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Confused About Braun Series 5 vs 7? This Guide Clears the Confusion

When a company like Braun makes improvements to their shavers, it can be a subtle change. It can also be a mind-blowing addition that changes the game for shavers. In the fight between the Braun Series 5 vs Series 7, you’re getting a little of both.

There are major changes like Sonic Technology versus AutoSensing, and there are minor ones like a change in where the precision trimmer is located on the handle. There can be huge feature additions like having personalization modes for changing the entire speed of the shaver.

In this guide, we’ve decided on our choice for the best Series. We’ll explain that decision and help you come to the best Series for your shaving needs.

Braun Series 5 5190cc vs Series 7 790cc

The Series 7 is an overall improvement on the Series 5 when it comes to technology and efficiency. We can break down the differences in a moment, but first, let’s cover the amazing things that Braun does well. These are the same things that customers can expect with the Series 5 and the Series 7.

There’s an 8-direction comfort head that will adapt to the changing planes of your face. It’s vital for covering the curves and angles of your face while shaving – especially along the jaw and under the chin. The Series 5 and 7 both have this ability.

Braun Series 5 5190cc vs Series 7 790cc

The Braun shavers are 100% waterproof. They can be submerged up to 5 meters underwater. That makes them suitable for taking into the shower. The cc in the model numbers of these shavers means that they come with cleaning centers.

The Braun Series 5 and Series 7 don’t all have cleaning and charging centers, but they’re available in both the 5190cc and the 790cc. The station has the only 4-action cleaning available. It’ll clean, dry, lubricate, and charge your shaver, so it’s like new each day.

The Lithium-Ion battery is standard in the Series 5 and the Series 7. After an hour of charging, you’ll get 50 minutes of cordless shaving. You’ll get the same powerful performance from the first shave after a charge to the last. The display will indicate how many shaves you have left on the charge, too.

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The 5190cc has 3 shaving elements to capture hair and cut it as close to the skin as possible. In the 7 Series, the company added another element to the shaver in its SkinGuard. The 4 elements work together to smooth the skin and shave even closer.

In the Series 7 790cc shaver, you’ll get Sonic technology that gives you 10,000 microvibrations per shaver element. There’s also Autosense technology that will help the motor adapt to the varying levels of your whiskers. Dense beards will get more powerful cutting action than thinner parts of the face.

Series 7 790cc has 5 mode selections. From sensitive to turbo, there’s a mode for your specific needs at that moment. The Series 5 doesn’t have the same choices.

Detailed Comparison Table

Series 5 5190ccSeries 7 790cc
Cross-Cutting Actions3000030000
Shaving Elements4 elements4 elements
Sonic Technology to Capture More HairNoYes
Flex Head8-D8-D
Skin GuardYesNo
Battery Time50 minutes50 minutes
Stand-Out FeaturesSlide-out precision trimmerSlide-out precision trimmer
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Braun Series 5 5030s vs Series 7 740s

The Series 5 and Series 7 have many of the same features, but with more advanced technology available in the Series 7. That’s really why Braun comes out with the same features, but each model Series is an improvement over the last.

The Series 5 5030s has an AutoSensing motor that will sense the denseness of your beard. The Series 7 740s has a more advanced AutoSense and Sonic technology. The motor will read the thickness of your whiskers and send more power to the blades.

Braun Series 5 5030s vs Series 7 740s

With the Series 5, you’re getting a wet/dry shaver that can be washed with running water in the sink. It’s able to be used while charging, too. With the Series 7, you’re not going to be able to use your shaver while charging. That’s because the shaver’s case is completely waterproof for use in the shower. You can’t use the shaver while it’s plugged in and expect to use it with all that water.

Both the 5030s and the 740s have precision trimmers built into the shaver itself. On the 5030s, the trimmer is pushed up from the back of the shaver. On the 740s, it is flipped slightly to be used semi-independently. The 740s should be less awkward to use compared to the older model 5030s.

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There are big advances in technology from the Series 5 to the Series 7. The biggest is the ability to change shaving modes. The 740s has 5 personalized shaving modes that can be changed quickly. You can customize your shave for extra sensitive skin. The motor will slow and the blades gentler on the face.

At it’s highest, the shaver motor is quick and sure. It’ll whisk away your beard quickly and efficiently. The 5030s doesn’t have any shaving modes. While the Series 5 doesn’t have shaving modes, it does have the AutoSense motor as mentioned before.

In the 5030s, you’re getting a MultiHeadLock. This allows you to lock the entire head into 5 different angles. This helps under the nose and other areas like the jaw line. The 740s has a fully flexible system that involves MicroMotion and MacroMotion. There are more angled motions available, so it doesn’t need to be locked in a certain position. It’s fully adaptable to the changing planes of your face.

Both of the shavers have an ActiLift Trimmer. That will pull the hairs from different directions into one place and angle for cutting. That’s vital for the wild hairs that grow flat on the skin. The hair on the neck is notorious for growing in varied directions.

