enough freedom to move and rotate the device in various ways. Flowers should also be given to its shaving head, which is exceptionally loose and fluid during operation.

Despite being backdated, Braun Series 3 is also desired for its runtime, which completes 45 minutes of continuous use, being a great tool to implement if you’re hoping to work around your tight budget. Given the number of motions it covers, the Braun Series 3 can be the perfect tool for beginners.

Braun Series 3 and Handyman’s indicator

Braun Series 3 and Handyman’s indicator

While the Handyman does offer more power than the Braun Series 3, I’m amazed that the latter has a battery status indicator, which you should always keep an eye on when committing to full shaves.

Speaking of full shaves, did you know that the Braun Series 3 is a body shaver, too? In my opinion, the foils also provide a close shave in contrast to the Meridian trimmer, one of the best pubic hair trimmers with a ceramic blade.

Braun Series 3 and Andis Profoil

Braun Series 3 and Andis Profoil

Even after being so backdated, the Braun Series 3 is also the better pick over the Andis Profoil, if you prioritize not just a battery life, but also a ProSkin system that eliminates the flattest hair with ease.

Overall, if you want precision on a low budget, the Braun Series 3 can be a great foil shaver you can start your journey with.

It offers plenty of perks in its shaving elements that can shave towards and against the grain with ease, provides tons of maneuverability with its ergonomic build, and contains bonuses like pop-up trimmers that can be used to edge out facial hair and sideburns.

Ideal foil shaver for beginners on a tight budgetMight be too slow in contrast to foil shavers with the same price like Andis Profoil
Provides similar shaving services as the Braun Series 7Finding replacement blades can be difficult
Reduces the growth of flat hair with ProSkin qualities
Lightweight operation despite being bulky

MANSCAPED The Handyman

MANSCAPED isn’t just one of the best brands to rely on when it comes to body grooming, but has also broken barriers with its personified portable foil shaver, commonly referred to as the Handyman.

The Handyman doesn’t just reprise the affordability of the devices manufactured by MANSCAPED, but goes above and beyond to accompany one when on a weekend getaway.

MANSCAPED The Handyman design

An attribute that makes this foil shaver so reliable is its size, resembling a small hard drive at the end of the day. The quality of the material is premium, while the way in which the device adjusts with any palm size is astonishing.

It may not be the lightest device on this list, but stands behind the Andis Profoil shaver in terms of weight, measuring a number of 9 ounces in total. What appears to complement its lightweight housing is its structure, which is stocky yet compact.

Handyman’s blade system when removed

Handyman’s blade system when removed

The Handyman is supported by a dual-action trim and foil blade, which collects hair from stubble in no time. The trimmer often reduces the bulk and size of facial hair, while the foil-shaving element accumulates all the follicles when once the strands are manageable enough to be absorbed.

The device does carry plenty of power, but also offers ample forms of protection with SkinSafe technology, fusing means of protection into the foil system to diffuse injuries indefinitely.

While the foil system is gentle, the trimmer has a frame that almost works like an anti-nick guard, reassuring comfort during each shave.

I love how well the Handyman fits in the hand, making each shave memorable and simple.

Handyman used against the jawline

Handyman used against the jawline

While the blade system doesn’t cover 10 to 16 directions like the Braun Series 9 and the Panasonic Arc 5, I feel that the Hadyman prefers taking a more proactive approach by offering manual operation and tons of freedom.

As long as you glide with the Handyman instead of creating a stroking motion with the device, generating close shaves, even on outgrown facial hair, should be easy.

Since the device is rendered waterproof with an IPX7 design, I often use the Handyman for wet shaves.

It is important to note that SkinSafe technology doesn’t always guarantee a session free of nicks and bruises, so you may even use shaving foam to build another layer of protection before cutting your beard.

Handyman in the palm

Handyman in hand

The Handyman is a specialist in saving space, but it also makes room for important attributes that aid its performance, such as battery life.

Despite being so small, the Handyman still manages to provide enough time by carrying a Li-Ion battery with a 60-minute runtime, being more than enough for a trip.

Don’t forget about the facilitators underneath its handle, which starts with a battery status indicator.