The Li-Ion battery takes an hour to charge and has 50 minutes of use available. The 740s has a better LED screen on the handle of the shaver. It’ll tell you precisely how much time you have left on your charge.

Detailed Comparison Table

Series 5 5030sSeries 7 740s
ActiLift TrimmerSlides from the backFlips on the side
100% Waterproof for Shower UseIt can be washed under running water but not submergedCan be used in the shower and washed under running water
Sonic TechnologyNoYes
Flex Head8-DMicro and Macro Motion
Battery Time1 hour charge – 50 minutes of use1 hour charge – 50 minutes of use
Stand-Out FeaturesCan be used while chargingLED display
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Braun Series 5 5040s vs Series 7 760cc

The 5040s and the 760cc are the two shavers we’ll be comparing in this section. The Series 5 and Series 7 have some of the same features. Yet, the Series 7 has vast improvements that make the 760cc a better choice.

When shaving your face, you’ll want the ability to change the settings to personalize the experience. Between the thickness of your hair and the sensitivity of your face, you’ll want to be able to change shaving modes. The 5040s doesn’t have that capability. The 760cc has 3 shaving modes. From Sensitive to Normal to Intense, the modes can be change with the push of a button. You might even have certain areas where the skin is more sensitive. You can go from Normal to Sensitive quickly without missing a stroke.

Braun Series 5 5040s vs Series 7 760cc

The Series 5 has an AutoSensing motor for adapting to certain areas of the face. It’s based on the density of your beard in those areas. The Series 7 improves upon that concept with Intelligent Sonic Technology. It automatically increases the power to the area based on the density. It applies 10,000 microvibrations per cutting element. It’s more advanced than the previous feature available in the Series 5.

The 760cc has an Advanced Clean and Charge Station, which is evident from the cc in the model name. It’s a station included with the 760cc that has 5 actions to renew your shaver. It’s the only 5-action cleansing station with an alcohol-based solution. First, the station will clean then sanitize the shaver with the special solution. It’ll lubricate, dry, and charge the shaver for your next use. The Series 5 5040s does not have a cleaning station.

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The 760cc has a flexible shaving head system. It’s got MicroMotion as well as MacroMotion. The shaving head will move in many directions for a closer shave than that given by the 5040s. It’ll maintain constant contact against the skin, which is the key to less passes. When you don’t have to shave an area more than once, you’re avoiding razor burn and irritation.

The Series 5 doesn’t include a travel case with any of their shavers except for the 5090cc. With the Series 7, they included a travel pouch with all of their shavers. They understand that people want to travel with their favorite shaver. With the amount of charging time available, the shavers can work for a long time while you’re away from home.

The 5040s is the only Series 5 shaver that can be used in the shower. The 760cc can definitely be used in the shower, too. Both shavers also have ActiLift for pulling those stray hairs in the right direction for shaving.

There’s a precision trimmer on each shaver. The Series 5 5040s has a trimmer on the back that pushes up for easy access. The Series 7 760cc has a trimmer that will pop up for easy access.

They both have 2x OptiFoil that delivers over 899 openings where hairs are trapped and cut with precision. With the many openings, it’s like cutting with a safety razor without the risk of cuts and irritation. The skin is smoothed and the hairs are lifted to be cut with the blades.

Detailed Comparison Table

Series 5 5040sSeries 7 760cc
Wet/Dry ShavingWaterproof for use in the showerWaterproof for use in the shower
Cleaning & Charging StationNoneYes
Sonic TechnologyHas an Autosensing motor – no sonic techHas Sonic Technology for adaptable shaves
Shaving ModesNone3 shaving modes
Precision TrimmerYes – Slides from the backYes – Lifts from the side
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Features of the Series 7 That Make Them Better Than Series 5

  • Optimized Cutting Elements

The Series 5 has only 3 cutting elements. They provide three areas for cutting hairs. It gives you a smoother, closer shave than other brands. It doesn’t shave closer than the Series 7, though. The Series 7 has 3 elements, microvibrations, and a guide to ensure all your hairs flow in the same direction for cutting. You won’t need to pass over the skin more than once to get the closest shave possible.

  • Intelligent Sonic Technology

In the Braun Series 7, there’s Intelligent Sonic and AutoSense technology. It reads the thickness of your whiskers and makes adjustments. The Series 7 shavers have more motor speeds available and provide more power in thick areas of your beard. It provides 10,000 microvibrations per minute. The Series 5 doesn’t have Sonic technology. It has an AutoSensing motor, but that doesn’t provide the same level of smart shaving.

  • Head-Locking Mechanism

The Series 5 shavers have a head-locking option that allows you to keep the same angle to your shaver. When you’re shaving the jawline, you’ll want the shaver to be poised in the right position. Locking the position when you’re shaving under the nose is ideal. You’ll be able to keep that good angle as you move along. The Series 7 doesn’t need a head-locking option. There are Micro- and MacroMotions for more flexible movement of the head in more directions.