Although I do find LED displays more useful than status bars, adding a bar with a blinker shows just how much MANSCAPED tries to help its consumers learn more about the basic fundamentals of foil shavers, which is something I respect immensely.

Handyman when plugged in and charging

Handyman when plugged in and charging

Securing fast charging abilities, the Handyman comes with a type-C cable to recharge its battery life, which only takes 5 minutes to support a full session; an element that you’ll only find on the Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc 5.

To deal with a packed suitcase, the device doesn’t only adjust its dimensions, but also protects the blade with a magnetic case.

I’m quite fond of the glossy paint job it carries at the base and the matte texture it carries once unopened. However, what really wins me over is the shaving experience of this device, which is probably a walk in the park, even for newbies.

Handyman used on the upper lip

Handyman used on the upper lip

Regardless, at the end of the day, if you need an item that is as compact as the Andis Profoil, has important elements like a status bar, and provides a 2-in-1 foil shaving experience with its duo-sided foil system, place your trust in the Handyman by MANSCAPED, the best portable foil shaver in my books!

On a separate note, if you have sensitive skin, please be sure to trim your facial hair before using the Handyman.

Although the Handyman can mow the stubbles in your face rather eloquently, shortening the length of your beard will allow not just a closer shave, but will also free you from the fact that SkinSafe technology doesn’t always guarantee protection.

Type-C cable that recharges fast and preserves its battery lifeCan damage sensitive skin despite carrying SkinSafe technology
Easiest foil shaver to travel with
A great handheld device for small palms
An additional foil system that provides clear results

Andis Profoil Shaver

While the two-way foil system of the Handyman fits like a glove with its ability to save space in every way, if you’re seeking a device that defies speed and provides a close shave like a manual razor, the Andis Profoil should definitely be your biggest target.

The Andis Profoil shaver appears to be a great candidate for travel as well, ensuring a spot in even the stuffiest duffel bag with its compact size. The device measures only 8 inches long, almost taking the crown from the Handyman as the smallest foil shaver.

Handyman and Profoil size comparison

Handyman and Profoil size comparison

Similar to the Handyman, the Andis Profoil shaver feels like a perfect fit in the hand. It does feel lighter however, which calls for better navigation in contrast to the rest of the candidates on the list.

I don’t just appreciate its minimal housing, but also love how the Andis Profoil keeps its configurations simple with just a sliding power button, which enables the tool to run at full speed in seconds.

Profoil pressed against skin

Profoil pressed against skin

Due to being powered by a rotary motor, this foil shaver doesn’t really take into account the sensitivity of one’s skin. It does, however, prioritize time, making it a great companion during rush hour.

Many use this foil shaver for the hypoallergenic blades, which is fused with titanium, and a gold paint job. The hypoallergenic foil system puts its best foot forward by offering tons of space for movement, enabling Andis Profoil to shave the face and generate skin like butter.

Andis’ hypoallergenic blades

Andis’ hypoallergenic blades

Due to being effortlessly light, moving the device in any direction is a breeze, which is even more beneficial when trying to remove awkward flyaways underneath the chin.

The hypoallergenic blades often blend perfectly with the skin type it works with, providing the closest possible shave with its rotary motor.

Panasonic Arc 5 and Andis Profoil’s handle

Panasonic Arc 5 and Andis Profoil’s handle

Since it lacks a sensor, using the Andis Profoil feels better to those who prioritize no fluctuation, but consistent power in their foil shaver.

Alongside enabling a session with zero hiccups, the Andis Profoil shaver is a great tool to rely on for those who need tons of time.

On average, the Profoil goes above and beyond for 80-minutes straight, making it the best possible device for prolonged use after the FX02.

Andis Profoil when plugged in

Andis Profoil when plugged in

This could prove to be redundant for personalized results, but can work wonders for barbers desiring a compact shaver for their clients to be rewarded with.

While the device falls short of being effective for wet shaving due to being prone to water damage, Andis Profoil makes up for not being waterproof by securing corded operation, which extends the runtime tremendously.

Andis Profoil in hand

Andis Profoil in hand

Though lacking a sensor does expose one to injuries, I believe that this powerhouse of Andis is the best rotary foil shaver in the business, which maximizes speed by covering 9,000 SPM, and uses titanium on the surface of its double-bedded foil system to secure a skin-close shave at all times.

It doesn’t just cater to faces but is also a great tool that many professional hair clippers use to seal their high-contrast fades. According to many, this is the best Andis shaver in the business.

Best rotary foil shaver on the listLacks an LED for battery
Compact device with tons of mobility for close shavesIs not IPX7 certified, being unsafe to partake in wet shaving
A powerhouse with 80-minute battery life and corded operation
A great tool for sharpening coarse beard

The Best Foil Shavers After The Storm: Assessing Each Noteworthy Trait After Continuous Use!

Foil Shaver buying guide

Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.

Likewise, while each foil shaver that I have recommended showed promising shaving results and guaranteed consistency in their outcome during the first half of the review, only a couple of them stayed faithful to what they had promised, while the rest declined drastically a few weeks prior to being unboxed.

To dumb it down a notch and make things easier, I have assessed some of the primary contributors of the foil shavers, with a rating system that anyone and everyone can comprehend.

This, my fellow readers, is a breakdown of how well all the best foil shavers responded to being used on a regular basis!

Precision & Shaving Results

Precision & Shaving Results

During the first couple of sessions, it’s safe to say that every foil shaver, from the FX02 to Andis Profoil, provided precision with ease.

Some of the shavers did require a little bit of pulling and stretching of the skin to generate closer results, while gadgets like the Arc 5 remained consistent throughout the selected time frame.

While Braun Series 9 also guaranteed accuracy and dominant shaving results almost always, it was surprising how the Series 3’s precision just decreased after each use.

The foil seems more stiff now, while the motor seems slower. The shaving elements aren’t generating the close-shave it once used to give, which is why the Braun Series 3 is the underdog in this regard.

Precision & Shaving Results

Surprisingly, it is the rotary shavers that are still running as perfectly as they once used to, such as the Profoil and Babyliss FX02. Their heavy-duty motors could easily have been the breadwinner, carrying robust materials to provide tons of speed in one go.

Mass & Shaving Comfort

Mass & Shaving Comfort

While the heavy materials of the Babyliss FX02 guaranteed clean shaves in mere seconds when used in a certain way, the double offset foil system eventually seemed like a chore to use once the weight started taking over.

At the moment, despite being a great candidate for sensitive skin, I feel that the Babyliss FX02 is the least likable candidate for the weight it holds, which can easily wear your wrist out and mess up your form during hours of use.

The rest are extremely lightweight in contrast to Babyliss. However, some of the tools, especially the Braun Series 3, seemed to have lost their ability to provide comfort after multiple uses.

I believe that the backdated software finally caught up to the device, which is when the other foil shavers took charge and climbed over the Series 3.

Mass & Shaving Comfort

For a fresh face in the industry, I’m amazed at the navigation and lightweight operation of the HANDYMAN by MANSCAPED, which is definitely the best device that guarantees lightweight navigation and comfort with its two-way foil system.

Weighing in at 5 ounces, the Andis Profoil remains the best for those preferring a hands-on approach to foil shaving, delivering scaly and hairless results without any repercussions.

Prioritization To Skin Protection

Prioritization To Skin Protection

Having lightweight housing can provide convenience and fast results, but can’t provide skin protection, which appears to be the case for Andis Profoil and the Handyman by MANSCAPED.

This is when the frontrunners of this material, otherwise known as the Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc 5 take over, fused with Auto Sense technology that adapts to the beard coarseness, and the effective Shave Sensor of Panasonic.

Perhaps what makes both even more convincing as candidates providing skin safety is the set of shaving elements, which carry foil guards to shield the layers from bruises and cuts.

Braun Series 3 and Series 7 models are also quite beneficial in this regard, being helped by Synchro Sonic technology and ProSkin-infused foils to preserve skin sensitivity.

Prioritization To Skin Protection

The FX02 and Andis Profoil may not have sensors, but have titanium coated foils that guarantee more safety than the SkinSafe technology of the HANDYMAN.