  • Personalization Modes

The Series 7 has personalized settings that allow you to choose a shaving mode that fits. The older models of the Series 7 have 3 shaving modes while the newer models have 5 modes. They range from mild to intense. It’s meant for sensitive skin, so new users can ease themselves into the shaver. The highest intensities are for fast shaves that get you out the door quicker.

  • Handle Display

The Series 5 have only 2 indicators on their LCD display. It will show you whether it’s needs cleaning. It’ll also show the battery level. On the Series 7, the shavers have LED screens with battery level, cleaning levels, and travel lock indicator. They are easier to read with more information available at a quick glance, too.

  • Cleaning and Charging Station

The Series 5 and Series 7 have cleaning and charging stations. The type of station will depend on the Series. All of the shavers with cc in the model name have a cleaning and charging station. Others have a cleaning mode that are not automatic. You must press a button and start the cleaning process on your own. The Series 7 stations have more indicators and display information on the outside, too.

Common Features of Series 5 & Series 7

  • Charge Timer

The Li-Ion battery takes 60 minutes to charge fully. After a charge of 60 minutes, you’ll have 50 minutes of shaving available. You can also get a quick charge of 5 minutes for one shave. The Series 5 and Series 7 come with a charge timer to track how many minutes of shaving you have left.

  • Precision Trimmer

There’s a precision trimmer in the Series 5 and Series 7. They’re in different areas, though. On some Series 5 or 7 shavers, they’re on the back. In other shavers, they’re on the side. You’ll have to decide during purchase what your preference is. The Series 7 trimmers are in an out-of-the-way area that won’t get in the way of regular shaving.

  • Travel Storage

Travel with your electric shaver is very important. The way the shaver holds a charge means that you can take it with you on vacation or your next work trip. It’ll need to be protected from bumps and rough travel. The case will keep the shaver in good condition. Although they all have travel cases, some of the Series 7 shavers come with cases that are more luxurious.

  • Pivoting Shave Head

To follow the angled contours of your face, you need to have a pivoting shave head. The blades and foils shouldn’t leave the surface of the skin. Otherwise, you’ll have missed spots that require another pass. That can lead to irritation and razor burn. The pivoting head of the Series 5 will move in 8 directions. The Series 7 will move with Micro- and MacroMotions that follow all the contours of the face. It doesn’t matter how slight the angle, the shaver will alter itself to meet the skin.

  • Fully Washable

Each shaver is fully washable. They might not all be able to shave wet and dry, but they can be rinsed under running water. It’s important to keep your shaver clean between shaves. Otherwise, it’ll become clogged and the blades won’t be as sharp. When you rinse the shaver thoroughly, the shaving heads will last longer. You won’t need to replace them as frequently.

Charging and Overall Maintenance for 5 and 7

The Series 5 and the Series 7 have some of the same features for keeping them clean and fully charged. Whether you have a Series 5 or 7, you can remove the head and rinse it under running water. This will remove all of the hair and gel that might be clogged in the blades. The heads shouldn’t need replacing very often if you take care of them properly. Some people can go almost 2 years with the same head as long as the blades are cleaned and dried between uses.

There are cleaning and charging stations for a more advanced clean. They have an alcohol-based cleansing solution that will provide sanitizing to keep your shaver as clean as possible. To find shavers with the cleaning and charging station, all you need is cc in the model name. Not all models include the station. Each station that uses alcohol solutions will have to be changed approximately every 3 months depending on the amount of usage.

The Series 5 and the Series 7 both have the ability to fully charge in one hour. Some of the shavers have either LED or LCD screens to show you the amount of charge left after each use. After charging for one hour, the shavers all have 50 minutes of shaving in them. It’s a good amount of charging time that will allow you to take your shaver on the road if you like. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to shave each day. You could potentially get 2 weeks of shaving out of one charge.

Is It Worth Upgrading?

The Series 5 has some great features like a flexible head that will move along the contours of your face. The Series 7 shavers all have MicroMotion and MacroMotion for even more movement. They are completely flexible and have the ability to pivot in any direction.

The Intelligent Sensor in the Series 7 is better than the AutoSensing motor in the Series 5 overall. The Series 7 has speed settings that allow you to make your own personalized adjustments to the speed, too. You can keep it slow if you have sensitive skin or make it lightning fast for a quick power shave.

Every feature that is available in the Series 5 is just done better in the Series 7. Plus, there are additional features in the Series 7 that don’t exist in the Series 5.


When you’re researching the Braun choices between the Series 5 and Series 7, there’s no doubt that it can be quite confusing. Many of the features are the same in both. They have great battery life and can be charged quickly once they run down. The shavers in both series are travel ready, too. They have an ActiLift cutting technology that will lift and cut all hairs evenly. The Series 5 and Series 7 have flexible heads to keep in close contact with the skin.

The differences are where the Series 7 shavers really shine. While the similar features are better in the Series 7, the differences are quite clear. The Series 7 has a better display with more information. Even the charging stations on the Series 7 have more info on the side. The Series 7 has Intelligent Sonic Technology, which isn’t available in the Series 5. The Series 7 shavers have personalized shaving modes. Those aren’t available at all in the previous model series.

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