Battery Capacity

Battery Capacity

The battery life of each seemed to have done the job well during the first few weeks, where the Babyliss FX02 remained unbeatable. The Andis Profoil stayed the same, too, providing a runtime of 80 minutes even when idle.

The Braun Series 9 and 7 were protected by the charging station, providing durations of 60 and 50 minutes with ease. However, with each use, the Braun Series 3 became more unreliable.

Battery Capacity

The HANDYMAN by MANSCAPED was the most disappointing one, however, which probably served as a double-edged sword with its battery life. The quick charging abilities provided by the type-C cable eventually deteriorated the battery life and motor speed of the device, causing tugging and pulling in some areas.

Siding With The Right Foil Shaver: Factors To Consider Before Making Your Pick!

Siding With The Right Foil Shaver

The above-mentioned list of foil shavers can obviously help you out if all you need is a day-to-day companion to resolve all your hairy issues and restore your esteem indefinitely.

However, prior to making your pick, there are tons of elements you need to consider to find success without repercussions and good results without setbacks.

From assessing the blade system to contemplating its value, here are factors you should assess before putting your money in the right shaver.

Skin Type and Purpose

While having a balanced pH of skin is somewhat of a blessing in this scenario since it can adapt to all the foil shavers on this list, your approach should differ if your skin is extremely sensitive and prone to damage.

The previous scenario might put you in the front of the bus. For sensitive skin, you might have to pick between foil shavers that aren’t powered by rotary motors, but also supported by sensors, such as the Panasonic Arc 5, and Braun Series models.

Craftsmanship and Usability

Foil shavers will always promise clean shaves, but only if you’re able to handle the device and its hardware.

A good rule of thumb to ensure seamless navigation is to look into the craftsmanship of the device, and put it in perspective with the dimensions of your hand.

Aiming for a device that fits in your hand and feels light to use should be the target. For instance, if your hands are smaller than the average being, I suggest you try out The Handyman by MANSCAPED, or invest in Andis Profoil.

Your Personal Schedule

Another element that you can count as a factor before picking your device is your schedule, which can help you find a foil shaver that has the right system, endurance, and handling for your needs.

For instance, if you need a close shave within minutes, you can always use the powerhouse that most call Panasonic Arc 5, which provides scaly skin within 3 minutes.

On the contrary, if you need a device that is great for travel, I suggest you choose the Andis Profoil or The Handyman once again!

Budget Allocation

Whether you like it or not, the foil shaver you’re pursuing should always meet your financial target. Therefore, if you do want to obtain a fruitful experience without straining your monetary stability, allocate your budget accordingly.

Though the high-end devices might cost you a little over $100, even more so if you’re hoping to obtain specialities such as charging stations, you might have to spend even less to unlock smooth results without rupturing your bank account.

Always choose wisely. Don’t aim too high. Do what you can with your budget instead!

How To Use A Foil Shaver: A 8-Step Routine For Optimal Foil-Shaving Results

In the grand scheme of things, using a foil shaver is as easy as pie. It may not always generate results in time, but hardly fails to enable users to wear clean-shaven results, that too without compromising the health and safety of the skin.

While the moves required for operation are quite minimal, it is also just as normal to mess up the process of using a foil shaver.

Worry not, however, as the following 6-step routine will teach one everything they need to keep in mind when using foil shavers!

  • Make Sure Your Razor Is Fully Charged

Make Sure Your Razor Is Fully Charged

Most of the razors that have made it to this list can only function when they’re cordless, so always make sure that your razor still has some battery juice in before you use it. In case it does run out, however, there’s usually no need to worry because most razors come with fast charging capabilities and can muster enough energy for one shave after ten to fifteen minutes of charging.

  • Stand Somewhere With A Mirror And Light

Stand Somewhere With A Mirror And Light working

You’ll need this to find out the direction of your hair growth and the spots where your hair may be difficult to remove. Rub your fingers along your neck and face so you can get a better idea of how everything is laid out. Good visuals will also help you find out how to approach your facial hair.

  • Apply Oil or Shaving Lotion

Stand Somewhere With A Mirror And Light working

Regardless of whether you’re using a foil shaver, a rotary shaver, or a traditional razor, shaving can be hard on the skin and if you don’t take care of it well, it can lead to acne and minor bruises. Thus it is important that you apply oil or shaving lotion prior to starting your shave.

  • Turn Your Foil Shaver On

Turn Your Foil Shaver On

Remember that you’re using a foil shaver and these kinds of electric shavers can only go in two directions! Begin shaving by moving the electric razor up and down or left and right, making sure that it is close to the area you want to trim. Cover each area twice before moving on—you can go over one area several times, but this increases the change of skin irritation.

  • Start With Your Neck

Start With Your Neck

Your shaver heats up the longer you use it and this can irritate your skin even further, so it’s best to start off on the most sensitive areas. Use one hand to pull the skin on your neck to one side. Make sure to pull your skin taut so when you start shaving, there are fewer creases on your skin that could hide any small strands of hair and your shaver can flow more evenly over your neck. Shave in short strokes that follow the direction of your hair growth.

  • Move Up To Your Face

Move Up To Your Face

Make sure that it is at the right angle for shaving off hair. Just as you did with your neck, pull the skin tight with one hand and run the razor over your face in short motions. Start at your jawline and then work your way towards the areas of your face near your ears, mouth, and nose last.

  • Use The Trimmer

Use The Trimmer

Make the most out of your shaver by using the trimmer to work out the finer details of your facial hair. This can be used to bring out your sideburns and/or your moustache, and can give you a whole new look.

  • Apply Aftershave

Apply Aftershave

A dime-sized amount of moisturizing aftershave over all the recently shaved areas will go a long way in soothing dry skin and minimising any irritation caused by shaving.

What Getarazor Does To Ensure Authenticity: The Elements That Shape Our Review Process!

To provide authentic reviews and deliver them to your front door, Getarazor goes above and below to generate realistic takes on each gadget to increase relatability and provide genuine solutions over pre-determined biased takes.

For this article, in addition to ranking foil shavers on their visuals, I have assessed the following factors before finalizing my take:

  • Foil system and shaving elements
  • Adaptability of the foil system to sensitivity
  • Battery life
  • Handling and maneuverablility
  • Sense of comfort

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How are foil shavers different from rotary shavers?

Ans: The shaving elements of a foil shaver often work together tirelessly to produce close shaving results. Foil shavers also generate more power with their motors than rotary shavers, providing results in no time.

The foils comprise micro holes on each compartment, which tend to collect hair without making close-contact with the layers underneath the skin.

Rotary shavers, on the other hand, contain stainless steel rotary blades that are coated with titanium to nano-glide frames to provide skin comfort over everything. Most rotary shavers invest more in their technological means, but fall behind tremendously when saving time is the main aim.

Q: Do foil shavers feel safer to use with shaving foam?

Ans: While foil shavers can provide service during wet shaves and dry shaves, those with incredibly sensitive skin may also use shaving foam if they’re not accustomed to using handheld gadgets.

Doing so will keep the results as effective as they are, while promoting skin protection at the same time.

Q: Why is my foil shaver not working properly?

Ans: It is always important to look after a foil shaver, even if the device guarantees longevity and complies perfectly with heavy-duty use.

Additionally, if the foil shaver that once served you well has recently been lacking in speed and efficiency, perhaps the shaving element is the root of the issue.

Furthermore, if the shaving element has been replaced, and the device has still shown zero signs of improvement, perhaps the foil shaver needs a new battery to go back to old ways.

Bottom Line

Shavers, they come and go, just like buses. And while the days we spent using manual razors are becoming redundant and impossible to preserve with each day, it seems as though foil shavers are enjoying the taste of being in the opposite lane.

Foil shavers initially came into existence to provide razor-like shaving results with their rounded surfaces, but are now known as the best possible gadget to depend on when it comes to generating clean looks without harming the skin.

From frontrunners like the Braun Series 9 to the travelling expertise of the Handyman by MANSCAPED, my list based on the best foil shavers on the market in 2024 offer a series of services that no other grooming tool can replicate with ease.

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